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  1. my last digital I bought was specific for automotive with dwell and tachometer features.....yeah still a few not swapped to electronic and probably will never be swapped...my neighbor had this brand and I assisted him with his vehicles using his and found it a nice item to have...so I got one for Christmas....
  2. well, my neighbor is a hunting guide and tonight he carried over 17 quail he dressed out, some shoot for sport and give him the birds.....I am going to smoke some of these and return a portion of the cooked birds back to him.....first time smoking a small bird....
  3. ah the Simpson and the Triplett....I have used each....and until ATE took over were still my favorite over the Fluke...maybe it was a 'fluke' but the batch we got in new fell like flies off a bug whacker....though in later years they seems fine units. I have a Fluke dual trace auto scope meter here.....not sure if I have even used it except to randomly plug it in and test it out. Ac, Battery pack and 12 volt plug in to your car cigar lighter...
  4. I have many multimeters of low medium and higher price....the HF meters were free and I have them also all over the place...for quick general go no go checks they are very much a valid tool and if you back over it....well....lost a meter but no real money...
  5. if my uprights idled at 18000 RPM, yeah, I could see a bit more concern here...
  6. dang, I saw the power surge as soon as that light came on.....
  7. club coupe....does not look butchered or missing parts...this body style sorta grows on you over time...
  8. for the very low rpm's these engine operate the polarity of the coil is insignificant and the only difference one will see is the changing in opposite contact point of the metal transfer during normal wear...now if you were racing and operating way northward in the upper limits...another discussion entirely as for the heater motor, unless someone has changed it to a permanent magnet...its rotation is also unchanged..
  9. everyone see faces and shapes in cloud formations, they recently cleared the power lines of limbs and brush given me this view, even more detailed in early morning light.....
  10. as chasing threads already in place but needing dressing is a far cry from starting new threads in raw material.....I agree, the sensible and economical choice was the one you made....and given the rare use in the future...and as a chaser...will work time and again. I have found some of the overseas taps are worthless for new thread cuts...excellent dressers. Glad this worked out, my local sells quality taps and dies at a slightly better price than the one seller listed above. If special order, usually fills within 5-7 days.
  11. depends on the polarity your charging system is flashed..
  12. hey guy.....if it's yours and you're happy....I am not going to throw a wrench through your windshield....might cast a frown now and then....don't hate me for that...🙈🙉🙊
  13. birds of a feather comes to mind except.....chebbies ruffle mine.....!!!!
  14. its called pity.........................................................😄
  15. I can hear Fussy right now...."alright Elder you were given two eyes and two ears as both are twice as important than talking, unless you are eating, keep that pie hole shut...!" 😁
  16. hog head may have tripped you up.....look to the carrier same location for said numbers.....just for giggles...go to the pictures you posted above where the drum is leaning on the rear backing plate showing the full length of the axle...study that a minute...does anything in that picture resemble a hog's head? lots of luck on your project...have fun, remember, having fun is what this hobby is all about....
  17. I am not so sure that data was ever recorded unless someone at the historical society took the time to decipher each build card.
  18. not familiar with the dodge books, often they show less than the Plymouth books....Plymouth factory manual has said data printed just prior to first page on rear axle. Odds are you are running a 3.9 and you should be able to verify this by cleaning the very top center of the hoghead where it butts up to the banjo...you may see 3.9 or two numbers....one will be pinion count, other the ring count....divide the smaller into the larger and get the ratio...depending on your terrain and manner of driving...one would best study his driving needs/habits before buying a gear that may well leave you w
  19. It appears that axle is removed from the car...did you measure and record the pinion angle at curb weight...who is to cut, transfer and weld the perches or if you buy new ones same process just less the cut. The angle can still be accomplished out of the vehicle based on your perch position....suggest you do record than data now. Whatever axle you choose will need to mimic these specs.
  20. there are a number of good article with pictures and drawings on the internet that are easy to find, full of information and would bring you up to speed on your proposed task real quick. they are a good investment of time if you are new at all this and can save you money and time and prevent possible errors..number of items go into swapping out a rear axle...none of it is hard....many may require a bit of investment in other areas to make them work once installed....driveshaft is one of the added larger expenses some times.
  21. as an added per all brochures and understanding I have, the year they went single wheelbase models for Plymouth was 1953 with the 114 inch wheelbase. It was at this time the club coupe was distinguished from the club sedan by way of the rear glass division post...
  22. I believe it is a club coupe as in these series cars, the 2 door sedan was within the 111 inch Concorde based model
  23. they even less serious about their mods to the chassis when grafting subframes and the sort into play.....I have seen some cars that I felt if they ever got wet the very rust on them would dissolve and prove to be the very item that kept them in one piece...Fatman uprights are fabricated from new metal...not cut and welded old stock...I own two sets and I find no fault in them. I also am not from Hazard County and go by the name of Bo....
  24. back when in the work environment, we called this 'lip service' it would be nice to see some teeth marks now and then
  25. sometimes I think there is even more love and devotion put into the little foreign sport cars than any American make and model. As owner of many different models and some 20+ foreign cars of different countries....I find these cars the better thrill when driving....not due to be being fast or anything like that, just the manner they handle. They are quite the pleasure to own for the most part is my finding.
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