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  1. Nope, don’t have all three together. However, you have given me a project for next year. Combine the three. This is the best I can do this year. 😜
  2. Truck looks gorgeous. Those trees.......never, ever, see trees that colour in my part of the world. Stunning!
  3. You did have a good year! Lots of reliable miles. When put away for the winter, remember to go out once a week or so and pump the brakes just to keep up residual pressure. Seeing your ‘38 always gives me a bit of seller’s remorse about my ‘38 Chrysler.
  4. This one? I do have a bit of seller’s remorse occasionally.
  5. Why can’t you just leave the coupe alone? Once you start swapping good parts for bad and start cutting it, it becomes much less desirable with less chance of someone taking it on as a project. Personally, I would just sell the suburban as is. Whoever buys it is likely to make changes anyway. That would really save you time and work.
  6. Hard to tell from the picture but do you have the axle nut on? If not, you can seriously injure yourself when the drum pops. Never hammer on the end of the puller into the axle. Ugly damage can occur to axle bearings and/or differential. Always hammer the dogbone HARD as mentioned. Also keep tightening the puller. Even the slightest movement can make a difference. When it pops it will be loud. I have pulled dozens of these drums and have never had to resort to heat or driving the car with axle nut loose. Don’t be shy about pounding that wishbone REALLY HARD!
  7. I had the ‘51 Dodge D39 business coupe out yesterday (picture 1) because the forecast for today was S**W which proved to be correct (picture 2). First W****R weather so far. Things will likely improve for a bit and I might get my old cars out a few more times but the writing is on the wall. Old Man W****R is just around the corner. Glad I have a heated garage.
  8. The glove box on the driver's side is a faux glove box with no actual box behind it and doesn't open. This was the case in the '38 Chrysler I owned. It was just to match the real glove box on the passenger side as gauges and speedometer are in the middle of the dash.
  9. It must be a fairly early '38. All Canadian vehicles from later '38 right through to the end of flatheads had the longer 25" engine. 1938 was when Chrysler opened an engine plant in Canada and due to much lower production numbers than south of the border, only one engine size was produced, the 25". I believe I am correct in this but stand to be corrected.
  10. What a great story! Beautiful car!! Great looking old house!
  11. Being a '41 I am assuming they are sealed beam headlights. Just a crazy thought, but are you sure they are 6V bulbs and not 12V.
  12. Yes, I think black would look better. Maybe a dark green would look good also.
  13. Love to see pictures! Some cars just survive well and your car looks like one of them. If your floors are the same as the trunk, you won the old car lottery!
  14. Yup, happy Thanksgiving to all who live north of the US/Canada border. Border is still closed at this time and likely into the foreseeable future. I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii next February with my daughter and two grandsons. Already had the plane tickets and condo booked but have managed to arrange things for a year down the road. Time will tell.
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