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  1. I thought I’d start a festive car related thread. Post your holiday car pics! Today My wife and I decorated a few old vehicles and drove them in our local city’s Christmas Parade. It was a fun rewarding event. A few pics here: 1928 Dodge Brothers 1953 Austin Ambulance 1936 Ford LaFrance Fire Truck
  2. I flashed the Plymouth up tonight and took it out of the garage. I tried a used mechanical fuel pump that a friend gave me. Nope. No good. I quickly hooked up the electric pump and the car ran great again. I warmed everything up good and hot tonight. My 21 year old son was here tonight. He came out and poked his head in the garage. The Carbon Monoxide detector was going nuts even though both garage doors were open. He heard the car running. He loves old and new cars alike. He didn't need to say, but I could tell, he was hoping there might be a need to test drive the Plymouth. "Get some shoes on", I said. "And come out here. I need your help". I made up some story about needing help. I didn't, but I knew he wanted in the car. I said I needed to check out the new head and tail lights in the dark. I needed a driver, and to get the engine revs up. "I'll stand back and watch the lights in the dark tonight, while you drive", I said. LOL. Kinda like when he was 5 years old and I could get him jacked up over anything. He was always good to go if a car ride was involved. Not much has changed. I grinned, happy and content to see the '38 purring so smoothly. It was dark. The engine purring. The lights glowing. The smells the sounds. It could have easily been 1940. The seat is out of the car. My Misses has it in her possession now. Low-rider time. My son sitting on the battery, test driving the car tonight.
  3. These old Mopars are fun, tough as nails, and easy to maintain. There are no "unobtainium" parts. They made millions of these Mopars over the decades and so many parts are interchange-able and available. Used parts are easily had right in your back yard if you keep your eyes open. The support community here is great. In my opinion there is not much that needs to be updated on these old cars. Just look after them. If you are decent mechanic you'll have little trouble. Properly maintained brakes and the 6V system, are both adequate and will work just fine. Remember that these cars were built when 50 MPH was considered pretty fast. There were no interstates. Nobody could stop on a dime. These cars today are owned for pure enjoyment. "But its a 4-door" - Some of the lowest prices to get into a great hobby, a 4-door. Fun with friends and family comes with the 4-door. Every one should have one 4 door in their collection. Why? Because lots of friends and family want to jump in and go for a ride. Get out and go for cruises. Be prepared to be meeting lots of new folks, and answering lots of questions. I am having trouble coming up with many negatives to buying the Plymouth you showed us. Get the best price you can, and get it home and get on the tools. Install some seatbelts and smile your life away every time you go for a cruise and some ice cream.
  4. @dpolloyou made me smile. You know very well, as I do indeed need some type of clip. All appear gone from the one removed panel. I found one clip down inside the bottom of the door. Shown on its side side here. Does this look like what would have held the panel on originally? I’ll be in touch when we get to that stage.
  5. My lovely, talented wife has indicated she’s ready to try her hand at the upholstery. When she says she’s ready to start, I stop whatever I had planned next and pull apart whatever she needs. She wants start on a door panel. Experiment, and sacrifice some trial materials to develop some skills. She’s no stranger to working with material and sewing machines. She very picky and pays close attention to detail. I look forward to seeing what she can do. Meanwhile the window cranking system is stiff and the lube mostly all dried up. I’m scratching my head a little here taking the glass and linkage apart. Wondering if it’ll ever go back together again. Lol. I’ve got 4 doors, so 4 tries to get good at it.
  6. Backfiring noise heard at carb and intake manifold? Or heard out the tail pipe? Possibly an explosion in the exhaust system?
  7. Congrats on getting it running and moving under its own power! Great work.
  8. Respectfully, you’ve been around the block! Sir, thank you for coming here and sharing your insight and experience. Being 10 in 1948 ties you in nicely with my 1938 Plymouth. Hope to see you again over in that thread I’m running.
  9. @pflaming, I agree -5F is not horrible. But the key word in your statement was “When I was a teenager”. Yes I too did plenty work out in the cold over my life. When I was younger. Today I have grown accustomed to the warmer temps and warm tools in a heated shop. Today I’ve grown soft. I prefer not to see my breath when I am working on old cars as a hobby! 😀 I recall a few times when I lived farther up north in Canada. Fuel pump went out of my family mini-van. A Mopar of course. Our Kids were little. Money was tight. Middle of winter. I had no garage or roof over my head to work on the van. I did have a driveway and a few tools. It was -5F over the weekend I worked on it. I dropped the dang fuel tank and installed a new fuel pump. I recall kicking the tarp to knock the ice and snow off it before I started each morning. Got it done. Look at where it got me today! No problem dropping old fuel tanks in vintage Mopars in my heated garage. 😁
  10. Local Napa ordered the 6V 1158 bulbs in for me. $1 each. Came in a 4 pack. Have a look at Ebay...Vintage Mopar 1158 bulbs at prices that would make you believe the bulbs are made out of “unobtanium”. Maybe its the postwar trapped oxygen inside the bulbs. Sylvania. Part number seen below.
  11. Nice work @Andydodge! I may get there too eventually. I am learning as I go. Gaining experience and confidence. I looked at my firewall/cowl and foot room. I had second thoughts about bringing everything inside, placing a fuse panel down there, then wiring everything back out to all the connections. Still keeping things fairly simple for my first, revival project. I am am grinning tonight over the whole rear end lighting up! All new wiring and refurbished lamps. Nice to have a proper license plate light! I was digging through all my spare parts. It seemed I only had 12v bulbs that would fit in the license plate lamp socket. Quite dull for sure. Then at last I found a 6V floating around in the bowels of the trunk in my Chrysler. Worked great. Nice and bright! The right lamp in the pic has a lower candle power bulb. You can see its duller than the left lamp. The left is the proper 1158 bulb. I have my doubts about finding any 6V bulbs in town here. So far no other 6V electrical parts seem to be stocked anywhere here. We shall prevail!
  12. We woke up this morning to our first snowfall of the winter. A good dump of about 7-8 inches. I’m not quite mentally ready for winter and snow removal. I’m still enjoying fall cruising up until last weekend even. I won’t bring my Chrysler back out until the roads are bare and dry again. I’d wager that’ll happen soon. The snow is usually is not here to stay until mid-Dec. So my ‘53 is tucked in and cozy for the time being. This winter I’ll be banging away on my ‘38. I’m pretty content for the winter ahead. We just installed new cold weather insulated garage doors. They have a high “R” rating. Once we get down to about -20C or so I was unable to keep any heat in the garage. Then I won’t work out there. Then I get grumpy and anxious for warmer weather. I go a little squirrel-y and drive my wife nuts. So the deal was, this year I get new garage doors and hopefully I can keep busy all winter. Here they both are as they’ll sit all winter.
  13. Some of my favorite tools right there! Fuel tank going back in.
  14. Look Mr Ford, according to the Professional Horsemen’s association the real test is the ride.
  15. They really focused on creature comforts, saying nothing about powertrain, brakes, reliability, maintenance etc..
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