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  1. i forgot the pics from the rear, so......
  2. jeff - the bed on mine runs 7'-11" from the outer rail to the outer rail. it runs 8'-3" from stake pocket to stake pocket.
  3. could be a slow leak from the master. if it has been sitting, the leak might be dry (and the master).
  4. going back to the escutcheons, my '52 b3c has the brown plastic version for all four handles. by b1fa has the chrome version at all four.
  5. i don’t know how your dual carb setup will influence your mileage, so you could be right as far as a bit closer to 12 mpg. my b3c has its original engine and single carb, but hasn’t been out of my dad’s garage since 1988.
  6. the b3c that i drove in high school got about 15 to 17 mpg. three speed fluid drive.
  7. i'm sure they all vary a bit. with mine, when the needle hits empty, i am out of gas in about a mile, but the truck only gets around 5 mpg. when i do run out, i can put about 16.5 gallons into it, so there's about 1.5 gallons that can't be used.
  8. not much left of it. certainly not enough of the parts that are needed to make it worth anywhere near $12K as a major project. the interior is gone. not much of that wood shell looks like it can be used, rotten. pipe-dream seller. at least it's a mopar, unlike jamescranks posts.
  9. what were you turning the crank with when the wood was in the cylinder?
  10. i know, right? there isn't anyone strong enough to bend a rod just by attempting to remove a crank pulley bolt on one of these. not even with a 2-foot cheater bar.
  11. the cars were different from the trucks as far as the crank pulley and bolt. no bolts around pulley face.
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