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  1. Thank you very much for your info B Watson!
  2. i was looking for info in this exact topic. So far i have figure out that the switch will only feed voltage to the unit. so you will need a 6 volt reducer if you plan to run the original wiper motor. I believe that the motor is two speed (unlike the new motors that are fully speed adjustable) I have also heard that this type of motors, are very interchangeable through out the years...so i hope to find a 12 volt motor so I can switch it up and use any regular switch and not have to worry about the voltage reducer. that's what I know now, if someone else knows anything more let us know!
  3. so maybe 67/68? sounds like we are zooming in to the actual year!
  4. I have seen them as early as 66 I believe in mopars..I wonder if they were made i nthe 50s in some models, after all I always notice mopar was ahead of its time!
  5. I am gonna install an original style blinker switch on my Desoto as soon as it arrives here...I am looking at the wiring and i dont see a hazrd light switch. i a m wondering if you just pull the arm up or down and that will turn it on or if there no such thing as hazard lights on old mopar...school me please!
  6. Welcome Aboard!!! Had a 51 Plymouth myself! fun times!
  7. mackster

    Thanks GK

    I hope cooper didnt change due to the forum move!
  8. I was gonna do the hidden radio unit inside a chrome tissue dispenser but now i am leaning towards an Ipod hidden in the same tissue box!
  9. I dont get messages from any threads that I started....I am following the forum so i get messages as the thread is started but not when someone post on a thread I have posted on. HELP!
  10. Yes I am! Thank you soo much MOOSE! I need this like a fat kid needs CAKE! I need to get this car on the road!!!
  11. BTW: i am just saying this so in case someone in the future needs this info. I ran the car with a 6 volt coil and 12 volt wiring and it ran fine..so I think the points and the coil should be fine with this set up..if Im wrong I have back up already! I will post progress as soon as I get an Anti-stall switch. which reminds me! does anyone have an anti stall switch for sale???
  12. i dont have an Anti-stall switch at all. i will have to find one and hope it gets here soon! here is my wiring. not color original but all wires are there per the M6 wiring schematic. most of the work is done. now i have to find (1) the Anti Stall switch and (2) the 10W transmission fluid.
  13. Im concerned about this. I will see how that plays along...however another small problem i have encountered: I dont have the anti stall on top of the carburetor. I have two screws as it shows on the picture but no actual unit. I will have to find one. Im also wondering if I can do the wiring and just use a 30 amp breaker 12dc instead of the 6 v unit that is original...... I thik the resistor should hold just fine as this will have less ohms...
  14. BTW..I got this relay along with the purchase of the parts (from the same car supposedly, but I think it is not needed for my car. BONUS PART!
  15. I have the manual. I m going thru it right now as we speak. I have come to realize i have not seen the "The anti-stall control up on top of the carb" I will look for it tomorrow on the carburetor. i have the air cleaner on it and i dont remember seeing it..but its been a while since i looked at the carb. thank you guys for the help. I will get on it tomorrow. I hope i make it alive! so my idea to ground the 6 volts to a metal screw will owrk out great I hope. or if not I will connect it to the negative leg of the 12v coil...and the reducer to the 12v + side to the coil...i think I got this!
  16. Ok. Im ready to wire my 53 Desoto's Tip Toe Transmission. I will need all the help I can get. this is happening tomorrow. I got some parts from George Ashe and I have collected other little parts. I made a new wiring kit from left over wire from the 12 conversion. It should go smooth. However....I have a few questions.... Im running on 12V negative ground. I need to use 6 volts to power up the transmission wiring and this is positive ground. I think it should be easy. (I hope!) I will get 12 volts from the coil and use a voltage reducer to step it down to 6 volts. then wire it all in and for the ground I will connect it to a screw on the Air Cleaner bracket (which is where all the connections mount to. Check out this wiring and tell me if you think It should work out... Also it shows two connections on the carburetor and i can only see one in mine. Am I missing something on my carburetor I will post pictures of it tomorrow. .... On a side note. its really easy for me to shift in all gears when the car is off...when the car is on. I cant shift at all...I have to force it to shift in gear...I will be changing the oil tomorrow. I hope this helps. I have honestly been holding this part of the build back since I have been lost for so long on this transmission that I have had ideas of removing it and changing for something stupid easy!
  17. I made it back to my post! Im beaten from all this mental workout! im happy there is a new forum. i want to learn it all soon!
  18. Really interesting! poor little car. anyways..i think you might even like the song!
  19. crazy looking engine!!! I would have never guessed it is mopar!
  20. I love it! looks great! great play on the grill...looks like it belongs there!
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