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  1. I believe the parts book shows 36 as the factory heater. That's what I put in my 46.
  2. What is your goal here? Are you trying to find a good block with a matching engine code for your truck? Or just a good block? A good block should be available closer to home but it this one is good and also a matching engine code I'd say hit the road. I think I'd probably offer $200 and see what they say. The resale market for these as cores isn't strong.
  3. I think that's the same machine guys were using to cut their own gaskets.
  4. what the new POC p15 tech advisor is selling his car?
  5. Jeep Cherokee. And yes. I've got a build thread in here for it. Turkey truck build
  6. looks like I bought mine from vintage jeeps inc. Also got my shackles from them
  7. Do you belong to the 39-47 google(formerly yahoo) group? I believe thats where a few have purchased I believe. I am lucky when I bought my truck I needed one and someone sent me 2 for $80! I also got one off this group from someone who found a completely trashed truck out in the desert.
  8. I don't recall where I ordered mine from but I was able to find perches for a 3" tube with the proper width. The one difference they had was the center hole was larger so I had to put a spacer on that.
  9. The DCM one looks like a correct replacement. The silver one you pictured appears to lack the multi rib detail of the OEM one. So far I've been lucky to find original frame so I haven't personally bought the DCM one but I've heard a couple guys have and they are happy with them.
  10. Did you make it from scratch or start from something partially made?
  11. small block chevy? What is the 318 posted above? Or is that a 350 dressed to look mopar?
  12. Love those 318s! Post the whole car
  13. Mazda predecessor to the 323 and now the plain 3.
  14. some trucks have that style but I think by post war most had gone to a more conventional style of ujoint. What makes these expensive is rather than using clips the caps are serrated and there is a serrated strap piece that holds the cap in place.
  15. Do you have his first and last name?
  16. I think you either have to Shell out the bucks for those u joints or for a new driveshaft to convert to modern u joints
  17. My trucks with foot pedal start the spring is right under the foot pedal on the interior side of things.
  18. Mike maker sold his car and all his stuff. About a year ago I bought his p15 books and at that time he was good but out of the hobby.
  19. I feel fortunate that Don that car and it's owner (I'm blanking on his name at the moment) did stop at my garage. They were on a long roadtrip and their generator was giving them issues. I grabbed a spare, dropped it to rebuilt on my lunch break, picked it up after work, and them met up with the guys for dinner.
  20. Well don isn't here to answer what he used so you'll have to do your own research. I didn't build either of my engines but they have stock valves. One has new and one still has the old possibly originals
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