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  1. I heard he worked it out with his slide rule.
  2. A lady pulled into an auto repair garage and declared that there was a weird noise coming from her rear end. The mechanic said he could put it up on the hoist and have a look at it.
  3. I've got a posting here sometime back. I had trouble getting the pins back in to the door handles and window cranks, because of the spring-loaded escutcheons. So I found a brass hobby tubing the right diameter, to use as pins, and short nail lengths that would fit insidethe tubing and support it. I would use a nail to pin the handle in place, pushing back the escutcheon. Then I would slide a short length of tubing into the handle or crank. Then I would remove the nail and insert the short length of nail into the tubing. Works slick.
  4. Nice ambidextrous instrument panel. Swap out the speaker for the instrument cluster, modify the dashboard for the ignition switch and the shifting lever, and good to go. Fascinating how an auto manufacturer, or a car body firm, would adapt for changing LH to RH drive, or vice-versa.
  5. For the right side mirror, I fabricated a clip to fit over the top of the window frame. Since the photo, I painted the clip to match the frame. Not elegant, but it works, and it doesn't interfere with the vent window. .
  6. In the event of a national emergency (like incoming atomic bombers or missles) tune to 640 or 1240 on your radio dial. Civil Defense was the program to cope with such emergencies, an outgrowth of World War II programs. Duck and cover.
  7. Sitting in the car with the instrument lights glowing is good therapy. Also listening to the clock ticking and periodically thumping its rewind. Nostalgia. Sitting in my Dad's car, lulled by the soft ticking.
  8. "Autronic Eye". GM fancy word, like "Panaramic windshield". I looked it up.
  9. The disgronificator. Or if not that, an electric eye to dim the headlights.
  10. There was a rubber insulation over the wires back then, but it needed the protection of the fabric covering. Insulation has improved vastly since.
  11. Somehow I bent the front fender molding on my 47 DeSoto- probably drove too close to the garage door frame and snagged the trim. I shaped a wood form to the contour of the fender, and gently formed the s.s. trim to the contour. Rubber-faced hammer? Bent it past the contour, to allow for spring-back? Good enough by the time I finished. (Oh, by the way,I learned a trick for re-sizing the photos - I attached the first photo inside the post, and double-clicked on the photo. A box came up. I changed the 900 size to 450, and made the alignment "left". I attached and re-sized the second photo, and made the alignment "none".)
  12. 2003, after the National DeSoto Convention in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
  13. I had my parking brake relined at a local shop that served the trucking and fork-lift industries. There is something about not getting the new lining too thick.
  14. Here's a floor-mounted seat belt retractor. I had to cut back the rubber sill for the rear door, to anchor the retractor to the floor. The belt covered the hand grip and coach light, so I made a steel bar extender for the top mount. Not ideal. I could have located the retractor forward of the B post, if I had thought of it, but that would interfere with the seldom-used feature of getting to the back seat from the front door. like a coupe. (The post-war DeSoto Suburbans had coupe-style front and middle seats. )
  15. We are to assume that the 6 to 8 persons are painters? OK what's the point?
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