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  1. Keith. I will add my 2 cents to the conversation that you have invited. Your 38 is very similar to my 38 D9 Dodge and you have got such pleasure out of motoring it and bringing it up to being a really good reliable vehicle. These late 30s Chrysler Corp vehicles with their simplicity and excellent design and engineering gave people across the globe access to affordable, reliable motor cars. They are a buzz to go cruising in, as you well know. I am sure you would find the Airflow to be like your Plymouth on steroids. The same quality of engineering but next level in design for it's day. If you can find a place for it, go for it!! Then make sure you share the journey via your videos so we can go along for the ride too.
  2. You are correct. Saw a nature program on the goggle box tonight and it showed a seal flipper just like that.
  3. And history just keeps on repeating itself. That's why we should read books like that. But back to topic, I too am looking forward to seeing your workshop progress!
  4. Nick, when you have finished Conrad, see if you can get your teacher to do Kerouac's On the Road as the next assignment. Epic story for those that yearn for the freedom of the highway.
  5. Not sure of application but it will match other gauges in the dash of vehicle as per the 1938 Dodge clock, also made by Borg. Fits into glovebox lid and apart from the dial looks similar to yours.
  6. Yeah the sheep game was king of the hill alright. Reached its peak during the Korean War when wool became much sought after. Made the sheep farmers wealthy practically overnight but ever since nylon and artificial fibers have rolled over the top of the natural product. My game is dairy cows. Not a big player but enough for the family. Wetter climate this side of the island that has always suited the grazing cow. Still, lots of cows have also ended up on ships heading to China, South East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. No bounds to man's search for a buck. You must have seen a bit of the world. Most aren't aware of what's down here.
  7. Sorry Plymouthy but us farmers are told that they are not that 'green' at all. Apparently they belch and flatulate methane and make us dirty polluters here on the land.
  8. A good commentary on how to position and secure the doors. There is something about the sound and solidity of the doors on these late thirties to late forties vehicles when they operate properly. I had some difficulty in locating the right rubbers to replace my old hardened ones and was interested to see yours. I was sent ones like yours but they were too proud with the round edge too pronounced. Located another set with lower profile from Australian supplier that matched my old ones. Perhaps my 38 is slightly different from your 37. Like your cars story. Given you a lot of satisfaction I am sure. Working on old motor vehicles is great therapy.
  9. Thanks for the replies. They all help. Cost is always a factor but the biggest bargain is useless if it is the wrong application. 😊
  10. https://ebay.us/WMSJIU Have been looking for a replacement coil for my 38 D9 Dodge and saw this in the above link. My car is running original 6 volt positive earth system which I understood to be what all the Chrysler Corporation vehicles were running back then. So this coil seems odd to me, being negative earth. Anyone with way more knowledge than me that can explain this? Am curious and still have a lot to learn.
  11. Not really sure .. . but even if someone suggested something I think I would scrape a bit out without damaging anything and try whatever you can think of before going full noise on the delicate parts. 🙂
  12. My car is 38 D9 Dodge so may not necessarily apply to you so advise you to get a wiring diagram from maybe this site or get a workshop manual from ebay etc. Anyway my wiring diagram may help so have included picture. Only the two wires from the gauge. One to ignition switch and the other to the sender unit. System will earth itself. Hope this helps.
  13. That's smart work. Should be in 'Show Us Your Tools ' Ooops! Already done I see.....
  14. About 5 to 8 years ago The Plymouth Doctor was selling rubber mats that were reproduction of original mats for these vehicles. Brown was an option too. Not sure whether he still does. FYI
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