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    I had planned on doing a shake-down run in old Betsy before driving to the BBQ. Decided to do it anyways. Drove up to Half Moon Bay. 112 miles round trip. Drove great. No problems. Should be ready for 2021 🙄😉
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    Show your tools.

    I just acquired the Miller C-585 Pressure Plate rebuilding tool. The tool is complete and has all of the various collars for making the final adjust to make sure the three arms are the proper distance and are in alighment. I have attached pictures of the tool and documentation taken from my Miller tool catalog and also on the various collars that are used to test the alignment of the PP arms. very unique tool and this is the first one that I have ever seen. I wil be playing with this tool in the next couple of weeks with an old PP that was taken out of my 39 Desoto about 15 years ago. I knew I was saving it for a reason. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com cell 484-431-8157 home 610-630-9188
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    Nothing Serious

    Gas tank sending unit float?
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    Fiddy B2C

    Steering wheel removal

    Ok, still going. This is after the 80 and 150 grit sandings. Next up, 320, then primer! Then 600, then more primer and keep going as needed. Very time consuming...
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    I've been using a 6v positive ground pertronix in my '39 coupe for 4 years and 30,000 miles later still no issues. I drive this thing 30 miles each way to work a day in 60 - 70 mph traffic no problem. Only time my car ever died was with points. With pertronix you never have to adjust timing again either. I use a $20 bwd E5 6v coil from autozone. I run the stock 3.9 rear end and no overdrive with my 218.
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    Buy longer studs for the axles while still easy to remove the parts needed to change them out, Better safe than S- - - - - ! DJ
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    Todd B


    Instead of high jacking the barbecue thread I figured I would start a new one. Wisconsin’s nutty governor just shut down all the schools until April 6. (Statewide) I cannot imagine the impact this is going to put on the parents and there jobs. There is not enough daycares now and I’m sure that’s next to be shut down.
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    Vet Doc

    Progress on Ernie

    I don’t post many pictures, but I have enjoyed looking at everyone else’s projects so here’s what I’ve been able to accomplish with a lot of advice and information from everybody here. This has been a little over a year and half project to this point, with a lot more to go. Complete tear down and rebuild of my wife’s great uncle’s pickup that he bought new in 1948. It sat in a pasture since 1964 after his passing until we brought it to our place in May of 2018. It sure was a pretty cool moment when the motor fired for the first time in 55 years.
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    Four speed transmission parts

    If you have a 4 speed, casting number C88221, here are a couple of parts I have found. Gasket set from Big Mikes Motor Pool - Order the set for a M37. Rear oil seal from Napa - Part number 21210. Hope this information helps. Here is a picture of my reassembled and painted transmission.
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    This is the upper mount on my 37, same as on my 38.
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    Roger the Dodger

    Aussie DeSoto

    G'day All, This is my 1955 DeSoto Diplomat Regent. I bought it recently and got a Roadworthy Certificate yesterday morning, and got Club Permit plates in the afternoon. Previous owners have thrown a lot of money at it and all I had to do was replace a defective hydraulic brake light switch. It is a SP25-3 with a 250.6 cu in motor (3 7/16 x 4 1/2) and 3 speed with O/drive. The carby is off a Falcon with aftermarket air cleaner. Electric fuel pump next to tank. It has been repainted at some time and the engine fully recoed. Recently the head has been shaved .050". Now to drive the wheels off it.
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    I went ahead and made a 1-1/8 -14 bolt today 4 inches long. I did find a nut that fits. Fastenal actually had a 1-1/8-14 nut. No bolts just the nut in a grade 8. I cut a washer today also so I should have all I need to push the sprocket and damper on. Many thanks Conn47d24 for the info.
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    I think I finally, got talked into Pertronix, Stay safe out there in Seattle. Maybe I can see yoiur car next time I visit the grand kids in Vancouver WA.
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    1949 Dodge 1 ton

    I am sorry it took so long to get back on this, the truck is currently sitting on a property 2 ferry rides, and about 4 1/2 hours of travel away from me, and im currently getting ready to bring the truck back over to the mainland.
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    Reg Evans

    Fender Filler

    Here's what an original one looks like on a 52.
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    1938 Aussie 7 Passenger Plymouth

