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  2. Good job on your progress- yeah, double flares can be a b*&^! The shock relocation is an easy mod if you can weld or know a decent welder. Supposedly make quite a difference. I used Rusty Hope's front shock mounts. Rusty Hope. Check out my thread from March: Finally Installed Rusty Hope's Front Shock Mounts!
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  4. Bob I'm curious as to why you relocated front shocks? My project car is in the same stage with getting ready to install the body back on. I made all my brake and gas lines, the hardest part was learning how double flare, plus I was able to install an electric fuel pump. I also look for ways to improve the workings of my car that's why I'm curious about the shock bracket. Best of luck with your project...
  5. Bob Drake (800-221-3673)(www.bobdrake.com) has the kits with all the hardware, some of the kits are bolt on. I know that Bob is a Ford guy but he sell a lot of aftermarket stuff and it is fairly priced. Good with your project...
  6. engine mounts are not at all that difficult to make....late model 5.2 mounts will fit the early Dakota bolt to frame receivers and with that, you just fashion the plate for these. Walk in the park...
  7. A generic small block Mopar swap kit would probably work just as well
  8. I just used a pop rivet for the button head under the horn button. Took the center out of the pop rivet and crimped it. For the other end I believe it was one of those blue bullet connectors work just fine
  9. It's going to look like one of these.
  10. I agree - I prefer the even older tech - no TPMS, no ABS. Leave it to me to know when & how much to brake, and let me monitor the tire pressure myself. I DO like Cruise, however, on long trips. (Gives my right leg & foot a break, and keeps me from speeding w/o knowing it.)
  11. This? https://p15-d24.com/topic/34806-steering-column-horn-wiring/?do=findComment&comment=352382
  12. hey gang, I've been working on the non-functional horn in my meadowbrook only to discover the horn wire that runs up the steering column is missing. No wonder i couldn't find the end that plugs into the horn relay! So, i'll pull a wire up thru the column but and fashion some sort of contact point, but it'd be really helpful to see exactly what that contact point should look like. All I have at this point is the little sketch in the manual. Anybody have a picture they could share?
  13. That's one of the reasons some manufacturers caution about replacing tires in sets. Tire wear must be close to equal to keep from upsetting the computer. Also really messes up the anti-lock and anti-skid software. I prefer simple. Earlier Mopar, like my 07 minivan, use the same sensor in all 4 wheels and only send a low pressure warning, no position or actual pressure info. Enough for me to check the tires, but not so complicated to require any resets or relearns like others. I bought a full set of aftermarket sensors for less than one for my daughters GM product and required no visit to a shop to relearn or purchase of another tool. Just put 'em in and drive!
  14. I have seen this before. Don't know which manufacturers use it. A quick Google search produced this: Indirect TPMS works differently, without the use of air pressure sensors in the tyres. Indirect systems detect a loss in pressure using the ABS wheel speed sensors to read the relative wheel speed to create pressure readings to compare between all 4 tyres.
  15. You might get more help if you post your question in the Mopar Flathead Truck Forum on this site. All I see in your first post is the picture. (Very cool by the way) No question until your second post. I once had to replace a rear in my 71 IH pickup. I found the same rear in a 59 Ford pickup. I suppose its possible they used the same rear in Packards as your truck. It is also very possible someone just put it in there as it was what they had at the time that suited their purpose.
  16. So I just realized Butch cool stuff isn't around anymore. Who sells the 230 flathead conversion/swap kit motor mounts for the small block mopar engine and transmission nowadays? My 230 needs a rebuild; after considering the price of rebuilding; as well as this is the 2nd 230 I've gone through with my 50 Coronet; I'd rather just put in a v8 mopar. But I can't find any of the kits I remember seeing online many years ago to put in a 318/360 by Butchs cool stuff. I would want to stay with the 230, but being that my job has me out on the road and don't get to drive the Coronet much, I think the v8 would satisfy my needs with the little time I do get to drive it when home. Anyways, does anyone know where I can find a reputable engine swap kit like Butchs cool stuff used to sell? *The 1st 230 was the engine that came with the car but threw a rod and was no bueno anymore. The 2nd current 230 has been smoking nonstop. I asked shops for pricing on partial/complete rebuild and I'm better off going with v8 swap economically in my opinion*
  17. Interchange showing my timing chain is the same as a Dodge DA, available at meyers early dodge
  18. There is a older thread here on the model 36 and shows the defroster duct.
  19. This is for the Model 504, but may help with hose routing.
  20. 1950 GMC 350 3500 FLATBED 5 WINDOW TRUCK RUNS On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/126200145747?
