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    Have a wife and 2 sons a daughter and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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    40 Plymouth PT105 1/2ton, 46 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 47 WC 1/2ton, 48 Plymouth club coupe, 64 Belvedere station wagon


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    Minneapolis MN: 46 dodge 1/2 ton,48 & 51 ply club coupes
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  1. Thanks we enjoy it. We just call it the wagon the 64 or the belvedere...
  2. I believe this basic body continued into 65 as the midsize platform after mopar accidentally thought they needed to downsize everything for 62.
  3. Maybe there was a pause in the term? My 64 factory brochure calls them either wagons or station wagons throughout.
  4. I personally went with a jeep 8.25 in my 47 but that was mostly because I found one for $40! Still waiting to get it on the road and see if that was a deal.. either way the ranger that came with that 7.5 probably had more HP than a flathead and it will be just fine in his truck
  5. The tricky part without being able to read the #s on the dist is knowing if it's original to the car. If 30years ago someone swapped in a different one buying parts by car year won't work. Have you pulled the dist and looked closely? Is the tag still there? I have some that have black tags and later ones that are red.
  6. Cruising again this weekend. Annual trip to the apple orchard. And swung in by a lake for a couple quick photos
  7. The good news short term is with that straight flange you can get an aftermarket clamp on filter to get you buy.
  8. That wouldn't surprise me. Also sometimes the Detroit factory may have had a different supplier than Cali. The one difference I've seen between newer and older is the height of the bolt hole for the brace. I had one all painted up for my p15 that probably came off a p23 and the hole didn't match up.
  9. I believe that's true for cars but not trucks. I think you could get a fluid drive 218 pickup
  10. I think your issue is no weight on the chassis. That extra weight should compress the springs some and possibly the shocks you already have will fit right on.
  11. Leo asked me at dinner tonight if I knew someone named ply Jim? He said he keeps sending them postcards. JB is that you?
  12. It's upside down but that's a napa gold 3943. Old pic so hopefully that # is still available or can be crossed to something that is.
  13. 37 I believe and yes should have running boards
  14. Yes the 41-47s still have a hand crank spot and a hole in the grill trim for access.
  15. Last weekend we did a day trip with the MN plymouth club. Went down the WI side of the river and then came back home on the MN side. I did drive my P15 today after reinstalling my driveshaft with new boots. Tomorrow I can check if my 2nd try at sealing the overdrive worked!
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