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  2. Without hammers saws and other destructive implements?
  3. If they were riding in that wild bus I'm surprised the Dad wasn't sharing!
  4. I was just looking at parts at Egge website and they have two cams, one from 42 to 48 and another from 49 to 53 for 230 engine. Does anyone know what is different about them?
  5. That was what I figured. I also noticed the Offenhauser intake is a little wider than the exhaust manifold so a spacer would help keep the spring from being forced diagonally towards the exhaust possibly putting in into a bind. I'll fabricate a spacer to take care of that issue. I miss having the opportunity to wander through junk yards looking for parts. I'm going to have to make real effort to locate some older yards around here. Back in Nebraska I had no issues finding places that had parts that I needed. Of course that was 20 years go so who knows if that's changed. Brad
  6. That's my plan, using a propane torch. (If I can find it!) My assumption is the spring relaxes, i.e gets weaker, which allows the weight to fall. Thanks, Brad
  7. Today
  8. You can always test the spring function with a torch, gently heating the spring to check its action/reaction.
  9. Yah, it's been suggested the pedal area might need to change. I won't know till I get the floor in and figure out how it all flows with steering, seat location and pedals. I do have extra room in the cab to move back since the cab is longer.
  10. T236 is a 237ci, 3 7/16" bore x 4 1/4" stroke, 25" long block. Dodge Truck Canada WC WWII 3/4 tons or 1 tons depending on what book you read.
  11. Dad always ran dual 1 bbl carters on his 218 flathead 6. He always wanted a chevy v8 and automatic for it but couldn't reach the goal. I decided the theme for old bessy would be what he could have done back in the 60s. So .... paint , wheels, v8/auto and two carbs (in this case double 2 bbls) to make it go. I struggled on the carb choices. Very nearly went with dual 45 weber side drafts on an adapter. Worlds best carbs (webers) but the Rochester's have the right period look for the theme. These 2 Rochesters are progressive, functioning like a single 4 bbl, second carb will tip in about 60% throttle.
  12. Hey folks, I'm new here and I was very happy to find this forum while searching for informations about the 25-inch engine family. The reason: I live in Germany and own a Canadian Dodge from 1945 ( official named D3/4 APT/WP). I want to rebuilt my T236 engine and may be you could imagine that informations about this truck are not available in our country even in Europe. Meanwhile I have a lot of technical infos/data around the truck including handbook, manual and so on, which I got thankfully from Brian Asbury (Canada). But I have no infos around the engine to get spares for examples. A lot T214-stuff from the US-Dodge won't fit (by the way, is that a 23-inch engine?) So I don't know what could fit: It starts with the crancshaft bearings, pistons, waterpump, seals and so on. For the moment I would be happy to know, where variants of this engine have been built in and may be some addresses or names of dealers. I have already been on the page T237 – "Dodge Truck VIN Decoder – but I got no hit with my number. Later I found a nice story on the page hemmings.com about the 25-inch engines. But the T236 isn't mentioned with any word. That's it for the moment, thanks in advance to everybody how will publish something. And if there is anybody who needs something about the German VW Kübelwagen, the VW Schwimmwagen or the Russian Gaz 69 or 46 - I can help. Best regards from Dortmund (Germany) Jürgen
  13. I wish I was closer. I’m in Fresno area. We have a fantastic MOPAR BBQ just East if Lodi, the first weekend of April. You might want to form a caravan and take a look at what we have. Each year 49-60 cars and trucks. paul
  14. 1965 Dodge Swept side pickup truck 318 big block 4 speed On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Dodge-Other-Pickups/173996998398?
  15. I'm also the owner of a "shoebox" -1950 Meteor club coupe.It also has the large rear deck, sold in Canada by Mercury Lincoln dealers,same body style as the Ford club coupe, only fitted with Meteor (Mercury Style) grille and trim...I like them both.😊
  16. success at last managed to get the hood open & know ordered new cable $15, thanks to everybody help in trying to resolve this issue, have a great day
  17. Hi Paul, To answer your question, there's no CA POC. At one time there was a "Golden State POC regional club but I'm not sure why it is no more. I'm guessing a combination of factors may be the reason, like the size of our state. When I would get the National POC bi-monthly magazine, I'd read regional club reports from other states but never from California. What makes me excited about this effort is that folks a lot younger than me who have a love of Plymouths are wanting to make this happen. Tony
  18. Nice work @Andydodge! I may get there too eventually. I am learning as I go. Gaining experience and confidence. I looked at my firewall/cowl and foot room. I had second thoughts about bringing everything inside, placing a fuse panel down there, then wiring everything back out to all the connections. Still keeping things fairly simple for my first, revival project. I am am grinning tonight over the whole rear end lighting up! All new wiring and refurbished lamps. Nice to have a proper license plate light! I was digging through all my spare parts. It seemed I only had 12v bulbs that would fit in the license plate lamp socket. Quite dull for sure. Then at last I found a 6V floating around in the bowels of the trunk in my Chrysler. Worked great. Nice and bright! The right lamp in the pic has a lower candle power bulb. You can see its duller than the left lamp. The left is the proper 1158 bulb. I have my doubts about finding any 6V bulbs in town here. So far no other 6V electrical parts seem to be stocked anywhere here. We shall prevail!
