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  1. If the price is reasonable, that would be worth picking up just for parts. As we all know, parts for the straight 8's are hard to come by.
  2. I say, if it isn't broken, don't fix or change it. Not sure what Fluid Drive you have. Some have a reverse and two ranges, low and high. Once the car is in gear you can drive it like an automatic, especially using the high range. An old time mechanic I know worked in a Chrysler dealership and many Mopar products this age withe Fluid Drive. He said they were basically indestructible. Nice find by-the-way!
  3. A fellow club member, now unfortunately dead, had a 1937 Chrysler Airflow with the straight 8 engine. I rode in it several times and got to drive it once. A truly splendid car! I think style-wise they were ahead of their time and so did not sell well. I would have loved to buy the Airflow from his estate but restored Airflows are out of most people's price range, certainly mine.
  4. That's going to be a very fine looking interior!
  5. If you are thinking of buying it, I would go for the '55 Caddy instead! LOL😜
  6. I put tubeless bias ply on my '51 Dodge business coupe. I debated using tubes as well but the tire installer said if the tires are marked tubeless and the rims are good no need for tubes. It's been two years and I haven't added air yet. On my '48 Dodge I used tubeless tires with tubes. I had a flat this year and the same installer said why are you using tubes? I had the tire fixed and reinstalled without a tube. No problems since. As long as the rims are good as mentioned above, I will not use tubes again. You will need special valve stems as mentioned, but any decent tire place has them and they are inexpensive.
  7. Perfect job. It looks great! Colour just right! Also, thanks for posting an update of the finished project. A lot of times when people ask for help or advice, they fail to show the finished item if they actually did finish it. Really nice to see your end result.
  8. Every little piece makes a difference on the way to finishing a project. I love the old saying --- "You can eat an elephant..........one bite at a time." It certainly applies to old car restoration! Never think of the project as a whole when starting. Just work on one thing at a time and it eventually gets there. You are getting pretty close!
  9. I think both of the above wagons are very attractive. I prefer the blue one just because I love blue.
  10. Supposed to be early spring here in southern Alberta. Can't be early enough as far as I'm concerned. If I never saw another snowflake as long as I live, it would still be too soon! Needless to say, I am not a winter person. My only consolation in winter is that I do have a heated garage.
  11. Glad to hear you have contacted him. Unusual he does not have the parts as I have always got what I needed from him. I got a lot of parts from him when I was doing my '38 Chrysler but maybe the older stuff is running out. Good luck with finishing the tranny project.
  12. I've suggested to you before to contact Rovon Auto Parts in Coquitlam, BC, not that far from you. He has most things you would need and his shipping is beyond reasonable.
  13. I quite often just dust the fender and then wear an old pair of cotton sweat pants and an old cotton T-shirt. No need for anything else as everything is soft and fender is safe. Sometimes I will use a fender blanket if so inclined like when I change oil and might get a drop or two on the fender. Much easier then to wipe the fender blanket as it as it is plasticized on the outer side.
  14. 1951 Dodge D39 business coupe. I believe pretty close to original..........an off white. Rest of interior is not original but steering wheel colour is pretty close.
  15. For those bumper bolts soaking them with a penetrant is good but I also use a small wire disc that fits in a drill and clean as much thread as possible before trying to undo the bolts. You probably know this already but just in case...…...also, as I'm sure you know some heat when applied works wonders. Good luck getting them undone!
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