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  1. I feel your pain.....this I just ran into....went to look at an item online....big bold letters on their site....STOP USING IMITATION PARTS...so you click on their listed product, read the specs.....IMPORTED item....but clearly we have US made that is equivalent if not superior.....it is all about the bottom dollar and max money in their pocket. By the way, the US made was about 1/2 their proprietary pricing....again, all about the dollar.
  2. I never look at any of Hanks Shanks he post here, too much off brand junk....but I will often read the comments of a few others and this was spot on...if posted on a Ford forum, I likely would have given a like but on a Mopar forum...nah, not that I hate all other different cars, just GM in general, this still is not the place as most all car/truck have a dedicated forum this would be at home on. Just my opinion...and why I will not read the ads, I do not even see them as the lister is blocked. Good ole Frankie, rest his bones, was notorious for sounding out on these junker listings.
  3. Thanks for the well wishes. This is my favorite holiday....as in x years it falls on my birthday also. Mums prepared an excellent meal and I did make my rendition of fruit salad and baked a couple pecan pies from the nuts I gathered from my trees. I hope all here had a good day with family and friends and the sharing of a great meal...I can say, we had a great day here. I am not much for Christmas as I am disgusted by the commercialism surrounding the holiday. So I will be burying myself now back into the shop, yard and house repairs/projects. Just got a commercial gasoline powered compressor and with the engine now gone through and running. Will likely disassemble and clean the pilot valve and then check out the pump, idler and holding segments of the unit.
  4. Mr Haney's truck if he could have afforded the executive model....
  5. the times they are a-changing....ring true with paints today. My go to line of paint has changed over the years. Where once the mixing rate was higher for added reducer, today, they sell you reduced paint at a higher price and premix the reducer to the point that you only have to slightly alter the viscosity for spraying. So, paying more and getting less is the trend here now. As advise, if you do not get the mixing data sheet with the sale, do go online and download their instructions. As stated, tons of mixing info here for viscosity, hardener and other agents used in spraying. As paint is very expensive, you can usually buy a quart/pint of so of the brand paint in a color not needed or wanted as it was mixed wrong color etc. Buy some of this at good price for practicing your mixing and spraying techniques on good heavy masking paper taped to the wall. In this manner, your lessons will be at a much reduced cost in both time and money and rework as you get familiar with this brand of paint and learn the setup of your gun and your own handling techniques of spraying.
  6. did you actually test your viscosity and properly calculate your flash time between coats...so so many variable in mixing and spraying, hard to truly say what was or was not in line. BUT.........you will learn as you go...starting small project is good for you.....use a test paper hanging on the wall for viscosity, speed and distance when spraying and see what works for you to get the smooth layer you looking for.
  7. lots of stuff on this subject, dyno test and this practice, negligible increase except if misfire data....the operation range of the dyno test and this practice shows rpms so over the top any of these flatheads will ever see...the data again concludes that lower misfires the main benefit from indexing. Temp range, depends on many other variables of your build and if stock, odds are your driving habits with this car may show that your stock plug is already been factory proven as best inasmuch as heat range goes. If you have altered your CR/Induction/Exhaust....then you will have to drive your car and read your plugs and adjust up/down for your parameters. This is part of YOUR tuning of the car if you want to squeeze another chirp from a cricket.
  8. high level of oil will cause for foaming due to the churning of the oil by the crank journals....the comment "should I have an oil change" leads me to believe you farm out your routine maintenance also. So yes, an oil change would correct this...else you can just drain a bit out now and wait for the scheduled oil change.
  9. do ensure you are not experiencing points bounce with not positioning the tension spring correctly.
  10. That would have been a nice tour.....made an overseas (Persian Gulf) ship survey, USS LaSalle, an up close inspection of what needed repairs that would and could be done in a 30+/- availability. I do not think there is a compartment on that ship and a smokestack that I have not entered to check ship component/system readiness condition and you learn the overall vastness of the ship. After this initial survey, I did 5 trips consisting of 30-40 days doing many repairs and upgrades, many of which were well outside my trade but jobs that yet needed be done and you lent a hand to whatever you could do to get the total task done timely and precisely. It was fun times....even in the DS/DS environment. You could well see the changing of the climate on my last trip.