    I have visited this site a few times in the past but recently started again and have been impressed with the activity, the assistance offered and the relevance to my interests. I currently have a 1929 Plymouth tourer with body by Holden Australia restored on club licence since 1999, a 1955 Plymouth Belvedere Suburban RHD built in Detroit with 259 V8 and 2 speed auto also on club licence, and a 1938 7 passenger Plymouth with Aussie Richards body, in a million pieces. This my first attempt at a post with pics so hope it works. I purchased the '38 running and licensed in Feb 1981 with the plan of having a car I could use for club events while I slowly rebuilt my 1929 Plymouth from a wreck. It was painted black, the engine barely ran and the leather upholstery was falling apart, but we drove it onto the trailer under its own steam. I cant find any pictures of it as bought but I must have been dazzled by the fact it was a 7 passenger and had all its chrome and fittings. There was no water in the radiator and It turned out the engine had a hole in the head above No 1 cylinder, every pot had broken rings, and water had corroded the bearings, crank and camshaft. The bottom of each centre door post was rusted out, and there was rust in the boot (trunk) area. By July 1982 I had it on the road with new paint (Ford Neptune Blue), new tyres and a temporary engine out of a 1936 Dodge utility (pickup) that we found abandoned up in the hills, and sheets tacked over rebuilt seat frames. My daughter in the pic below is now 41! In the next couple of years I fixed oil leaks, replaced spring bushings, brakes and wheel bearings and changed the diff from original 7 passenger 4.3 to standard 4.1 ratio as we tend to travel longish distances. By 1984 I was ready to replace the interior with upholstery in original blue leather. When I stripped the hood lining I discovered I had serious rust issues under the lead used in large quantities on the roof, which was fabricated from a standard roof cut in half with a central insert about 18 inches wide. The repairs were completed by Nov 1985 and the car was back on the road, however the upholstery guy was no longer available. In 1988 we had a surprise addition to the family, a baby girl after 17 year drought! The upholstery money went on adding a bedroom. In the meantime the car was used as a daily driver by my wife on the school run - rule was "no running in the car"! By 1995 the brake lines had rusted thru, the radiator had collapsed for the second time, the exhaust was shot, valves keep sticking and to cap it off I backed it into our Falcon wagon and badly dented the boot. I deregistered it in disgust as by that time I was making progress on the 29. Fast forward to 2012 and we have changed address, I now have 1/2 acre and a 5 bay shed. However to fit the 7 passenger in it I had to remove the front clip. The car is now a mobile storage unit for surfboards, wetsuits and a couple of broken chairs. But it still runs! I plan to post an outline of the rebuild process which started in 2012, but here is a recent pic of the body on a home made rotisserie - stripping back roof to bare metal after a VERY bad sand blast and prime job. Jim
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    Is Craftsman comming back?

    Talk of Craftsman tools comming back and being made in the USA. I hope so but will believe it when I see it. They're saying Lowe's may be carrying Craftsman in the future. In my opinion, Craftsman has been going down hill since the mid 80's. At one time the name meant something. http://toolguyd.com/stanley-black-decker-pledges-to-bring-craftsman-tool-production-back-to-usa/
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    3-24-20: Home at last! The car runs great as long as it has gas haha 😆
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    wow!! what great & simple way to register cars , very ecological lol!! , and What a coincidence , I'm a gulf war vet also,, 90-91, and I drive a 51 Dodge,, lol what a small world. her a pic during the war,, at Doha, Quatar ,, Air Forces Weapons Crew Chief..
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    I tore into my R10 to find my 1st/reverse slider gear missing some teeth. I decided to be brave or foolish (you choose) and tear it apart to fix it. I just got the new gear in the mail from eBay and installed it. Now to source the reverse idler gear and put this guy back together. Looks like they didnt make too many changes to this tranny over the years which is great for hard parts.
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    Which heater looks right ?

    I am using this heater, a Mopar Deluxe Model 36
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    265 Chrysler Industrial Project Engine

    As far as R&R cam and crank gears i have done them on and off engines....no heat just good quality tooling and dead on alignment on pulls and pushes of both the cam and cranl gears. The pics are of a Dodge 413 six engine The cam gear is big..7-1/2" X 1-3/4" wide. Used a 10" wide OTC HD puller.....anti siezed all friction points...came off smooth and steady...went on the same way. On the 4" diameter crank gear I used a 10 ton 2 jaw Posi-lok puller with jaw protector plates to protect the crank gear teeth. Used proper sized grade 5 studs screwed into the crank and cam to push the gears dead straight on. Used oil/anti-seize mixture to prevent galling on assembly. The gears are on tight and go on tight...but go on smooth and tight. I have a press to do this but the crank alone is 130lbs ....too heavy to lift. I did this engine as the shop manual specified....I've done two of these big cam and crank jobs. Your cam install and crank gear should be much easier as the gears are much smaller. Sometimes heat can create galling...but do what ya gotta do. This kinda work is really not that complicated with mechanical aptitude and good tooling.
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    265 Chrysler Industrial Project Engine

