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  1. That's a nice looking vehicle. Someone's pride and joy once and soon to be again. Like the package of radio, heater sun visor. Two tone paint looks original option too. Good pictures. Look forward to seeing your progress. 😊
  2. As in steel to replace rusted material?
  3. Not sure if this existed. Lots of techniques to use here though. Tap into the knowledge of old time body guys here or in your local community. Lots of patience needed. Start with straight chassis, body mounted on new rubbers. Work back to front of car..... Best I can offer...
  4. Yeah, that's a good looking vehicle. Hope you and the family get plenty of enjoyment out of it.
  5. Man, that car looks great!
  6. I agree with this with a proviso.....some were still exported complete. Mine was, New Zealand had no assembly industry for the mopar vehicles and they were imported complete. The serial number on the A pillar tag can be referenced in the Parts or Shop Manual provided you have the Export version of the Parts Book. Note the 'Export Division ' written on the bottom of the cover. This book has all the D8, D9 and D10 parts information and not just the USA D8 info. I like what I see in the pic. Looks in pretty good shape. More pics please. There is good advise here on how to get it up
  7. You have enough for now. Will contact you in a couple of hours. Off to milk the cows........
  8. Your DP6..... engine number means it is the Plymouth P6 series of motor. When used for the Dodge D9 they stamped a D in front. I have a 38 D9 Dodge sedan with original motor stamped similarly. This will be an export model Dodge with all Dodge trim based on the smaller Plymouth body and engine. Look forward to seeing the pictures.
  9. Welcome aboard. As a fellow 38 owner, I look forward to seeing some pictures and hearing about your vehicle's story. This is a good community to be a part of, no matter where you are in the world.
  10. **** you know a lot of stuff Andy.😄 Looked in a few model shops over the years but never absorbed that much detail. Happy new year from over the ditch!
  11. Welcome. I found by sending that picture to yourself it converts it to smaller file. Then save said picture(s) and you can attach them via add files prompt from your downloaded files in your phone......if any of that makes sense.....😊
  12. Horses for courses. Wouldn't have been the first time that he has worked on the flathead and probably shows how durable the low compression sidevalve is. Would have been plenty of home mechanics back in the day doing some similar refurbs to keep the wheels on the road. Good to see another old car guy sharing his stuff. Flip flops crack me up!
  13. Nick. Not sure if this is any help but...... Although my vehicle is 1938, all the late 30s through to late 40s mopars had the same or very similar rubber cowl grommets and their metal surrounds. Even right and left hand drive vehicles were the same. So my wiring is nearly identical to keithb7s 38 Plymouth. All these late 30s and 40s mopars have the loom exiting the interior das through the same rubber grommet in roughly the same position before going to the starter and other destinations. See my first pic. As far as behind the dash goes, each wire from each attachment point jus
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