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  1. Once, long ago, when I was camping with my wife and young kids, there was an idiot and friends who came out to the campground from the nearby local town. It was around midnight and the driver and buddies in their truck came in revving their engine and peeling out repeatedly. Probably drunk local yahoos. Anyway, all of a sudden it stopped. Next morning, there was the truck in the road with a broken driveshaft. I suggested to the next door camping neighbour that we go over and remove and throw away the valve stems which we did. Looked like the tires had been slashed but were only flat. Valve stems are probably still out there in the bushes 30+ years later. Maybe you should try the same one dark night. He might get the message if he's not as stupid as he sounds. By-the-way, I am not a grumpy old man at 71, in fact just the opposite. I just don't like putting up with idiots!
  2. Maybe place ad in classified. Probably lots of members with a parts car that would have that window as original glass.
  3. I have a 1954 parts book. It shows all parts basically run from 1940 to 1954. I have spare transmissions from 1948 and 1954 and they are identical. I am talking standard transmissions with no overdrive or fluid drive.
  4. Rovon Auto Parts in Coquitlam, BC, likely has the original style which I much prefer. The new ones will work but are easily bent if installed without great care. The old ones work perfectly well but it is advisable to soak them in oil before installation. If you have a groove in the yoke, it is advisable to machine and put on a speedy sleeve. Rovon Auto Parts 604-936-9312. Ask for Ron. He really likes it if you have the parts number which you do. That way, while on the phone, he can check quickly on his computer to see if he has the part. I have bought a lot of parts from him and always been satisfied.
  5. Very interesting, Ralph! I was past Nobleford today on a car club run.
  6. I’m a reasonably fit 71 but the older I get the more I would like a lift. Probably started about 4 years ago when I replaced all the steel brake lines on my ‘48 Dodge. Bought a 25’ roll of brake line and a double flare tool kit. Between going under the car to remove old, measure, check for fit, install, and get the one tool I really needed but forgot, I must have crawled under that car, on jack stands, at least 200 times. No exaggeration. I don’t have the height in my garage for a lift and no room for an addition. I had to replace a clutch last year. If I was younger, I would have crawled under and done it myself. Instead, I had my trusty mechanic do it. He has a lift and I have the money. 😜
  7. Really glad you are keeping the inline six in it. So many people "upgrade" to a V8. I just love inline six engines. So does the trucking industry as most engines in semis are inline six diesels. I have heard from many sources that the inline six is the best naturally balanced engine design. I have a friend who did a cross Canada tour of Canada both ways (nearly 10,000 miles) in a 1962 Chevrolet pulling a small trailer. The old inline six, with a lot of miles, ran perfectly with no issues. They have pretty good torque.
  8. I would be patient and wait for the new synchros and order some Red Line. I ordered my Red Line out of a place in Ontario and had it in three days. You have your gorgeous Chrysler to drive in the meantime. I hear you on EBay’s global shipping. I don’t know why any sellers use it. It is incredibly slow and way more expensive than using the postal service. I used to sell a lot of Mopars related stuff on eBay and always used the postal system. Never had an issue whether insured or not. There are a lot of ebayers who have lost sales to me because of the cost of global shipping. Worst thing eBay ever did. So ends the rant!
  9. No offence taken, Tim. It is virtually impossible to find GL-1 in Canada although I have been using the GL-5 in transmissions for a long time unaware it is not the greatest for transmissions with brass parts. After following this thread I realized I had probably been using the wrong oil in my transmissions for a lot of years although probably fine in all my differentials. Red Line MTL 75/80W synthetic was the readily available alternative. Very pleased, as mentioned, with the results so far. Live and learn. I will be interested to see what difference it makes in my '53 Plymouth's tired, fairly high mile transmission that grinds a bit if shifted too fast from 2nd to 3rd. This really could be worn syncros unlike by rebuilt '51 transmission.
  10. Took the car out this morning. Checked first to see if the slightly thinner oil might have leaked a bit but everything was normal. Took off and shifting with the oil cool was the same as yesterday when the oil was well warmed up. Shifting was smooth and quiet going 1st to 2nd as well as 2nd to 3rd even before the oil warmed up. I have to say I am very pleased with the Red Line MTL 75/80W synthetic transmission oil. I have no affiliation with the company. I now plan on changing the oil in my '48 Dodge and '53 Plymouth as I bought enough to do all three. '53 has always needed to be shifted extra gently going 2nd to 3rd. It could be worn syncos or needs a better oil. I have been running the GL-5 80/90W in it for years. Transmission also has over a 100,000 miles with no attention except for a rear seal replacement. I will report on that transmission oil change as well but it might be a bit down the road.
  11. I said I would post back when I changed my transmission oil. I ordered and quickly received 4 quarts of Red Line MTL 75/80W synthetic transmission oil. I ordered four quarts because I could use it in my other two Mopars as well depending on results. Also there was free shipping once I got to four quarts. As mentioned shifting from 2nd to 3rd caused grinding unless I shifted really slowly which quite often meant modern day drivers were up my tailpipe in no time. Shifting 1st to 2nd was OK but still not as smooth as I would like. Anyway, drained the GL-5 80/90W and replaced with the Red Line. Easy job and did not take long. Took the car out around the block and shifting was smoother but still some grinding 2 to 3. This afternoon took the car out and put around 30 miles on it. Shifting got smoother and smoother and by the end the car was shifting very smoothly and 2 to 3 was quick, smooth, and noise free. I reckon that once the oil warmed up and really circulated and got into the brass syncros that is what made the difference. Transmission seemed to run a bit quieter as well. I am very pleased so far. I will see what it is like starting off cold and report on that in a day or two. My guess is that results will be good. I will also check for any leakage from the tranny as the oil is a bit thinner than what was in there before.
  12. Nice job! I can't wait to see the car ready for a trial road run. Hopefully, not too far off.
  13. I feel badly for those affected, I really do. It is even more devastating than usual during Covid 19. However, best piece of advice is NEVER buy property below a dam or in a flood plain. Bad things can and do happen in those areas.
  14. Welcome and good luck with the project! As mentioned above, we all love pictures, the more the merrier!
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