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  1. This is a job for a glass shop. Bite the bullet and remove the mirror. I’ve had several mirrors where a glass shop cut a new mirror and installed. Easier to fix the looseness issue too with the mirror off.
  2. Definitely very professional work! Everything looks great!
  3. Good job on the windshield! The back window can be a b****r! A glass shop did mine when I replaced the headliner years ago.
  4. I can’t help with the grey colour. If grey is what you really want, I’m sure someone will help. However, your car so if you want to change colours, go for it. I did. I personally like it better than grey.
  5. This adjustment of the gear selector rod is very important and it sounds like you now have it correct. In the shop manual (do you have one) it says to adjust the first nut so there is no slack and then back it off half a turn. Then tighten the second nut to lock in place. Make sure the first nut does not turn then. Best to use two wrenches.
  6. I use a cowl vent screen. Assuming yours is missing or damaged. If so, check eBay, Etsy, etc or some of the old car junk yards mentioned on this forum.
  7. Never before seen pictures of Dodge Skyscrapers and did not know they existed. What is the purpose of the two levels of windows? Both levels have wipers. Where would the driver sit? Also assuming it had the super big six, totally different flathead than in regular cars and trucks. Dodgeb4ya would likely know.
  8. I have replaced vent seals on three cars. Personally, I think it’s one of the crappiest jobs to do on an old car!
  9. Toonie. Matches loonie except for the t.
  10. It’s a workhorse, not a beauty queen!
  11. I’ve heard also that the Ford flathead six was a superior engine to the Ford flathead V8. One old farmer told me that he and other area farmers would pull the flathead V8 from their bigger farm trucks after a while and put in the Ford flathead six. I’ve heard it was a really good engine with no Henry Ford influence.
  12. Now let’s get back to that smooth running Plymouth.
  13. Loonie and toonie. Loonie is eleven sided and toonie obviously bimetal.
  14. Very nice and smooth running car. Jerry certainly has it running extremely well. I love the dash in those cars too. For our American friends who don’t know, a Loonie is the Canadian $1 coin first used in 1986. No paper dollars here. There is also a popular two dollar coin called a Toonie. Smallest paper money is $5.
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