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  1. Is supposed to be a water resistant/tolerable/handling grease.
  2. Some versions of those crank pulleys are quite lightweight. Mine was similar and sometime in the rebuild process it got bent. Yours looks like this. Some are also held together by rivets. Perhaps check this also. Straightened mine after removing and using a wooden block and hammer on a flat surface and in vice. Wasn't hard but showed how easy it was to bend also. So far so good for me but even over tightening the fan belt could recreate the problem.
  3. Ok. Thanks to you both. Will try to do something that looks fitting for the vehicle
  4. Yes. I meant the turn signals. Just interested, that's all. Going to do something on mine.
  5. Looks really good. Like the size you have chosen. Are you going to run indicators? If so , which lights will you use, front and rear?
  6. Can make a start to this answer. My 38 Shop Manual has no relay, headlights or horn in wiring diagram so is sometime after 1938.
  7. Another use for the ex ww2 Frod 4x4s. Homemade farm hedge cutter powered by the low compression v8 with an identical v8 engine solely driving the ten foot single piece cutting blade. These guys cut farm hedges all around my neck of the woods from the 1940s into the 1990s.
  8. This is as you say sniper but still problematic for me. It does the filter job and with all the curved lines is serviceable with the small cannister and dexterous hands. The negatives are the tappet access. The new filter housing is attached to the heat shield and also uses one of the front tappet cover studs/nuts to anchor to. This configuration may end up with some alteration if it improves any of these things. You guys with the left hand drive vehicles and no steering box in the mix have way more scope to address this than us downunder. Sometimes you have to make something up as best you ca
  9. My 38 D9 has the 201 engine. Was purchased new in 1938 by my grandfather and never had an exterior serviceable oil filter. So it relied on the in sump sieve/screen to maybe break up the big gluts and nothing else except an oil change. The system did work as evidenced by the fact that it got to 102,000 miles in 1982 before it had a complete rebuild. It really was worn out, blowing smoke, poor compression etc. Compared to my '97 2.8 Toyota Hilux that has at 350,000km ( over twice the mileage ) and no obvious signs of wear or performance. In an attempt to improve the oil system I have put in an
  10. That's a pretty cool story.... Great looking car. I also like your red wheels!😄
  11. Agree with all that. Imagine when they really start exploring there.......maybe they find that there are remnants of a civilization that 'f' ed up the climate, evaporated the atmosphere and made it all uninhabitable.....far fetched but maybe the end game here yet......
  12. Front clip coming together. Still got a bit of chrome yet to be done
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