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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. make an arcade game out of it at the local fair! Solve your problem AND make money!
  2. Looks nice! But you can note the difference in profile between the strips in the field and the edge ones. This is why I don't like Mar-K or Horkey marketing these as Dodge parts, as they clearly are not.
  3. please do not post parts offers for trade or sale on the main forum, please keep to PM or to the Classified section of the forum. thanks.
  4. I know Soren, He used to work here at Cummins. You won't be that far from me at all, might have to see if you can swing by and check out my paltry collection.
  5. Nothing wrong with posting pics of your other Dodge trucks on this thread, they are Dodge and they ARE your other trucks! Personally I look at the "other rides" thread as for non MoPaR vehicles. Do as you wish.
  6. Pedal space might be an issue, but actually has the same well space as my s10, so we will see. No back seat, storage since he's gonna be a flatbed.
  7. I also have to redo my gutter edges on TODD since the front of the cab is a B3 and the rear is B1. And of course the area I added. I'm thinking flat stock about 3/8" tall and weld it on, grind/contour it to be convex on the outside for some style, but allow me to get seam sealer down in the bottom (B3/4) rolled over as far as it is I think causes some rot like you've seen.
  8. more space or cheaper? Must be a new job digging drainage ditches on ranches...
  9. there should be a rubber gasket under the wiper pivot. I'd be careful of RTV, it can literally CAUSE rust to form depending on brand and type
  10. prepping for the rest of the floor....and making "vroom vroom" sounds
  11. Tank Renu is the place to go IMO for tank protection.
  12. Might not make it this year....stupid layoffs this month yet.
  13. Please post an ad in the "classifieds" section of the forum to re-home this guy. Meanwhile I will lock this thread.
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