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  1. sounds like you got it under control! and knowing you...you are always up for a challenge! I got the welding done as much as I can right now. the rest is just cosmetic. im going to start on the bodywork to make it all blend it so i can primer it.
  2. I hear ya. thanks for the Advice. i have hit a small bump in the road. i need extra window moldings to use as parts to finish my window moldings. but NO worries I will look for those on ebay as its not a necessity right now. The 53 desoto looks like a car now.
  3. Thank you Rodney! I have a new outlook for this coming year. The welding metal work is almost done. this coming year i will finish it all! All the structural welding is done. I will post some pictures this weekend. this coming month I will get the engine work done along with the wiring so i can turn it on. next the exhaust and the glass. Thats as far as I have planned ahead!
  4. I start it all and never finish anything...when it becomes hard for me I just move onto another section of work. After all there is plenty to choose from. I'm almost done with the electrical. Almost done with the engine work. Almost done with the welding etc. Etc. I need to stay focus and finish one thing at a time like Tim says and Frankie good to hear you are chilling homeboy!
  5. well i have been sitting around too long on my desoto! i need a kick on the butt! so all you fellas line up and kick away!!!. . . Im getting my butt in line and Im gona work on my desoto again this up and coming year. but thats not all! Im starting this weekend! how is that for commitment! i will be bugging all of you! (beware!) on a happier note..Hows everyone doing today?!
  6. iagree1 I have also seen the new evolv set from craftsman i believe and they were really thin as well. now to work up the grind angle and you should be set!
  7. I bought one that was modified long time ago and it was off a 53 desoto and boy id ugly! I havent had a use for it as i went back with the column shifter. I was into a look...not necesseraly what im into now. and THEY ARE NOT COMMON for the MOPARS pre-57. they are scarce and expensive!
  8. I guess the cars are not for sale yet? i just bump into some money and you know if i dont use it the wife surely will!
  9. thank you for that info. i will do that1
  10. like the one inside the distributor? hmmm..so i do have a spare one.
  11. really! well thank you guys for the info! i removed it. and it didnt do anything... so i put it back on and left ti alone. what is it called? i kinda weant to buy me a new one. this one is all beaten up and the wire is all frayed..
  12. Its on a 51 plymouth cambridge. bottom of the line. no radio, clock or anything....but you might be on to something.. I even opened up my distributor..just to make sure i had a condensor..
  13. I got a picture for you all..this little condenser is connected to the poisitive side of my coil. i just replaced the coil and i figure i would like to find out what does this thing do and if i need it. seems like a limiter maybe? wild guess....ooh and its the little cylindrical thing piggy backed to my new coil.
  14. i had mine done by old daddy here on this board. great work fast turn around. he split my original . try contact him or another one from the board.
  15. the way you are describing it sounds like my fluid drive transmission M6. One lever has three locations and the second lever is just spring pulled with no resistance if the spring is not in place..or am i understanding you wrong? pics??
  16. mackster

    I'm back

    oh and good job on posting pictures and for not giving up!
  17. mackster

    I'm back

    I love the work you have done and the gas tank/spare tire work is PRIMO! great going!!!!
  18. sorry to hear Dennis. i dont know what else to say...
  19. dito! i remember reading about this...one GIANT tell tell sign about this spam bot is that it will send the message to alot of people at the same time...a legit message from fed-ex or ups will only be email to you and not to thirty other people at the same time!!!! just be careful. bTW I have been getting this types of messages from DHL!
  20. sorry to hear of your troubles, but im glad to hear you are ok. hang in there buddy! im glad you and your family are ok. everything else can be replaced.
  21. what are the odds of this???? perfect timing! thnx Tim for the heads up!
  22. welcome tothe forum Mick! VIVA MOTHER MOPAR!
  23. i got a great set of metal port-a-wall for 16 ich wheels! i hope to get four 16 inch plymouth wheels so I can use them!!!
  24. looks perfect! thanks for the pictures! thats what i want!
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