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    this turned out pretty good....
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    Evansville Plymouth Factory

    I live next door to the old Plymouth factory in Evansville. The main part of the plant is now an empty warehouse, although there are abandoned buildings and parts of the factory that are almost untouched since Plymouth packed up and left town in 59. Thought I'd share a couple pictures and treasures I've found around the place and will try to get more this weekend! Being a 50 Ply owner with an evansville built car, does it really get much cooler than that??!!
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    Did the deal on this one today. 1938 P6. Great known history. Solid car. Original interior. D24 engine installed but comes with original P6 engine needing rebuild. Lots of spare parts! Good runner. Test drove it. Looking forward to getting into this car. No plans other than make it reliable, road worthy and safe. Picked up in Victoria BC Canada. I will trailer it home next Saturday.
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    Todd B

    new way to use old stuff...

    This is one of several buildings I built on my land with all reclaimed wood, door tracks and metal roofing.
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    My dash had rust spots and large scratches. I sanded it down to bare metal, primer and gave it a base beige spray then after doing some research on airbrush techniques, gave it a try .... after all, if I messed up I could always sand it down and start over. Sanding and priming took a day. Base color took a day. Practice with the airbrush on those days (on scrap) and while drying. Airbrush graining took a day and then clear coat (2k). Did the dash and the windshield interior frame at the same time for color/technique consistency. Here are some pics of the dash I did with an older spare I had. If you would like a write up on the colors and technique, let me know and I’ll document it. I also wanted a little redder and brighter finish.
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    new way to use old stuff...

    I have used an old Chrysler axle housing to mount my mailbox...
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    Rich, I just realized that I circled around you question as to why the airbags. I decided to go with airbags so I can lay the car as low as possible when parked and raise the car to the desired height when driving. Ive had a 64 cadillac with airbags for the last 15 years and Im very happy with it. I love the fact that I can raise a bit higher to get over driveway ramps, etc. this is the look Im going for.
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    Reg Evans

    Sun Visor

    The one on the truck is too high IMO.
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    1940 Dodge D17 Front suspension rebuild

    We are getting ready to rebuild the front suspension on our '40 Dodge. The car is supported on jack stands and the shocks and outer tie rod ends have been removed. What's the safest way to remove the remaining parts. I'm concerned that the spring may fly out.
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    Just purchased a 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe business couple here in Tucson today. Was on CL. Needs a bit of work, but was told that it will run with fluid changes, some badly needed maintenance, and new brakes. Has been sitting for about 10 years. Plans are to keep it stock except for putting on some new radial tires, upgrading the tail lights to incorporate brake lights and turn signals, and changing to 12V negative ground. About 25 years ago a owned a '48 Special Deluxe 4-door sedan, so this is my second go-around. Looking forward to the trip! I'll post some pix tomorrow (Saturday).
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    Kustom grilles for 51 dodge

    Are there any kustom grilles out there for the wide OG grilles on 51 coronets? Attempted the search bar.. but no luck... pictures wouldnbe great. Links to the building up process.... thanks in advance.
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    I have collected M.T.S.C filmstrips since the 80s. I even have the original projectors that have a record player on the back. I don't use the filmstrip projector very much anymore because many of the filmstrips are on Youtube. The Imperial Club used to have a lot of the filmstrips, but when I went to their website the other day, the filmstrips were gone, but the booklets were still there. Copyright problem? When looking for these filmstrips, I found that they are not easy to find on youtube. They seem to be all over the place. MyMopar.comseems to be the best place to look for them. I bought my collection way back about 1985 from a guy who was selling out a closed Chrysler dealership. I got many Miller tools, the filmstrip kits, projectors, even some 1946 DeSoto sales room banners! I even got a Master Tech trophy with a gold Master Tech standing on top of a gold piston. It was given to winning service managers. unfortunately , I sold it on Ebay about 20 years ago. Here's a video of a guy playing the the filmstrip the old fashioned way. The sound is poor on the first one showing the stuff, and a better one on MyMopar.com. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFNyM18973E&t=625s
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    I too have over 200 of these filmstrips and the projector. I bought all mine back in the early to mid 70's. I have a wood Mr Tech and a couple gold ones too. They are neat items to have.
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    I’ll crawl all over this car from top to bottom. For a couple of reasons. It’s all new to me and I’m enjoying the knowledge I am gaining. I also want to inspect everything and ensure its safe. In today’s example I had my legs up over the seat. My head down under the dash inspecting all the wiring. Found some interesting wiring for sure. Bad stuff that will be replaced right away.
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    Front airbag on stock front suspension

