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  1. I use a mixture of Stabil and Seafoam in my classic, and other engines that don't run often. I use the recommended amount of Stabil and about half the recommendation of Seafoam. I had a Yamaha four cylinder that was extremely fussy about sitting over winter with fuel in the carbs. After the afore mentioned mix, I never had any more issues so I started using it in everything that sits seasonally. So far so good. I also keep tanks full when they sit for long periods.
  2. Nice work. Are the Edelbrock carbs similar to the old Carter AFB and AVS carbs? They look kinda similar. I always liked the simplicity of the Carter carburetors.
  3. I had a 1970 International pickup truck back in about 1979. It was a short bed, 4x4, 304 V8, with three in the tree manual transmission. That truck had over 200K miles on it. It had been a shop truck/parts runner for a local strip mine company. It burned some oil but always ran good. It would bind up shift linkage now and then and I carried a 32 ounce ball peen hammer I could smack the linkage with when it did it. Worst part of the truck was putting fuel in it. It fueled from the front fender just ahead of the door and you had to fuel it s-l-o-w-l-y! Impressively it wasn't a rust bucket, which most Cornbinders of the era were. I attributed that to the inches of dried mud caked under under it from its strip mine days. Traded it in on a Plymouth Trail Duster because I needed more interior space.
  4. I spent some time in old Scouts in my teen years. Not fast machines, but they would climb about anything. My cousin had both a wagon type and the pickup style. We called the pickup "Bucket a day", because you could haul about a bucket full of coal or ashes a day in that tiny bed. I'll be watching your progress intently.
  5. I like this type for small screws. https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tnpla/75219576?&cid=ppc-google-____516119521412_c_&mkwid=|dc&pcrid=516119521412&rd=k&product_id=75219576&pgrid=120506394639&ptaid=pla-296274828640&gclid=CjwKCAiAz--OBhBIEiwAG1rIOttg67F4UjHI6DvZyxWbh5lDlrJ-NW0RlBV_vmm8fCCkE9Y_jZD4MBoC9QkQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. The first link works good for me in Chrome. The second link works in Chrome also, but I only get audio.
  7. I use Shell Rotella-T 15-40. Reasonably priced locally. I agree any oil you choose will suffice. Before my internal inspection I ran non-detergant 30w. Engine wasn't sludged up so switched to detergent.
  8. In my experience that is fairly common, although not often obvious. Glad you found it and made it right.
  9. UNEF thread, 7/8-20 is my guess. A Google search of 7/8-20 plug will show some possible options.
  10. Last winter I was working on carburetor linkage, on the car, and lost a little E-Clip. Swore I saw it hit the floor. I hunted for it all day, finally got another and moved on. Yesterday I was removing the right front bumper bracket and noticed something on the floor. Sure enough it was the E-Clip I lost last winter. It couldn't have been on the floor, in that spot, all year long. I have swept and even vacuumed in that area multiple times since I lost it. Must have been somewhere on the car and it fell off. Hard to believe it hung on until now. I guess that is how they got the name "Jesus Clip".
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words!
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