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    I have a 47 2 door P15 and a 48 P15 4 door sedan and a 48 Chevy Pick up no more room!
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    Help!  I tried to list my car in the classified  dept.  Spent a lot of time filling out all the boxes but I couldn't figure out how to pay for it.  This is way too complicated for me.  I just want to sell my car and some parts.

    I not even sure where the answer to this will appear.

  2. thank you, gentlemen, for the very informative responses. I feel much better. At least I won't have to give the car away. Of course it would be difficult to find a worse time to sell a car. If I could figure out computers I'd put it for sale on this board. I'm getting too old. Again, for all of you who responded, thank you and be healthy d-
  3. what does that mean? what will that mean for me trying to sell my car? the car looks and runs perfect. with all that's going on I don't know if I can take much more.
  4. Don Jordan

    Old Age

    I'm afraid age has caught up with me and I need to sell my Plymouths. I don't want to give them away but I'd like to get a fair price. I've had the car about 20 years and I know I'm not going to get what I put in it out. But when I die I hate to leave it all for my wife. I started at $20,000 (seemed high) went to $17,500 (reasonable) but I'd go to $15,000 to the right gguy. I've got 20 years of parts I'd be willing to let go of. I already sold my M1 and 4wd pu. heart breakers. the list of stuff for the car goes on and on. pictures out the kazoo I will appreciate any help donlj@ix.netcom.com - then we don't have to bother the others tthanks guys, d- >/
  5. you are right Don. I'm not sure how it could happen but tomorrow I'm doing a compression check. It could be the valves. But when it runs it is so strong. At this point I rule nothing out. I'll keep you posted. d-
  6. okay this is my 3rd attempt at this: I got a new computer and key board and it does things I'm not prepared for. So let me try again: first I would like to thank all those who responded to my plea for help. Bottom line: it still doesn't run. I had the dist rebuilt. new points, condenser, rotor, cap. points set at .020 I bought a new coil. squirted gas down the carb - not so much as a sputter. took off the gas cap - nothing. checked the wires for a short - all new from Rhode Island. put a 12v jump to turn the car over faster - nothing. put a test light on #1 and while it seems weak there is a spark. I tried turning the dist one way then the other same result. I'm sure there is more I've done but it will not start. I've run out of options. when it runs it's strong. I may have to break down and take it to my local mechanic - if he'll even take it Again my thanks to everyone for their input
  7. I am reluctant to ask for help but I have exhausted all avenues of knowledge. When the car runs it's a wonderful thing to hear. I got it running, timed it. The car fired right up; like it was brand new. So I decided I'd go for a ride. Got on the street, and it made it to the first stop sign and it died; would not start. It's a story for another day but I got it in the garage. Ran every test I knew. Finally I took the distributor off the 47 and put it in the 48. It started right up. This led me to believe it could be the distributor. I sent the dist. off to be rebuilt. In the mean time I checked the coil, ignition switch - everything I could think of. Got the dist. back, put it in, the car fired right up. Problem solved. Got on the street and was motoring. It gives me such a rush; it's all worth it. Driving down an old back road toward home and it just stopped running. Still in gear not so much as a pop. Back in the garage. It will not start. There is spark to number one. The fuel pump (electric) is pumping. It's got to be a short somewhere - but where? I've done all the obvious tricks. This is way beyond my paygrade. I want to sell the car but it's difficult when it won't start. I'm thinking it might be the coil. At this point I am truly lost. I'm getting too old for this kind of grief. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas anyone can furnish. thanks
  8. I took the dist out of one car and put it in the other - nothing. I sent it off to Advance Distributor for a complete test and re build
  9. thank you for the very informative response to my post. As long as I've been doing this I keep learning new stuff. Another difference between the 2 engines is the length of the dip sticks. thanks again -
  10. I know there are those that don't always agree with me (not unusual) but here is a fact: I have a '47 and a '48 P15. I've been told they are the same. I took the distributor out of one to put it in the other and the cap, rotor were different, and the number on the plate is different. I don't know if this means anything to anyone because it still fit but I had to change the whole thing. I'll see if it works tomorrow. There are other differences as well.
  11. do you know what he got for it? I think there might be a way to send him a message but I don't know how.
  12. You'd think by my age I would be computer savvy but alas no. I don't even own a cell phone. So I'm afraid my health is forcing me out of old cars. I've got 2 P15s I'd like to sell but I can't figure out how to post them here. It keeps telling me my photos are too big. I've also got about 25 years of accumulated parts. I know they should be inventoried but I don't know that I'm ready for that just yet. Also how do I put a value on these cars? I don't expect to get the money I've put in them back - but I don't want to give them away. I'd appreciate any words of wisdom on this matter. I think I've got it on ebay - I haven't mastered Craig's List yet.
  13. I drove 400 miles in the hot sun at 55 mph. Got to the San Francisco Bay area with out so much as a burp. Spent the night. Next day I went and got gas, came to a stop light, took off in first and when I tried to go to second the gear shift went limp. Some how the linkage fell off. I drove back to where I was staying in 1st gear and came to the conclusion I'm too old for this sh*t. I rented a U Haul truck and trailer and with my tail between my legs I drove home. It was too hot and I'm too fat to crawl under the car. I figured out I just don't want to do this anymore. The car is 98% complete - I'm done. I figure I'll sell the 4 door and all the spare parts. You guys who are ace mechanics have no idea what a struggle it is to just get simple stuff done. I'm still not sure how the linkage hooks on the shifting lever. I'm not going to live that much longer anyway. I'd like to thank all the "master wrenches" who were patient with me and helped me through the trying times. I think I'm just going to try to relax and shed stress.
  14. well it's only taken about 15 years to finally get my P 15 complete. I should know this but alas I don't so I'll ask one more silly question: Now that my car is complete I have large quantities of spare parts. I'd like to give people here first crack but I'm not sure how. I looked and it said something about e bay. I haven't listed anything on e bay. Do I have to list on them first? There was a sale forum but I can't seem to find it. I've got a lot of cool stuff that people will just throw away when I'm gone. Stainless steel, buttons, fined valve covers - too much to list. I guess I'll have to make a list.
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