  21. Welcome to the Forum. You've probably already figured out this is a good place to get help, information, opinions, etc. Nice to see another member in Maine, and in the County, too!
  22. Now I'm REALLY confused. Not from you all on here, but I was doing some searching over on the Honda forum, where I participate a bit. (The Admins are rather snarky for my taste. If something has been discussed before, the thread gets locked straight-a-way. If they think that the answer is lurking somewhere on the forum, and it probably is, but finding it can be a chore - they smart off at the poor new-comer.) So I didn't want to post a question there, and just get told off. So, the search brings up a couple of old threads (and locked, of course) that say that Honda quit using TPMS devices after the 2013 year. They say: indirect TPMS sensors which uses the ABS/VSA system Then another says: No sensors required. 2013 was the last year for that system. In a more recent discussion, a guy asks: I have a 2019 CRV Touring. Trying to get ready for this vehicle's first winter and was wondering on the following: 1. Can I install snow tires without TPMS? Will i get an annoying sound in the cockpit if I do this? I know in the ford fusion they make some sound to prompt the driver. Toyota's usually just prompt with a blinking inidcator. Not sure for CRVs? 2. Can I install a 235/65 R17 tires? The OEM is 235/60R18? 18"s are very pricey. The answer given is: There are no TPMS sensors in the wheels, so you won't have a problem, there's a recalibration procedure on the screen that's very easy. Then another guy chimes in with: Yep. As @ondarvr says, the TPMS system in newer CR-Vs bases its calculations on the amount of revolutions per wheel, and if one wheel differs from the others, the system determines that the tire pressure is low. My comments: - I thought all modern vehicles had those TPMS devices. - His tire choice is exactly what I chose, and have on order. (Same original tire & wheel size, same smaller wheel with same higher sidewall tire.) - Never heard of this revolutions per wheel comparison approach before.
  23. Big deal... On most modern cars the VIN number is right at the corner of the windshield, for everyone to see. Ever looked at those at the parking lot? 🤣
  24. I would go out on a limb and suggest your son in law is correct. The only reason why I say this is my wife youngest brother who lives in WA, I helped him install the TPMS on his wheels. He lives with father, I will say they both dabble in flipping cars. Father is pretty sharp on mechanics .... He will buy a pristine car that needs major engine work at a bargain price ... then fix it. Then sell it for a profit. So little brother had one of these vehicles, it had new tires on it but the previous owner installed regular valve stems instead of the proper TPMS. He was explaining to me why he was installing the proper stems ... I really did not pay attention .... I knew how to work Uncles tire machine, he did not. He really did not have the money for the stems, he had to save up for them .... If he did not feel he needed them and his Father told him he did need them ... He would not have bothered to install them. So no actual experience with them myself .... I hate new vehicles for the reason they are overly complicated. My Father inlaw is a real arsehole ... we never did get along ..... He likes to get drunk and then make fun of people. He got beat up a lot when he was younger ... middle age he learned to stay out of taverns .... He is in his 80's now and has not changed a bit. 🤣🤣🤣 I have A lot of respect for him, when he was young and built his first house, He saved his paychecks and lived in a bumper pull trailer with the wife & kids. When it was time to pour the foundation, he would have 8 or 10 paychecks saved up .... he needed 3 to pay for the foundation he would cash them and paid cash for everything his whole life. He started as a union laborer setting up scaffolding for Berkshire construction in Seattle when he was in his 20's, retired in his 60's doing the same job. After the house was built, he did the same thing. Time for a new car, he would go down and find one slightly used and pay cash .... pull out however many paychecks he needed and cash them. While he does have a bank account today and direct deposit, a very nice retirement pension, 401k, SS, over 1/2 million in real estate he paid cash for ... this guy is so tight, he squeaks if he pulls a nickle out of his pocket. If he says you need TPMS for the car to function properly, and spends his money to get it fixed .... I will take his word for it.
  25. The TPMS serves but two purposes, report a low tire and cost you lots of headaches and money when a sensor fails....Thanks Ford....mandatory since 2007...if the sensor reports a low tire and in fact it is...this could affect braking due to differences in tire pressure...but it is NOT tied into the braking systems directly. Indirect sensors rely on the ABS sensor to gather and report data
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