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  • 1947 Chrysler Saratoga By 1947 Saratoga

    • 25 days and 3 hours  
    Hello All, my vehicle came stock with only one interior pillar light switch with bezel (on driver's side) but I added another on the passenger interior pillar as I had an extra switch, however I do NOT have an extra bezel in which I am in need to complete the interior package.  Please let me know if you have an extra you can part with, please see picture for the stock style needed, thank you in advance .... Bill
  • Wanted: 49 Plymouth Woody Wagon Rear Bumper Centerpiece By GRMPSUV

    • 12 days and 16 hours  
    Wanted; 49 Plymouth Woody Wagon rear bumper centerpiece. It has hinges on the back that attach it to the bottom of each bumper end and latches that go over the top. It's shaped like a continental kit.
  • Exhaust manifold, 1937-1950 DeSoto or Chrysler 6, Part No. 66348 By DonaldSmith

    • 5 days and 8 hours  
    Needed for my 47 DeSoto Suburban. Mine has the casting chipped at the bolts that join the manifolds and at the exhaust pipe flange.  (I don't need the heat riser baffle and spring.)  Located in Southeast Michigan.

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