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  1. for sure. the first red top i put in my jeep served me for 15 years. the replacement, same model/size, lasted 2.5 years.
  2. great pictures on the website. i enjoyed my visit for the day. thanks for putting the picnic together!
  3. i agree with @Los_Control that insurance, yearly registration fees, inspections, etc should be part of the consideration of the annual costs. i am able to register my 7 old vehicles here for less than the cost of registering a new full-size pickup. i only carry liability, so that’s cheaper, too. i do at least 90% of whatever work needs to be done (i don’t weld, so when that’s needed, i have to pay someone). but like @keithb7 don’t really want to know what i spend on each car annually, either.
  4. i have a duracell AGM battery in my cj5. so far, so good. the real test is how many years will it last; i bought it earlier this summer from batteries plus.
  5. keith - your bay is a bit smaller than what is in mine. probably still big enough, with enough clearance, that the heat produced by the exhaust and block are moving on quickly enough. seems the radiator is the place to be trying things.. how close to "normal" curvature is that top radiator hose from the t-stat housing? it's fairly long, with a pronounced curve. any way to shorten it?
  6. how much clearance in your engine compartment? maybe that's a factor? my truck has significant space between the block/head and the sides and hood, so a lot of room to have air moving, even if it isn't moving fast. weight isn't a factor, because i'm at 14,500 gvw, and you aren't, but my truck cannot move as fast as your '38. my cooling system is still mostly original - radiator for sure, i changed the waterpump last year. i do run the heater hoses from the block to the heater core, and i don't close them off in the summer, so i do get a bit of heat loss/cooling there, inside the cab. oil is 10w-40 or 15w-40, full flow filter.
  7. edit: you are of course correct. it is all about the efficiency of the radiator, the fan, and the pump. once operating temp has been reached, in the summer, that's where the coolant temp sits. disregard below... if that were the case, why run a thermostat at all, except during cold weather? i certainly run t-stats in all of my vehicles, all year. there may be some, but i'm not aware of car manufacturers that recommend not running a t-stat during the summer months. yes, the coolant in the engine gets hot. it's supposed to. these sixes can tolerate 220 in a non-pressure system with no problem. running a 195 or 200 stat might allow the radiator to bring the coolant temp below 195 or 200, so that when the stat opens, that lower temperature coolant brings the block coolant temperature below 195, even if only briefly; whereas with no stat, the block never gets below 200 or 210 or whatever. i can only go by the mechanical gauge i installed, and it vacillates between about 190 and 224, running a 195 stat. ymmv.
  8. i do think there's merit in running a "hotter" t-stat, for the very reason described by @Los_Control. if the t-stat is allowed to close for even a short while, the radiator can eliminate some heat from the coolant more effectively than when the coolant just flows through the radiator. it may not seem like it, but the temp might end up bouncing from 220 to 190 that way (with the stat), vs running at 220 or so all the time (without the stat)
  9. sort of been following, and have read the entire thread. i don’t worry about the higher temps; the 251 in my 1.5 ton is happy running 190 to a smidge above 220. put 100 miles on it yesterday, ran it hard at 2800 to 3000 rpm. i guess with this big truck, and hauling stuff with it, i’m used to seeing the temp run close to 220 a lot of the time. timing is set to 2* atdc, mechanical only, no vacuum on this distributer. the cooling system holds around 17 quarts, so that might be a bit higher than what yours has. oh, and stock 4-blade fan, no shroud.
  10. my current other collection... ’87 4runner, my primary DD, since 2013. ‘87 volvo, wife’s DD ‘88 volvo, son #2’s DD ‘89 camry, son #1’s DD ‘87 4runner #2, my primary summer DD ‘88 4runner, a beater and the one i’ve owned the longest, since 1993
  11. met up with the 2022 p15 picnic crowd yesterday. beautiful day for a vintage car (and truck) ride. my odometer registered exactly 100 miles for the day!
  12. the tour heading to lunch.... and, what road trip would be complete without a little bit of road construction delay? got home, and the odometer was exactly 100 miles higher than when i left the house in the morning.
  13. the line-up.. proof that i made it...
  14. soon joined by the pic-nic crowd.... and the tail end....
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