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  1. lots of folks 'feather' their clutch to prevent vibrations/shudder on start from stop while all the time the very problem could very well just be your rear axle is out of alignment due to damaged/missing shackle bushings which will shift the axle out of phase when torque is applied....have you verified your bushing and of note again is other rubber components mainly being those of the transmission rear mounts...are these old and deformed also causing shifting of the drivetrain.
  2. I agree with leaving the fingers alone....I also cannot state often enough....when you don't know what is wrong, prove what is right....only a step by step hand on will assure the components are properly installed...while viewing the hub....they are similar in size and shape....it is the spring capture cage that is critical on install...
  3. the disc would have to be quite thick to alter this in the manner as it is...another thing to inspect close would be the lifting springs and ensure that they are properly positioned and not bucking against the desired movement of the linkage.
  4. If I am reading 5this correct you wish to know the feeler gauge thickness when checking a pressure disk. I do not think that is a set/given distance as much as using the proper jig(tool) and that the presets when established only state that the distance at the fingers all be equal, but you are right, the book did not spec a thickness. I have never messed with the fingers as I have never had access to a jig. The odds of these being altered or exceedingly out is slim unless you wrenched on them and just the install of new disc should not be cause to adjust the fingers. I would think somethi
  5. while asking if this or that will fit....it is good to find someone who may have already put a few bricks in the road as they say....but many modifiers do not just stop at swapping a frame...they venture to other upgrades, wider wheels and higher speed profile tires come to mind. Wheel base and width are just a couple minor issues in the big picture. This can be very deflating to build a vehicle only to find yourself again limited at what you may or may not be able to do to attain that 'image' in your mind of the completed project. Write down on paper your main objective, do get some measur
  6. I take it there was no U or S associated with that replacement part number....
  7. e-bay is your friend, buddy and pal...odds are they will have a listing...you do not need to buy from there but you should look....fewer words typed....immediate answers... NOS - 1948 to 1952 Rear Spring Silent Bloc Bushings (4) Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, | eBay
  8. the walk in door is to the right of the big big doors..it also is a set of drive through doors that angle to match the lean-to, smaller in width and height but will still allow access easily....will use the right half for a walk in.....there is also a third set of drive in doors on the back left corner of the tall bay....also not as large....7 high 10 wide.
  9. the bush is to come out also...that is the outer sleeve of the silent block....they go in much easier than they are removed....DO NOT try to short cut these with just bushing of the proper rubber or poly dimension...
  10. snow load, I would also be a bit leary..do not have that concern where I am at. The core structure is an engineered building and has a stated wind load factor of which is a concern but I really do not put much faith in that spec. (must be on concrete for engineering data to apply) Each carport I have seen erected even when bolted to concrete are very flexible units...even a small one with 6 foot legs, lean on it, it will move...this is not the case now as I did add a few girders here and there to eliminate this sway...did I do wrong by adding these....who knows...I did not like it swaying
  11. what pump are you running that could possibly override the fuel flow stop capability of the carb's needle and seat...perhaps a fuel regulator is in your future.....if and when buying an electric fuel pump you need to buy them per pressure rating...Facet is one of the more common that supplies the same style pump in different pressures....(often marketed as Purolator and or Carter)
  12. I did not care for the clips as show for fitting into the formed fuzzy strips...there is no real good way I found to insert these once vulcanized in making the fuzzies. I used another method as was that of several car makers of the era and used retainers that grip the fuzzy then pop into the now owner induced slightly enlarged holes stock position. Look into you pictured catalog for other methods of attachment and see if you may want to do similar.
  13. I can easily see why you are nervous......these are quite wide ladders and bought for use with my walk board when doing eaves and siding...ladders can make many folks nervous....I have found that most of my ladder incidents stem from the next to lowest rung thinking I have made it to the bottom only to land my butt on the dirt..as Max would say, missed it by that much...it is trees I no longer wish to be up in anymore...lets just say as I get older, respect for heights become more of a focal point. Last stabilizer I was anywhere near....C17...that sucker is a bit off the ground...I accessed i
  14. that is a concern for sure...as there was no divider on this bay....these doors commanded barn style build....I thought of sliding doors but then when opened would conceal the other set of drive in doors. This is what happens when you decide to expand on an expansion...my initial intend was not to enclose this space at all....but when the pecan leaves started falling....that decided that right quick. I can say I got the other hung before dark...calling in a night....tomorrow is another day.
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