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  1. dang the bureaucratic snafu.....bet you got some wicked looks just the same....
  2. test run......instantly started...all baseline setting no tweaks yet.... 30 second run.mp4
  3. who holds pliers like that when in use....? move along Betty nothing to see here.....the other gal looks as if she is placing a straw in a soda can...cut.....get makeup and technical in here pronto...!!!!!!
  4. as they say, anyone can take a color photograph.....
  5. ever notice many do such mods as this and at the last minute it dawns on them...hey we may have a problem with supply voltage....long after they passed the line of no return on the modification.
  6. Did you know that 98% of the Harleys made are still on the road?The other 2% made it back home. Ok its a joke folks....lighten up a bit and laugh....
  7. I was hoping you would post that setup.......congrats on the fire up of the fresh engine.....!
  8. my stand is the very cradle to the 5 cars I have yet in inventory here both automatic or manual transmission...they will range from various CC displacement but yes...the basic block is one size fits all...from 850cc through 1390 cc and a host of carburation options, axle outputs and exhaust option and well you get the picture but yes is single car design. Sweet part is the cradle has not been dinked with in a manner of welds, drill holes and cuts that one cannot pop this unit into a car body should a collision renders one useless....the cradles many never retain if they part out a body due to
  9. thus far this is proven to be very ellusive...many folks wishing to renew this has done so with some aftermarket soft seal style rubber and put onto their car. What suits one builder however may not suit the next so I am going to pretty much say you are on our own...now if this is now available...it only a recent addition to an inventory as the rubber is molded onto the metal liner when made.
  10. To further the above I will post a couple pictures as the result of the test fit on this stand....if you visit the forums supporting this car and look at the manner most do the install...it is always with a slam of the hammer to the cradle, body and even the dimpling of the header pipe itself. Test fit proved that the install need not be done as such but did reveal that a cut to mimic and make symmetrical the cradle, then it will clear the header nicely....while the header was not touching it was not at all a comfortable margin in my eyes. The actual car with cradle installed is shown here a
  11. the park feature as I recall was always a sliding lever alongside the push button shift mechanism.....park was not a feature in early made pushbutton arrangements.
  12. same here for the most part except with this set up room to tweak is not great, the fitting to the cradle which is the test stand allow for the making of needed mods to install the headers, the larger dual carbs, fabricated the twin choke levers and fabricate the new induction and air box meant for an entirely different car. The battery is in the exact same position as if in the car so the cold air could be fitted. If this was a stock setup in the stock frame....I would run the engine sitting on the very heavy oil pan which is cast aluminum as there is where the 4 sp transmission and differ
  13. while neither a flathead or V bent....this test stand is also just as important and an all in one package on wheels......I featured this on another thread but a self contained test stand nonetheless. I have instrumentation to monitor oil, temp and vacuum, battery, radiator for cooling and small 1.4 gallon fuel tank, engine choke and high idle control that twist lock in position and proper PSI electric pump....the big wheels roll effortlessly and are the height that a cherry picker easily rolls beneath the cradle (well, mine does) and are important facts to consider on your build. The whe
  14. engine stand and test stand are two different animals....the test stand you are referring to is often constructed at home by the owner....finding a universal one that would be plug and play for an inline MoPar six I am sure you are not going to find available.
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