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  1. I would love to attend, but past my bedtime. Gotta get up at 4:25am. If anyone records it I would appreciate a link to the Zoom recording. I remember following this as it appeared here on P15-D24.
  2. Worked like a charm. Took two minutes to make. Anyone else used one?
  3. Congratulations, what's the plan?
  4. Should it become aggressive, challenge it to a boxing match, Marquise de Queensbury rules. Watch his jab, but don't concern yourself with a roundabout.
  5. I can listen to almost any music. No rap though. Not music to me, reminds me of a car I once had, just before it threw a rod. Not a pleasing noise to me.
  6. Welcome, let folks know what you need and they will help if they can. Great site, enjoy.
  7. No radio in the '41. But the song that would get me in trouble back in the day when I had some fast cars is Springsteen's "Born to run" !
  8. New math? Where 50A is actually 50 x A = 200. Simply solve for A and it can be whatever you need it to be. Marketing genius or cheap stupidity? Your call.
  9. In my book having a "Don Coatney" flathead Mopar ranks right up there with having a Roush or Shelby if you are a Ford guy! Congratulations! I never met Don in person, but he left an impression in our conversations.
  10. I have a soft spot for 64 Valiants. I spent some quality time with a 64 Valiant Wagon my Dad had when I was a teenager. Trust me, they are tough cars. The push button tranny brings back memories too. Thanks for posting that. If I wanted a project I would be all over that.
  11. I've never done this so just thinking out loud. Strength, yes very important. But don't forget about stability. Sitting on the original frame, the body is very stable on the track width and wheelbase. Moving the casters to an area beneath the main body creates a shorter wheelbase and possibly track width as well. Make sure, especially when rolling around that it isn't tipsy. Think engine stand, rolling around is fine but avoid quick stops and sharp turns.
  12. Same here. Until I opened this thread( top one) I couldn't open any others. Android phone using Chrome.
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