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  1. Linus6948 - love the look of your car. 👍
  2. I always enjoyed firing up my toys in the winter months when I used to live in Western Pennsylvania. Even if I couldn't take them out, I'd run them every month for about 15 minutes or so. Did that for over 30 years, and never had any problems w/gasoline getting gummed up in the carbs, or water settling in the exhaust systems. Helped keep batteries charged too. Was always good to "connect" w/the vehicles over the winter months. BTW, keep your pictures coming; very enjoyable. 👍
  3. Let me add my congratulations for a job well done. Impressive looking engine. 👍
  4. Is this Taylor Swift? Looks like an early picture of her.
  5. I'm amazed that you take the time to stop and take pictures of all of these episodes 😀
  6. And, here is a picture of my '64 Corvette.
  7. Here is my '56 Ford Victoria.
  8. Always liked that '58 Forward Look. 👍
  9. Enjoyed this tread. Looking forward to your next. 👍
  10. Looks like the scene from the movie, A Christmas Story, on Christmas morning. 😄
  11. Reading: on-line car forums, Facebook, web pages, & books; managing investment rentals & associated maintenance; chauffeuring the grandkids around; volunteering a few days a week for the church's social outreach ministry; yard work; etc. Nothing to write home about........ 😄
  12. Yeah, I agree; his collection is the largest I've ever seen. There used to be a farmer near where I lived in Pennsylvania who had over 200 cars scattered over his farm land, most were useless hulks, but, some were pretty nice and might have even been driveable. But, vikingminer49er's collection of all one brand, sure beats that Pennsylvania farmer's in size and exclusivity. 😁
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