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  1. P.S. I modified the steering column, below the shifting area. I kept the steering wheel and shifting mechanism intact. I added a brush contact in the column jacket, to keep the horn ring functioning. Good luck, petermilo1, we're all counting on you.
  2. Hey, that's me! I kept all the suspension stuff. I seriously modified the steering column , and installed a GM steering box instead of the manual box. Then I just had to find a place for the power steering pump, and figure out how to add a belt. It's working fine, with with some subsequent modifications. First, I added tubing at the bolts through the frame , to keep the gearbox from collapsing one or the other side of the frame rail. Then I found out that the box was pushing in one side of the frame while pushing out the other, inboard or outboard, depending of the direction the wheel was turned. I added 1/4-inch plate stiffeners, inboard and outboard, to transfer the forces to the top and bottom of the frame channel. OK so far.
  3. Years ago, I made a window guide spring from a binder clip. Broken spring in the middle. The safety pin was too small.
  4. I vaguely remember something about one-wire alternators discharging Optima batteries. Was it James Douglas who wrote about it?
  5. Andy,, we're sending you some snow, but it'll take 4 to 6 months to get there.
  6. photos, right side of latching mechanism, and left side.
  7. It seems often that we use money to fill a hole.
  8. Several years ago, a GM engineer found a DeSoto hubcap by the road, and reported the find to a co-worker who was an active DeSoto owner. The DeSoto guy noticed an ad in the club magazine by a poor soul who had lost his hubcap on the way to the DeSoto convention. Subsequently, I was reunited with my hubcap, which I found most useful. I gave the club member a DeSoto mug for himself, and another one to convey to his fellow employee.
  9. Someone rigged up 50's Caddy with a spare tire that dropped down from the trunk, for a side-to-side maneuver. I don't think they sold many.
  10. Ii cut up an old blanket to make fender blankets. Magnets don't keep the blankets from sliding. Binder clips work well, like Sam Buchanan's photo above.
  11. One side bar- My 47 DeSoto was wired to ground the starter solenoid through the field of the generator. That way, when the engine was running, the back current in the generator would not provide a suitable ground for engaging the starter, thus keeping the dummy behind the wheel from trying to engage the starter when the engine was running. When I installed my alternator, I grounded the wire that ran from the starter solenoid to the generator. Fine, except that it no longer protected the starter from operator error. This may not be a big problem, but one solution is to install an oil pressure switch, with a normally-on contact that turns off when the engine is running. (l installed such a switch to keep the electric fuel pump from running on if the engine stalls. I push a separate momentary contact switch to run the electric pump for priming the caerburetor.)
  12. Were there two series of 42 Canadian Dodges? One sharing the Plymouth body and one sharing the Chrysler and DeSoto body?
  13. I wound up installing a stud instead of a bolt, as the fastener in question. Thread sealer on the stud. Then a lock washer and nut to secure the water pump. Then the arm that secures the top of the generator (or alternator). Then a nut, installed loosely, to allow the arm to pivot when tightening the fan belt. . Then a cotter pin through a hole drilled in the stud, to keep the loose nut from backing off. This allows adjusting the fan belt without disturbing the water pump fastener.
  14. Can anyone really wed an overdrive to a semi-automatic transmission? Our long-wheelbase sedan has an extra chunk of driveshaft which would make room for a separate overdrive. And then the old Fords offered a two-speed differential. I think a few years ago James Douglas looked into adding an overdrive to a semi-automatic transmission, but the cost was prohibitive. He's planning on putting an automatic transmission in his black beast. In my DeSoto with the semi-automatic transmission, i can feel the upshift at 30 mph, plus or minus. When i get up to 45 mph or so, I expect to feel another upshift, but it's not there. High revs at highway speed. I just have to get used to it. I could put a numerically lower geared rear end, which would help at highway speeds, but that would hurt the already limp acceleration. For the few highway-speed excursions I make, I'll live with what I have. But that does not stop the imagining and dreaming. (Per Recognitions and Remembrances, R.I.P., big Don)
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