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Favourite Picture of the Year


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Couple of rules. Gotta be taken this year and gotta be your car. 

This is my favourite and was taken August 4. I live in southern Alberta (look it up if not familiar) and we were getting a lot of smoke from forest fires in BC (British Columbia). I was coming back on some country roads after a car club event. 

Car is a 1948 Dodge D25 Club Coupe. 


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This is the only picture I have this year - the maiden voyage of my 1940 Chrysler New Yorker….. and we ran out of gas!6BACB9DA-50D1-466F-A145-D6F63A7691C4.jpeg.1628e7e00665b831d3acea98ad50ed3d.jpeg


I would like to honorable mention this one - it technically breaks the rules because it was last year, but it is my favorite of this one…..

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My favourite photo of 2022. 

This year a special photo was sent to me. Its my 1938 Chrysler. The photo is dated Oct 1962. They found me on-line and sent me the photo. It seems there are so few of these Canadian built coupes its pretty easy to keep track of them. 

A young boy is standing behind the seat of this coupe. The very person who reached out to me.  His father owned the car. The young boy loved the car dearly. 


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This is mine, so far. Still a few days to go I suppose but I don't think I will top this. Date is today. I have just driven legally for the first time since 1983. Car is now roadworthy, certified, registered and warranted ( certificate of fitness or WOF in NZ )


I drove from the vehicle testing station around to one of our local cemeteries. The car has Alick's grave in front. He bought the car new in 38. I am the second owner. A cool thing to be able to do...imagejpeg_2.jpg.9f8dfdbcd637e100bf1ee5dcd48b0edb.jpg

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Sunday of back to the 50s. Dad's 51 and my 64.




Putting the fuel line into the 47. This and the following work after figuring out the gas tank got garden hosed by kids were the major work I got done. 



And a boring but very exciting one for me personally after jumping through all the states hoops I got titles for my project trucks. 




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