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  1. Thanks for the tip. I bought one of those funnels and a shake syphon and was able to separate the water and gas.
  2. I believe if you peak under that spring steel tab you'll find they are riveted together. Technically I suppose you could take them apart but it's not really worth it
  3. Has Paul gone missing? Now that you mention it I haven't seen anything from him lately
  4. I had another round of IWOYTD. Finally got my cab out of the trailer. Was a series of lifting beams slightly lowering resetting and gradually getting closer and closer. Video of sliding the trailer out. Unfortunately my photographer aka neighbor only got the other neighbor helping me in the frame! I'm at the front of the trailer pulling it out. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/v172/dodgepu1946/VID_20220515_115526(1).mp4 Half way down into some stands. And finally basically on the ground.
  5. Window and track come out. It's been a while but I believe you remove the stop bolt and then crank it a little further down.
  6. The flathead could be had with a powerflite 2 spd automatic. I believe that same adapter will allow an early torqueflite to also bolt up. I'm not sure how current of a trans will attach though.
  7. Me too. 64 belvedere wagon with 318 poly and pushbutton auto
  8. Very likely as Chrysler was supplying Korean war items. Lots of little changes between 51 and 52. I've been working on them way too long even though I don't own one anymore. Started helping restore this one when I was about 10.
  9. 51s have plastic letters 52s the cast stamped in letters
  10. Does make me wonder why they had the complete no radio plate and then the one in the video with the speaker grill but the radio holes filled in.
  11. Do you want a picture of the burnt up coil or the dist cap with half the bottom lip missing??
  12. That sounds right. I think it's in the country by fountain city wi
  13. That redwing area is so great. For anyone coming to the area Elmer's toy and auto museum is a great site to see and apparently this is their last season. I heard late 2022 all the contents are being auctioned off.
  14. We're hosting our car club here next Saturday so today was my IWOYTD. Spent a couple hours trying to fix the 47. I was hoping to post a video of it running again. We got close but in the end didn't quite make it. Initially no spark was the coil. After a couple minutes of messing with it the coil was HOT. Swapped that out and still had irregular spark. The dist cap was missing about 1/2 the bottom lip so it wouldn't say seated properly even though it'd been running before with the same cap. I had 3 extra caps all for the other style dist!
  15. I got these from my local hardware store. They are a gas pilot light fitting for water heaters. I believe way back someone did post that McMaster has them too. For anyone trying to install one I recommend doing it outside of the vehicle where you can hold the nut on the back of the gauge while tightening this fitting. They require a fair amount of umph to set.
  16. This is what you are looking for. The nut and ferrel start out one piece and snap into 2 on first install.
  17. I've got plans for the 14th so I'm going to try and observe IWOYTD today. Turkey truck has lost spark since the water in the gas tank incident. Probably too much running on 12v....
  18. If I remember correctly the first one was earlier in the year and us Midwest guys got him to push it back
  19. There are 3 screws from the underside that will remove the center chrome piece with the plastic emblem
  20. It should just pry off of there but they do get stuck.
  21. This is a true little old lady car. Dad purchased from the original lady who was mom of a family friend. However she had driven by feel more than once so the already replaced front fenders got replaced a second time and the car repainted even though it only had about 25k miles at the time.
  22. It is. Had 30k miles when sold and I'd bet it's under 40 still
  23. Random Facebook post on a nation wide group about a guy in Minneapolis who drives a Ford truck regularly. I figured he might be a Ford fan so took a long shot and asked if he ever sees a green falcon. Here's how it ended. For anyone not familiar with my mission Dad owned this one back in the 80s. He sold it to help pay for his 51 convert restore. I'm hoping to bring it back to the family.
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