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  1. He is in protection mode. I love black cats! ❤️
  2. Very nice picture. Very nice car also!! Thanks for posting. Bob Drown. I remember him well and enjoyed his posts. I wonder what happened to his ‘40 Plymouth.
  3. I run 1 gauge in my three old 6V Mopars and never had a problem.
  4. Block heaters may be a thing of the past in Canada. This summer, at least in western Canada, we have had major heat, drought, and forest fires. This follows the mildest winter I can remember in my 72 years. It’s not nostalgia because I don’t like winter, but winters are not what they used to be. Sure it’s a colder time of year but lately not as cold………touch wood. Weather is changing.
  5. Make sure you have really good grounds on the lights. I had that problem with rear lights after painting and the bezels were not touching bare metal so the bulb was not grounded to the body. I scraped a bit of paint off on the inside of the fender so the bezel attachment bolts sat on bare metal. Worked for me but you might have other issues.
  6. Use a laser temperature gun to check actual temps at various points on the engine.
  7. Cool old DeSoto. Looks like a survivor. Thanks for posting.
  8. I've been getting the BS messages from Photo Bucket. I ignore them but have copied all the pictures onto my computer and thumb drives. I am still keeping all the pictures on PB so they will still appear on this site. If PB closes my account, that's life. I am adding nothing new to PB.
  9. Lots of decent original wheels turn up on ebay. You could also repair the old one as there are lots of videos how to do this.
  10. I just don’t understand why the US will not open its border to double vaccinated Canadians, with proof of said vaccinations. We would be far less of a danger than an unvaccinated American.
  11. The old Mopars are looking great! The Buick is pretty tasty too.
  12. 74" is what I used in my 1963 Ford Fairlane 500. 60" would have been way too short.
  13. These are the factory u-joints I have on both ends of my driveshaft on my 1948 Canadian Dodge D25 club coupe. Both my 1951 Dodge and 1953 Plymouth have the Detroit joint with rubber boots. I am presently taking the drive train out of my 1947 Dodge D25 four door parts car. It has the same u-joints as my other D25. Tranny and differential have different yokes than cars with with the ball and trunnion.
  14. I got the same email today as JBNeal. I just opened my account and looked at a few pics. Paid nothing. I think I’m going to copy all of my pictures on PB and put them on my computer for now. Any suggestions of other sites that hosts pictures either free or for little money. Tired of threats from PB.
  15. White smoke from the tailpipe could indicate a blown head gasket but not necessarily the noises.
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