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  1. NH allows the use of them. probably has restrictions, although the restrictions would be the same as for running "normal" antique plates.
  2. the only NH tv station has a program, NH Chronicle, that did a piece on the ice day this year. the link is below - it's about 5 minutes long. fwiw, my truck makes a very brief - 2 seconds - appearance at the 4:21 mark. and, i'm in that same shot, as well as in the background of the interview just after that.. NH Chronicle ice harvest
  3. nice truck, jeff! does the 2-speed work? you'll like the 251 with that truck and the 2-speed. wheels look great, too.
  4. it was -20*F here for the one night. i haven't needed the wheels yet, but it is nice to have some ready to go. while some are rough, at least 4 are better than/equal to what i'm running now. any progress on your truck?
  5. yeah, a few weeks ago, there was about 5" during a fishing derby. on sunday, it was about 14 or 15" thick. good enough to make ice blocks!
  6. sunday was 2023's ice harvest day! warmest weather we've had for the event that i can recall - temps in the high 30s/low 40s (note the short-sleeves of some of the volunteers). overnight was about 18*, so that helped for starting things off solid. speaking of starting off, the truck started right up in the morning. after checking lights etc, headed out to the event. got about 3 miles from home, and near the top of a moderate hill climb (pushing about 2800 rpm), when there was a slight pop, and then loud expulsion of air noises (like from the exhaust or manifold). pulled a u-turn, and drove back home. popped the hood, and low and behold - #6 spark plug wasn't there (mostly). the metal base was still seated, but the ceramic portion and upper electrode were attached to the plug wire/boot, which was draped over the manifolds. thus, the noise was escaping compression sound, not exhaust. got the correct socket, and the remains of the plug easily backed out of the head (intact, other than the center/ceramic portion). installed a "spare" used plug, and back i went.
  7. is the 25" family a mopar flathead? since it is, it is incorrect to state that mopar flatheads were not designed for full flow (some clearly were), and that they only used bypass filters (some clearly used full flow filters). my statement does not claim that all were designed for full flow or that none came with bypass, unlike the statement that i quoted.
  8. if it is "involuntarily" shifting back into low range, there's probably still a leak in the system. mine will, very rarely, drop out of high range when cruising along, but it does not go into low range when it does that. a quick stab at the clutch and throttle and it moves right back into high range.
  9. yeah, what bob says - a 6-volt at 5.6 volts is a dead battery, and depending on how long it was at that level, it might be unreliable going forward.
  10. 100%, that's what it is. dodge used that as a linkage, since the transmission was back under the seat (more or less) rather than under the center of the floor as on the standard cabs. Bunn's book shows this, too.
  11. i will definitely be in contact next time i'm passing through binghamton. i'd love to see this thing - it is in fantastic condition, nevermind the rarity.
  12. the moving truck is fantastic. not that i'm doubtful, but if it was parked in '69, that's 16 years of use, and to only have 11,000 miles, what kind of moving did the company do? across the street only? i travel through binghamton a few times per year. i would love to take a side trip to view this sometime, it is a treasure.
  13. that's why it's hard to pick a favorite picture i use it a lot during the entire year, and take pictures!
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