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  1. Sold for $27, 650 USD! Awesome. Glad to see it bring in a respectable number. Relative to old 4 door Mopars.
  2. More future work to add to the list. My radiator nose cone is not great. This one is straight and seems good. It’ll be running it through the sandblast booth soon enough. As good priced, 1938 spare parts appear, I buy! As I progress I can see that I may have years of work in front of me. Not complaining, it's fun. At this point I get to drive between many of the repairs I tackle.
  3. That video is very well done. I enjoyed it. He sure put a ton of time and effort into that 1 horn.
  4. I have a 2 bay garage. I have 2 vintage Mopars. We all know that we often need a spare empty bay just to lay out stuff when working...So I am done unless I sell a car. Just one late bid? I am not prepared to let either of my old Mopars go! LOL.
  5. I replaced all the capacitors and tubes in my stock 1953 radio. Some out of spec resistors too., Now it works fine and I get the one AM station that is left around here. I work M-F so I tend to get out cruising on Sat and Sunday. Saturday the station plays paid infomercials all day. I get hours of why I should buy little blue pills or rogaine. No thanks. Sunday morning it broadcasts church praise services. Sunday afternoon is football or hockey games. Nothing there interests me. What old car owner, who looks after, maintains or restores his own cars is into professional sports? Not many. So yes, it is cool that I fixed my old AM radio. Was it a good use of my time and money? That's questionable. My next car is getting a Blue-tooth sound board. $10/month for Spotify gets me virtually every song over the past 100 years. Great set lists. Music that I want to hear when I am out cruising.
  6. Glad to see someone bid $10K. Hope it goes up from there. 2 more days.
  7. I might have trouble watching this one go.... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1938-desoto-4-door/
  8. Diff went back in today with a new gasket. New inner axle seals too. New axle bearings arrive in a few days. Then the axles go back in. Started making new front steel brake lines today. Then the brakes will go back together in the coming week or two. Along with outer axle dust seals. All the parts in hand. Reassembly progress should be steady over the next few weeks. I am again yearning for a test cruise. Will do that maybe after the brakes are done! Gotta get my fix.
  9. Spending my spare time these days media-blasting the rims. Doing it myself. I’m getting ready for new Coker bias tires. What does it generally cost to get 4 rims media blasted these days?
  10. @Worden18 I met an Old-Mopar guy recently who grew up in Rochester Minnesota area. Seems to be something odd going on down there.
  11. Forgot this pic. Wanted to show the beauty of the Airflow interior.
  12. I'll limit the photo uploads to those. There are plenty more pics. I think I saw about 20 old Mopars in my travels. The trip turned out kind of like an old-Mopar lover's trip to an adult Mopar Disneyland!
  13. These trucks tug at my heart strings. I hope to have one someday. Another Fargo seen here. Originally only sold in Canada if I recall. Perhaps if I were to set out and find an old Mopar truck to acquire, it might as well be a Fargo.
  14. The world looks different when you set back in on old Mopar.
  15. I think this one was a 1930 or so , if I recall. Chrysler. Pretty much original.
  16. Had a wonderful drive in this very nice mid-30's Plymouth. It seemed to run as if it was new. No problem keeping up with traffic. A great heater that was welcomed.
  17. Finally got a chance to see up-close my first Airflow. Wow. What a car. Spectacular. Any other sightings for me were ibn a museum. In a museum I could not get in and check every thing out. That was not the case here. I was over, under, and in this one! Apologies for blocking stuff out here. Just trying to be respectful and show the cars only here.
  18. The 1937 proving itself. It ran quite well. It seems like the 31,000 miles on the odometer could be accurate. It felt like it when I drove it. It has the 201 engine, which ran extremely smooth and balanced. The clutch, tranny, driveshaft and diff felt tight like new.
  19. Here we trouble-shot for a throttle dead spot. We diagnosed a fuel accelerator pump problem and found a tired, shortened spring. Once repaired, a nice country back road tour followed. A 1937 Plymouth Coupe.
  20. This week I took a few days off work. I got a free pass from my wife and I off I went, alone. I set up a little tour around my region. I visited some really good people who are true Mopar lovers. The Mopar community has been extremely good to me. I keep meeting very nice, welcoming, knowledgable, helpful people. I was welcomed into private garages at several locations. Some garages were brimming with old cars and trucks that we all love. Some people I met people in person for the first time; before only knowing them by their internet forum monikers. I had a fantastic week. I felt spoiled and enamoured with all that I saw. Car rides were had. Some others I even got to drive. I leaned over a few fenders with some friends and turned a few wrenches too. I made some great connections and new friendships. I will share some photos and a few details. However to maintain respect for privacy I will keep the info anonymous. I'll upload several photos, but it could take a few posts. So hang in there, and check back. Here I a 1955 coral pink Desoto. Sportsman trimmed. An orange, (I think 1951?) orange Fargo truck. The V8 equipped hemi, Desoto appeared all stock and so far, mostly untouched. The orange Dodge, extremely clean and still in stages of restoration.
  21. I am attempting to fill in a couple blanks here in this partial list of Mopar engine sizes. I am not 100% sure the cylinder head lengths. Can anyone confirm my posted cylinder head lengths here? Also maybe fill in a few blanks? Thanks. Keith Displacement Bore Stroke Taxble HP Compress Ratio Head Length 201.3 3 1/8 4 ⅜ 23.44 6.7:1 23 217.8 3 1/4 4 3/8 25.35 6.8:1 218.06 3 3/8 4 1/16 27.34 23 228.12 3 3/8 4 1/4 27.34 6.5:1 25 230.2 3 1/4 4 5/8 25.35 6.7:1 23 236.6 3 7/16 4 1/4 28.35 25 241.5 3 3/8 4 1/2 27.34 6.5:01 250.6 3 7/16 4 1/2 28.36 7.0:1 25 264.5 3 7/16 4 ¾ 28.36 7.0:1 25
  22. For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-Chrysler-Dodge-Passenger-Car-Parts-List-manual-catalogue-workshop-manual/303489937117?hash=item46a968eedd:g:vJIAAOSwSlVeSdcb
  23. Ebay also. Be sure not to buy the 1939 “Preliminary” version of the parts book. My understanding is they came out early and were not quite yet complete.
  24. By chance do you have a parts book so you can look up the exact part number? If you do, search that part number on Ebay.
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