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  1. you probably right about it being an 11 as it has been many years since I have seen the gun, I kept if for my brother for a good number of years till he got a place he could call his own and protect and keep it secure. The square back was a distinct feature....I just always liked that look.... One day I am going to take a few of my guns out and shoot a few rounds.
  2. the Remington Model 12 was built on the A5 also....have put many loads though an A5 and a model 12....the model 12 came into the family used, needed some light work....I went through that gun shortly after getting it.....never failed to eject after....still like the A5 best however....similar can be said of it as the Dodge Caravan, the first is still the first...just got a Remington 870, while not an 500A...still shoot well, the release could be better positioned....
  3. if it is indeed a 10 guage synonymous with goose hunting, odd are the recoil is going to complete his squat action....been a long time since I shot a full metal cartridge 10 gauge...in a 32 inch barrel
  4. this how they made Turkey Track Ice Cream in the old days, drop them if from the sky....
  5. man, I figured you fell off your board and could not find you way back to this board....!
  6. this is your second posting on this same subject...you have replies on your original submission to the forum, perhaps you should check these answers and if further question are needed, continue it within the same thread so everyone can/will be on the same page.
  7. unfortunately, with the old and faded wiring going back all those years, a picture will do you little good, and as the harness is bundled, tracing it point to point can only be done at this late date by reading the schematic. If you have problems with schematics, I would suggest you get a person familiar explain the routing and numbering point to point so you can tackle this, otherwise, it may be best to let a knowledgeable friend/shop assist you.
  8. any of your local big box stored, rock auto if you like online buying, be sure to quote the distributor number to ensure you get the correct parts...
  9. I think there should also be a lot more to show for 90K investment, but then I have no inside information of the build but also expect to find this was a farmed out in segments to some high end shop...but when it comes to selling this I think the true lesson in economics is going to be a bitter one. Vehicle is nowhere close to a finished body...
  10. most of the oil breather caps are INDEXED with a slot and it should not be a twist but a pulling up motion to remove. The reason for the index was for some of the caps are open at the back and helps draft instead of adding a positive crankcase ventilation...
  11. sometimes the dipstick is behind the steering wheel...😀 couldn't resist….seriously look in the vicinity of the distributor. Hopefully it is not missing...
  12. Mick was a good character.....we could use a few more movies like these.
  13. Only a notch for the oil filter....do use a button filter and not the full length unit, that way the cross member is barely violated...the mounts are so easy to weld in...what makes them the mount of preference for older cars....again, I have a 41 and you speaking 50 but little change in frame style so should also be a slam dunk for you...you will have other issues to deal with....common stuff with any and basically all retrofits. As always, you will need the basic tools skills time and laydown area to do the deed. If farming out, it is always best to leave this choice up to your fabricator.
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