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  1. Suicide......how grim. I only like one flavor and you like many.....you are allowed your opinion and I mine.
  2. The snapped cam was the plymouth rejecting the heartbeat of America....lol.
  3. I thought he was referring to the fender only......not the "B" designation, egg on my face. Flare side is a Ford term but I get your meaning.
  4. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/prescott-valley-big-block-d50/7033750213.html
  5. You guys are right, I made the a rare joke thinking it was well done, I guess you would have to be a Medium to get it........lol.
  6. He says in the ad " 1953, last year of the B series with the big rear fenders" which of course, makes it " Rare" .........lol. I don't see any special rear fender, do you? Looks like the same fender I had on my 85 D 150...........
  7. make it too light and it will topple........glass globe gone.
  8. Ditch the chivvy stuff, paint the fenders and boards black, steel rims, peel the mini van emblem of the tailgate.......
  9. Please don't paint the oil cannister......it really does look good with the contrasting Ivory and fire plug red against the silver block. Dirty but you can see the effect.
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