    Rich.........wash your mouth out.......lol..............those are Frod lights, methinks 1937-38 Frod...........lol........but I do agree, it DOES look nice,,,,,,,,,lol.........its funny that for years I don't think any 1940-48 Mopar 3 or 5 window coupe could have been given away but over the past say 10-15 years they have now been recognised for what they always have been, a really nice design and style........just a pity we didn't realise this ourselves and corner the market while we had the chance...........lol.............regards from Oz............andyd
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    If you want to join the forum...

    Hi everybody just signed up some weeks ago. But in the pilothouse. So I guess I am right now in the truck forum. To present my "permanent" project. Bought it in 2017 in a restored status, but 10 years without moving. Which caused me huge troubles with anything touching liquids. Carburetor, brakes, any seals. In my very first trip I tried to brake going 8% downhill and there was no resistance on the brake pedal☹️. Had some luck and could brake the 2,5 tons with the handbrake. Later I saw that all 4 calipers were leaking. Today, after fixing all troubles with brakes, making inventions to get the new waterpump tight etc, it runs quit well and I am participating here in the local events with WW2 american army vehicles. Some Photos:
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    Well the day actually arrived, "Tug" is moving under his own power for the first time in about 20 years 🙂
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    Young Ed

    Engine oil gage rubber hose

    Here is my test piece. Looks like these will work just fine. Only trouble I ran into was the fitting didn't want to slide back after I cranked it down but I am chalking that up to the used line being a little crusty.
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    M6 (Gyro-Matic) stalling issue

    Do you have the proper Dodge shop manual? They have a good section on trouble shooting these transmission systems. Not downshifting could be electrical or hydraulic related. Regarding your comment on the interrupter switch. One of my shop manuals reads: Ignition Interrupter Resistor Check: With engine running ground the blue wire on the resistor, or at the interrupter switch. This should stall the engine. If the engine does not stall, either the blue wire from the interruptor switch to the resistor, the resistor itself, or the blue wire from the resistor to the coil is at fault. My understanding is, when you floor the accelerator when in 4th, at certain speed, the carb linkage sends a signal to the interruptor switch. It sends the ignition system coil to ground momentarily to remove engine power (load) from the transmission, to allow for a down-shift. There is also an anti-stall control on the carb. This is a dashpot to control a slow closing of the throttle. It prevents stalling upon quick release of the throttle. It appears there are several systems to check. A good Mopar manual is highly recommended. Several of the tests are simple, done with a continuity light.
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    Engine oil gage rubber hose

    The special original gauge end ferrule fitting on the right...the sometimes will seal modern ferrule on left....
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    front crankshaft bolt size

    Could anyone tell me what size socket will remove the front crankshaft bolt on my 40 Ply flathead 6? ( I know, the one that fits).......Anyway, trying to free up a frozen engine still in the car. I can't see the bolt very well because it's so close to the rad. The heads off the eng and I've been soaking the cyls and valve train the past few months and would like to see if it will start turning a little. Thanks much
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    The Oil Soup

    shock absorbers for my 53 truck

    This should help. You can cross reference. http://www.monroe.com/downloads/install-instructions-guides/MonroeMountingLengthSpecifications.pdf
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    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    Im considering adding rack and pinion steering on my 46 Plymouth. Id like to know if all units require power or if they work without and if they dont need power does it make the steering much easier turning than stock. THX, Dale
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    See now this is character.
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    It is fun when you have an experienced pro teaching you how to do it right. Learning to weld on your own is one of the most frustrating things to try to learn. LOTS of people are self-taught including me,but I sure wish I had taken classes instead of burning up enough steel to build a battleship first.
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    Don Coatney

