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  1. file a police report, somebody done gone and stole your rear axle and wheels....
  2. Larry did one long ago...went the extra step and sub-framed with later Mope 8.....I posted some of his pic at that time.....
  3. you up to speed now with the rear suspension...….given you placed quality shocks on them studs....
  4. that is double the HIGH side of bore....you talking .250 and the highest most folks and being nervous with this number is .125 and trust me that is over twice the bore of later cars...over 4 times that of the current casting...
  5. I am about as money-minded as the next man and I can honestly say I would not make any offer till I did an on site look of the vehicle. My comment above was to try and set the scene for being realistic...the car as represented in a single pic places it in the 'realistic' bracket. and worth a personal inspection....but trunk, interior, engine compartment and undercarriage is not represented and what body is shown has not been inspected for proper repair. However the trim and finish...very realistic as is....given the rest of the work is on the same scale...
  6. some of you folks are just too cheap for your own good.....looking at the pictured car and some of the accessories....and on top of that and this is an if on tire condition....just price a set of these WWWs mounted and balanced , those are correct period fog lights and though I did not see the rear bumper I assume by the general condition of the car represented and looking at the front bumper, over riders and grille protector bar...it would also be in good shape. Though I do not care for the spot light many think this has to be there and will spent money getting it in place, hey, its already there and neatly done. Yeah you can get a car for less, odds are you can get a flash bang paint over bondo with trunk and engine compartment raw and ugly as all get out...most lower cost cars have no inner and under detailed work. this one could be one...but there is no way you can do the same work at minimum wage and cutting corners get it done for that price....
  7. we got totally rained out on Friday but Saturday had an excellent turnout of venders and good foot traffic. There was a 40 DeSoto more door and a 53 Plymouth Cambridge more door in the mix. I walked away with a 1936 Model 92 Maytag.... The DeSoto would have made a nice project. The 53 I did not see till it was leaving the arena. Moultrie swap meet in 5 days.....then it is over for a spell.
  8. that is not a 42 but a 46-48 P15 note the front parking light and no lower valance
  9. this is why in the old days folks were hired for their knowledge not just to fill a vacancy or other misc requirement...
  10. your title days crank, your narrative says cam.....and it the company lists a difference, then they will have the specs to relate to you....please list the specs they provide...
  11. blue point...blue point....oh yeah...truck jobber's HF quality......lol I kid of course....I have a few blue point items here and just this past weekend at the flea market found a nice pair of dang-it pliers for 3.00....already used them servicing a car for the coming winter...like the locking action....step up from my no latching pair....but of course, I have had those some 30+ years
  12. you replying to a thread that has not had activity for over 6 years...……………………………..
  13. back to your topic at hand...you can buy sundries for your car like tune up parts, carb kits and such, water pump, oil pump, fiel pump kits for alcohol, cam bearing, timing chain set, valve guides, O/H gaskets and like items given you have the size of block and the distributor number and carb number. I would message a bud you can rely on for correct info to examine and relay this info to you....that way when you travel home for a visit you can carry a few items with you..... the vehicle I am working hard about right now is imported from New Zealand....
  14. Thanks and right back at you......after 20 years....you should be just retiring now......lol combine active Army & Air Force, Air Force reserves....1971---2003 retired 32+ accredited years. (Navy affiliation was 16 years civil service in ship and U-boat overhaul, retired Civil service 37+ year)
  15. ask your friend to explain the B4 an why it is the better choice wand what he based it on.....ask 10 people...get 10 different answers....I really suggest you read a white paper on spark plug heat ranges and the need and why of their difference....
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