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    Have a wife and 2 sons a daughter and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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  1. Ya with the wheel off it looks worse than it did. I don't think there is enough length to entertain trying to shorten so I've got to try and fix it. Going to try and go from the good threads backwards to the top
  2. Kind of a combo idea here. Used a muffler clamp around the column as a sacrificial item. Hit it with the air hammer. That vibrated loose a small piece of the plastic exposing the backside of the metal core if the wheel. Hit that with a pinch while son pulled and it popped off. No further damage to column and only slight damage to an already pretty jacked wheel. Now onto try and fix some pretty bad threads.
  3. Ya I've tried hitting it and pulling on it by hand. I honestly didn't think it would get this tight on there since I never cranked a nut on it. You are right about not using the puller without a nut. Way back I actually split the shaft of a car column by not having the nut on! I do realize the tube isn't that thick but it might come down to which piece becomes sacrificial. These truck boxes in decent shape are hard to find so I can't wreck that if I can help it
  4. Pulled the steering gear a few days ago. Can't get the wheel off though! The truck never had a wheel when I got it so I stuck one on temporarily. Never put a nut on it. Now I go to pull it and the threads are buggered and that wheel is stuck tight! The steering gear doesn't have too much free play so I gotta get the wheel off without further damage. What about putting the column in the vice and wrapping a ratchet strap around it?
  5. I'm not aware of a fresh air option in the 39-47s. I believe that came in with the pilot house trucks. The ivory knobs look like 46-48 plymouth car knobs.
  6. Been a few stories of new ones seizing up. I think I'd go new but check it carefully. I wonder if you could rig something to spin it a bit with a cordless drill ?
  7. I've never seen a factory setup for these trucks. I imagine there would be a 2 knob control panel that mounts to the underside of the dash. I've seen those in various mopars but never matching defrost or fan knobs to the truck knobs.
  8. Just like most things on the net or in life in general you don't hear about the normal ones. I personally pulled drums off one that was in the junkyard for decades. We gutted the brakes put the drums back on and tow dolly towed it home.
  9. That is the strangest thing ever. He should have no trouble removing with either a drill or a punch if there isn't enough to pull out normally
  10. I guess he didn't specify but my experience is pulling when braking and it's always been from contaminated brake shoes.
  11. Agreed I have the same unit in my p15 and its pretty much right up to the steering wheel. It's close enough that I can hang my hand down just right while turning to flick the switch off
  12. Well I haven't even tested the first meter but couldn't pass up another for cheap. This one has a 6v setting even!
  13. Here is an art print I saw at hobby lobby a while back. Probably would have purchased if the grill didn't morph into a ford with even the additional headlights
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