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  2. Frankly,I am more than a little surprised those things are still easy to find. I have never thought they would be very secure,and there are better ways of transporting things than trusting a suction cup system that still exposes your cargo to wind and rain .
  3. 1948 Ford Other Pickups rat rod ready On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-Ford-Other-Pickups-rat-rod-ready/373482022627?
  4. Got it! rubbercal.com corrugated composite rib runner mat A BIG THANKS FRANK! You knocked one off the list for me! M
  5. All you really need to do is make sure the absorbent material (see second picture) is saturated with oil. I wouldn’t put oil directly in as you can get too much.
  6. Oh man your event sounds fantastic. Would sure love to attend. A few complications for me. 1. I don’t own a Mopar truck. 2. Our country’s shared border remains closed. Best of luck with your event.
  7. Thanks for the replies, so flaps that's what they're technically called. There's a Les Schwab down in the Springs I'll check with them, yep thinking of going big lugs in the back straight tread in the front. May just try doing them myself, thanks JB as usual you've sent lots of information, too much to glean through tonight. I'll do some reading in the morning.
  8. thanks robertkb for the info .i was hasitant to pull out and apart.so by the looks of picture i can just use a zoom oiler while its still in place {right where cable attaches}?
  9. There are different types of rv antifreeze, some will stink the water for an eternity,especially the hot watertank. Check the rv owners forums, someone there will know the better product to use.
  10. Looks like a traditional dry clutch but oil soaked. Who has the best deals for the clutch parts?
  11. Mine is in the basement (man cave). I built a replica of a 40’s gas station down there. I got laid off in quality control position in 1985, and managed a Derby station for a summer. No pumping gas or cleaning windshields. Just scratching oil stains and selling cigarettes. VFt
  12. I've finished making the body cart, except for the cross beam 2X6s that the body will be bolted to with lag bolts. I took the steering wheel off and it looks like the steering post will be able to get through the cowl after I remove the rear wheels. That way I can easily put the steering wheel back on so I can steer the chassis. I'm thinking of putting the rear axle hubs on wheel dollies. Then I will pull the chassis out the front way. I will have to jack the body up in the front to get the two wheel dollies and resupport the front body with 12 ton jack stands. Then I can push the body c
  13. I remember my dad borrowing a set of those wooden roof racks a couple times - I've thought it would be cool to find a set for my P12 and strap a long board to them for shows. That would look even cooler on your Suburban. I wouldn't worry about the rain gutters not holding unless you know you have roof rust issues. My dad moved on from the racks to a Sears fiberglass roof carrier that attached the same way - he used it on our '69 Polara to move me into school and I still have it. Only stopped using it when we no longer had a daily driver with gutters.
  14. Hoping to get my Plymouth P15 out of hibernation next week Predicted temperatures over 60 degrees for next week.Finally a break from this wretched cold. I don't really expect the forecast to be accurate, but hopefully, the temps will be warm enough to get the old gal out of the garage and on the road to shake the winter dust off!!
  15. I have kept all my original parts intact in case I ever want to go back to original. All of the mods that I have done are reversible. That said, I came up with a scrap transmission and used the shifter from that and welded it to the T5 stub. For the master cylinder, I am using a Dual master cylinder from a 97-2006 Jeep wrangler. I looked at a lot of master cylinders and this one was one of the few that would fit in the tight space. I made a plate to convert the three hole space to accept the two hole master cylinder.
  16. Good to see a great car, out every month of the year. In Canada. Unseasonably warm here too. Felt like May today. Sun shining. T-shirt weather. We hit 15C today. Planning to take mine out this weekend.
  17. 1. Temporary, next owner may not like this or any rack, 2, property connected the drip rail will withstand the wind resistance at 65 mph?
  18. Got the ‘48 Dodge D25 club coupe out for the first run of March. It’s not a big deal in warmer parts of North America but in Canada old cars often don’t see the road from October to April. This winter has been unseasonably warm in Alberta and I have had an old car out every month. I thought I might miss March as we had a brutal cold spell and lots of snow a few of weeks ago. Amazingly it warmed right up, most snow is gone, and roads are good. Pictures show the ‘48 out today with winter coloured grass, dirty snow banks, and lots of clouds. However, a great time was had putting 30+ miles on the
  19. If ya see something, say something...FB can't crack down on fraud without a little help from ppl who know better 🇺🇸
  20. additional information - split lock ring tire mounting
  21. Can’t speak for the mid west shops but Bill, Less Schwab had flaps and tubes when I replaced my tires (2018). I did end up going with a 215/85/16 radials cause it makes me happy but, they had bias available.
  22. I'm in the same situation as you. Looking for recommendations on tires. I plan to keep the heavy drive lug type tires on the rear and more of a straight tread on the front, mostly because I like the way it looks. I plan to do my tires myself. Call around to truck or equipment shops if you want to find someone to tackle your split rims.
  23. This is what you were trying to describe. My dad had a pair but the were allmetal. Do a search on ebay Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  24. Here are three pictures i hope mite help you fine something that looks good. The smell is VERY strong ! Good luck
  25. You could get some good oak or maple make the cross members and then make the two end pieces tobe about two-three inches high and then brass screw this to each cross member them find the suction cups and attach to the legs you would need four then make your own tie down straps with the curved hook around th rain gutter. If done right this would even look period correct for your car which a nice marine shellac to preserve the wood or even redwood. This would be a great winter project. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
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