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  1. Don't lose hope. I once lost one in the middle of nowhere. Some time later I was driving that stretch of road and someone had found it and placed it on a tree stump or fencepost.
  2. Knuckle Harley that is great news! For you and everyone who suffers from Cancer. I love your attitude. Best of luck in bearing the five year odds.
  3. Mine may have had the filler panel when new. I never looked for one because I always thought one day I would relocate the bumper. My car does have the rear filler panel. Might leave the back alone and might play with it too. Not sure. Heck it took 30 years to get around to doing the front.
  4. I had the "41 out today just long enough to take a picture. Too much crap on the roads for a drive. I wanted to check out the new look outside of the garage. So I snapped a couple pics while it was out.
  5. I have never really liked how far the front bumper sits ahead of the body on my 1941 Dodge Business Coupe. One of my winter projects this year was to make new bumper brackets and move the bumper closer to the body. I also like the cleaner look without the fog lights. Below are before and after pics.
  6. You mention Murphy's Law. Oldodge41's Law is: Murphy was an optimist! Yeah, my luck is that bad!
  7. Our local SS office is very good. Takes a bit to get thru on the phone sometimes though. I have spoken to 3 different ladies. One answers phones and passes info to the other two. Very pleasant. The second always treats me like a valued customer, explains things as much as needed for me to understand and seems to be very knowledgeable. The third is less cordial, all business and wants to rush through the call, but knowledgeable as well. Just a personality trait I think. After a bunch of calls to question things on my online SS account I have deduced that I should have initiated the process thru the local office instead of online. The local office even sort of said that without really saying it. I got my first payment on the date, in the amount, the local office said I would. My online info still doesn't match. Different dates, lesser amount and it doesn't seem to update. The local office says ignore it. I am trying to, but I keep checking it. If the info is there it should be correct. My wife's online account, on the other hand, is spot on and has updated quickly at each step. Bottom line, I agree, call the "local" SS office. Not the online, "create an account" system or the national ( sit on hold for hours ) number. The locals here beat that hands down.
  8. Awesome! You are on your way now.
  9. I retired December 1, 2021 @ 63.5 years old. I got my first Social Security check Wednesday. I decided not to wait for full benefit age. I don't know if I will live that long, but I hope I live long enough that I can look back and say I should have waited. Probably not likely, but who knows? I don't know what is right for anyone else, but I am comfortable with my decision.
  10. If I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger. I say that a lot. I think I mean it too. 😎
  11. Sorry to hear your wife is not well. I hope things improve soon. The old car can wait. It will be there when you are ready.
  12. I have replaced rod bearings, main bearings and piston rings with the engine in the car on my 1941 Dodge Coupe. If no damage to the crank, which can't be known till you get in there, and the oil pan can come off with the engine in the truck, then yes it can be done in truck. If it is a temporary repair to get by until the "good engine" can be swapped in, I would go for it, rather than have it undriveable as is. That's just me and how I do things, not for everyone. I would rather drive a good car than own a great car.
  13. Glad to see you posting today Sniper, was thinking of you earlier. Not going to give my opinion on Covid-19/Delta/Omicron/etc., no-one cares, and its simply an opinion anyway. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on your condition.
  14. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Coker-Tire-568800-Firestone-Vintage-Bias-Ply-Tire-670-15-Blackwall,55013.html?sku=568800&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_8OPBhDtARIsAKQu0gZAfb_0jEMIR2X1JeVsGKMr5z_CTQ8GG8sfQFXdyPdyS_O8z4ngAXYaAih5EALw_wcB
  15. I lost a cap once too. Coming home from a cruise-in with my daughter at twilight on a remote 2 lane. Hit a pot hole and heard it go. It disappears into the wooded area that is posted with no trespassing signs on every other tree. We looked around a bit and had no luck. Long story, short version. Some time later, on a routine trip through that area, there was something sitting atop a tall stump. It was my hubcap! I got it back. Good Samaritan must have put it there.
  16. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourselves, listen to the doctor's advice.
  17. This is another style. I used to run these white rings when I used my 16" wheels. As you can see they did not reach to the hubcaps. They are also metal and attached very firmly on their own.
  18. oldodge41


    Don't know why, but if I open a thread and a Real Truck ad pops up it immediately locks up the thread when I am on my phone. I have to back out, reopen the thread and quickly scroll past the ad before it loads. Very strange, other ads don't do that. I have bought stuff from Real Truck, no complaints. Just problem with the popup ad.
  19. Amazing the space I could fit thru if my butt was gonna be on fire. Seriously, nice work!
  20. I use a mixture of Stabil and Seafoam in my classic, and other engines that don't run often. I use the recommended amount of Stabil and about half the recommendation of Seafoam. I had a Yamaha four cylinder that was extremely fussy about sitting over winter with fuel in the carbs. After the afore mentioned mix, I never had any more issues so I started using it in everything that sits seasonally. So far so good. I also keep tanks full when they sit for long periods.
  21. Nice work. Are the Edelbrock carbs similar to the old Carter AFB and AVS carbs? They look kinda similar. I always liked the simplicity of the Carter carburetors.
  22. I had a 1970 International pickup truck back in about 1979. It was a short bed, 4x4, 304 V8, with three in the tree manual transmission. That truck had over 200K miles on it. It had been a shop truck/parts runner for a local strip mine company. It burned some oil but always ran good. It would bind up shift linkage now and then and I carried a 32 ounce ball peen hammer I could smack the linkage with when it did it. Worst part of the truck was putting fuel in it. It fueled from the front fender just ahead of the door and you had to fuel it s-l-o-w-l-y! Impressively it wasn't a rust bucket, which most Cornbinders of the era were. I attributed that to the inches of dried mud caked under under it from its strip mine days. Traded it in on a Plymouth Trail Duster because I needed more interior space.
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