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  1. Car aside, I’m more interested in his collegiate track or CC.
  2. Such progress, I can hardly believe that this thread will be three years old in July.
  3. You were thinking farther ahead than I was on that one.👍
  4. Looks good! Why so many different threads on your car when you could make one thread and cover everything like Nick.
  5. I wouldn’t use rattle can primer on a bet.........for many years I have rolled or brushed on epoxy primer with great results, I mean you are going to sand it anyway. Better coverage and less waste.
  6. Make the drive or order online........don’t do second rate work that you will regret in the future, I used to drive 60 miles round trip just to bowl in a league in Texas. I’m curious what your definition of too far is.
  7. Did you go through B double E or is that just a brown shoe school ? That ought to confuse all you civilians.......lol!
  8. Excuse my google French.....lol!
  9. That doggone google is trying to get me thrown under the bus....lol. @Marcel Backs message me I would like to know how nasty it was haha!
  10. For those of you that didn’t google the french I It is supposed to mean l don’t care for the stench of burnt 90W gear oil.....phew!
  11. I may come down and visit.......I could supervise, I have my own clipboard and everything....lol!
  12. By the way the bottom of your dist shaft is like a huge straight slot screwdriver, it only goes in two ways the right way or 180 out........there is no gear to “clock” the dizzy.
  13. It may have not been your point but it certainly was mine.
  14. Try to find the oldest locksmith in Houston.......if he ain’t bald or silver he ain’t gonna know how to work on it....lol. Seriously look up a couple of hot rod shops or customizers and see who they recommend. Then you are in tall cotton.
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