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  1. so an aftermarket ignition switch, and no more "foot pedal" starter engagement?
  2. i believe that deleting attachments also deletes them from the original posts.
  3. the dashboard chrome center trim is also from a ‘51 or ‘52. a ‘53 has d-o-d-g-e rather than the plate. the wiper switch is also ‘51/‘52. the ‘53 switch is round.
  4. and another ride-along, this time from the passenger side perspective...
  5. here's a compilation of videos showing the split shifting of the eaton with the spur gear 4speed. split shifting the eaton and spur geared NP
  6. working on it. uploading vids to yootoob right now showing the shifting with the 2-speed, from the passenger seat perspective. audio isn't great (the digital camera isn't as good as the iphone for that), but you can see the "action" clearly. not very exciting (you'll see). edit: here's the workings of the 2-speed eaton shift components.
  7. usually only relevant with a key switch that has "start" and "run" positions. the oem key switch would only have the "run" position, as the starter was activated via the foot pedal. however, if a new key switch was installed to utilize a key start feature, that would be a good place to look.
  8. lol. coincidentally, i fixed that yesterday.
  9. that’s a wheel chock. mostly used on the steep hill where i collect sap during sugaring season. stores nicely there.
  10. use a drift and a hammer to tap it counterclockwise, it will back off. then, when you reinstall it, don't use a tool, just finger tight. mine have never had an issue since i initially used that method to remove them when i purchased the truck in 2007. nearly 10k miles later, the caps stay where they should, and i can remove them without tools.
  11. here are two more showing the general hoist operation and components: pto operation pto & hoist components
  12. been a while. found some more things:
  13. maybe on a day where it isn’t raining. we’ve had ridiculous rain since july first; nearly 40”. yeah, four-zero.
  14. yes, but acetone won’t ruin it, which was the concern expressed by the OP.
  15. the horn button plastic? otherwise, the wheel itself is bakelite.
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