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  • Retaining brackets for U Joint Drive shaft Coupling By 53 Truck-O-Matic

    • 29 days and 6 hours  
    There are 2 retaining brackets that hold the drive shaft to the Differential U Joint on my 53 B4B 1/2 Ton pickup. I need both! I HOPE SOMEONE OUT THERE IN THE PILOTHOUSE UNIVERSE HAS A COUPLE LYING AROUND!!!
  • Park light full unit By pflaming

    • 28 days and 14 hours  
    I need a pair of 1954 Plymouth park Lights. The entire unit.  
  • 1947 Dodge D24 4 door sedan $3,000 By MackTheFinger

    • $3,000.00
    • 28 days and 4 hours  
    I have a 1947 Dodge 4 door for sale. It's in good shape and fairly complete but was dismantled by the p.o. with the intent of doing a drivetrain swap. The body is in decent shape with some rocker rust but nothing noticeable elsewhere. The bumpers and guards are in excellent condition, there's an almost new Tanks Inc fuel tank, a spare set of rear fenders and a complete hood assembly included along with some miscellaneous parts. Tires are good, seat covers are nice. Headliner's shot, good glass,

    • 28 days and 2 hours  
    Anyone have an Autolite IGS-4103A-1 Distributor?  I'm hoping to find one in fairly decent rebuild-able condition or would be interested in purchasing an NOS one as well. I know that's a long shot?  I need one for my 1939 Plyouth PT81 pickup truck.
  • 12 volt generator By 54 Savoy

    • 26 days and 23 hours  
    My 54 Plymouth was converted to 12 volts several years ago.  The generator is no longer serviceable and needs replacement.  Any 1956 to 1959 MoPar flathead 6 cylinder 12 volt genny should work.  Anybody out there have one?
  • 1948 Dodge d24 4dr By Trevor

    • 25 days and 4 hours  
    I am in search of the following..   1. Windshield wiper control KNOB (plastic brown) 2. Bumper end plate LEFT and RIGHT (I have 2 for one complete bumper. they are same for front and back bumpers) 3. Front fender moulding LEFT and RIGHT (they fit in line with headlights) 4. Glove box clock assembly unit or alternatively clock FACE PLATE (have Pontiac clock and can just replace with DODGE face) 5. Instrument panel light switch KNOB and instrument panel map light switch K
  • 1937 Chrysler Royal By mlmorral

    • $10,500.00
    • 23 days and 4 hours  
    For Sale: 1937 Chrysler Royal four door sedan. This is a turn key vehicle. Has the larger Flathead 6 cylinder and manual transmission. The interior has been redone several years ago by former owner it is crust red velvet. Also the former owner painted it orange, so it looks like the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown. The car runs and stops with no problems.  There are some small rust holes on the lower parts of some of the doors and the dog legs. I have several boxes of parts that came with the c
  • Wanted: Front Bumper 51-53 B Series By ovg

    • 19 days and 5 hours  
    Looking for a front bumper for a 51 - 53 (B-3-B) 1/2 ton pickup to replace the welded repair I have now.
  • 46-48 Dodge D24 Coupe Trim By Alex in SLC

    • 15 days and 2 hours  
    I am in search of: rocker trim, both driver and passenger sides for a  Dodge D24 coupe (84"). And a passenger side cowl trim. I know it's a big ask. Willing to pay fair market. Any and all help is appreciated!   
  • 1946 - 47 - 48 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe Items needed By Steve Heaton

    • 10 days and 15 hours  
    Need a pair of FRONT SEAT RAIN ADJUSTORS and the rod hooking the 2 together also Need the Bright Work piece that fits in the front windshield gasket outside grove. and the 2 center joining pieces that connect the left and right pieces
  • 3 speed synchronizer assembly for new process gear 3 speed C-39701 part number AWT 234 2 1/2 A, OEM part number 1503224 tis for 1952 Dodge B3B By jpellican

    • 10 days and 3 hours  
    3 speed synchronizer assembly for new process gear 3 speed transmission C-39701  Synchronizer assembly  part number AWT 234 2 1/2 A, OEM part number 1503224 this is for 1952 Dodge B3B 

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