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  1. Very interesting and unusual cars. Thanks for posting!
  2. Very interesting to know. I’ve dealt with part numbers for decades and never figured this out. Thanks for posting!
  3. Dodgeb4ya, aka Rob, you are probably one of, if not the most, helpful person on this forum. Please don’t get dissolutioned. Your knowledge of these old Mopars is encyclopedic and you have helped countless people, including me.
  4. Nearest muffler shop will have hangers that will work. Most auto supply places also. Always think local first.
  5. I have used White Post for several cars and highly recommend them. Not cheap but great work. Check their website out for costs. I just sent complete cylinders and they come back ready to bolt on and look like brand new but will use the old internals if good. All rubber brand new. I’ve never had an issue. Turn around time was super fast also.
  6. I know that when I ordered a headliner it asked if it took five or six bows as I guess there was a change at some point. Hopefully you didn’t order the wrong headliner. I would go back to the company you ordered from and double-check to see again what they offered. If you have six bows there should be six seams to hold the bows. Sixth bow does not go as shown in my opinion. It should go up toward the roof I would have thought.
  7. It all depends where you live. I see you’re in South Carolina. 30F is balmy for us this time of year. I remember being in Maui a few years ago. It was about 60F and we were on an early morning snorkel trip. Boat crew were in sweaters and jackets. We were in shorts and t-shirts.
  8. Back to winter reality! 🤬 The ‘51 Dodge tucked back in the heated garage with a stable mate. I included a picture of a dual scale thermometer for those unfamiliar with Celsius. Only time they’re the same is at -40.
  9. Might be a while before I can get a car out again. VERY windy right now and forecast is for snow and then blowing snow and cold for the next couple of days. However, long range looks pretty good. I’m hoping!
  10. Thanks! I’m lucky I live very close the the edge of town. Actually city of 100,000. I can be out in the country in five minutes.
  11. Roads up here get lots of chemicals. However, the only moisture the car saw was in the alley behind my garage which never sees chemicals or a plow. All roads the car went on were dry due to the Chinook (see above).
  12. We’ve had some quite cold and snowy weather the last while. But I live in southern Alberta and we get the occasional break from Old Man Winter. This is usually the result of a Chinook which we’ve had the last four days. https://crownofthecontinent.net/entries/chinook-wind/5e27ff51-2b63-46b9-9c1f-068abda9be03 Today was 10C or 50F for those south of the border. It was great to get one of the old cars out!
  13. I watched 15-20 minutes. Same as BJ auctions. Some very nice cars and lots of buyers with more money than sense. As already mentioned it makes people think their old pile of rusty junk is worth thousands and not the scrap value, or slightly better, it’s really worth. I’d like to know how many of those cars with paint jobs alone worth tens of thousands, actually get driven in the real world. I bet I have more fun with my often driven antiques of very modest value!
  14. Congratulations, Keith! Exciting times! I watched the video and the engine sounds great and I was not surprised it fired immediately. As mentioned, I'd get a radiator hooked up before firing again. A brand new rebuilt engine runs pretty hot the first couple of cycles and doesn't take long to get hot.
  15. I don’t know why but the 251 has always been my favourite CID of the Mopar flatheads. My ‘48 Dodge D25 club coupe has a 251 from a 1956 two or 2 1/2 ton grain truck. Was originally 12 volt but has run on 6 volts quite happily for the last 40 years. All Canadian Mopars from mid-1938 onward had the long block so easy fit. Freshly painted a few years ago after doing some manifold work. A little grubbier now.
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