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  2. No skate boarding plans? Let’s do lunch again. Welcome back.
  3. Both great ideas. Sniper, i also have a 65 Barracuda. From the looks of the rear end you plan on making it go. Mine shall retain the 7.25 for the time being, unless i trip over something better. the cart i use for my rear diff is a rolling cart, some plywood screwed to the sides with v-notches.
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  5. 1933 Dodge Pickup Hot Rod Truck 327 V8 Automatic On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1933-Dodge-Other-Pickups-Street-Rod/233465484064?
  6. He loved how the look of a beautiful woman but didn’t know how to make hay? Hey!
  7. Plymouthy............you can pull..............I'll screw.............oops........wrong thread............lol............I think he got the message.........lol...........andyd
  8. Dave.....in the 2nd pic in post # 4....just below the metalwork that is the remains of the interior light bracketry there is a very small hole in the edge of the window frame which I am pretty sure is one of the window garnish molding screw holes..........as far as I am aware all mopars came with inside window garnish moldings on all models in all years.......its just not something that would have been even an optional piece as it would have been too much of a fiddly job to attach or not on the production line whereas other optional things would have been less of a problem or a dealer instal item............therefore all cars got the moldings.........andyd
  9. We're those at Browns yard? Some one told me they all went to the crusher.
  10. Looks like the future is looking bright for you and your wife! And "Edith" will have a nice new home too. Enjoy your retirement too. I retired a year and a half ago...but am always very busy working on the cars and other projects. Good luck to you🙂
  11. Veemoney

    How old?

    The "Machinist & Aerospace Workers Union" would give you one of those after you finished the first 6 months of your apprenticeship. That was the probationary period where they could decide if you had the makings to learn the trade or if they were going to cut you free. Nice box and looks in great shape. I have one as well and will see if it has any of the old paperwork that came with it. I thought way back in the day outfits like Sears and Montgomery Wards had a catalogue that you could order a wood machinist box but it could have been another brand. My mother used to grind carbide tooling for Fansteel/VR Wesson and she had the metal "Kennedy" machinist box.
  12. This last group of pictures has me thinking power plants.
  13. He had some high dollar shop do the fab work would be my guess.
  14. how in the world did that guy get 90K into that car and not even have it painted????? I'm sure hemi's and drivetrain aren't cheap but $90,000???
  15. Hey You guys... It's been over two years since I logged in here last, and lots has happened. Unfortunately, exactly nothing has happened to the P15 except new rust. Well, I did push it around on its cart, but not one wrench has been turned in this time. So I can't recall where I left off in my ranting and pontificating, but my mom passed away, wife broke her knee, my wife and I have both retired, traveled a bit, and started working on the house. I had quit flying but then had eye surgery. I see OK now and am a crack shot at 200 yds. I was going to resume flying, but my flying partner lost his medical so I never have. Instead I resumed target shooting. A lot of remodeling has been done to the house and property since my wife retired, and all this left no time for my hobby cars (or aircraft!) Discovering some termites extended the duration of the remodeling, and we spent a lot on appliances and landscaping. I've been re-arranging my garage and planning a shop. I joined the local rifle club and started shooting a lot. I had quit when I got out of college in '75, and never owned more than one piece in all that time, but my flying buddy got a firearms license and I started fixing old guns. I recently bought a .308 Ruger Precision and I've been tuning that up. I've been teaching my wife and grandkids to shoot .22s and .38s. Due to the market boom it looks like I will be able to afford a new workshop and carport, and I might be able to hire out the whole construction. I've been waiting for the new shop to get back on the Plymouth, and as soon as I straighten up my garage a bit more and fix the clutch on my motorcycle I'll get the workshop going. By fall, I should finally have inside workspace for Edith d' Plymouth. In the nonce I've taken stock of what I want to do, and I've decided that if I want a restored P15 I will just buy one. Mine was built from parts of other cars and can never really be restored. I've decided that if I'm going to work on this car it will be a full custom job, and I'm pretty much decided on a 2-passenger roadster. I have 3 other vehicles with roofs. I want to cut this one off. 2015 and 2020:
  16. I can break bolts😊 I've had a few busted knuckles 🙂 As long as I don't need to get the chain saw it might work out. Have not seen the truck for some time. It may be gone.
  17. Well then...let the adventure begin!
  18. I would not do a restoration. It would be a fix the holes. Fix the brakes. Make it go forward, and back. The patina would be the charm.
  19. It depends on what you're shooting for. If you want a trailer queen or a survivor that you can enjoy. My truck looked like that when I started..and it still does 😉 Seriously though, I've done the minimum to get it road Worthy and enjoy driving it and i get a lot of thumbs up. Someday I may do the body work and paint, but for now I'm just going to enjoy what I have. Plus, they're a ton of fun to work on.
  20. the headliner is gone...here are a couple pics...i dont see any way to attach the trim
  21. If you don't go for that one and can get a price of those round screens that are likely on that bell housing sitting in the bed, my son needs two of 'em.
  22. If you're not afraid to break a bolt and spit a knuckle or two then your well qualified. Looks somewhat straight from here. Go for it 😀
  23. I currently have this photo on my desktop. I think I'm a car guy. I miss my D24, but I keep looking at this photo. I will hopefully convince myself that it is toooooo much work, and beyond my skills.
  24. Think there was originally 5”. will take 1” off bump stop. New Shocks will help. this wont be seeing much for rough stuff any more, just a putt to town for parts or lunch.
  25. I have a spare set of brake and clutch pedals that appear to be the same as in my 1946 WD15. I also have the clutch pedal reinforcing bracket (567 997, group 6-G), release fork (561 537, group 6-F) and the flange and bushing for the fork (56 812, group 6-F for flange). I'll pop a picture of all the parts. I've coated them all with Coroseal to stop and rust from forming, but they are in excellent shape. There was just a dusting on the surface so I decided to kill that. I can't find them for sale anywhere and I don't want to ask an unreasonable sum for them. I'm just interested in selling off some of the extra's I got with my truck and using that money for things mine needs. Since I'm not currently offering them for sale I thought a question here might be OK. Thanks.
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  27. I'm curious about the limited amount of travel that appears to be present due to how close the spring is to the bump stop. Are you planning on a stiff suspension or is this the normal orientation? My B3B has something like 6 to 7 inches of travel.
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