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  1. Welcome to the Forum. Lots of good guys here. Good looking truck you've got there. Windshield wiper placement makes me think it would be a '51 or '52, etc., but not a '48-'50, but that grill definitely looks like an earlier age. Agree about those tail lights. What were they thinking? 😁
  2. I'll have to check out that Arizona Heat. Sounds great. Mayo, WTF! NO way. 😁
  3. Casper50, thanks for the update. I'll keep following the progress on your '55 Pontiac, as its amazing what you can do. I was wistfully looking forward to a '55 Cadillac re-do too. 😁
  4. Just curious, so, if it had the amount of rust you were hoping for, you'd have gotten it?
  5. Here is my '51 pickup at the local Cars & Coffee; it was the only Dodge pick up of any era. Lots of people told me that they often see Ford or Chevy '50's pickups, but, never a Dodge. They were very complimentary.
  6. I get it, 100%, about ketchup on hot dogs. Mustard only, preferably dark brown spicy. 👍
  7. Welcome to the Forum, and yes, we like pix, lots of them. 😁
  8. Welcome to the Forum. BTW, I like your parking brake. Looks like mine. 😁
  9. We're paying $2.29 here in Wilmington, NC, USA, for regular.
  10. Dodgeed


    I'm flabbergasted. $1,700.00. Just amazing!😁
  11. Interestingly, for me, I run only premium, ethanol free, gas, in all three of my old vehicles, and all power equipment, including generator, mowers, trimmer, weedwacker, chainsaw, and have not had starting nor running problems. 👍
  12. Looks like its all there. For the past few years, there has been a Utube video show, a 20 something has broadcast, as he restores a 55 or 56 Cadillac, and his wasn't as nice as this one to begin with. 👍
  13. mrwrstory, great looking ride. Love the water reflection, too.
  14. Your hood ornament would sure look good on my truck!😁 Nice job. 👍
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