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  1. To each his own, of course, but I really like the all red look, w/the whitewalls. Really nice. Oh, and he is mine, for comparison:
  2. Yup, I wish it did have syncro, especially for second & third, but, I just live w/the double clutching.
  3. When I first got my first car, a '56 Ford, w/a 3 on the tree, my father showed me that he could shift w/o using the clutch by speed & sound. I was a novice at a clutch, so, I didn't get the nuance. However, w/no training at all, I got right in a drove it immediately w/o stalling.
  4. My '51 is a three on the tree, non-syncro. I've learned how to double clutch. Not that big a deal.
  5. Tail fins in the mid and late 50's. They were all gone by the beginning of the '60's. Starting in '58, everyone had to have quad headlights too, to be "cool".
  6. Very nice looking ride! 😎
  7. Beautiful new addition. You must live on a farm, w/all that space!😄
  8. My condolences on your loss. A good reminder to enjoy life while we can. Beautiful looking vehicles you've got there, for different reasons, but, both very nice. 👍
  9. Wow, you work fast. The previous owner wouldn't even recognize the car now. Beautiful looking ride. Love the original look, the way it came from the factory. Well done!👍
  10. A sobering reminder what today is all about.
  11. Okay, so this is a new thing for me; just so I understand, it is a 'thing' to work on your truck, on International Work On Your Truck Day? (IWOYTD)? I never heard of this before, so please excuse my ignorance.
  12. Dodgeed

    OT TV Trivia

    Yes, that's the way I remember it too.
  13. Dodgeed

    OT TV Trivia

    Speaking of being devoid of any drivetrain components, the 1964 Lincoln Continental that Odd Job drives to the junk yard crusher in Goldfinger, gets magically switched to a 1963 model Continental, a cheaper model, and I'm pretty sure I've read, has all the drivetrain components stripped out. When that Continental was crushed, it was quite the shock to us in the audience. We couldn't believe someone would do that to a beautiful car! 😁
  14. Dodgeed

    OT TV Trivia

    Dunno the answer to your observation, but it reminds me of the scene in the movie, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, when the space monster picks up a '58 Plymouth station wagon, and when it is dropped, it suddenly has turned into a '49 Chebby woodie. 😉 Even as a very young kid, I could see the difference, and thought to myself "ah, come on!".
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