    Loren i built a 265 .030 over and milled .085 off the head and used stock cam with no interference . before i purchased an Edgy Head.
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    Give him some credit Pops.......most kids can't even change a u joint at his age and look what he has accomplished so far.
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    I like the Nascar explanation. I'm going with that 😎
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    @tjlarson88 I hear that if you buy some Irish Spring bars of soap, break them up and place them in various places in the car the mice avoid it. The smell I guess? I have also seen where the car is jacked up and placed on 4 jack stands. However small plastic buckets, get a cut out in the bottom. Then turned upside down and placed over the jackstands. The buckets small enough that they don't touch the ground. The mice cannot climb up the jackstands. The wheels are off the ground. The mice cannot get up into your car while in storage. See here:
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    Nick, you are on the road to being a mechanic, not just a parts assembler. Proud of you.
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    If your car is a Deluxe, that is the correct thermostat housing. According to the service manual only Special Deluxe had the the by-pass housing.
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    From the Monroe website: 66858 collapsed/extended: 12"/19.25" 66858 bushing ID/width: .69"/1.56" 31000 collapsed/extended: 12"/19.5" 31000 bushing ID/width: .63"/1.25" 32207 collapsed/extended: 11.25"/17.88" 32207 bushing ID/width: .63"/1.25" When I picked up the 31000 and 32207 shocks back in '98, the parts guy went to his big parts book and had these on the shelf (!)...when I pulled the original shocks off of the '49 back in '04, I compared them to new 31000 and 32207, and they were the same in all critical dimensions. The parts book says that the B-3-B has 4 shocks (p# 1321268), so I'm thinking the Dodge engineers figured the suspension travel limits were within the specs of the 31000...they increased the shock mount stud diameters for increased shear strength, and Bob's yer uncle, the new 66858 fits the bill on all 4 corners
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    1928 dodge sedan

    A pic of the 28 I mentioned.
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    Sorry no only have the one full flow engine they are rare in this part of the world. I have a quire regarding oil flow. Restricting oil to the cam bearing to me is not going to send more to other parts of the engine. These engines are running at 40-45 psi and this is governed by the pressure relief valve. Restricting oil to one place is only going to send more oil through the pressure relieve back to sump. Granted over sizing holes and galleries to the crank potentially will increase flow, but without larger bearing to crank clearances oil flow is not going to increase. Increasing pressure to me is the way to send more oil to various parts. This is of course relative to engine RPM but these engines are known for there long life in day to day operation even if you like to push them slightly over their red line limit. If you want to push these long stroke babies to extreme RPM ok things will require more flow. Back on the original forum there were stories of the guys pushing these engines racing in the day. 5500 RPM was not to much of a problem, 6000 and you went around and picked up the bits you left on the track, went home and started on your next engine rebuild. Lack of oil did not seem to be the problem the strength of the parts spinning at high rpm was their down fall. Tony
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    Merle Coggins

    Battery keeps going dead

    Could also be a faulty voltage regulator that's not disconnecting the circuit breaker contacts. This will drain a battery through the generator when not running.
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    ANSWERED Need a carburetor

    I got tired of problems with the old carb and I put one of the cheap yf carter type carbs one my 230 and have been completely satisfied with it. May be a bit oversized for a 218 but it's cheap. I made an adapter to use the original filter housing. https://www.ebay.com/i/123713684661?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=123713684661&targetid=807357882469&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9012946&poi=&campaignid=1497794122&mkgroupid=56281259685&rlsatarget=pla-807357882469&abcId=1139466&merchantid=101701239&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8ps_YrftL1T--W56BzoiCUXIcfVNgk12KCTyIkypIcdOosRlqvGzIBoCfJgQAvD_BwE
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    Convertible top pump motor

    All old cars have their stories, but they often reluctant to reveal them. I'll add a little background to the car's story. I bought it a little over a year ago from a person in the far north of Queensland, Australia, living in a city called Cairns. How it got there is a little mysterious. I live in Adelaide, South Australia which is on the center, south coast of the continent and about 2000 miles away. What interested me, apart from how rare this model and body type is in Australia, was that it had South Australian license plates and while researching Plymouth Cranbrooks on Wikipedia, found a picture of the very same car on the Wikipedia page, as an example of this model and body type. It had the same South Australian plates. If you look at the entry, scroll down about half way and you'll see it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plymouth_Cranbrook Anyway, I had some discussions and asked a few questions about its migrations. I didn't get a straight answer but it seems as though someone may have won it in a card game or some other sort of wager; somehow she arrived in tropical Australia. Whatever, we agreed on a deal and I bought her. I had to get her trucked down south in a hurry as there was a tropical cyclone ( hurricane ) on the way but we beat the weather and came down through the outback. I still don't know how long the car has been in Australia. I have a feeling it was shipped out from the USA some time in the early 2000s but I have not yet tracked down the previous owners to find out for sure. I have had episodes of driving her and then having her worked on, whenever I get back from my job in China. She has been re upholstered and given a new coat of paint and some bright work done and now, is having steering, suspension and brakes improved. As to the convertible roof. It stopped working just before I left so I left it in the hands of my trusty restorers. They have just got back to me to say that the motor is open circuited, and what's more, that the raising mechanism is cable, not hydraulic. Can anyone of you experienced restorers comment on this? I always thought even the late 40s Plymouths convertibles had electro-hydraulic mechanisms. I have a workshop manual on the way from the USA but it had not arrived by the time I had to go back to work so I'm none the wiser. I'd appreciate any observations or thoughts on this.
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    Just HAD to buy this one....

