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  1. The Mini is indeed the more popular car for this upgrade and the reason I have this body. The prior owner bought this car for the engine to put into his Mini....I bought the body as I had been sitting some 12+ years on this MG Metro high performance engine and decided to tweak it out with twinH4, header, cold air induction and few other personal tweaks. This I refer to as a nonsense car, it does not have to make any sense to anyone but the builder, it has been a very fun little package to put together. The little engine has some good features on its own merit from the factory, 10.5 compress
  2. it was a single application listing for sure...that is however not saying it was only a single application.....plug this into a search engine and you get your full application....odds are this guy bought it for his 46 and thus just listed it as such as he also did not connect the dots either limiting his own buying field. This is what I mean in being proactive and that is not meant in a derogative manner either....if handed/get/find a lead...run with it....
  3. exhaust is now on....custom setup and bent to my specs...this shop will work to your exact standards and actually welcomes you into the work bay. Unheard of these days on the average. Johnny did a great job and the system is designed for future service also. Notice the Bear River flex joint. Tip, Jaguar style..! I had premade all the hangers utilizing factory holes and such and added a center hanger using longer seat blet bolts to affix. These were within 1/16 inch of each other front to rear...
  4. as you yourself stated...the list is long for the ways to achieve the end goal. MOST ALL machine shops will not do any work to the block unless they dip and process the block themselves regardless of how clean it is when you take it to them. First step would be to ask if your local machinists will require this. If so, just basic cleaning so you can handle the parts with less grit and grime for the parts you will remove and process yourself. And by the way.....when the machine shop returns your block....I assure you it will be nasty inside and I suggest a good thorough cleaning after the f
  5. did you cross reference this at all......they are also available in 180 degree...be proactive a bit.....
  6. believe this is the new retrofit.... Thermostat - Standard - 160F THM 55 | Buy Online - NAPA Auto Parts (napaonline.com)
  7. yes there is...if that is what you wish to do......quick search should net not only part numbers but also a picture.
  8. I never install any thermostat without the jiggle button that I do not drill the burping hole....
  9. I got one of them boxes upstairs tucked away somewhere....
  10. whip the truck up cosmetically to even the playing field..... even with the components for the disc brakes are kinda rough...for mocking up purposes you be ahead of the game
  11. Happy birthday to your wife...give her a great gift, help with the dinner and clean up afterwards and happy anniversary in the long line of many yet to come.
  12. Wishing everyone a good holiday, excellent fest and fun times with family and friends and well maybe even fun with your cars/trucks. The entire month of November is a busy time for me with swap meets, my own birthday where I do pamper myself with a few gifts, family and the start of the colder temps at end of the month. Now I just need to drag through the commercialized month of December. ENJOY THE FEAST.....you deserve it.!!!
  13. I hear you on the inside house wood burning heaters.....I have two, and one is in the shop and have not used either in years. That is the beauty of the unit I installed...it sits out back of the house and eliminates chimney fires from the living area and only the hot water is pumped in a loop to the house. I was never comfortable leaving a fire burning in the stoves inside the house and thus reluctant to use it. And as you said, the mess is also outside. I have been fortunate that all my wood is given to me. We do not have natural gas service out in this rural area either.
  14. Keith, hear you on that, I have 4 separate pump stations on the supply line with common returns with my big outdoor unit. I have ran a loop to my shop but so far each passing spring/autumn I fail to install my heat exchangers for the shop and run my ducting and registers. Each loop is individually controlled in the manner you wish...just so much to do ......
  15. ⛸️🌨️ I'm comfortably numb at 30 ....brrr...hey, this is SUPPOSED to be the south.... 🥶🥶🥶 When this time of year rolls around and folks post of the cold, wind and snows....brings to memory good ole Norm Coupe...sport of all sports...always in good cheer. Miss his input here and is friendly banter....
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