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  1. Hello all, I am not one to normally do this, but I do not have social media. I only belong to a handful of web forums and sites. But my daughter was just diagnosed with some medical issues. Her mother and I started a Gofundme page. I am not asking for donations, I am simply asking that you share our story on your social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) if you have them. We appreciate it all. Below is a link.. https://www.gofundme.com/pailis-medical-bills-conference PS... my car is for sale in the classifieds to help with these issues.. Thank you.
  2. Thanks Don. It now states our location.
  3. Casper, We are located in east central Indiana. Just north of Indy. Where abouts? He doesn't have a problem with running after things.
  4. My father-in-law just purchased a Plymouth 48 coupe. Where is the best place to get floor pans from the internet? Thanks.
  5. Yes. I believe this is the cause and cure. I thought I had more gas in the tank, but obviously I didn't. I am going to drive it to the station and fill her up. Also, Mystery Oil is not an oil. It is like sea foam as an additive.
  6. I was told by a few others that this same oil stopped some smoking from other older cars. A guy put it in an old VW Bug, old truck, and an old show/parage go cart to stop smoking and worked in all. We shall see about the Plymouth.
  7. I put GTX 10-40w in the car yesterday when changing it.
  8. Hey all. I just changed the oil in my P15 to Castro GTX high mileage, but prior to changing I put a bit of mystery oil in oil and gas. Now the car is smoking like crazy. I have a wedding to chauffeur this weekend and don't have time to do any major fixes. I know I may need to get it hot n drive it a few days to maybe burn it off. Anyone have any suggestions to anything? Engine honey or something? Thanks.
  9. The car does not want to start when hot. It takes a while to cool down or you have to have someone push you. I feel it would turn over quicker and easier if it was 12V.
  10. OK ALL, I was asked to chaufuer my cousin for her wedding with my '48 Plymouth next June. I am looking to make it a little more reliable as to all the stopping and going. I do not want to ruine her "big" day! I am looking for help on converting the 6V to 12V? Also, how do I rebuilt the generator to be 12V instead of running an alternator? Thanks.
  11. Well, I was at the Duck Tail Run with my family all weekend for the show. We all had our cars out there and I had my purdy '48 Plymouth SD parked in place. I was talking to my FAther-in-Law when a guy kept looking over my car, so I go over to him and talk to him. He states he has something for me and walks me to his '41 Plymouth Custom. He reaches in and gives me a set of glass blue dot tail lights. I ask the guy how much he wants for them and told me nothings, he just wants to see a young guy appreciate them. Just wanted to say thank you again. There are still nice people out there that arent in it for the greed. So I will be trying to pay it forward if not by material things, but by actions. Thanks again.
  12. Well, actually I got home from work looked under the car and there was gas in the bowl. So I tried to start it up and it did. It ran fine. I am wondering if since I forgot and left the choke out that it may have flooded it or something? But runs fine now. Thanks all.
  13. I have been going to Gas City, IN for DuckTail Run for many many years now. But I only live a few miles down the road and extended family runs the show. It is a great time. TONS of cars this year and swap meet. Had the Ole'48 parked there again! If you can, you need to make it to the show once. There are people that come from all over to the show. Good times.
  14. Hello all. Recently got the car out from sitting for a few months to get ready for weekend car show. Drove the car around for couple days just fine. Went this morning to take car to show and it dies on me. I figure I ran out of gas. I get gas, and poor in carb to get started. Car starts, but soon dies soon after. I tried this a few time to get the gas back to the carb, but every time, it dies after starting. I am thinking the filter maybe clogged after the bowl? I will have to check the bowl after work today to see if gas has made it to the bowl. Anyone have ideas? Thanks.
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