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  1. Ran across a local selling a 33 Plymouth coupe body, fenders, trunk and gauges most everything but the hood. We got to talking and turns out he had 2 window garnish moldings that were to big for the car. I thought I could make them fit my coupe 1/4 windows so starts the project. They appeared to be for a larger 7 window car but the price was right so I picked them up. One on the left is before cutting and the one on the right is rough cut and shaped. If you look close you can see a series of 4 cuts at the top of the curve and another 1 about halfway down on the same piece. The
  2. Knucklehead, Sounds pretty bad but that maybe your getting over the hump, sure hope so. I had similar lower back issues on 3 occasions and feel for you. Last time I was just leaning over the sink brushing my teeth and boom I was clutching whatever I could get my hands on a I went down. Doctor gave me muscle relaxers last time and that rest got me moving slow. Then tried a Doctor Ho's device that my niece had that sends mild electricity from 1 pad to the other pad and you adjust the amount of current. Just sticking those pads on either side of my lower back really seemed to hel
  3. Happy Thanksgiving folks. Have a bit of light snow today for the holiday over here. Plenty of people up here where we get Canada cold in the Midwest are using indoor wood burners. One friend has a 40x80 barn that is 2 stories tall heated hydronic with an indoor wood burner. System is about 50 years old and uses copper tube in the concrete. His father built it and did machining on the first floor and had office and storage upstairs. I remember he had a Goldenhawk and 33 plymouth stored in the upper level. Burns wood 24/7 and like all systems you need to do periodic inspections and
  4. Every home I have had uses a gas hot water boiler for heat with either fin tube or radiators. Love these systems. Current home uses fin tubing baseboards. 20+ years ago I tore down my old garage and poured a slab with 4 separate loops of PEX tubing in it for the new one. Upgraded my house boiler 2 or 3 years later and hooked up the garage to the house boiler at that time. Simple system uses 2 pumps, 1 for the house and one for the garage that both run off the house thermostat. Garage loop uses an adjustable mixing valve to pull smaller amounts of heated water from the
  5. DCM has them in .030" and .012" for 5 bucks each. Or purchase shim stock to make your own is doable as well BS-3522 outer axle shim - DCM Classics, LLC
  6. That is an interesting powerplant change and the 30mpg is great.
  7. I like it and have to ask what motor are you running to that big vertical exhaust pipe?
  8. I had the same thinking when I purchased my 47 WC, change a lot of things. I started fixing the non-functioning brakes and a few other items. It came with an extra MC that I rebuilt along with the existing wheel cylinders. Once I had the brakes done and started driving it my plan changed and now I enjoy it mostly stock. I drive it a lot The key to doing the brakes is understanding how this system works and adjusting it properly. Here is a link to the brake write up found under the Technical menu if you have not reviewed it yet. Brakes - P15-D24.com and Pilot-house.com. The write u
  9. Welcome and nice ride. Brake peddle should be high and firm, no pumping required so sounds like that should be a priority. Probably seeping a bit somewhere. plenty of info here under the technical menu. Brakes - P15-D24.com and Pilot-house.com
  10. Doesn't look like your typical midwestern truck.👍 That's a good thing, real nice The underside looks very clean. From the underside of the bed wood to the paint condition on the underside of the frame it has likely been freshened up and not used much since or taken really good care of. Also looks dry around the rear seal of the trans so your either good there or your out of oil.🙂 If your real lucky someone may have already upgraded the rearend gearing.
  11. Missed that. 🙂 Used to ride with a group of Kawasaki bikes on the roads and trips to the 1/4 mile track. I had a Z1-900 years ago I built up for that. Don't recall anyone having issues with the stock Kawasaki coils, they either work or they don't. Very dependable bikes. Cam chain tensioners and 2nd gear issues ring a bell.
  12. Is number 4 the only one tested and the others have compression? If so it should be popping off and starting or trying to on 3 cylinders. If not there should be a drain plug at the bottom of each carb bowl to drain the old gas out of each carb. Once it pops off it should clear up any deposits on # 4. This assumes you have compression and spark on the other cylinders. Gas these days doesn't stay good very long in a bike.
  13. It's a pretty safe bet from your description of the wheel cylinders condition that the master needs some attention and in hind sight as you mentioned you should have done it with the wheel cylinders but no harm done so far it sounds like. You may consider ordering one of these inexpensive brake hones. Lisle 10000 BRAKE CYLINDER HONE | Tool Discounter which should work on the wheel and master cylinders. I have honed wheel cylinders on the vehicle with one of these no problem. Step cylinders get done from both ends. Napa and other parts stores should have them in stock also.
  14. Should be good for another 20 years. Nice work
  15. Best way is under the browse menu in here to use the pull down under menu use "member list" and you can type in Skrambler in the search box to get to his profile and send him a message. It will go directly to his inbox.
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