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  1. Indeed, a nice parts washer. I’d like one. However space is a real premium in my garage. I can’t make it work unless a car goes. I won’t be doing that any time soon.
  2. My latest parts haul, I tore all the stuff apart. Ripped out the good spares that figure I can use. This pic is just the leftovers going to the scrap recycler this week. Tons of little giblets. 1 head temperature probe glad nut is $40 just for shipping to here get here. I got two this past haul! How about you have a leaky end-cover for a steering box? The one with the hole thru it for the horn wire. Two in this stash! Not to mention I scavenged gobs brake parts. Special hardware. Eccentric brake shoe adjust bolts. Brake line distribution blocks. I t
  3. Speaking of parts hoarding. Anyone know if 1938 Desoto sedan leaf springs are heavier, wider than same year Dodge sedan? I estimate these Desoto are beefier? As it has a larger engine and slightly longer body & wheel base. Side by side comparison seen here.
  4. My spare parts collection is growing pretty big. I keep putting stuff up in the attic. I was wondering other day, should I pay mind a little about all the weight up there? Lol.
  5. I obtained and store here, about 7 spare fuel pumps here of various designs. All are used on various Mopar flatheads. They all basically work under the same principle. Some cars used the bent lever, some the straight. I can't say why as my experience across many model Mopar cars is limited. Perhaps someone else here will chime in. Can a bent shaft pump seen above be used where a typical straight shaft is used?
  6. Wonder if you are so far out of adjustment, if you could add some shims as seen here in this 1937 Sector Shaft? Turn your screw back out to reset your adjustment range. Assemble with shims on sector shaft. Then start adjusting again. Get it to the right spot. Seems to me there would have to be a lot of gear set wear if this worked. Just a guess. Sorry, a bit of a mix up I think I said with the shims at the end cover. Yes, I believe you take them out to tighten up end play on the worm gear on the steering shaft.
  7. Here’s a worm gear & sector gear set up. Sector gear on left. It can be pulled in and pushed out off center of the worm gear to take up slack. You access a set screw on the side cover of the steering gear box. Loosen lock nut. Clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust off center line of worm gear. The worm gear is pressed onto the end of your steer wheel column shaft.
  8. I am not 100%!sure what type of steering box your 47 Desoto has. If like my earlier Mopars: You add more shims at the end cover to tighten it up. That’s for end play. Tugging up and down at your steering wheel you may feel this end play. Sector gear may need adjustment to take up slop. Turning side to side.
  9. Spare parts lying around. I even found one with a glass bowl. As it lays.... If anyone needs a good 23” camshaft I have 2 that need a good home.
  10. There can be resistance. Yes you may not have the arm sitting on the lobe properly. Easy fix. Loosen all 6 spark plugs. Turn fan blade 120 or so degrees. Try re-installing pump. Rinse and repeat. Easy peasy. If you are installing an electric fuel pump, you may need a regulator. A auto power off switch too if you want to be safe.
  11. Does you pump have a lever sticking out of it? It might look like this. The lever rides on a camshaft lobe.
  12. Cool photo of your car in the newspaper. I'm left yearning for more details of the car. If you have some more photos featuring it's big-butt rear end, by all means please post a couple here!
  13. Not s solution but a related story. I had a chirping at idle in my 1938 Plymouth engine. I could not find it. I gave up looking as there seemed to be no harm. Later when I tore the engine down, I found it. Inside the exhaust manifold. The exhaust diverter valve had removed itself from the shaft. It was floating around, bouncing about inside the exhaust manifold. Pretty hard to find that and solve it by searching around & listening.
  14. I just found this thread, late to the party. Cool car. Like many others here I have a couple old Mopars myself. You have stated that you have not yet decided if you are going to release the car back to society, or take on the project. Lots to consider, we understand your dilemma. You can make the car whatever you want. Whenever you want. In terms of taking on a project like this motivation is a big factor. Followed by space, money and time. Possibly in that order of importance depending on your situation. There is nothing wrong with fixing up the rust, but a qualit
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