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  1. stick around, you subject to hear a lot more before its all over......and another note...the 10's are needed if you choose to run the optional dressing ring be it stainless or painted as the extra skin will hide the parting line and cover these for dress and retention.
  2. now if that thing was full of fresh gasoline when you bought it...you got a heck of a deal....this may be the first tanker I recall posted here...but then again, maybe not...welcome and one more question, by looking should not that be a dually wheel at the rear?
  3. unfortunately you may have a refurbished block that is stamped by the rebuilder to reflect their level of build/component install....
  4. on relocation to the chassis they are no longer tied to the upper and lower control arms where they could only damped spring oscillation...now they can check body movement....at lower speeds and less aggressive driving you so not see their short coming when pinning the UCA and LCA..and back in the day said driving conditions was the norm....
  5. it could be an indicator that you have some sort of restriction in the system prevent full return of fluid to the master and thus showing an indication of residual pressure. Suggest you visit your return passages in the master reservoir for free and clear, ensure your master has returned fully to the rear and against the stop to ensure no damage to a seal when checking for obstructions.
  6. that x also throws a flag in my opinion....wish I could add more...most semi domestic and US built export was under the name FARGO does your truck still have its original firewall tag? and what is the engine number...this would shed some light also...given it is stock and that is what we trying to establish...
  7. it is not supposed to be labor...it is supposed to another means of being creative and enjoying life...it is not even done for the yield verse cost....you skateboard, or when you first come onto the forum you did...I view that as a waste BUT it is what you chose to do to enjoy yourself...not everything is for everyone...and many should never be given a tool set let alone turned loose unsupervised to use them....yardwork is not very rewarding in the long run as it is such a repetitive task during summer but when mowing I am basically free to think about what else needs done or how to tackle the next small task in a build....it is supposed to somehow balance out....
  8. there are 9" and 10" caps in the poverty lineup....however the opening that is the retainer clip circle is the same on both...
  9. I have had a few instances with my digital box camera where this has taken place...it is fairly rare but has happened..while cameras have orientation sensors...I think that on my case I was at a slight degree and the orientation was shifted and written at the angle when it should not have been...
  10. 62 Dodge Dart...that one is a 318 poly block car.
  11. looked like rain coming in so I planted a few veggie plants into my newly set up patio tub garden.....then jumped on the tractor and knocked out the west orchard and front yard. Get the east side and back another day. I usually split it into two cuttings anyway. I may now work a bit on prepping some engine parts for reinstall. These pots are roughly 22 gallons in size and there are 25 total but only 23 in place at the minute...the other two cannot be set up till after the full moon...have my plant potting/transplant station set up behind the little building...we staying busy and off the street....
  12. This was always my understanding also...and I wear the same hat....I just read a bit of their policy..... https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation
  13. the choke body is a solenoid in and of itself that is activated by a wire from the starter motor or at the motor relay contactor.....if you do not have a wire from the starter to the little electrical solenoid on the manifold.....test to see why...this could well be damaged or just left off because the last guy did not understand how it operated. Check the solenoid with a good VOM then test it electrically with a jumper...if all is well, set the unit up with the jumper and manually lock the position with the carb linkage....once that is confirmed....run you wire normal from the starter and go about starting your car proper procedure. These work excellent when set up and allowed to operate by the user.... ADDED NOTE......when connecting a wire the tab requires a rather short screw...you do not want to go through this tab and hit the manifold and cause a dead short...this may be why it was disconnected as the PO did not understand all of the proceedings.
  14. I looked a bit at the below tutorial for setting up stealth....and other antisocial switches... https://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1329503
  15. the sissons choke has to be operated properly...you only get voltage to the solenoid when cranking and why it is important to depress the pedal when cranking and let up to set the choke as it will be able to overcome the stops of the choke and fully close. If you hit the gas pedal from there while starting or between starting you will again have to depress the pedal and release during cranking to over come the stops and again set the choke closed. Else it will default to a partial choke.
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