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  1. take pics..show your work....you could sit about doing nothing but this is making good with idle time and idle hands....
  2. you need to tell her that street goes both way.....
  3. Ok..was goofing off while wife was at Dr. office....drove over to a little thrift shop nearby....if you can image this at the e-bay price of 190.00 plus 10.00 to ship....or even consider a couple others at above the 200.00 and bordering on 250.00 (cheapest one found on e-bay was 30.00 needing cleaning) see third picture with box.....L A Starrett N0. 55 3" machinist square.... Then you can respect the fact that I got this one as shown with just a tad of oxidation....spend right at 3 minutes cleaning and oiling down....for the grand total of 1.00 this is the DEAL OF THE DAY and just for LosControl.....this is the 55% in action......you know what I am talking about...!!!!!
  4. I agree Rich...the collar should go back in the same position...drill extra holes here will lead to weakening the the shaft....often these drilled holes cannot be 180 out due to a bit drift......if you drill to close to the original hole...this could lead to bit walking and misalignment. IF you are having end play issues...first check for bushing fit for being "home" add or reduce spaces as needed...if no spacers and you do not align...again look at the home position of the bush...play, add shims...I would look to a light file of the collar before drilling a new hole...
  5. yes...and anytime you are tweaking used points the dwell is the best way to establish the gap as the feller gauge cannot set used surfaces with accuracy. The Cam Angle is just another term to express the time the points stay closed to saturate the coil. It is in truth the duty cycle.
  6. A bad Champion plug...say it is not true...! This was why I have not bought Champion for roughly 50 years...some folks never had issue...some of us seem to get all the culs....
  7. let the speeding commence........complaints will continue, only in another form...
  8. charm is only a descriptor for an ugly item that takes way too much time effort and money to change...character is used when the avenue to tweak that charm gets botched.
  9. the standard 12 volt Bosch is about the most readily available relay and associated pigtail you can get on the market today for a quick clean install....as for the horn wiring you will want supply to be coming in on 30, fused if you like and you can jumper this hot wire to the relay coil terminal 85 as B+ for the coil circuit. You will connect the horn to the output of the relay on terminal 87 and connect the wire running out the steering column from the horn button on terminal 86.
  10. this is part and maybe the forefront of the UGLY IN MOTION era....
  11. unless you have lifter that are new or reconditioned...the long term use allows for a slight bit of uneven wear.....when adjusting, your gauge is on one segment and when the lifter rotates...it is now on another value...as stated you are so so close in adjustment and you can work this out with another adjustment....it is better the hear them than to burn them but if you are that picky...only a revisit to the crime scene will suffice. You call here...light tick will not damage anything....no tick could lead to a burnt valve. KNOW the values of the internal components to determine if feasible to get all tick out of the valvetrain.
  12. I think you got the right handle on this Ed, the upper bushing that are the choke will have minimal effect on the short time this circuit has to remain active... Bad part is the lower shaft and bush...while the bush does wear at a egg shape due to the return spring tension pulling in that direction...do not rule out the wear on the shaft...this is usually minimal and with install of a new bush the gap is greatly decreased and within a value you can live with.
  13. you did not state you voltage requirements.....BUT................while I do not say you need to buy from E-bay...but if you look there it will give you a long list of what is available and what normal/customary prices are at the time
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