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  1. Remember to put the radiator cap back on on the initial start. There will likely be air in the system and this can cause a radiator eruption without the cap. Been there and done that. This was the first fire-up on my totally rebuilt ‘51 Dodge. It was immaculate under the hood before said eruption and took a lot of cleaning up.
  2. I can’t even find the woods unless you count fence posts! 🤪
  3. Back door lock broke so I went to get a new one. You cannot buy the old style like on the right. I literally looked all over town. I finally broke down and bought the Rube Goldberg mess on the left. Why do they have to get rid of simple things that work well and last years with complicated messes that are awkward and time consuming to install? I could change out the old one in under five minutes. Good thing the new one came with instructions. All down to money is my guess.
  4. As mentioned, there is a very definite way to set the choke. The Sissons unit is usually very reliable but I have had one go bad. If the engine is hot and you restart after 15 minutes it should not need any choke………unless it’s VERY cold outside. 😜
  5. Yes, two speed Fordomatic. Touch wood, it’s been trouble free but was very leaky. Now dry.
  6. Nice item! I have a couple of old seats but they are pressed steel so newer than your cast iron one. I use mine as yard art.
  7. Sorry, but I agree with Ulu. Said it before and will say it again. Sell everything for what you can get except the truck which is your true love. Change motors and get it back on the road. How many years of the BBQ are left?
  8. Good call. Re-greased it will be much happier. It’s always good to have spares for any and everything!
  9. Glad it worked out and that it turned out safely! 😊
  10. I thought I knew most of the waxes available but never heard of this. I’ll have to check if available in Canada.
  11. I agree but I also think he was a bit “thin skinned”.
  12. My 1953 Plymouth with original paint. I’ve owned the car since 1975 and have used several different waxes. For the last 10 years or so I have used Meguiar’s Liquid Gold and been very satisfied. Make sure paint is cleaned well before using it as it is not a cleaner. I wax the car once a year and it does live indoors.
  13. You need to be very careful. With soft uneven ground you do not want to lose control of the engine hoist. Unless very firmly positioned they can be tippy or move easily, even on thick plywood. If it tips with you close by, serious injury could result. 600+ pounds of engine can be very dangerous. This is also true if you use the truck bed for the hoist.
  14. I wouldn’t be tapping holes unless you know exactly what they are. If you use a wrong tap, which initially seemed ok, you can break it in the hole and you are basically screwed.
  15. Totally agree!! It’s always good to have a healthy supply of various bolts, plugs, nuts, etc. I never throw away any of those items but put them in a can, or in my case cans. In the last 30 years there have only been a couple of times I couldn’t find what I needed, even specialty items. Mind you, I’ve been pulling old Mopar stuff apart for years.
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