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  1. odds are this was the smooth case tranny and they are not know for beefiness at all. The later ribcase from the Spridgets were the go-to and well, still is. A few other trannies are reported used, Fiat eng/tranny combo....Datsun tranny or eng/tranny and few of the Euro Ford units I have read. The Miata has been mentioned but have never seen a white paper on this improvement. These engines variations are 5 decades old...
  2. not sure 100% on truck but on the autos, 9 inch are the smaller caps and 10 are the larger....usually the 10's are used on many wheels that will feature a full trim ring inlay that the hubcap helps to keep laid in places. Both 9 and 10 should fit the same wheel as their opening is the same.
  3. can't get than many mopars in one place in our area......thanks..! good pics
  4. thanks for the pictures, looks to be a long line of cars.....I just got the news letter from Moss Motoring, surprised to see that I owned 4 of the models listed in the magazine this issue. Good article on the MG1100 and the Panamanian Highway. These little cars I know are not for everyone but with a little more exposure am sure many would feel right at home with one based solely on their simplicity. I see that Morry peeking out from behind the Morgan...
  5. them headlight covers....look like multi-facet bug eyes......but then again, would hate to have a stone hit these otherwise. Big big gains you have made on the project....good to see that...
  6. Ed, I recall an ad Chrysler did of a Sebring and I am thinking 72 year....but what it is they are on a pier with a cover over brand X car and the Sebring....they push brand X in the water and states it sinks like a rock. (you know the rock commercial) They push the Sebring into the water and quickly remark that it also sinks like a rock but that is not what they want to point out here. today....
  7. I admit I viewed the film strip without speakers and or headphones....bean is crazy.....this is a fav of mine.... Mr. Bean Live Performance at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Bing video
  8. I understand...covid and winter has many folks feeling couped up and cabin fever setting in. I assure you that you are NEVER or will EVER BE ALONE on the never ending search for specific data. As a person that modifies and upgrades many different cars of many makes.....a part could well be of use to me GIVEN I had a few of the actual measurements and such. The parts world today is THE COMPUTER MUST SAY IT FITS..or you get nothing else for your efforts. One such item of late for me to find replacements as they are NLA I was about to give up when I found a company listing such parts by specs. I was able to find a cross number that albeit with a little turning in the lathe for length...was spot on in application. This data if given with the part number would go so far in resolving such issues.
  9. not to berate but maybe you could do a bit more to denote your intent on your post, you made remark to sarcasm above but without an emogee to denote intent, most replies are just words in a line of words....hard to read and understand what all posters are trying to say at times. Again, not in your face in any manner but if joking, let that be noted as such. But surely if one or more folks find issue, odds are there is an issue. I find it odd you post, remove the post and then blast the forum for not seeing your intent and well if for no other way to say it, took your ball and bat and went home. Whereas a post to make you earlier post more clean would have been the better means to inform the forum at large. Right now, many here see a poster that got upset for a post that was likely not well received by one but at no time can one poster dictate the view of the forum at large. You threw in the towel early.
  10. in a manner of speaking yes, I was not out to slam anyone for what they posted or why and as often without an emogee to denote sarcasm, one never knows the intended gist of a post. I did not ever figure you to buy the machinery needed to grind a cam....and why the reply as to NOT THAT SIMPLE and yes copy grinding would be quick and easy, development of a cam profile for specific range of operation so no walk in the park. I try not to criticize anyones build or approach...but as for the other cam fact as in marking for later interpertion without gauging, that is a plus and for sure a value to the end user down the years when building an engine, he needs but know the cut count and location. Again, apples and oragnes but an insite into how others do things.
  11. many folks are so tone deaf and suffer such a degree of hearing loss that any high dollar audio system is wasted on them.....and then we will not include the racket that ensues as they attempt to sing along...at that time the system value is where possibly the spouse would pay someone to steal the system and get it out of the house.
  12. ah but it were just that simple...copy grinding would not be involved, development however is way way deep.... This is apples and oranges...and while castings are one thing...one engine line I have a bit of hands-on list their cam profile by cut marks. Depending on location between what lobes and how many cut lines there are identifies the cam to the owner as original cam grind was established. Quite a nice system and way ahead of many other in the ability to read a cam without degree wheel and v-blocks. This covers some 4 decades of profiles.
  13. while the lift is a point of interest to some degree, unless you v-block the cam with a degree wheel and record the duration and other lobe data....it is not very useful but just a note of interest.
  14. casting number are not part numbers.....little data was tracked in this manner....a cast profile can be ground to many different cam profiles in duration and lift.
  15. check also that power is still applied in the run position to the ignition circuit...sounds as if a possibility the power is dropping out when removed from start back to run. Just a though given you still stock and 6 volt....no ballast issue in this set up.
  16. Aggravating I am sure.....I would be prone to hit that device with a hammer...so best I stick with the desk top.
  17. well, you got me...I looked at the whole thing as stupid and waste of time as no data was really gathered....I took it as you posted this you were up to the very gist of the film.....your CREDS just sunk to an all time low......lol
  18. this is time lost that revealed nothing of significance except to say the last tire tested was recorded in length AFTER losing MOMENTUM crashing through the ramp tip-up upstead of shooting off it like intended and as other tires. Only thing of interest here is SIZE matters....facts do not. I would for matter of fairness like to see the ramp beefed up to handle the mass rather than be destroyed by it. As stated.....too much time wasted here and too many white gloves and white smocks dirtied up for nothing really scientific.
  19. 14 year old thread...many of these guys are no longer contributing factors...and often it is not anything to which one can or cannot relate...it is more what anyone wants or likes....no amount data can make up for a flat out lack of interest....
  20. many things are not shown in a IPB when using a casting number as that piece has its own IPN I believe only in the later years with the 8 3/4 did folks routinely use the last three of the casting number to identify NOT the actual carrier for parts breakdown, but the manner of strength of said carrier. I also recall in the past when this has come up....there was on that particular Mopar of the era two carriers as one would not allow the bolting on of ring gears in X ratio. Thus depending on the gears from the factory, or what the owner wanted to change to, what carrier was used.
  21. would be my guess as to why they are referred to as being UNIVERSAL
  22. looks like this one...I am thinking these were popular on home made/aftermarket Jeep cabs.....this application was my mental recall... Universal Steel Door Latch Set | eBay
  23. MG (mainly garaged) The little British cars are a constant draw on folks...their styles are timeless in a manner but most mechanicals are high maintenance items. I have my share of the LBC and find them for the most part very fun....mostly inexpensive and less room to store them...lol
  24. got you....you still wish this style mount...just not happy with the flimsy bracket, being you have both on your car, I agree in maintaining the look and balance and the holes are already in the glass body. (I did not look at the right light in your picture)....you lucky your kit had the twin mounts and lights and not used the original VW lamps instead like a number of kits used. If the metal is real flimsy and say chromed light gauge steel, perhaps you can get a set duplicated in a heavier gauge stainless and give them a high luster finish on the ole buffing wheel. Even light gauge stainless if resistant to flex and bend.
  25. I believe I would look at mount it and a light, bottom of the rear bumper centered to the car....balance, functionality for less chance of flap and getting you coat tail snagged on the bracket.....
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