    Valve guides, Spitfire

    In 1969 BSA was offering a new motorcycle to anyone who set a speed record at Bonneville with a rocket 3. The record was around 130MPH. First run I hit 116. Next run was the last for me as the transmission case cracked and no spare was available. But it was a fun week. I met Burt Munro in person and touched the worlds fastest Indian.
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    T5 Project

    John- did your machinist use a regular brass material or oilite ? . If i'm not mistaken if regular brass was used it would need to be greased and have a slightly looser fit compared to oillite which does not want grease a tighter fit. Only your machinist knows for sure. DJ
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    55 Fargo

    Rim Size and Tire Size Limits

    Okay had some time after supper, so mounted a rather large P 235 75 15 tire on a 4 1/2 X 15 inch rim, no problem and it looks good. This tire seemed big for a P 235 75 15, more like an LT tire. Here is the result, as nobody has done this or is willing to admit they have done it....LOL
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    Transmission problems

    Thanks for those contacts wayfarer. I left messages just now for both. I saw BigM on my way up to Oregon this past summer, but somehow missed it on my way back home, I wanted to stop there and inquire about other parts I'm looking for.
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    Young Ed

    Timing chain cover

    What are the specs for the chain? Did you determine 1/4" is too much?
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    Steering wheel adapter

    Any of you guys have an old Grant pn# 3311 steering wheel adapter laying around you'd be willing to part with? All I need is the hub piece so if you don't have a whole kit, I'd still be interested. Or an old junk 49 Plymouth steering wheel that I can cut the center out of would work, too.
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    I just fixed my low oil pressure on my rebuilt engine this evening. Turns out the new relief spring from Andy's was half an inch shorter when I compared it the the original spring. I put the original in and all kinds of oil pressure. So my bearings weren't getting the oil they should of. I'm sure my engine is damaged now. I also ordered a fuel flex line from the frame to fuel pump, wrong. I also ordered a clutch fork return spring, wrong. It was some tiny spring that would never hold a clutch fork back. It was like a half inch long, tiny and little tension. The heat riser kit I ordered is junk. The spring operates backwards so it won't come out of the cold position. Spring gets gets more tension in it the hotter it gets. I will never buy anything from Andy Bernbaum's. Oh and the throw out bearing I got from them makes noise. Fortunately I have Gyromatic so I don't use the clutch often. Use Mopar springs if you can or the original spring. Earl
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    Fuel Tank

    The four small screw holes around the tank hole are used to screw down a block off plate on the big heavy trucks that use large external frame mount saddle tanks.. and don't use the under cab tank. Pic shown is of my 4 tonner with saddle tank The B3 trucks use just a piece of flat 1/8" rubber as a seal around the tank elbow up through the floor. Possibly B4 too. My B3 1 ton still has it.
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    Westach. I ordered mine with a special instruction, requesting an all-white pointer. It matches the original gauges really well. I also bought their bullet mount and painted that to match the steering column. Very pleased with how it looks and works.
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    I received my wiring harnesses for my 48 Windsor from Rhode Island Wire this week. Took the day off today to do the install. The engine harness went in very smoothly. Now it's time for the dash harness and after being crooked up under the dash I am at a loss. How do you remove the instrument cluster? I thought I could install the harness while everything was in place but I do not see that happening. I think if I could pull the cluster out just a little bit I should be able to do the removal/ install do the harness. Any help would be appreciated.
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    hello, Is there some kind of procedure available (exploded view) on how to remove the seats from this car? I guess there is a frame bolted on the floor but how do you get access to the bolts? Or.... would it be possible to remove only the back from the front seat alone. I need some upholstery work done. It's a two door convertible. anybody a clue? thanks a lot!!!
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    Evansville Plymouth Factory

