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  1. The body work on this grill it's soo much it will not be worth it for a driver car. But maybe. I will have to get prices! And Frankie...ain't that the truth! Lol!
  2. It's too crazy for me in Tijuana! And I'm Hispanic....but I won't entire out there until thongs get better. Which might be never! I use to go eat lobster and hangout by the beach. Fun times!
  3. I think I will try A & B Polishing & Chrome in Montclair California. I at least want to get a qoute for tail lights, headlights trim rings and a few pther doo dads..
  4. a long while back there was alot of talk about a chrome shop in California that was reasonable priced and fast service. i believe it was in pomona and had a Spanish named. something like bonita chrome shop or something like that...Im wondering what is everyone else using right now???? thanks for any info!
  5. thank you Ed! I cant afford to get it chromed so im thinking I might just chrome paint it! stay tuned to see if i go thru with it!
  6. Amen to that Doc! this boys are big on carne asada! about 10 pounds! LOL! we didnt have any rice or beans so it was a manly bbq meat and more meat plus salsa tortillas and guacamole!
  7. I hear ya pal! I sometimes feel guilty for all the friends in the cold areas worldwide! but then right after i just walk around in shorts and forget all about ti!
  8. the desoto grill? yeah! thats the original grill off another 53. the cooking grill was not mine!
  9. no time for cooking! we needed something that can be just cooked fro a few mins and get eaten!!! plus all the beer kept us busy!
  10. thank you! i really wanted to share with you all! this forum is my fav and I wanted to relate how much fun it was. for about 2 years i kinda let life get in the way, but now im back at this car again feeling energized to get it fully on the road soon! this year is the year! im on a mission! P.S. Carne Asada with dirty hands taste best! im sure all of you guys know that! And MoparAl! i hear ya mate! its a sin to be this warm right now! but in the summer we will pay the price! its gonna be bloody hot!
  11. my step dad helped me shoot the primer i got two trouble spots that I ended up going back on. but it looks great now! I dont know if i want to do anything else for a while on it! i will send out several pieces to the chrome shop and await for my income tax return to do some more work! thank you guys for reading. its alot easier to type and put pictures than to do all the work1 im tired. im happy and thankful for all that help1 5 people two days = one happy desoto.
  12. I was feeling pretty good at the middle of the day sat! I felt we were going fast! until the compressor gave out on us! we tryied to get it going again but it never build up enough pressure for continous use. so we went out and rented a bigger one....60 dollars and a hernia later! (those things are heavy!) The compresor was gas powered and it was louder than a train! but it worked great!
  13. some used the grinder, some sanded panels by hand and some cooked the carne asada which was the most savory meat i had in quite a while! it must have been all the dust in the air that made it taste great!!!!
  14. here are the beginning of the day sat. it was alot of work to get the body looking all in one piece again. i had done soo much little patch work here and there and everywhere it had about 6 different colors on the body!
  15. thank you guys for reading! i like the grill too! believe it or not it was a gift from a forum member here. Such a blessing to have many awesome friends here on the P15-D24 forum! In the car we worked hard to do the body work on sat and ended up too late to shoot it sat so we waited until today to shoot it. it was quite alot of work. I loved hanging out with this guys. they enjoyed cars and helping anyone out! it was a great bunch of friends!I will attached some pictures to best describe the days!
  16. I will be putting the Desoto in Primer tomorrow. it will take us a whole day. got some youngins and my step dad to give me a hand. we will sand the complete car and grind all the welds....the car has been chopped four inches in the front and three in the rear. I hope to get it moving soon but I want to finish with the body work by SUNDAY. is that crazy?!?!?! well I think I am!
  17. best wishes to you both! i know its not easy, but i hope the best and want to see you here back soon!
  18. hey fedoragent! welcome back! glue them with silicone and that will do! nice to hear from ya!
  19. I won I won! ok i need the interior done!
  20. here is a small shot of the interior.
  21. i want to get hernando on the road this year! I have a feeling this year will be the year! I just set my mind to do it!!!
  22. I am reusing the rear glass and i think it should work out ok!
  23. here are some pictures. all the structural welding is done. now it just need a few more pieces just for looks. but i cant do those right now because i dont have window mouldings to piece a new set together ...its coming along.
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