  19. Do I take from this there is no POC in California?
  20. Looking good but curious why if you stepped up to the plate and got a pair of Rochesters why not get a third and a triple intake from Edelbrock........lol........a mate here in Oz has a triple set on his 28 Chev Roadster pickup and they look a treat...........tho' if truth be known only the centre one works, the outboard pair fire blanks.............lol................but it looks the part............anyway tho' it looks like you are getting it all together and thats the object of the game..........lol...............andyd
  21. Those springs or at least a variation of them are/were used for the wiring to the headlights on my Oz 1940 Dodge, they , the spring covering started just past the headlight wiring connector beside the radiator on the Oz passenger inner fender panel and covered the wiring all the way to the inside of the passenger side headlight bucket....the wires for the Oz drivers side passed underneath the stock radiator upper tank then dissappeared into another length of spring on the Oz drivers side of the radiator then out a gap in the Oz drivers side inner fender panel and into the drivers side headlight bucket where they exited the spring and connected up to the headlight plug..........I've still got the springs but no longer use them when I rewired the car 40 yrs ago..........and as the taillights for the 1940 models are body mounted there was no need for the springs on the rear...........and I found that this pic I took shows the wiring fuse and relay box I made thats located under the dash, everything goes thru this box and I even made a wiring diagram thats glued to the other side of the lid that you can see, with the Rod Run badges on it, I used a couple of 1970's production car wiring harnesses and pulled them apart, cleaned up the wires and reused them so I have proper coloured wires and connectors including a fusable link.........so far 40 yrs later no problems.............lol...............andyd
  22. I had a similar overcoat for Rocky, the Rocky Mountain Ram mascot on my 40 Dodge tho' some miserable **** stole it from Rocky years ago.........since then I've just added anti-freeze in his water and he's been fine........as you can see he's as naked as the day he was cast..............lol..........andyd
  23. I'm a mopar guy all the way but the 49-51 ford club coupes are some of the nicest looking cars made in that era. Not to mention probably the basis of more customs than any other car, even Mercs. I still wouldn't give up my 49 plymouth for anything.
  24. Here is some good information on bolts and threads from Hot Rod magazine .
  25. This is a great video! I've watched it a few times since getting my '49 Plymouth this summer. Historically the '49 Ford was not a good car and the '50 Ford slogan was something along the lines of "50 improvements for 1950". A few years ago I was pining after a 1950 Ford, but am glad I ended up not getting it and purchasing a '49 Plymouth this past June. Having driven two different '49 Plymouths well over 1000 miles this year I have found them to be very reliable cars and very fine automobiles!
  26. Don't forget the small details especially if you have an Off Brand.
  27. #3 spacer keeps the spring off of the manifold...a flat washer or piece of aluminum could be substituted...I won't tell anybody if you won't... The dual horn setup I found was purely by accident 8 years ago...answering a CL ad, I crossed the border into Oklahoma and headed to Kingfisher to go look at a '49 1-ton, then was told it was actually in Hennessy, then was told it was at a wrecking yard north of town...the truck was in much worse shape than advertised, and for the $$$ he wanted, I expected to drive it back across the border with a warm bucket of chicken by my side...we came to an agreement that I could buy as many parts as I could pull off of it before they fed it into the crusher 100 feet away, so I had to hustle to get little stuff of that hulk...them turkeys didn't even wait for me to crawl out of that filthy cab before the big loader started scooping it up...and they mashed that thing into a brick right in front of me, like they enjoyed it...it had salvageable stainless grill bars, fenders, doors, even the cab was ok (still had the corner glass in it)...se la vie, I reckon...so ya might be able to find an example with less drama involved on eBay
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