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  2. What number is on your ownership documents???
  3. I'm a member of the age group with a birth date within the range,1928-1945,and I have to admit my people skills have been questioned on occasion...
  4. Ah! ok 23 inch not 1923... Sent you a private message.
  5. Edmunds heads had a problem with pourous castings of the head, bad quality control in their last years of production. You can test it by duct taping all the coolant passage holes and the heater outlet then pour several ounces of water, put some food coloring it it, put 10 or so psi of compressed air to the temp sensor pot and watch for leaks. Typically they occur between the cooling fins on the top of the head. If it leaks it's garage art worth the scrap value of 8 or 10 pounds of aluminum. By the erosion of the casting in the thermostat area, I would guess this may be one of the problem lo
  6. Yes of course the phrase millennial has become kind of a catch phrase or generic term.......I prefer snowflake as my blanket statement......I had to look up who was who when.....lol. 1928 to 1945 is supposed to be the silent generation, even funnier because those people were never afraid to speak up when the feces hit the spinning device.
  7. Weekend of elbow grease and some tinkering will bring it to life. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Personally, I don't think I could part with those considering the history. I'd hang them somewhere in my shop until I found a use for them. Your parts though and it's still a free country, at least for a little while longer.
  9. Thanks for the info. I was originally to going to use these pieces for an engine build to install in a 1953 1 1/2 ton Dodge truck. Turned out the guy didn't have a title for the truck, bummer. I remember my dad showing me these parts when I was a kid about 50 years ago. Why is it so hard to let things go? Thanks again for your help.
  10. 1500 ish? I've got 500 in a Thickstun intake and 2 carters. Another grand for the head.
  11. Great introduction to the forum...What's it worth?😉
  12. I'm going through my Father's 50+ yr collection of old engines and NOS parts. He had an Eddy Edmunds Head and Intake Manifold with carbs for the Dodge 230 flathead. I don't do eBay, looking for current market value as I have someone interested in purchasing the pieces. I also have a vintage Mallory dual point distributor, any ideas on that as well, thanks.
  13. Hi Dan - Well here is my blog entries on our adapter plate that allows someone to hook an A833 overdrive 4 speed to a mopar bell housing. My Dad 1st took a 1974 a833 in 1975 and bolted it up to a Dodge 265 ci flathead 6 in a 1956 Fargo (Dodge) pickup. On my blog you will see the bell housings and I know that our adpater plate will work for the early hemi bell housings and in the case of the mopar situation you use your stock flywheel, stock pressure plate, stock throw out bearing. Its only the clutch you need to change as the A833 uses a fine spine clutch. But t
  14. as the saying goes, the whole state would slide off into the Gulf of Mexico after a heavy rain if not for how bad Oklahoma sucks...I don't think there's much basis for this from a geological standpoint tho... Today there were gusty 15-25 mph winds all afternoon, so I pointed the truck into the wind and opened up both doors for a few hours...both door checks were able to latch the doors open for the duration...yet another benefit of a functional door check retainer 🏆
  15. that is great tool but remember..it will only work after the mushroom is removed and the metal basically restored very close to original..
  16. additional information - split die solution
  17. Loosening, yes...but if that nut is frozen, there's risk of damage to those flats. Better to clamp the hex nut in a bench vise so that pin is vertical, douse the threads with penetrant, and use a pipe wrench to work the pin back and forth to break that nut free...I found out the hard way that even putting a large crescent wrench on them flats doesn't guarantee that they won't get boogered up when they twist to the point that the crescent wrench slips off and won't stay on anymore.
  18. The only thing that bothered me was that awful nasty red silicone sealant. Could have at least used black.
  19. as the tube should be hollow...split a nut, weld to pliers...heat the threaded section....align the nut on the threads and squeeze and compress the threads....you may need also to put a filler into the hollow section. Possible you can heat and shrink it slowly back into a shape you can chase the thread...another old trick is to also use the half nut and a hammer to bump it back against a piece of brass.......just don't get in a hurry....odds are you can save this shaft.
  20. Wow, those are batshit crazy expensive. I'm looking on ebay for some Stromberg BXOV-2 carbs. I got that from another forum as a recommendation. Same website suggested that two stock carbs might be too rich, but then what's the diff also. Rejet. If I can get two matched Strombergs I'll think about it, otherwise I'll be looking for another stock one I guess.
  21. Sorry I just looked at your picture again that's different than a 48, there are no splines, is it already keyed?
  22. Nice find! Post some pics once you get it home and cleaned up - really doesn't look too bad under the grime
  23. You may be able to chase those threads or recut them, or just shorten it and turn it down from 3/4 to 5/8 and recut 5/8 18 threads. Of course you would lose your splines for the steering wheel but you may be able to key it. Just thinking out loud.
  24. I was one of the first X'ers, born Feb of 65. Three of my 4 kids are in the millennial age group, but they aren't millennials, lol. My youngest is a gen z.
  25. Ya with the wheel off it looks worse than it did. I don't think there is enough length to entertain trying to shorten so I've got to try and fix it. Going to try and go from the good threads backwards to the top
  26. Cool. Nice work. Nice shop too. I like it!
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