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  1. I carpeted the floor in my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe. It originally had a rubber mat and it wasn't too bad but I like the carpet better. It is a sound deadener and l think looks nice. I was never a big fan of the original interiors so chose to do it the way I wanted. Car is totally stock otherwise.
  2. Although not a truck I had a similar issue with my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe. The retainer in the passenger door had been ripped out at some point. I had an old door from a '54 Plymouth kicking around and cut out the needed part and then riveted (one bolt due to access) where needed. This system is different than say a P15 but it looks like the door stop thingy was used widely in the very late 40's and early 50's Mopars. If you have access to any similar vintage Mopar parts vehicle, this could work also. It worked perfectly for me.
  3. Shop manuals usually tell you how to adjust body parts. It can literally include using a 2 X 4. Body gaps were never that good until well into the 80's or 90's. Usually they never came perfectly gapped from the factory. Get them as best you can with what little play there is and be good with it. On a personal note, I would recommend keeping the flathead. I've ridden in cars that are stock and the same kind of car that has been hot-rodded. Night and day and I much prefer the feel and history of a car as it came from the factory but that is me. As for A/C, it has been done with the
  4. I agree with this. I have pulled dozens of drums without any trouble. One was on a car where the rear axle was buried in the ground. That was probably the toughest but I got the drums off the same day I started using just the puller with no penetrating oil or heat. If done correctly, most drums pose little problem. A good puller is essential and correct use is just as important. Never hit the centre large piece that lines up with the axle on the end as this can cause problems to the bearing races and internals of the differential. There should be a wishbone that goes on the large central piece
  5. I think a lot of Canada is having a milder winter than normal.
  6. Ditto. Absolutely agree! Your present mechanic could do a whole lot of very hard to fix damage.
  7. Yes, but you’re in Manitoba, home of Winterpeg. In southern Alberta we’ve had two snowfalls so far this winter with warmer temperatures quickly following. Snow went quickly. Ground has been snow free 90% of the time. Right now 7C or 45F. Lovin’ it!!
  8. Congratulations on the January drive in the Chrysler! Hopefully, you'll be able to get a few more in before/if the weather changes. Great pictures, especially the first one! Too bad all our winters can't be like this! Your Chrysler is stunning by-the-way!
  9. You're being very ambitious but that is a good thing. You'll love it all the more when it's finally done and driveable. That old girl was stuck pretty deep into the ground so I am not surprised there were issues with shackles, spring, axles, etc. Good luck with the project and keep the pictures coming as we all like pictures!
  10. I used YnZ for three cars and had no problems. For your purposes, a wiring harness for RI or YnZ is the way to go. Hopefully, you have not installed your headliner yet as some of the wiring is covered by it and would likely be impossible to install with it in place. Good luck with the project.
  11. Looking forward to the pics. You always do a nice job of those.
  12. I would have had it out already but it is blocked by my ‘63 Ford 🤪 Fairlane 500 that has the engine out right now for a rebuild. It’ll be a couple of months probably. It’s road conditions that determine if they go out. Icy or chemical laden roads keep the cars in. Cold doesn’t bother me as my oldies all have good heaters. I’ve driven the ‘48 Dodge at -20F.
  13. A man of his word. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the snow. We Canadians are more than happy to send it your way any time! 🌨❄️🤪
  14. Wish we could say it more often!🤪
  15. You’ll enjoy it! Looking forward to pictures!
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