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    woodworking, playing hockey, skydiving, landscaping, college hockey (GOPHERS), Vikings, Dodge trucks!
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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. Nice truck! If I have time next time we run up to the UP I might see if we can swing by!
  2. Once happy, I'd still go back and loosen the other hinge (let it find it's new neutral position) and retighted as to not put undue loads/stress on it over the coming years and wear it oddly.
  3. The glass is held in "place" by the front and back channels. The front is adjustable front to back and allows for an angle adjustment if so needed (top screws under the wing seal, bottom are by the access panel). Also, you can adjust the regulartor as well to "level" the window in the door.
  4. The seals will require some trimming, just because they come as long as they do, doesn't mean they are the "right" length. Look at the pics and vids posted here and make your mind up for you and get it done.
  5. Thats what I've seen on all of the B3's I've taken aprt...odd, but what can you say? I know the B1 had the sill seal on the door and not the cab (indented channel towards the bottom).
  6. I know the B3 is a little differnt than the B1, but here is the B3 layout. https://p15-d24.com/topic/48926-weatherstrip/?do=findComment&comment=519594
  7. And lest we forget...PICTURES PLEASE!
  8. Check your ground and continuity on the wiring. As for the pass side light you'll have to splice it in.
  9. Why would ANYONE ever take things apart 70 years later? Several things on these trucks, and even modern, are just a PITA to "repair", some things in general are never meant to be "serviced".
  10. I put a comment in when I ordered asking about B3 or B4 styles.....maybe other could as well!
  11. Yah that B pillar is structural. Cutting into it and such would require patching it back up happliy.
  12. should basically be the same
  13. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, swapmeets or fleamarkets
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