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  1. Yes, it's actually in Ellsworth, not Belfast, as I mentioned earlier. It's getting new cedar shakes. We went on Monday. I scored an Optimus 77 camp stove outfit and a barely used Craftsman 1/2" torque wrench. We did drive past the other barn but it was pouring and didn't stop. Heading back to Illannoy tomorrow.
  2. I gave a bit over a years' notice. I don't think my boss believed me because he's one of those sick puppies that wants 'I wish I spent more time at the office." on his tombstone. When I got the paperwork started with HR, he knew I wasn't kidding. When asked what it would take for me to stay on, I pulled a huge number out of my backside to discourage any thought of them keeping me on. Damn, they agreed to everything. I thought about asking why I couldn't get a raise for five years, yet I could get an upper tax bracket pay increase now, but held my tongue.
  3. Congrats. I was supposed to retire on Halloween but extended it to June 30 of next year. The powers that be at my employer screwed up royally by not planning for my retirement on their end. I'm the senior guy with 25 years field repair experience. I have 13 years over the next guy but his experience is limited to a couple machines, whereas I know the whole range. They offered me stupid money to stay on and train some more guys. I also get a ridiculous bonus on my last day. And I got it in writing. Once the dust settles and I cut the ties, Mrs. C and I are going to use all my freque
  4. Can’t help with the strobe, and even as an avid cyclist, I find the flashy lights annoying. However, there is a flashing brake light module available that I do like. When either brake is activated, brake lights flash four times, flash four times again, then remain on. Dirt cheap, too. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/strobe-controllers/brake-light-strobe-module/195/845/ You may want to just replace the headlight with an H4 LED.
  5. Concur with PA. Either a stuck valve or crud on the valve seats.
  6. I grew up with a family of red heads living across the street. I left home before the two girls got interesting. They found me on FB and the insults coming at me are the same as they were 50 years ago. I do give back.
  7. Possibly, though I am partial to the Big Chicken Barn in Belfast.
  8. I have been there. Well worth it.
  9. Union, in Knox County. My daughter failed at fostering cats and now has three of them. Wifey and I are allergic to kitties, so we are staying in Rockland, not too far from my favorite restaurant, the Rockland Cafe. We are also bringing both grandsons along so they can hang with their cousins. As we are taking my wife's Renegade, I may be drinking in the evenings after spending the day in the car with both of those boys.
  10. Safe travels. We’re driving out to Maine for Turkey week to visit my daughter and her family. I go into full relaxed mode when I am out there.
  11. The local Ural dealer had Ural Demo Days last Saturday so the missus and I rode our Ural out to check out the '22 models. Wow, is all I can say. Ural has come into the 21st century. Still under-powered for a 750 but a rocket compared to my '07. We didn't splurge but we probably will next summer after I retire. My wife really liked the new Gear Up. And that abomination in the post above, runs like a top. Next up is rewiring.
  12. I don't have a favorite cruising song, though I am partial to 'The Stroll' by The Diamonds. The Hollies 'Long Cool Woman' brings back memories of my first car, a clapped out 1965 Merc Marauder. My real cruising enjoyment is with one of my grandkids in the Ural sidecar, late on a calm starry night with just the sounds of the well muffled exhaust and the tires whirring on the pavement.
  13. Interesting. I ran a pair Holley 1904 carbs on my 1952 Ford F2 215 six cylinder. My SIL now has the truck so I know where there is a stash of extra carbs. And I know them inside and out. (wonders to self, How could I make the M6 work with this?)
  14. Remember this abomination? I I finally got around to pulling the starter today. It was locked up with a rusty armature. It took about 90 minutes to make it nice and shiny. And conductive. I hooked up my big battery charger to it and it spun like new. Got it back in the engine and it turns over now. Next step will be getting some spark out of the Magnatron coil to the spark plugs.
  15. I grew up outside of a small town in Wisconsin. I lived in Chicago for three years and since 1978, I will go no closer than O'hare airport. I now live outside of a small town in rural Illannoy. I don't get to spend as much time as I like there because I'm still jetting all over the US. But I'm always glad to get back. We have a very active Lions Club and American Legion. There is also micro brewery that is community oriented. Kind of spendy but the food a brew are worth it. I do wish we had a hardware store, though. A few developments have gone up in the few years east and north o
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