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  1. Young Ed's post in Rear Bumper For my 1947 1/2 WC. was marked as the answer   
    DCM has reproductions. Finding a used one won't be easy. 
  2. Young Ed's post in New Water Pump question was marked as the answer   
    That is called the weep hole. It's supposed to be there. Just leave it. If/when the pump dies that's where it will leak. The plug supplied goes in either of those two holes for whichever doesn't match your heater hose setup. Your 52 should use the one you currently have plugged and the other output should be plugged. 
  3. Young Ed's post in Redoing my modified 37 Dodge 1 ton original fire truck was marked as the answer   
  4. Young Ed's post in Can you identify these heaters? was marked as the answer   
    I'd that that mopar one is late 30s maybe prewar 40s. The other one is aftermarket. 
  5. Young Ed's post in What happens if you over-tighten the nut on the bottom of the wing windows? was marked as the answer   
    If you over tighten the spring it will be very hard or impossible to open. Could also result in breaking as PA mentioned. That spring provides tension to hold it open when out in the wind but you have to find the right balance.
  6. Young Ed's post in 3 on a tree was marked as the answer   
    As the mounts got worn the linkage was probably adjusted to compensate. Time to readjust.
  7. Young Ed's post in What is this tag for? was marked as the answer   
    For the 39-47s the first 2 digits are the year the cab design started(so all 41-47 cab tags start with 41) the next 2 are the cab type. So 12 is probably a closed cab and there should be diff codes or cowl and chassis, or panel trucks etc. The numbers after the dash are a production or serial #.
  8. Young Ed's post in 47 p15 special deluxe i need a couple new parts was marked as the answer   
    Everything but the radio stuff should be available at any auto parts store rockauto or the old mopar vendors like Bernbaum and Roberts. You should consider having your brake parts sleeved. I use www.brakeplace.com but there are others.
  9. Young Ed's post in FRONT BUMPER BRACKETS 1946-'48 P-15'S was marked as the answer   
    Any 46-48 and early first series 49 will fit. I don't know if they interchange to other models. There are also 2 styles. One has 2 individual brackets and one is one large one that is connected just behind the bumper.
  10. Young Ed's post in Bell House Clutch Assembly Swaps was marked as the answer   
    The clutches are possibly similar although a car may have a smaller diameter setup. The bellhousings are the same pattern to bolt to the flathead and completely different after that. The truck bellhousing is much bigger and also contains the pedal setup.
  11. Young Ed's post in More Engine Questions was marked as the answer   
    Do you have this cross over pipe?

  12. Young Ed's post in 6 Volt Light Bulb House Question/ Dash was marked as the answer   
    I believe this is what you need. On my car I just transfered the guts over to the OEM housing.

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