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  1. as an added per all brochures and understanding I have, the year they went single wheelbase models for Plymouth was 1953 with the 114 inch wheelbase. It was at this time the club coupe was distinguished from the club sedan by way of the rear glass division post...
  2. I believe it is a club coupe as in these series cars, the 2 door sedan was within the 111 inch Concorde based model
  3. they even less serious about their mods to the chassis when grafting subframes and the sort into play.....I have seen some cars that I felt if they ever got wet the very rust on them would dissolve and prove to be the very item that kept them in one piece...Fatman uprights are fabricated from new metal...not cut and welded old stock...I own two sets and I find no fault in them. I also am not from Hazard County and go by the name of Bo....
  4. back when in the work environment, we called this 'lip service' it would be nice to see some teeth marks now and then
  5. sometimes I think there is even more love and devotion put into the little foreign sport cars than any American make and model. As owner of many different models and some 20+ foreign cars of different countries....I find these cars the better thrill when driving....not due to be being fast or anything like that, just the manner they handle. They are quite the pleasure to own for the most part is my finding.
  6. the business lost that personal touch where the owner knew the customer and loyalty was part of the game....fuel credit cards kept the stations afloat...pumping gas during a price war was interesting....17 cents a gallon.....we need a roll-back on this....
  7. I agree with you.....even phone marketers are now using a local number and I have even had them use both name and number of my doctor in order to slip a call past my anti-spam screening....would anyone with any sense deal with a person stooping this low? YES, they are in my opinion that stupid. Cut a couple pictures last night of Don and some of the older gang here at my house years ago. Don was a good friend, miss talking with him. Contacted a couple of the other members just to keep in touch.
  8. I did my stint at the local Texaco after school and a summer or so....thought it was fun for the most part, full service back then....
  9. I have started my composting/manure mixing and the aeration of my 50 garden buckets....I have 22 complete and picked the remaining material for to finish the remaining 28. Thanks goodness I have no sky-rats in my area. The buckets have proved to work out great against furry munchers and diggers and give me optimum use of my water. Won't be that very much longer till panting will be upon us.
  10. or maybe even a chevy forum.....I have no heartache with you using brand x but in truth your questions would be best answered on their forum...
  11. enjoy the hobby......stay active on the forum.....before you kick off...sell the cars and leave the heirs a picture.....especially one of you enjoying the proceeds from the sale......🤪
  12. I moved to the area I am in now some 26 years and have not seen the first ice cream truck yet.....even before I moved, the trucks were on the decline as they moved to the larger and newer housing areas I believe...the older homes were full of grandparents at this time. Economics play at every level
  13. Frank...I have seen carboned up engines that would not turn over with the carbon fallen from the combustion chamber and down on the piston after sitting, getting damp drying out and then flaking off and down...simple pull the head, decoke....new gasket and many miles and smiles down the road....a piston, if more than one car cut rust to a certain degree then bind up again....seen this many times also. Would I suspect a bent rod...only if the lever used was quite long....would I suspect rust and frozen valves....you bet your sweet bippy I do...
  14. remember when your mom told you that if you heard the music it meant they were sold out......😁
  15. I can only say that there are many a white paper on many subjects posted on the internet that are quick to access, good information and only a few words typed to find verse some of the time involved back and forth messaging on the forum. I will not ever knock the forum for information except to say the answers are not always timely whereas a search and read on the internet is only limited by your wanting to get proactive in the learning process. The forum can often glean the smaller particulars based on model but the principals of x systems are always just a few words away doing a search.
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