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  1. with your improvements and ability to drive at speed and handle you are driving your car in said manner and that is a GOOD thing...the very odds this other person will run past 55 is not likely, many do not care for the 'busy' sound from the engine at these speeds and greater.....to corner at speed...also an unlikely scenario. He is tweaking his car to suit his driving habits and that he is about tuned in we should all be happy for him if he is happy....cost of tires to some is the same as a throw away water bottle...just part of a daily routine.
  2. I think most e-bay'ers have the impression that with the swap meets pretty much in limbo status the moon is the new low for pricing...its the ones that orbit Uranus that are annoying..... so far we have one swap meet still scheduled to take place at this time....I feel it will be a high traffic event....I will go early to avoid a bit of the daily working class people who cannot take off work....that is, given they working at all....strange times for sure.
  3. I don't have anything against age...only incompetence...man has proven himself a hit and run artist already....sorry but this guy will be the next headline on the 11:00 news...
  4. these things are a nuisance on the highway as it is in the hands of an alert driver....this guy in an major accident waiting to happen....not the small incidents you just wrote about but mass mayhem and destruction death and property loss in in his future.....not a specualtion....it almost an assurance.
  5. I normally place a piece of aluminum between the pullers screw and the axle/nut while putting the nut on backward for the best level playing field one can get...the aluminum will transfer the shock and if a slight bit off will dimple to correct and allow full force transfer....I have a inexpensive but very well made puller and it has not let me down at all...at all costs...refrain from hitting the screw dead on the end....always strike the anvil of the dog bone...
  6. it was a decision based on profits rather than on the Covid virus...the spring event was a very light turn out and they decided the risk at a potential loss not worth the promoting of the event....I think the people are ready for an outing and that the event would have been successful then I do not have monies invested over that of a space rental....cancelled a bit back but they had not informed the host facility as of yet. Facility told me no more than 15 minutes ago it was scheduled and planned event.
  7. While I have yet to get an official notice from the organizers, seems they announced this even cancelled on 9-7-20. I read the news from another site and went to check. The host fairgrounds still list it as active and ongoing scheduled event...event website did however show cancelled. IF our other event in Nov. get cancelled we will have been a year without a large swap meet within the commute taking place. (we talking 6 hours drive one way as local commute) Covid now being surpassed by cabin fever.
  8. nice, hood lip screams 52 year...dash states in no uncertain term its a 51...wheels are a about 2 decade newer...but I do like the way the car represents itself...the wheels are a refreshing upgrade in my opinion and who would not want the 52 lip over the 51...
  9. another evening...another fire on the patio... on another note....got the last of my lights installed this evening.....if you can't see out there now I cannot do more to help you.....kinda cluttered out there, got to mess up to clean up...
  10. the answer is simple...Covid assures both are burning fuel at a ridiculous rate given the fact there is little cargo onboard as there are no ground handlers, no mail being moved and precious few passengers...
  11. I believe this is a legit interface...just may not quite be working as designed due to the aforementioned small errors....
  12. not me.....but I did manage to spend some money and get some materials on site for the ongoing shop upgrade....tomorrow I start hauling sand and gravel....but this time around a bit easier with the use of a dump trailer....
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