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  1. got mi headlights working. got all lights working except the brake lights...but hey! im not complaining! the guy behind me while Im driving will! (i will get that done ASAP!) im finishing up all the wiring that i had ran away for over 10 months!!!! its time to button it all up! I got my door panels too...just gonna finish my window interior mouldings (window sills) so i can install it all...
  2. post a picture of the engine...lots of forum members have perk up the flattie with dual carbs and dual exhaust!
  3. nice ride man! keep at it! hope you get that smoke fixed...Im glad you want to keep that original running gear. it sure is cool!!!
  4. NICE! post more pictures!!!! I want to see the whole car!
  5. welcome aboard! nice looking ride! even the donor car looks solid! i have a feeling you are in the left coast. maybe even in california! welcome aboard...
  6. LOL! ED! lets not remember tohse cars! LOL! I was broke kid then...now im just older and still broke!
  7. WOW great stories!!! I belive the pants race was even from where I can tell..so you both win the high water pants marathon! I love these stories..I feel real bad my first car is a 73 VW and i have no intentions in ever finding it!
  8. Sure did! Drop your name like a business card!
  9. I'm buying the parts from George Ashe. He has them avail! Thanks Don!
  10. Thank you Don! I will give George a call today!
  11. now im looking for the parts to make my own safety switch! do you know where i can find some???I think i need to call old daddy or RUSTYHOPE
  12. Does Anyone here have an Idea where i can find the two components that make the M6 safety switch? I am looking for a 6V 30 amp auto reset breaker switch and one 20 ohms 6V resistor ( I dont know the wattage) any help is greatly appreciated it! thank you in advance!
  13. I think Im going with the 6v parts and just use a voltage reducer...i was wondering anyone else here running an M6 in this forum????
  14. I inbox a HAMB member and this is what he recommends... "I don't know anyone who has converted this trans to work on 12 volts. If it was my car I would take a center tap off the battery and use that as a source of 6 volt power for the transmission controls and anything else 6 volt. The resistor has a certain resistance, I don't remember exactly what it is but you need to have the same resistance. Unless the balast resistor just happens to have the same resistance you will need to buy one of the right value from an electronics shop. Also, I have no idea what the value would be if you change to 12 volts. It might be possible to figure all this out and make it work but why not just use 6 volts?" (I think this is the route that Im leaning right now)
  15. so Im working on my 1953 desoto and the safety switch is missing. while doing some research i learn that the safety switch is just a breaker and cement resistor. so i bought a 12V breaker and one 12v resistor that will fit in to the original housing...and I was thinking..OH crap! the originals are 6V positive ground....so question is would I be able to run my parts as bought and just add a voltage reducer (12 volts to 6 volts) to the transmission governor or should I buy 6 volts components and just install the voltage reducer from the batter (12 volts) to the breaker.... .............and question number 2. do I make sense on my nonsense question??? please help. thank you!
  16. beautiful color! great body lines!!
  17. Those look perfect! I can make them work.they seem just like my originals! Thank you very much! I will inbox you! Thanks!
  18. There is some for $40-60 bucks each mostly back east but pretty junky for the price!
  19. Thanks Amigo Frankie-O! I looking for some right now. I just don't eat to pay too much. So I'm looking for all pricing avail.
  20. i have found a few..they all seem expensive to me as i will have to re-upholster them and make them fit. Maybe im too cheap!
  21. I need to get me at least two front ones...i hear they are the same on dodge, plymouth and desoto... does anyone have any for sale? I know this is not the for sale sign but my door panels are getting done and it will be nice to get them done at the same time!
  22. Yes they are! Great eye! I wanted them for the Desoto. The crowns are a bit rusty but I dig them anyways! They look good in the car. Everything is red and black.
  23. thats a cool Desoto! same bumper too...man i love these bumpers. a kid just ask me where did i get me merc car....i had to school him on MOPAR.
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