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  1. I like it. Would sure like to see some pics of the inside if you have a chance.
  2. For me it really depends how much crud I'm seeing. If bad another option prior to starting any hands-on is to plan a trip to a local do-it-yourself car wash with the wands for water pressure when desired. There are some by me that have doors for the winter months and selectors for soap, engine degreaser, and rinse. Very helpful if you spray some cleaner on the problem areas first and drive it down. You should be able to get the top, sides and bottom of the motor and sides/bottom of the trans where most leakers make deposits. With water pressure you can get some blow back as you go so safety glasses or a shield should be worn with some old clothing. Once finished at the car wash I start the cleaning as others described and then detailing. Just be careful around the distributor and thoughtful where you pull the trigger for the higher water pressure.
  3. Bosch electric wiper motor. I have the same ones on my 47 WC. They are a simple motor with some gears for the drive. 1 gear being small and it does wear. You should pull them and clean the old grease which has likely hardened if it has not been serviced. You can see in this picture where the wires connect
  4. On my 47WC I have the same style Cleveland joints as Los shows for his truck. When I pulled the driveshaft while changing out the rear gearing and servicing the axles, I could not get the rear joints of the driveshaft out. I remembered reading a thread here where a member had added weight to the bed of his truck to get the required clearance by compressing the leaf springs. I started stacking what was closest till it came down enough to clear. My u-joints had dried grease which I cleaned, greased and reassembled. Make sure the front and rear u-joints are phased correctly which could be creating your vibration problem.
  5. Hope to hear your back at it soon. Some pretty good swelling. I had a break same leg in the same location years back. Healed up well and doesn't bother me so I wish you the same. The bad news is I was decades younger than you when it happened.
  6. I have a gallon can of the Berryman as well. I purchased it years ago at a price of $17.60 which is still on the lid. It does a nice job of cleaning up carbs and I have used it on many over the years. Mine has a steel galvanized parts basket inside and that finish is still fine on it. I usually leave parts in anywhere from a few hrs up to 24hrs.
  7. Long story so to summarize, I found a few donor cars for the interior, gauges and glass. Picked up a rebuilt motor and trans from a young man I worked with to beef up before installing and then did some sandblasting and painting on this one. Interior used to be gold and white but it only had a drivers seat when it arrived and no interior panels or headliner. The Az sun did them in or they were scavenged along with the gauges so now it is black inside. Traveled between Detroit and here for most of the parts and accumulated a stash of extras parts along the way.
  8. I located this rust-free sheet metal specimen in Arizona back in the 90s on the internet. Internet is nothing like it is today for search options for car parts. The seller sent me the hard copy pictures below by standard mail along with pictures of 3 other 67 chargers he had for sale at the salvage yard. Bought this one for $500 with the intention of parting it out and keeping the sheet metal for spares. It arrived on the top rack of a car hauler the seller arranged for shipping to me that he knew was heading my way and needed to fill a spot. The seller was supposed to make it a roller. The hauler called the evening before arriving to confirm address and informed me I would need rims and tires. I was fortunate I had some and worked at a place with a large forklift to pull the car off the top rack. Once I looked it over, I had to make a decision on moving forward with this one.
  9. The milk truck is in nice shape and in good hands now. looking forward to the updates. I don't recall ever seeing a truck with as many dents in the fender as the 39. I'm sure there is an interesting story on those dents. Learning to drive on a farm starts in an open field for most, I guess they skipped that step😄
  10. What is not to like about an old panhead? just a few mods for this old girl that starts on the first kick as long as the gas in the bowl doesn't sit to long.
  11. P, I enjoyed chugging along in the video. You asked for some pics so I just shot these tonight in the garage. Only had it out a few times this year but it was my daily driver for years once the salt was off the roads. PE is set-up as a highboy (fenderless) with more modern 70s drivetrain modifications. It is still all Mopar, fun to drive but a far cry from that original beauty you have. I have a 4 piece hood but never mounted it
  12. From my understanding positive and negative coils are wrapped different inside. If you have a positive ground coil the power would go to the negative side of the coil and the positive side of the coil would go to the points. When you say you have no fire does this mean you have pulled a plug and checked that you have no spark at the plug with the plug end grounded to the head as you cranked the engine? What did the plugs look like. If the are soaked and wet then you could be flooded in which I would pull the plugs and crank the engine over a few times to clear the combustion chamber. Wire brush the plugs and check the gap then reinstall. Make sure you mark the wires so you can replace them correctly. Have you pulled the distributor cap and checked the gap and condition of the points. If badly pitted or if gap is not correct that is a good place to start looking for a spark problem. By manually actuating the points with the key on you should see a spark when the points open at the points.
  13. The headlight 3 wire plug has a ground wire that screws to the inside of the headlight bucket and mine had no gaskets when attaching to the fender. Headlight bucket therefore needs to ground through the fender to frame. You could run a separate ground wire to each bucket from the frame for a clean connection which I did on mine.
  14. You could try some gas in the carb to get it kicked off if it was an out of gas issue. Are you running an electric or manual fuel pump and do you have a gas filter. could be some vapor lock or a supply issue. Just sitting for a bit it may start right up after cooling down. You can pull a line and crank it over to confirm you are getting gas if need be. You need gas, air and spark so a quick check for spark at the plug wire end at night should be easy to confirm.
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