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Numerous options were available to personalize your P15 or D24. Generally, the same options were available for both series, however some items were marque specific. If you have a good quality photo of one of these options to share, please email it to: info@p15-d24.com . Also many of the cars featured in the Gallery have these options installed so you can see what they would look like on your car.

Mopar Options
Description Part Number Original Price Photo Comments
Deluxe-Model 36, Super Deluxe Model 46

Heater, Twin All Weather Model

Heater, Comfort Master Model 53 (Rightside) 1139-367 $40.25

Heater, Comfort Master Model 54 (Leftside) 1163-841

Mopar Fresh Air Adapter Package. 1239-369

Heater Windshield Defroster Package 864-922

AM Radio, either 6 tube Model 602 or 8 tube 802 radio chassis.
Model 802 - $73.50
Dodge and Plymouth used different faceplates
Cowl "Skyway" Antenna Package 1163-853 $6.10

Pneumatic Cushion

Individual Seat Cover
Cowl Mirrors 1244-494

Plymouth version
Cowl Mirrors 1244-497

Dodge version
Outside Rear View Mirror Kit 891-498

Interior Rear View Mirror 947-597

Airfoam Seat Cushion, front only
Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Airfoam Seat Cushion, front and rear
Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Vanity Mirror 664-543

Outside Sun Visor 1254-677

Installation Info
Spotlights 1150-927

Fog/Driving Lights 986-332

Backup Light 1232-639

Directional Turn Signals

Glove Box Light 1232-608

Glove Box Lock
Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Parking Brake Warning Light

Trunk Light 1232-609

Underhood Light 1244-920

Cigarette Lighter 1163-906 $2.65

Clock Ply-1148-013
Dodge 1154-229

Dodge and Plymouth versions
Fluid Drive
Dodge only
Jiffy Jet Windshield Washer Kit 1237-316

Electric Wipers

Dodge only
Locking Gas Cap 1117-771

Spare Tire Valve Extension Tube

Passenger Sun Visor & Wiper

Stainless Steel Wheel Rims, Qty 5

License Plate Frames 1064-749

Exhaust Extension 830-253

Evr-Dry Shielding 1064-770

Rear Bumper Guard Package 1064-774

Front Bumper Guard Package 1123-504 $5.50

Economy Engine Package, Gp. 1
1 inch carb bore, smaller intake manifold. 3.73 Rear End.

P15 Only
Economy Engine Package, Gp. 2
1 inch carb bore, smaller intake manifold. 3.73 rear end, hardened steel throttle stops and manifold heat shields.

P15 Only
Accessory Group C
Extra windshield wiper and sun visor

Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Arm Rest , Left & Right
Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Arm Rest , Front Door Left
Option for Plymouth Deluxe Model
Plastic Wheel Inserts

Double Capacity Shocks

Shock Absorber Stone Shield

Electric Locking Gas Cap 1302-472

Not factory offered 46-48, added by owner.
"Powermatic" shifting. A vacuum assist cylinder that aided in shifting the car.
A vacuum assist for handicapped drivers. (Plymouth offered a complete array of handicap controls after WWII for those veterans who had lost the use of various body parts during the war.)
Borg Warner Overdrive

Not factory offered 46-48, added by owner using OD unit from a later model Mopar.

Third party Options
Folsom Sunshades (Installation Info)
Fender Skirts
Rear Fender Stone Guards
Curb Feelers
Lighted Hood Ornament (Plymouth only)

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