    Here are a few more pics Joe
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    Just HAD to buy this one....

    NEVER.....it is staying as original as it is.
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    Todd B

    New chapter in my life.

    Turned the page last weekend. I bought a 1967 Buick Skylark convertible from Minnesota 50,000 original miles. Has a good but not great new paint job. Handles and drives wonderfully.
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    1946-1948 Plymouth door panel help

    One more update. I received the door panels yesterday. All holes are cut beautifully. Very much worth the money.
  39. 1 point

    1946-1948 Plymouth door panel help

    Hello modracer. The company on eBay is collectorsautosupplyinc. All of there panels are made but R.E.M. remautoinc.com. Just got my kick panels delivered in red. Rear panels came last week and door panels have shipped. Check it out.
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    New chapter in my life.

    Lots of room...just a thought
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    It would seem that Mother Nature read my post here and decided to remind me...”In like a Lion.” I woke up to about an 1” of fresh snow this morning. It did warm up enough to melt again later in the day. I tinkered some more on the ‘53 after work then took it out for another evening test drive. Actually there’s nothing left to test. It just sounds like a good excuse to put on another a mile or so. My older son, (he’ll be 21 soon) dropped by for visit today. Funny enough, just before dinner. So he ate with us and he followed me out to the garage. When I fired up the ‘53 he grabbed his coat and was hanging around the car with a big grin. Up to this point he’s kept his distance from the ‘53. It intimidates him I think. Can’t say I blame him. My younger son and I spent a big part of last summer uncovering all hidden the problems in the car. The gas station breakdowns. The, barely made-it-home stories. The noises. The little tricks we used to keep it out cruising. We worked through them all while son #1 likely shook his head at us. He’d never asked to drive it and turned down my offers to let him. Leading #2 son to then shake his head. Lol. It seems #1 is building confidence. He’s seen the hours I’ve put into repairing the car. The incidents and stories dwindled out by late last summer. Tonight he took up my offer to drive. His first time behind the wheel. He grinned at the big steering wheel. He asked me twice about what to do with the clutch. Park brake? Where? Lol. Loved the huge turning radius. It was fun. More great memories. Big grins all around. Back in the garage. Clocks change on Sat nite. It’s comming.
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    Not much to discuss. The slant 6 is the most reliable gasoline engine ever put in a automobile or truck.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    That looks like an International Harvestor emblem.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    This is my work in progress. 1956 Fargo 1 Ton. it has been in the family since its been new. That garage behind it is where it sat for 30 years. They started it up once or twice a year. It was a grain truck for 30 years till they stopped using it and parked it in the garage. The motor is a 251 out of a combine.
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    Todd B

    New chapter in my life.

    Not sure what happened to the color.
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    1948-53 PH Rear Bumpers......

    I don't remember Patina being a factory color..... I think he's talking about the appearance of being sacrilegious....not being completely angelic. lol "Because it is better to look good than to feel good!" Fernando's Hideaway (billy crystal snl) 48D
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    1955 plymouth

    Show your tools.

    here are some tools I use, a multi-use puller for many purposes. A valve grinder, an old Van Dorn. The matal lathe for small spacers, etc. the air compressor, and one of a forklift with one of our in-line 6's hanging from it.
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    Don Coatney

    bypass to full flow conversion?

    A by-pass filter is a good thing. It does filter all the oil. It just does not filter all the oil all the time as a full flow filter does. Not too difficult to clean with the filter housing removed from the engine. Simply soak it in solvent or use gasolene to clean it.
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    Heat Riser R & R

    Hello, A questions from snowy cold Finland: Has anyone used anything else but original parts to repare the heat riser module? Is there heat springs more easily available from other makes of cars which would fit to replace the Dodge D24 heat spring?
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