  11. go for it Greg, it will serve to honor your father and at the same time bond with your sibling. One of my co-workers was retired Navy.....he was contacted by the Navy to bring the Mo and the big guns back into service when recommissioned in 1984...I worked along side him and others maintaining the fire control computers and ancillary components that fed into the data stream of this older weapons fire control system as they survived for many years in service. Anyway, he went back on duty, they made him an offer he could not refuse.
  12. I still go the other way....I will not touch a front end ride height but I sure do like a butt high rake....I'm all for that...only thing around here allowed to drag its butt is me...!! I just aligned the front suspension this week on my rack using my old school tools....0 camber 2.5 postive caster and 3/32 toe in with steering centered with front to rear thrust measurements showing parallel. Only pic I have of the rake is after setting the body back onto the frame after a Dakota front clip and bent engine install with 5 speed OD tranny and 3.55 gears. Showing my slant to the era I grew up....and for those that question the front clip, the Dakota is 3/4 inch lower in overall 'tip-up' height of the front frame following the original centerline of the 48...they are that close 46 years later. Also the hubs have been changed to 5 x 4.5 with 7" rims and not the 8" as shown. Difference between 7 an 8 is that the 8 sets further from the flange as the backset remains basically unchanged. Much to many folks disliking to modern drive trains this is basically the only real external sign of modification...the wheels..... Thumbs.db
  13. thank you....the field of stars represents the 21 shots of his 3 rifle volley from the honor guard and there is one cartridge displayed also. the picture lifts off as it is held in place with magnets...
  14. Few days early on the posting but not sure what my computer availability will be toward end of week. Three day swap meet coming up and a few buds will be coming to vend and staying with me a couple days. They are all veterans...we all retired military through the reserves and worked in the electronics shop civil service. Anyway, a hats off salute to those that served. I just last week put together a shadowbox to honor my dad's service in WWII...enlisted in USAAF 1944 and in 1945 was Corps of Cadet when a training injury left him unable to continue service. Thanks again to those that served....some the best times I have had in my life were my military adventures. I also think anyone that served should be remembered in a manner with a shadow box, but then, that is just my opinion. Glass and windows/flash lighting makes photographing a bit difficult...but you can get the general layout.
  15. have the 48 coupe on the lift...here is a photo of my fuel tank.......ok, so you don't quite see the 22 gallon tank....but rest assured it is installed.....just a fun post
  16. personally I don't think the majority of these cars and engines are near as tired as their owners.....🤡
  17. can't speak for those sniping a truck...but in the past a few parts were listed on an opinion/will this fit and the guy got beat out of the part buy a fast moving hustler also on this forum....led to some ill feeling and some critical post on posting parts ads on open forum. I felt bad for the guy as he was just wanting to be sure what he is buying is what he was needing. Have seen where a part was listed as non specific application and someone here told the seller what the part fit, item removed from listing and relisted at about 5 times the opening price. IT HAPPENS
  18. its a sharp looking truck, all I can say is....can't hide money....but the cost of everything today is just so out of control....giving you can find it to buy in the first place...as far as posting...you running a greater risk of tipping off another buyer over that of posting it here for us to see.
  19. I used to travel to back home each year, at Thanksgiving to prepare the homeplace for winter for my grandmother and then return at Easter to de-winterize and set it up for spring thru Autumn. I was always disappointed that my cousins who lived within 15 minutes never saw their grandmother near as often as I did. Just before her passing I got on the phone for one trip in and told the cousins to show up and I did not want to hear any excuses...ended up with 25 or so family members gathered to visit and have some fun. She really enjoyed that day....facebook has replaced family gathering it seems....
  20. ouch....the headache I am sure that was......sorry to hear of the poor service....that is usually reserved for me alone I always thought.
  21. 18 miles slightly south west of Charleston West Virginia
  22. I am envious....while I surely love the general 365 weather for getting out and about here in middle Georgia, come autumn, I surely miss the hills of my home state...well I miss them for all seasons but, the colorful autumns are just so memorable.
  23. the mating to the 3 speed would be the least of your logistical nightmare of wiring and monitoring the engine. Personally I would love to have seen the modern straight 8 prototype debut to the public in crate form. BUT if you truly got to have a bit of a slant....you can get a slant 4 from Mopar
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