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  2. There are two things or settings that have drawn me away from my original easy going highway manners - big city driving, living in a tourist area, and interstate driving. (Oh, wait, that's three...) Sometimes I do good at ignoring the provocations of other drivers, giving grace, and attempting to accommodate the inconsiderate drivers out there (like when an on-coming vehicle crosses well into my lane to pass an Amish buggy, sometimes on a blind curve or hill), and sometimes I give into the inner meanness we all struggle with to some degree or another, the sin nature. It is a constant struggle against the "Me First" temptation, something perhaps made worse for me by the fact that I was bullied a good deal growing up. (I tend to take things too personal, and sometimes do not allow for "honest mistakes", of which I am also sometimes guilty. Seemingly more often, as I grow older, or if I am really tired or preoccupied with other troubles or challenges.)
  3. I guess I have mellowed with age. I no longer feel a "need" to challenge other drivers. Whether it be the guy who crowds the merge at on ramps, the guy who can't seem to pick a lane, use signals or the tailgater. I used to challenge them all, every time accompanied by choice words and sometimes gestures. Not anymore, too much rage out there. What used to be a form of recreation for some of us has now become a deadly game of road rage. I miss the old days, when at most punches were thrown to settle all but really major disputes, and it was somewhat acceptable to hurt, or get hurt, feelings. Ah yes, the good old days............
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  5. I stand corrected Marty. The solenoid should be available. I can’t point you to a specific vendor. It may be cheaper to find a used carb and use it for parts. I’ve found them at swap meets. Depending on where you live that may not be an option right now.
  6. Here is my November 5th 1953 service brakes part list that lists those 112055s This would make me believe that 1953; B4T's require: (4) 1501399 (4) 112055 B4Y's require: (4) 1192603 (4) 112055 (4) 1192604 Im assuming then you mean the 1501399 is the yellow clips I have and 1192603/1192604 is the coil spring and retainers you have? Also meaning earlier Ts used 1192603/1192049 as coil spring and retainer?
  7. Technically no, the car you have is a 2 Door Sedan....nothing wrong with that tho'....the red car that I pictured & owned is a Coupe.......in 1941 they, mopar had 2 versions of the Plymouth Coupe, both used the same basic body shell like I had.....most were called Business Coupes and used a single split bench seat like what your 2 dr Sedan has and no back seat.......the more uncommon version still used the "Coupe" body shell but also had a pair of small folding rear seats behind the split bench seat and were called Auxillary Seat Coupes,.........my car was in fact that type.....I have attached a pic of the rear seat setup that my car had & yep was RHD, really suitable only for children tho' adults can sit there.........then in 1942 Plymouth came out with 2 body styles.....the Business Coupe using the same body shell as 1941 and a longer roof Coupe called a Club Coupe with a full sized rear seat.......both body styles continued to 1948...........but the 2 Door Sedan as your car is was always available and used a full sized rear seat behind the folding split bench front seat.............again.....there is nothing wrong with your car........to be honest the 2 door sedan is probably the more uncommon compared to the various Coupes or 4dr sedan...............works for me..........Andy Douglas
  8. How much do you want for them? Also, could you post a picture of them out of the box Joe
  9. If anyone has a Chrysler Parts List for 46-48 can you tell me the part number for the tail light lens? I have two tail light lens NOS and still in the box with part no. 1235538. And is this the same tail light lens for 1941 and 1942? Thanks, Marc.
  10. All I know is your "C" style retainer clip is used on all the 1953 and later "T" series and some other heavy tonnage models...K,R,T,V,Y and later years 700,800 and 900 Dodge trucks according to the parts books. That 112055 is not a number in any DT parts books....not sure what that is...
  11. Thank you for the info Merle.
  12. Oh wow so I have the right carb!! awesome now I’ve got to find a solenoid are they available separately or part of the carb?
  13. That peg on your stromberg carb is the iron core that the dashpot/anti-stall solenoid is mounted on. Pics of the solenoid coil....
  14. Yes I’ve looked at the tranny and the solenoid governor and interrupter are all there …but the harness wasn’t
  15. When you get to the car check if you can put the shift lever into 1st gear position. With the Gyromatic you have 2nd 3rd and reverse. 1st is blocked. Also the Gyromatic trans has a governor and solenoid on it. Coronets usually came with the Gyromatic but I’ve seen exceptions. Also in 70 years you never know what changes have been made.
  16. Yeah, that's another one there. (I was taught to always signal before hitting the brakes. It's kinder to the driver behind you, and safer for all concerned, because even now, some signals aren't that easily seen when the brakes lights are also on.)
  17. Those are beautiful rides and thank you!! I will certainly be reaching out!!!
  18. Oh wow didn’t know that it says GyroMatic on the side of the car so I guess it’s a gyro!!🤣
  19. Those are beautiful rides and thank you!! I will certainly be reaching out!!!
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  21. Hardknoxs...welcome aboard.............I havce owned my 1940 Dodge sedan since 1971, I installed a 318 Poly in 1973 & auto...the car has the original lower A arms, 41-54 Cast steel MOOG upper A arms, 41 stub axles, 1" heim jointed adjustable sway bar, mid 50's Ford Coil springs, relocated upper shock mounts and 11" vented PBR Oz disc brakes with a 9" narrowed Austin 1800 Rack & Pinion, rear end is stock semi elyptic springs, heavy duty shocks, 1991 Oz Ford Falcon disc brake rear axle, stock body with 2 widened rear fenders, custom made Alloy steering column using Valiant upper, bucket seats etc etc..........have attached some pics or the 40 Dodge & 41 Plymouth I had for a while....it was to get a 230 & 5 speed , finned head, etc............so........... ............my suggestion would be to upgrade the stock front end with better shocks and/or relocate the upper mounts, swap in a thicker sway bar, use a centre steer rack to reduce bump steer.....check out various engine mount kits that use early Ford biscuits & chassis mounts or modify the original Hemi mounts to suit.........but don't go swapping the chassis, these cars use a better engineered frame then early Frods or GM stuff and just need some basic upgrades.........if you want more info ask away........regards from Oz.......Andy Douglas
  22. I've seen the newer Hemi in them so it's possible. I will agree it's tight but it's possible. You'll have to educate me. What do you mean by 3 or 5 pane? Excuse my lack of knowledge lol this is my first one from this era. Here is a side shot of it. Plan to leave the body as is. Patina is perfect on it.
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