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  1. its not chrome paint. i did lots of reading about chrome paint and found out there is no good chrome paint right now in the market. so I opted for silver paint. its shiny as much as aluminum. so not really shiny but it does the work. the rest of the car isnt much shinier anyways...
  2. thank you! in this pictures I had a few teeth on the wrong slots...i still do. but at least they are in... im happy to have them in there.
  3. Bob! thank you for your help. Im working on this again this weekend. I have figure out some crazy set up but it seems like its gonna work just fine...thank you for your pictures! they are helping me alot!
  4. wellIm still plucking away..its going good! I opted for painting the grill and two coats of clear later I like it! nothing like chrome of course but for a poor boy from SOcal. this will do til the end of the build!
  5. nice score! I think I have a transmission lil booklet...i will look for it...
  6. I found them!!! my contact is Jan Bogert. he is liquidating a huge lot he has and has them cheaper than any other place i could find! Jan Bogert: janbogert@gmail.com i met him thru the hamb forum. he is from PA. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/s...d.php?t=752298 __________________
  7. I just got mine from Jan Bogert. he is liquidating a huge lot he has and has them cheaper than any other place i could find! Jan Bogert: janbogert@gmail.com i met him thru the hamb forum. he is from PA. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=752298
  8. Hello Fellas! I am looking for a few measurements of the Front Vent Windows I am looking for the longest width measurement and the tallest measurement..I will greatly appreciate it. i believe i can make this window fit my new set up on my chopped desoto! thank you all!
  9. thank you guys! i think i will give them a call monday.
  10. thank you sunset dart. i will! what do you think i should call that part? im thinking i might be asking for the wrong name....I called it door weather strip interior and exterior. :S
  11. Ok last time i posted i did not have a picture and it turned into a guessing game to wha t iwas talking about! anyways now i like to show you i have window the fuzzy channels and my glass goes up and down like a champ. but i need the rubber/felt that goes between the glass and the door panel inside and outside. I have been using duck tape to keep water and dirt out. but i need the right stuff or at least something that will work! do you know where i can get it??/
  12. I have nothing! just glass...I dont know where all the fuzzies went! I believe the previous owner removed it all when he was working on it. i need the fussies and the vent rubber too! but asince im chopped 3 inches...i will have to finish the small vent windows. i did not wanted to go with the one piece glass look on this car.
  13. I got all new glass all around. got my front windshield and back window in. got all my for roll down side flat glass in. I dont really wash the car right now because if I hose it all the water will go into the car. I am looking for the window seals to make it rain proof. Has anyone hear gotten anything new?? Im sure it will probably have to be after market as My car is a 1953 DESOTO. i would appreciate it if you can point me up the right direction....thank you!
  14. do it! seems like a great price for this time! economy and all...I would sell!
  15. its moving along great! keep up the good pace!
  16. Shoot me a address I will send you the one I got from eBay. Maybe you can put it to good use.
  17. OUCH! just saw this one! and im soo glad you are alright!!
  18. you guys have time and skill! I have time but no skills!
  19. let me first commend you for having good grammar and proper writing skills! you car looks good! make it safe first then, you can do more about the way it looks.....let me just add, that i wish i would have driven a 50s car when i was 17! Welcome Aboard!
  20. thats right1 i got a 251!!! i cant believe i forgot that! My Levers look a bit different but i can see how it works..Now I have a bigger problem. i have installed a master cylinder for the brakes right in the way of the second shifting rod. so I might need to install a cable so i can pull the secondary lever forward so i can shift into reverse!!! or maybe i can re-bend the existing one. it seems as if All the second rod is doind is being push up by the primary rod to cause the secondary lever to pull forward... i think i get it now! thanks Dodgebe4ya!!!
  21. mackster


    like that desoto but man, i would totally put bumpers on it!!!
  22. Gentlemen! Im begging for your input here...Im getting ready to move this beast. i got a 265 big block flathead six, power steering set up and a M6 Semi-automatic transmission on my 53 desoto. as far as i can tell all of it is stock. I have three positions on my big arm on the transmission. forward, middle and rear. if i put in on forward or rear the car moves forward. if i put in on the middle it stays put. so the middle is the neutral. the front is low speed and the rear is high speed. (i think) i have a secondary (short) arm that just has one setting and it has a spring to return it to its position. i was under the impression that the short arm while being pulled will allow the car to be in reverse. But im not really sure....any info is apreciate it!!!
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