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  1. We, my wife and I, tend to do mostly "Riding around in my automobile..............With no particular place to go." I am not very artistic so I don't take enough pictures. Yesterday I took this one as it sat in the driveway before we left for a "ride" so I could upload it here. Only the second picture this year. We drove around Prince Gallitzin State Park and took the long way home yesterday. Probably a 50 mile jaunt with a lot of picturesque scenery, and I didn't stop to take pics anywhere. Doh! There was a thread on here once about your car in front of..... I really enjoyed it, because it gave me a reason to take pictures. I love looking at pictures of the old cars, running, under construction, sitting, whatever condition, and I really miss Bob Drown's pictures of his and Cooper's adventures with his old Plymouth. May he rest in peace.
  2. Not solar but I also use the Genius on my 6v +grnd with good results. I also had a battery tender on my 8v +grnd that worked fine too. I have a couple 12v -grnd setups using battery tenders as well.
  3. Running 205/70-15. Original was 600-16.
  4. Hi Mack, It works well for me. Not a cure all, but it lets me cruise at 55 in an RPM zone where my engine feels happy. I don't run above 60 regardless. I am a secondary roads kind of guy. I have modern vehicles for the part of my life that requires higher speeds. Uphill speeds are about the same as, or a little better than, before but sometimes in second instead of third gear. It made my 1st and 2nd gear relevant. The fluid drive makes starts from a dead stop, even uphill, a non-issue. Not sure how it would work without fluid drive, maybe require some slippage of the clutch? I don't know. I have had higher gearing (2.90) in more modern standard shift cars and had no issues, but they were lighter and had a little more hp . I also have shorter than stock tires that I believe puts me closer to an actual 3.60 final ratio. I would love to try a 3.55 for comparison, but not enough to actually do it. LOL I will drive my car a couple hundred miles a day going nowhere but "for a ride" and like I said it works well for me. I really never consider putting the 4:11 back in now that I think about it.........As an old forum member used to tell me "This may or may not help".
  5. I like 'em all. The stock, the modified, the rodded, all of 'em. I find driving a truly fast car slowly to be very " cool" but my enjoyment with my '41 is hard to explain. I love it because it is different. I love it because of the work my dad and I did together on it. It isn't truly stock, but it isn't really modified much in my opinion. I enjoy keeping it going and driving it. I replaced the rear with a higher gear (3.27 Ford 8.8), it has a 48 Dodge 230 and fluid drive, radial tires, auxillary electric fuel pump, Optima 6 volt battery. I rewired it with a homemade harness so I didn't need my 8 volt battery anymore. I rarely upgrade anything until the existing needs attention, then I consider options. I also like doing things on the cheap when I can. I like doing my own work. I have yet to have anything professionally done on it in 30 years. I agree with the guys that say "your car, your choice". I don't judge, but I really appreciate a backyard mechanics efforts over the best that money can buy approach.
  6. I found these two pics of my uncles Chrysler Plymouth dealership from back in the 40's and 50's. What year does it appear to be from the new cars? My Dad and uncles used to talk about the "Garage" all the time. These pics surfaced a couple times in the family and this time I snagged them. I don't think I posted them here before. If I did, sorry. Mom used to laugh about taking her drivers test in a tow truck, I wonder if this was it? It was definitely a family business. I don't believe they operated it into more than the mid to late 50's at most. As a kid we used to find all kinds of stuff in the attic of my grand-paps garage and he would say "just old junk from the garage". Man would I like to have that junk now!
  7. Here is what I found on another forum. Back in the day they would switch material on the stationary and moving contacts depending on the polarity. I think they would be interchangeable as far as functionality but service life should be longer on one with correct polarity. "QUALITY mechanical voltage regulators from years ago were often polarity-sensitive, but with the "one size fits all cheaply-made reproductions" probably not so likely anymore, unless specifically noted by the manufacturer. What makes a quality MECHANICAL/vibrating point voltage regulator polarity-sensitive is that they used different materials for the (+) and (-) contacts that were best-suited for that specific use, for long life with minimum metal transfer and pitting. That is the only component of a traditional MECHANICAL VR that is affected by polarity, and even the style with a specific recommended polarity will work on the opposite polarity, but contact life will be shorter."
  8. Hey, Joe Lee, I do have a Motors Manual that covers my car. Never thought to look there for an explanation. Will do. Thanks...........
  9. What is the difference between a 6 volt positive ground regulator and a 6 volt negative ground regulator? I know the difference between positive and negative ground. I just can't think of the reason why the voltage regulator on these old cars would care. I plan to replace mine this spring when I go back to 6 volt from 8 volt and I came across some marked positive ground and some marked negative ground. As to why the switch back to 6 volts from 8 volts? I went to 8 volts some years ago due to some pretty poor wiring and connections. A few years ago I rewired the car and it has worked great. My 8 volt battery has gone kaput, no shame it is pretty old, so I wish to replace with a high CCA 6 volt. When I adjusted my current voltage regulator to support the 8 volt battery I remember thinking "I should probably replace this thing", but I can't remember why. I think my memory went south with the 8 volt battery.... LOL. Anyway I plan to have a new one on hand when I start to adjust the old one in case I remember when I get it open. Neither of these are the one I bought, they are just for illustrative purposes.
  10. I wonder about braking balance on front wheels. As in one braking harder than the other and causing a pull to that side. Would it require a special master cylinder to allow equal braking on both front wheels? I know most vehicles I have had the front wheels do most of the braking. I don't have the answer, just a lot of questions. I would go front - rear vs X if it were me, unless I could definitively answer some questions. Just my 2 cents..............
  11. I had the same issue. A little stress crack in the bottom of the air cleaner that leaked oil onto the head.
  12. My condolences to Don's family. I never met him in person but we conversed online a time or two. Don will missed.
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