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  1. I think i found some in Canada! im hoping for the best! it is expensive though!!!
  2. thats what im going to do! i hope it works out for me!
  3. dave at restoration doesnt have it and i cant find anyone else that does! help!
  4. happy for you! im glad you didnt give up! got here really late!
  5. im here to see the progress too! very interesting1 and Rockwood your car rocks!
  6. ben watching this one for a few years now. i call it my lets see who is coming to the p15-d24 forum before they get here!
  7. problem. roberts, Andy Bernabaum, Rubbersteele dont have them...Argh! does anyone know someone else that carries rubber for our Mopars?????
  8. I ordered one of those c5 trunk poppers. it looks like a simple and efective way to do it and it was only 20 dollars so why not!
  9. its beem like that for a little while. they have tons of stuff that says: fits______ blah blah blah. What I do now, is narrow my searches to exactly what im looking for! it Helps a little...
  10. i am looking for the rubber to install my rear window. I know my old rubber had the chrome locking lip so i can put my trim back on it I see Rubber Steele has some under 1953 Desoto Part number # 70-2196-52. Does anyone know if im on the right track? or I might just call Andy Bernabaum tomorrow and see if he has some! (I think he does) I was just looking for a good price and something that will work! thanks for your input in advance!
  11. I think when people install door popper there is a little spring loadedunger with a pin in the middle that pushes the door open. I will look into it more ASAP!
  12. I have been pondering this same question! I was thinking maybe a spring thingy that can pop it out or something similar. I had use something similar at work. and it kinda seemed like a good Idea. It was a hydraulic cushion plunger. and if adjust at a higher pressure...It will lift up to a few inches. Im on the hunt for something that might work!
  13. thanks for sharing! It makes sense but It had never cross my mind!
  14. ouch! that engine was done! glad you got it out! Fernando will be running back on the road in no time!
  15. I just found this thread! major congrats!!!
  16. what is that on the ground????? Looks like it will be a while til you paint it! but on the mean time plan and get all the things lined up!
  17. There is plenty of info on this forum about the SEMI-AUTOMATIC transmissions. the have several names like tip-toe shift, Hydrive and many others. there is also the allpar website that is always a great help! but first i would suggest you post on the regular forum rather than on the technical archives.
  18. thats awesome! keep us posted! that will be my dream build right there!
  19. why dont you put a 6 volt generator from a desoto with the power steering pump that goes piggyback on the back of the generator and then get a power steering box from the same car. . . that might be easier i think!
  20. that looks waaay cool! i like it in Yellow better!
  21. stock shocks are fine. I have a 3 inch drop and im still running stock ones.
  22. YUP! thats the spot! loved that place! I use to go all the way up to EL Mercado Negro in Ensenada too.
  23. welcome to the best little mopar forum on earth! awesome thermostat idea! and I would keep my ear open in regards to the transmission shifter you made! awesome stuff!
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