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  1. I like to pop the hood, taking my time at the gas station. Checking fluids. Poking around under the hood, looking important. Most of the time friendly folks approach to chat. I so enjoy that part of the hobby. Out for a cruise tonight. Coffee in hand watching the sun set thru the windshield.
  2. Not according to this tranny. Oil fill level is higher than countershaft bore.
  3. Very nice. I can hardly wait for retirement! I might actually have time to pull off such a feat.
  4. That appears to be the countershaft. You are looking at the end of it. It's a mild interference fit. There is no seal there. Not sure what model of tranny you have there. Looks like a 3 spd manual. The tranny could be disassembled. A sealant applied to the countershaft where it enters into your tranny housing. It would hopefully seal it. While out, study the countershaft for wear, where it fits into the housing. It may be damaged, nicked, from poor handling by someone. Countershaft does not turn so this is not an area that normally sees much wear.
  5. Today I rounded up some steel and hardware. I went to see my hobby-machinist friend. We tag-teamed a bit to build this con-rod vise. It should allow me to install, torque and crush the rod bearings. Then measure bearing to crank journal clearances. Fairly accurately I think. Better than plasti-gauge I think? It was a fun project. Bonus working with my buddy too.
  6. Someone forwarded a few pics from the Easter Cruise. On a related note my '38 block is looking good. 2 more weeks they tell me!
  7. Wondering if a mechanical stethoscope help nail down where the knock is coming from? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/lil-52500?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1PSDBhDbARIsAPeTqrdH41efySqXjt6IIZThpWmVWjClMXPYJKo86ZgqgfLjpHhxT466KPcaAohYEALw_wcB
  8. @ChrisMinelliif you are still looking...I found a guy in NY state looking to give away free, a pulled engine and tranny. Zip 10927 haverstraw. NY. ‘48 Plymouth if I recall. Not sure if that’s within a reasonable area to you. If interested send me a message. Keith
  9. Your work gave me incentive to dig out my pressure washer and do some spring cleaning. I used my Mity-Vac vacuum, oil extractor to suck out the engine oil in the Honda engine and refill with new 10W30. Cleaned the plug and now she's good for the season. Spent some time cleaning up oil drips on my asphalt driveway from my old Mopars. A comment about POR 15. I used it on the backside of my 4 wheel rims. Looked good. Yet, brake fluid destroys it. Any brake fluid leaks, the POR bubbles up and flakes off quickly. Just be aware and careful when topping up your master cylinder. Keep an e
  10. A fuse! Perfect. A simple fix. I tend to go straight to advanced troubleshooting. I do tend to jump past all the simple things, assuming folks have addressed them. My bad. Glad its fixed. Enjoy that car. It looks fantastic.
  11. American built 23” long 218? Or Canadian built 25” long 218? Big difference between the two. If Canadian you can fit upto a 265 ci engine in there. 23” long? I believe the 230 ci 23” will drop in pretty easily. If you want to upsize to a 25” engine, it may be able to fit with some modifications. My ‘38 had a 23” 201 in it when new. It now houses a 25” long engine. Rad was moved forward.
  12. I like participating in electrical discussions but its pretty hard to supplement what’s been said above. Great info. If you don’t have a digital multi-meter it’ll really be worth the purchase price to fix your issues. Do you have a shop manual with the electrical layout diagram? Also extremely beneficial to trace wires and electron flow.
  13. What is cool though, is my 25” long 228 ci Canadian engine, bored 0.060 over will become a standard bore 237 engine. Looking forward to it.
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