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  2. When my wife and I go. She needs a few more creature comforts than I do. I have to say, though, that about 10 years ago I used both a cot and a chair in my tent and wondered, loudly, why I hadn't done it before. The Russian mini tractor is slow and noisy but it get the job done,
  3. Cool find. I like your idea. We’ve all come across “impossible to find” stuff that is someone else’s junk.
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  5. It took a few minutes for it to cool off before it went all the back to empty. Once it was reading empty I turned the ignition back on where it went back to 1/2. I'm wondering it the air circulating around under the dash could be causing it to read erratic? Because the calibration instructions says to perform the procedure either in a small room with no air circulation or warp something around the gauge to prevent air movement.
  6. How long did you wait before you turned the car off again when it read 1/2 a tank? Remember these gauges need time to warm up. They don't read instantly like a modern gas gauge like @Marcel Backs stated above.
  7. I upgraded my tail lamps to LEDS and the after market signal lights that were added by someone who had the car before me. As mentioned in another reply and signal lights need a special flasher to work. The bulbs I purchased are 6v positive ground and were plug and play. I'm planning to upgrade the headlights next with their led headlight bulb and 7" round lamp housing. I purchased my bulbs from LEDlight.com
  8. Thank you all for your input and information that have provided to help me solve my issue. After hooking a ground lead to the brass rivet between the #1 and #2 lugs that did not make the gauge function. I placed the filter back on and and checked the brass rivet with a voltage meter. The meter read 3.5 volts, so I determined its not a ground but the actual hot side of the gauge. In the picture attached I took a piece of cooper wire and made a small jump wire from the SW lug into the brass rivet. This fix made the gauge function correctly when I bench tested it with a
  9. Simply amazing & what a great trip. I can tell stories of my youth, would not match yours.
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  11. Wow, what a stash place for cars in states that have not yet legalized Mary Jane. I Am not a supporter of smoking it period, let alone driving with it! 🤪. Yes I live in Ca.. Cannot afford to move. 😏 DJ
  12. I am not sure if the truck had the other washer that fitted on the left mount as did the cars.....but...they would lift in the same manner under acceleration/torque just the same...may be the very difference in the ear it affixes.
  13. I had this same issue with a water pump bolt on a 3800 Buick. The Permatex thread sealant did the trick.
  14. that is funny....this time last month I returned form a trip to my stomping grounds as a child....I walked the creek and sandbars where we would stand and fish and or find arrowheads and the such. This trip I selected two bags of rocks from the creek and came home and built my own cairn of a fashion beside the bird bath on the patio as a tribute to my childhood and Joe's Creek.
  15. Here are all the pieces put together except for the mount on the frame. The tube that runs inside the rubber pads prevents the bolt from over compressing them and allows the nut to cinch the lock washer. I’m not aware of any rubber washer in the assembly.
  16. No, they use 2.5" wide leafs
  17. The guts for my 42 DeSoto 5th Avenue cigarette dispensing steering wheel. You can see from the photo there is spring that pushes the cig into the dispensing slot and then the spring, push rod and knob that push the cig out so the driver can grasp it.
  18. The stock cap should be vented. The cap on my 1 when I bought it did the same thing, so I bought a "vented" cap. Except if it vented the pressure threshold was so high that I could hear the tank oilcanning as it heated up/cooled down. So I bought another cap, same deal. Ended up having to take the cap apart and adjust the vent release spring.
  19. If only we had gravel, too many caliche roads. Dusty when dry, slippery when wet. But cheap.
  20. So I am sure many have a bad feeling about LED ... I am sure some are not too bad ... while others are just ridiculous
  21. That would be cheap and/or misadjusted LED headlights. Good ones are no more annoying than Halogens. Too many times I pass an 18 wheeler and he's got his brights on, or the headlamps misadjusted, or both. Used to be a time when those guys were the pros, now it's rare to see it.
  22. I cannot figure out how to get this picture to load right side up. Here is the wiring diagram for the 42. I looked at one of my 42s and I think the junction block is on the driver's side fender well liner just behind the battery box.
  23. this is the reason the DOT approves lights...many you are disturbed at are not running DOT approved lamps.....most place HID, LED and other unapproved lights into housing not so designed to control aim and project the light in a fashion to allow you to see, but at the same not disrupt the ability of others to see at the same time. This is the great problem....ability to find and install illegal lighting.
  24. Wow, that's strange. Around here, one quick turnoff from almost anywhere and you're on gravel for miles...
  25. I used Permatex 59235 thread sealant on my headbolts and have had good luck with it so far. As Plymouth Adams said a few of the bolts pass into the water jacket so thread sealing those particular ones is a good idea.
  26. Hey All, Was wanting to start a thread for stuff you've found buried or lying around maybe at junk yard or tucked back in someone's barn forgotten for years until one of us came along and blew the dust off it. On topic with the forum of course. For instance I recently stumbled upon this NOS ball and trunion rebuild kit complete with literature and wanted to share it with you guys. Didn't want to make a new thread everytime I found something cool or interesting. There are a few individual threads out there of cool finds but it's usually about just one thing then the thread ends so I
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