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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. thread a bolt in and slide hammer it out...
  2. I have the same book you have, great source. As for out of round/wobble on your pulley...you can just roll it on a long flat surface and watch the center to see if has any movement, about as simple as you can get for a check.
  3. The wood buck is to roll the sheetmetal edge for the engine intrusion into the cab. Nice round edge looks better then squared off sheetmetal. Once welded up will look more "stock".
  4. hmmmm, when to buy my flights....
  5. yah I still have parts, please PM me with any future needs to keep the forum clear of parts requests..
  6. You can always test the spring function with a torch, gently heating the spring to check its action/reaction.
  7. Yah, it's been suggested the pedal area might need to change. I won't know till I get the floor in and figure out how it all flows with steering, seat location and pedals. I do have extra room in the cab to move back since the cab is longer.
  8. the circled is welded in at a place where it appears to be impossible to remove your parts. As others have said, its a wiggle thing, finding the right angle/tip/stroke of luck to get parts out. I can't describe what I do when I take doors down for parts, but once you figure it out, a little light bulb goes off in your head and you've got it. Then of course, the gremlins dim it down for next time! Keep at it and keep up the good work!
  9. Well becasue stupid photobucket....I'll see if I can get it working right. The photobucket fiasco will plague us all till the end of time. updated: https://p15-d24.com/topic/48926-weatherstrip/?do=findComment&comment=547559 The longer video is in the downloads section of the forum and I've updated a link to that as well. Nice detail up-close VIDEO (big file) of where everything belongs on the doors and well, the rest of the cab.
  10. yah there is a center split in the top I'll have to weld up. Since the sides are NOT square to the top (verified off the old firewall I removed), getting that all dialed in would have cost me time and metal I didn't want to spend.
  11. spent my weekend getting the requisite cuts on my fingers and stabs in as well...but I learned a few things this weekend: Minnesota sports had a good weekend (Wild win, Vikes win, Gopher hockey sweeps the Ugly Helmets, and Gopher football beat Penn to stay undefeated) My air shear handles 16ga no problem My electric nippers handles 16ga no problem My neighbor challenges me every step on this project to take it up one step better (more on that later when I can show a picture) Building a firewall is time consuming 4x8 16ga sheets are HEAVY and cantankerous.
  12. there are plans here on the forum for a stock heat shield and I know there is at least one company (VPW I think) that repops them
  13. welcome, I look forward to your progress as you make him YOUR panel truck!
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