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  1. Check out forum member Keithb7's well put together you tube clip on this subject
  2. Agreed Frank. There is a lot of achievement in this thread and a lot to admire in Nick and his family. I have also enjoyed learning that part of the education system that Nick is in has some parallels with down here. In my mind to be reading and analyzing Conrad's " Heart of Darkness " is pretty impressive. Beyond what my school days delivered nearly fifty years ago but was part of the curriculum when one of my daughters did literature. Add that to the contact, help and encouragement Nick has had from you old dogs of the forum, a bunch of you vets yourselves, and it is a fine thing to behold.
  3. Ditto to all that. Pontiac certainly looks a project to be proud of. The Dodge looks quite magnificent too. Cars with real style!
  4. Also rotate muffler 180ยฐ so front section of exhaust from manifold aligns better......looks that way from 12,000 miles away anyway....
  5. I agree with Knuckle. All sensible stuff and is fun to do. After all that's why we get hooked on old cars in the first place. Looks a real nice car to play around with. Those eights are something special. Not many made it down here. If you haven't already, take a look at some of the Cold War Motors you tube vids. Those guys get all sorts of old Detroit grunters fired up again after years of neglect. Keep us posted about your progress. I think we all hunger for these projects and keeping tabs on someone else's sweat is just great. Welcome from New Zealand and good luck!๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. The inside of the trunk lid should be the giveaway. Look for the area that allows access to the securing nuts on back of the badge. Mine is a slope back, not a Coupe but at a guess your car should be something similar.
  7. Frank. If you are using your phone to take the photos and post try this..... 1. Take your photos 2. Open your gallery 3. Select the photos you want to post. 4. "Share" or "Send" them to yourself. To your text number, email or WhatsApp. 5. Open the place you sent them to. 6. Select the pictures and "Save" them. Doing this saves them in your files in a much smaller size but still with good clarity. Sounds complicated but easy to get used to. ......of course if you're not using your phone then this is of no help to you...๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Yes Keith. I understand you. Probably be mine one day. But really that is what all life is about. All of us have things and times in our lives when we put our hearts and souls into it. Could be a car, a garden, a job, a relationship......a cause.......any sort of dream. When it is like this car it leaves a story for someone to see and notice. Most times just a few people you know remember your hope's, dreams and passions. And that also fades pretty quickly too. One of the tragedies and realities of being a human I suppose. Mack and Longfellow are on the money.... "Art
  9. These shields are cast iron. Done in a mold. I have them on my D9 Dodge. Not a great picture. Can take more pics if you want, with measurements......
  10. Very clean and tidy job. I like your thinking. ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Yes, you should be happy! And looked after too. They are pretty thin steel in mine and after 20 years of sitting on a shelf mine were trash. Another hiccup that took a bit of effort to track down replacements.....I have a list of things that I would do better next time.....
  12. Agreed. Although they look a bit different to my D9. They are called "headlining retaining strips "
  13. What a great bump JerseyHarold! Thoroughly enjoyed this thread! So many great stories out there. Find myself wanting to hit the like icon all the time!!
  14. Good stuff Rich. Will look carefully at this. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
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