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  1. Congratulations! This is great to hear. I have really enjoyed your story of the detonated engine from start to finish. I knew you would like that 251.
  2. Keith, take the trailer. Why make two trips? If the price is fair, I wouldn't hesitate. That's one car I know I would regret if I passed it up.
  3. I had the same issue with the rebuilt flathead in my '51 Dodge D39 business coupe project. Radiator was pretty plugged up with crap in the tubes and the car always ran really warm and upon return on a hot day it would boil over once shut off even though fluid level was not overfilled. Using a laser temperature gun showed the engine was running considerably hotter than the older flatheads in my other two old Mopars. Radiator shop I use, as they don't mind working on old radiators, said it was unlikely the radiator core would survive rodding. I had them re-core it instead and have had the car out once since then and it runs much cooler. Wasn't cheap but you gotta "pay to play" as most of us with old cars know.
  4. Most people just buy what is cheapest in cost and often get cheapest in quality. Until consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for quality North American goods (I include Canada in making good products) nothing will change. I always look first for North American but you cannot always find what you want and are forced into buying from overseas. Although some overseas products are just fine, a lot are junk.
  5. You are so close! Finish line is approaching!
  6. Tough choices for sure. You really do seem to be enamoured with the ‘38 and working on it and the Airflow would provide similar attractions. Wish I could offer to buy the ‘53 to help you out. 😊 However, I already have my three old Mopars and a ‘63 Ford 🤪 Fairlane. I sold the ‘38 Chrysler I did a full resto on and still have a small bit of seller’s remorse. But you can sell cars and move on.
  7. As you said......go for it. I love the Airflows. Club member had a ‘37 Chrysler Airflow straight 8. I loved that car. They have a unibody I believe which is different from a frame. Mechanically pretty much the same as other Mopars. Parts unique like trim, grille, some interior pieces probably hard to find so check to see most is there. Another big question is space to put it. Hate to see one of your other two cars outside or sold. Those cars are so unique! I wouldn’t kick it out of my garage for leaking oil. 🤪
  8. Very nice and interesting car but to me the fender skirts do nothing for it. I've never been a fan of fender skirts. The other similar barrel back shown above does not have them and looks better to me.
  9. She is but she enjoys my old cars as well and doesn’t mind the time I spend driving and working on them. 45 years sure seems to have gone by quickly. I was 26 when I got the Plymouth and my wife. 😊 Thanks for the compliment. I like the 54’s as well. Basically a difference in trim.
  10. Looking forward to more updates and first drive with new (different) motor. You work fast when you have the needed parts. You’ll like the 251 which to me is the best of all the various Mopar flathead displacements.
  11. For sure I’ll stop in for a cold one! You will like the 251. I have one in my ‘48 D25 Dodge club coupe. Lots of power and torque. Of all the various flathead displacements, I like this one the best.
  12. Glad to see you had success. Love the brass tubes. I don’t understand why Mopar used anything else. Probably cost and they likely thought no one would be working on these motors 70 years down the road. Nice video by the way! BRASS WATER DISTRIBUTOR TUBES ROCK!!
  13. So.......different green car. I have been having carburetor issues with my ‘53 Plymouth but after a full rebuild with a new carb kit, I finally got the old girl out for the first time this year. She’s purring like a kitten even with 102,000 miles on her. Green paints on the car are original as the car has never been repainted and never will be as long as I own it. Up close there is lots of gravel rash and a few scratches. I’ve owned the car since 1975, the same year I got married. I still have my wife as well. 🤪
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