    The last picture is the body tag on my 50, hope to get a photo shoot with her in front of the factory soon:)
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    Evansville Plymouth Factory

    There's a 1750 on eBay right now current bid at $227. Biddings over tomorrow. Had one on there a couple weeks ago went for $400. I've been watching this one but I'm negotiating with another guy I have bought some parts from. Found him on Craig's list, his brother passed but was working on a 1939 P8 and this guy is trying to help the widow out by making what ever money he can from it. I've gotten a lot of parts from him, trunk lid, running boards, complete and restored double horn assembly and when I asked him if there might be an Ammco 1750 tool laying around he sent me a picture of one on the shelf and said "is this it?". I offered him $200 and right now I think he's doing his homework.
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    Evansville Plymouth Factory

    That is pretty cool. My 58 Belvedere was built in Evansville.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Fuel Tank

    Well to muddy this up a bit.......the opening through the floor in mine clearly had 4 holes around it which looked like they were made at the factory. I just reused them when I made my cover plate from 1/8" aluminum. I made a gasket from inner tube material and the whole thing is as close to watertight as is possible. The advantage of doing it this way....above the floor .... is that any moisture which might make its way to the top of the tank is not trapped in this location by a thick piece of rubber,etc. Having replaced a few below deck fuel tanks in boats......the worst external corrosion is always found where they are supported or restrained by thick rubber, etc.. pads. Jeff
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    Battery Tray pattern and more

    A 1942 DeSoto owner just gave me this same #957778 MoPar tray.... I thought it was for my 46-8 Chrysler cars? And it is, plus it fits all 1941-8 cars. In the truck line as mentioned it fits the bigger trucks-specifically the F through K trucks,1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ton models 1948-53 all according to the books. Bob
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    1947 Plymouth For $85,000.00

    When I saw that I assumed he had mistakenly added an extra zero.
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    Jerry Roberts

    Oil Pressure Gauge Fitting

    In our area we have appliance part stores , that might be a good place to look too .
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    Young Ed

    Oil Pressure Gauge Fitting

    Go to a good hardware store(not depot or menards) and ask them for the fitting for the pilot light line for a gas water heater. Bring the gauge with if you can. If that doesnt work I could mail you one. I paid just under $4 each for them here.
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    Young Ed

    Steering Box Debate

    That new seal being slightly thicker might be a good thing. If the old one had worn any kind of groove in the shaft the new seal being thicker should put the worn spot on the inside and give you a fresh start on the sealing surface.
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    Shocks for a 1 ton

    I used Gabbiel 81147 shocks on my 48 b1d
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    I'm carrying over from my other thread about parking lights. And Niel said how to remove the headlite switch, by pushing in a button that's on the back of the switch and pulling out the shaft from the front. Well, I can't seem to get behind there with my big fingers, and I tried using a screwdriver. Now, this button, what exactly is it? Is it the round ring that butts up against the switch? If it is, I can't see how one can possibly push it in all around evenly to accomplish the job. I'm probably missing something here. Oh, as an afterthought, on another thread of mine I mentioned about a better service manual book than the one that's currently popular. That book would go into detail about how to remove a headlite switch, wouldn't it? With pictures as a bonus. Ed P.
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    Merle Coggins

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    I HOPE to be painting it this weekend. I have a little more clean up to do first, but if all goes well this week it'll be ready. That's the goal anyway. Once that's done I can set the engine and trans back in. I fired up my rebuilt engine for the first time this past Friday. (It purrs nicely) After that, brakes and body work. It's a long road, but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere now. Merle
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Merle, I am only a few weeks away from my chassis looking like yours.. bare naked. going to spend my holiday vacation stripping it to bare metal and getting the frame ready for paint or powder coating

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