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    Have a wife and 2 sons a daughter and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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    40 Plymouth PT105 1/2ton, 46 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 47 WC 1/2ton, 48 Plymouth club coupe, 64 Belvedere station wagon


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    Minneapolis MN: 46 dodge 1/2 ton,48 & 51 ply club coupes
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  1. Factory under hood locations are a special headbolt that is taped for a bolt or one of the generator mount bolts.
  2. Update: about a minute after I posted that wifey got a call and the dog has gone home. They are new to the neighborhood and apparently she tunneled under the fence and had a couple hour adventure.
  3. I didn't notice any but now that you say that Im wishing I'd looked a little better
  4. We had a fire tonight too. Roasted hotdogs and the kids had smores. Then the real adventure began when a lose dog wandered into the yard. So far unsuccessful in finding the owner.
  5. I still have a paying account which I've had for many years. If someone had a similar service is likely switch as their site has been very troublesome for about the last year
  6. Project is done. One last final annoyance- the upper bolt went in easy as can be but then the bottom stud wouldn't tighten- the threads were pulling out of the aluminum bell housing! So had to tap what was left and converted to a bolt that went completely through. Car is back together and running!
  7. For better or worse the starter is going back in. Cleaned regreased and bench tested ok.
  8. This has a rebuild sticker on it from Napa power premium dated Nov of 16 so I can't imagine this stater has many miles on it. So cleaning and reassembling is my thought too. Pulled it apart and that stuff is everywhere! From what I can also tell this is a newer starter as the solenoid is gasketed.
  9. Is there anything that's supposed to be inside there that would produce this nastiness?
  10. Not sure where it started but I haven't disassembled anything beyond removal from the car. It's coming out of the gear area
  11. The 64 wagon developed a rough idle and off idle stumble last weekend. So yesterday I decided before I started digging into that I should replace the broken battery cable. Just in case it's some odd voltage issue from the broken cable. Next thing you know my starter is on the bench with a messed up cable stud and brown soggy looking sawdust stuff coming out of it! I think I got the threads on the stud fixed but no idea where that brown gunk came from or how it got in there!
  12. I bought a device that turns my dewalt cordless drill batteries into portable usb batteries. Works great if you happen to have a 20v dewalt drill
  13. I was referring to the confusion about a 37 dodge 1/2 ton with a long 6
  14. I believe prior to the redesign in 39 the dodge trucks of all sizes were using the longer 6.
  15. Check out my friends /6. Fast forward to the 5min area if you want to skip right to the track.
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