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  1. I like my vehicles stock when it comes to mechanics and exterior. However, I never really liked the grey striped materials of the interior. It does not bother me to change that part of the car as you can see in the picture. I also painted the dash a solid colour as my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe (Canadian Dodge) would have had wood grain. Your vehicle so do what you want!
  2. Yes, but is it dead at the end of the video?
  3. Very nice car! Unusual to find one with the six cylinder still in it. Most would have been changed out for a V8 by now. Personally, I love any inline six cylinder engine more than any other design. An inline six is supposed to be the best balanced of all engine configurations. Nearly all semis have an inline six cylinder for a reason no matter the manufacturer of the engine.
  4. Sounds like a fun trip. Nice truck!
  5. Thanks for the pictures. It looks like a really interesting place to spend a few hours! Love the cars!
  6. To me beauty rings are overrated. All they do is scratch the nice paint on well painted rims. They also creak and groan which is noticeable at low speeds. Personally, I would just go with the nice pinstripes and decent hubcaps. Just my opinion but it's your car so whatever floats your boat, wooden boat that is.
  7. Sad to hear. Condolences to his family. Don contributed a lot to the forum and he seemed to have a picture for every question that was asked. RIP
  8. That is a cool looking beast!!
  9. Sounds like an interesting project. Any pictures of the car? We love pictures!
  10. I agree they are re-usable but with the tranny completely apart and if you can get the replacement gears at a reasonable price, why not replace? Ron Whiting at Rovon Auto Parts is very reasonable and all his parts are NOS or NORS and made in the US or Canada. His number is 604-936-9312. Having parts numbers ready always helps. I do have a parts manual that gives the numbers if you need help. Ron is a great guy, his prices are in Canadian dollars, and he ships quickly. Pretty sure he would have the small parts package you want as well as anything else. Good luck on the tranny project!
  11. Welcome. That is a nice looking ride and you will have fun with it. Also, very nice to have some original paperwork with it. I like the fact you want to keep it as original as possible! Please keep us updated on your progress getting it back to being roadworthy.
  12. If you have a shop manual it should explain everything. I completely rebuilt the same transmission for my '38 Chrysler many years ago. I had never had a transmission apart before but I just followed the shop manual and it really is very straightforward. I got some parts online and some from Rovon Auto Parts in Coquitlam, who specializes in Mopar parts. Message me if you want his address and phone number. If you have a parts book it helps getting quicker service as most suppliers have their inventory arranged numerically.
  13. Try using some heat. I used a small hand-held propane torch. Get the nuts as hot as possible. I usually do this after soaking in PB Blaster and giving the sides of the nuts a good pounding with a hammer to help loosen the rust. Repeat as necessary. Bumper bracket bolts tend to be some of the toughest to loosen as they are in a place where they see a lot of road grime and are also fine thread!
  14. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you well and hope that things do improve for you. As you probably know, you are always welcome to stop by anytime and say hello. Just following the forums may improve your day as well. Take care.
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