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  1. this is the pair that came with my b-1-fa-152; other than material, they are identical. and hurd.
  2. i'll echo bob, the 1350 vacuum shift eaton is faster than either an electric or cable shift version. it is very smooth, too. once i figured out split shifting, the truck become MUCH easier to drive.
  3. might be right, but i was partly remembering there was a slight difference when comparing mine with another "normal" speedo unit i had. i might be mis-remembering that.
  4. there are a few parts that you'll need, including a fitting to fit on the carb for the vacuum source, along with all of the hard lines leading back to the axle. fwiw, the original 2-speed equipped trucks also had a special speedometer that also had a vacuum fitting, so that it would still read correctly when shifting the axle. additionally, you'll need a shift button/pull cable to actuate the "shift", usually mounted on the gear selector tower. the cable runs to a diverter mounted on the firewall, which is plumbed into the piping between the carb and the axle. don't forget the vacuum diaphragm on the axle itself.
  5. i believe what bob is asking is “what solved the no-start issue”? was it oil added through the plug holes? something else? give us some data.
  6. bringing on old thread back up - since the ice harvest happened today after a one-month delay. didn't have my truck with me this year, though. however, i found a youtube video about the ice harvest here with my truck in it from 2017. truck makes its appearance from 5:13 to 5:27 in the video...not my video, don't know the person that posted it.. 2017 ice harvest video - with my truck in it - youtube and some pictures from 2017 as well...
  7. can't help you with what might interchange. your truck is equipped with the auxilliary side sills to beef up the frame.
  8. eaton 1350 2-speed. note that the air line and diaphragm are visible from the rear, another thing clearly not in the OP's image. don't confuse the midland brake booster with the vacuum shift diaphragm. booster is "centered", the diaphragm is partly visible at the upper left of the differential.
  9. not with that "stepped" cover it isn't. the eaton 1350 has a "smooth dish".
  10. that is the style of arms i have on my ‘48 1.5-ton. original as far as i know.
  11. the information above didn’t provide any clues?
  12. i like it. not so rusty to us easterners, either, at least from that picture.
  13. i'm with merle. i wouldn't be surprised if the cab was swapped.
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