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  1. It's been a while for myself, too. Normally, I'd be on my way to Wabasha, MN on this very day with my 1968 Raleigh on the back of my sidecar. A lot of motorcycling riding for a little bicycling but worth every minute of it. I'd make a four day weekend of it. This year, bleah. Rode hard and put away wet by my employer already this year. Everyone hates your sidecar until you show up at camp with dinner for twelve and a keg of beer.
  2. We got some DDF last Sunday with the DeSoto. It's usually old guys and little kids. Usually, I will let the little kids sit behind the wheel, if the aren't wearing their food, and have their parents take their pictures. Everyone smiles.
  3. Hey All, The drivers side kick panel in my 48 two door collapsed and died over the weekend. It looks like my Dad tried to repair it in the past but now there is nothing left to repair. I'm guessing that the passenger side panel isn't far behind, either. I looked online for 1948 DeSoto kick panels and found nada. Would 1948 Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth work as a replacement? For the time being, I've made a temporary panel from foam board left over from one of my kids high school science fair projects. Don't know why I still had it as they have both been out of school for almost twenty yea
  4. Be prepared for it. In the Russian Ural motorcycle community, we call it UDF or Ural Delay Factor. I experienced DDF, DeSoto Delay Factor the first time I stopped to gas up my pickup the day I towed it home. Always get a thumbs up or two when running either the car or the sidecar rig.
  5. The name is familiar and I know the barn. I bailed hay and shoveled cow s**t at Bristol Farms, just south of C and west of 45. When I 18. most of my carousing was between Trevor and Twin Lakes and then around Kenosha. Tossed out of the Brat Stop for breaking a guys nose when he grabbed my wife's behind. And yes, that place was on old 41 between 173 and Russell. As I am now located in SW Kane County in Illannoy, other than going up to Kenosha to see my mother in law, who I like, I'm rarely out that way.
  6. IIRC, the place I'm thinking of was a gas station, truck stop, strip joint, restaurant, and junkyard. Treasure Island was kinda sorta a general store type place just south of the strip joint. The owners were so friendly that they'd creep you out. I lived in Trevor from 59 to 74. Mom worked at the post office. The town itself hasn't changed much but the area around it sure has grown.
  7. You did say North Chicago. The one I mentioned was between Antioch and Zion. I grew up across the state line in Trevor. My wife and I lived in Chicago the first few years we were married and 41 was our route to weekend sanity, free beer, and fishing. I also wasn't going to pay those ridiculous thirty cent tolls on I-94. May have even gassed up the Ambassador or the Comet at your station in the mid seventies.
  8. Was that the place on 41 and 173? Near Treasure Island?
  9. Well, that was fun and filthy. On the other hand, it took care of jumping out of low range.
  10. Gents, I'm going to be replacing the very worn out 953137 bellcrank on my 48 DeSoto semi auto transmission with an NOS bellcrank. I've gone through my well used Service manual looking for the adjustment procedure and all I am really finding is the procedure for the 3 speed manual transmission. The linkage appears the same on both transmissions but I'm not sure the manual and semi automatic adjustment are the same. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. I did full service at the local Shell station for about a whole month in 1971. I think the owner was bipolar; great guy one minute, throwing wrenches and threatening bodily harm the next. He fired me because I had the audacity to take time off to attend my grandfathers' funeral during the busy Memorial Day weekend. Since he wasn't the only game in town, my folks and several of their friends started going to the Standard station. When he asked my Dad why he quit coming to the Shell station, Dad asked what he expected when he fired me because of my grandfathers' funeral. I was with Dad at the ti
  12. Good to hear. I converted a 10SI many years ago for my Dad to put in his 48 Desoto. He never did and now I am in the process of installing it in what is now my Desoto. The installation itself has been one small headache after another. I should have wrapped it up today but NAPA didn't have the belt I needed.
  13. My wife squealed with glee at the blue Met.
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