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  1. most of the oil breather caps are INDEXED with a slot and it should not be a twist but a pulling up motion to remove. The reason for the index was for some of the caps are open at the back and helps draft instead of adding a positive crankcase ventilation...
  2. sometimes the dipstick is behind the steering wheel...😀 couldn't resist….seriously look in the vicinity of the distributor. Hopefully it is not missing...
  3. Mick was a good character.....we could use a few more movies like these.
  4. Only a notch for the oil filter....do use a button filter and not the full length unit, that way the cross member is barely violated...the mounts are so easy to weld in...what makes them the mount of preference for older cars....again, I have a 41 and you speaking 50 but little change in frame style so should also be a slam dunk for you...you will have other issues to deal with....common stuff with any and basically all retrofits. As always, you will need the basic tools skills time and laydown area to do the deed. If farming out, it is always best to leave this choice up to your fabricator.
  5. got original 59 big block mounts in my 41 with 383
  6. I have a 22nd edition of the handbook....that sucker is thick and rich....
  7. Sunnine brand has been very good per my experience....I also buy the clear and not milky shield....
  8. nice machinist chest.....the wooden ones are hard to beat. That would be great for any shop/tool oriented person to own. My go to machinist tool chest is a spray type felt liner all metal Kennedy and am glad to have that...! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-H-Gerstner-Sons-Oak-Wood-Model-W52-11-Drawer-Machinist-Tool-Box-Chest/312940979550?hash=item48dcbc655e:g:weYAAOSwsnVeGkOJ
  9. I rewired my brothers shop for him...a 24 x 24 and installed the screw base with appropriate screw in LED bulbs...I wired the lights also for 3-way left side on one switch, right on another and as such made it user friendly. First time in years he had been able to really see in that building. Not at all expensive to do either. BUT if you have tube fixtures in place already, as in my shop I have many 3 and 4 tube fixtures, I removed the ballast and did LED tube upgrades, I elected to buy the single end as it is also quick and easy to modify the fixture, takes the weight out of the fixtures also making easy up and down to service when the time comes. As many here probably do/did, my lights plug into outlets built into the overhead of the shop and controlled by wall switches per the four zones. Best bang for the buck, the LEDs are not any more than quality fluorescent replacement tubes today. bought mine in box of 100 and another box of 25.
  10. \ you need to supplement his meal just a bit...nothing better than gopher and grits...
  11. gutter railing is available....you can find listings on e-bay....with a good shrinker and stretcher set up one can easily modify these to their need, bend and shape your gutter if you have a small brake.....these are easily made in smaller sections of 24 inch and welded as needed.
  12. You can also go to Hobby Lobby, buy the material are easily and cheaply cut your own set. By the simple fact many places do not sell these for a variety of cars unless serviced with a new lens, this is pretty much 90% of how I get all my gaskets.
  13. I agree, often the hardest part of the job is committing yourself to the task.....
  14. glad you were able to locate this....the book does not go into great details on some of this stuff but the heater hose routing from the engine, to the valve, on to the heater core and out/back to the pump inlet is clearly shown.
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