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  1. now for your situation....this type rig should well get it started easier....but the tacked washer in your case will prevent running home with this rig...the socket would then be used and a deep well would work good here with a washer the diameter of the bush to allow full set of the bush....careful with oilite if it cocks to the side....your chances of it cracking/chipping is likely if our jig aligning socket does fit the ID of the bush...tapping often will not cause harm...just do not slam it home...listen for the change in tone of the hammer tap...you will know by the sound change it is now
  2. lot of folks damage a bush trying to insert it at home....it is great if you have a bench mounted arbor press and other specialty jigs and such. One easy to make insertion tool if from your tool box on the average most will allow this and can be in 1/4, 3/8 and up if you have these size sets and a need for larger bushes to be placed. these three items are simple and basic shop stuff.... and this is it when assembled.........minor little shop trick that could be of help some day......
  3. I have learned a few hard lessons....many of us have and I am sure in my future there lurks a few more....I also have learned to sit back a minute and study the problem before wading in all karate chops and guns a-blazing....rat did the work....I (and others) just coached from the keyboard a bit...while other advice on NOS was valid...the basic premise it was not repairable and impossible without the special factory tool is just not true and falls way short of things this hobby will require at times.
  4. as I stated early on in this thread...the repair is possible...enlarging the hole to smallest diameter to remove the old one was the method....the tack welded washer need not be removed....now just do not forget to soak the new oilite bush in oil prior to install and this. I also believe you were sent a PM by another member to use the tap method to extract.... special tools are nice.....book procedure make things nice...but in the absence of both....common sense and a tad of human intervention will prevail....
  5. sinistered bronze (oilite) again industry worldwide...say thanks to WPC and his engineers...
  6. that is correct...the inner cylinder must be turned a bit for the detent to align with the pin....
  7. I have a memento or two for my cars...it is good to have an reminder of days gone by...
  8. the bushing is press fit last thing you want here is a loose fitting bush that may spin........that the cover interferes with the removal the man has made that statement....but then could be distorted on the bush with the attempt to thread and withdraw in this fashion....I suggest measuring the new bush to get this spec....it is not on hand as I understand it.......the plates are supplied with or without the cover tacked on....they come with or without ground brushes affixed with the holder rivet....this would not cause me to slow down or yawn for that matter.....just do what you need to do an
  9. I beg to differ on the repair needed and the manner to go about it...there is no cause to remove the tack welds....nor a need to put them back....the tools to do this is common....the time, very little, the reward, back on the road now....but again....not my call...just my view...
  10. sorry but waiting for a piece from e-bay verse popping in a common bush.....don't see the practicality here.....not saying you do not have good advice...just not the best order in my thinking.....repair this and drive the car while waiting for a NOS to hold for the future.....that is more in line to practical but then I often have very different views from others.
  11. these cars you mention have been out of the realm of the average car owner for so long it makes no difference. Years ago these were trading heavy among the deep pocket collectors and one or two got caught when the bottom fell out....they are again repeating to some degree this trend and I suspect the bottom will cave also once again.
  12. I say save the NOS for the time when you CANNOT simply effect a viable repair.....but then.....some folks like to just bolt stuff in place and not tweak/hone repair skill......neither approach is wrong.....availability and cost usually the deciding factors....
  13. get your new bush....measure the OD....slighly enlarge hole...extract old insert new....be sure to soak the new bush in oil for the purpose it is designed...it is not like this is going to orbit the earth for a few years....keep it simple and effective.
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