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  1. engine runs! didn’t get as far along as i’d hoped. for one thing, i didn’t realize the full pressure oil canister is NOT compatible with the starter on the medium size trucks; i’ll need to figure something out for that. then, i used the distributor from the 251, but after a bit of trying to get combustion, i checked for spark with my timing light and found no spark being produced. so, i swapped the dist from the original engine, and almost immediately had it coughing and sputtering. with a minor adjustment, i had it running. i now have it purring. it starts instantly, and has steady 40 psi oil pressure at operating temperature. the gas line has developed a pinhole leak, so that will need replacing, and several of the coolant hoses leak, so i’ll probably replace them, too. it does have more throttle response than the 237 (no surprise), and seems to be pretty smooth at 3000 rpm. two-speed rear still shifts. maybe tomorrow the transmission et al will go in.
  2. while i don’t use first gear low often, it’s nice when i really have a load on (like 4 tons of ice blocks). i typically use 2nd gear low for starting out, even empty, and then either pop up to 2nd high or shift to 3rd low. i’ve never pulled any stumps with a vehicle. i also drive on rough roads to access job sites, so 1st low comes in handy to minimize to bouncing. plus, i utilize the pto to operate the dump unit.
  3. engine is in its new home. with the hoist, putting the motor in was a breeze. probably the easiest engine installation i’ve ever done in a vehicle. got most of the accessories hooked up: carb, alt, coolant lines, oil lines, dist/wires, vacuum piping for the 2-speed and the midland booster, radiator, hood, flywheel and clutch. put oil in the pan and coolant in the radiator. still need to install the transmission, accelerator linkage, parking brake, driveshaft, pto shaft, pto levers, install the floorboards, and couple the exhaust. once i get the clutch/brake shaft installed, i’ll start it to verify it runs, then complete the other stuff.
  4. eh, i work at a comfortable pace. too hurried to take photos while putting things together, but still take the time to use a torque wrench for most fasteners. i wish i did take more pictures, but between fitting parts and greasy hands/tools, i don’t usually manage to snap any.
  5. place i ordered my bearings from never delivered. ordered on july 11, still not here. gave up and ordered from andy bernbaum on wednesday, and the parts arrived on friday. today, got the crank installed with new bearings, and the pistons/rods with new rod bearings. in fact, i’ve got most of the engine back together. still need to install the water pump and the carb, then i can put the motor back in the truck - hopefully tomorrow. then it will be reattaching stuff like the starter, alternator, flywheel, clutch, etc. maybe drive it monday...
  6. are the trucks just chassis models with no rear "utility body"? my '48 1.5-ton weighs in at just over 6500 lbs empty. that's without the wood sides. those must add another 300 lbs (12 feet long and 3.5 feet high).
  7. could be true in the 1/2 and 3/4-ton versions, but probably not in the 1-ton and up versions. the OP, mr. rigsby, has a 1-ton.
  8. averages? because you want to measure in at least 3 places in each cylinder, to determine how much taper the bore has.
  9. i don't believe it was. at least on the b-3 and b-4 cabs, it wasn't. my b-3-c does not have it. it does have wing windows, but not the 1/4-windows. oh, my '48 does have those, too. i wonder if the change in the 48-series cabs was the deletion of the rear 1/4 window from all cabs, making it an option? vs the 47-series like yours and mine.
  10. i've got the air-ride seat, too. forgot about that one. no radio, cigarette lighter, or ashtray, though.
  11. as i learned years ago, my truck appears to be a bit rare, as it had many features on it that were not on most trucks. dual sunvisors, armrest, triple bumper overriders, fresh air package, heater, electric wipers, wing vents. as an "fa", it also had a 2-speed eaton 1350, and a midland brake booster, and the extra frame sill plate along the middle of the frame. this is the extra sill plate, which terminates just in front of the rear spring anchor:
  12. i didn’t realize the wc trucks had the same cabs as the pilothouse-era trucks. interesting. from my '48 b-1-f:
  13. could be for those "down under" versions, no? they'd want the armest on the "passenger" door.
  14. yes. most came that way. my '48 b-1-f only has the driver's side armrest, and clearly never had one for the passenger. yours sure looks just like the armrest from my '48 you might notice my winder isn't stock - when i got the truck, it only had one, which was broken off. now i have a matched, incorrect pair.
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