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  1. Camshaft in the deep freeze, timing gear in the oven.........
  2. Awesome work on the floors.....this picture makes me smile, but I'm sick....lol. the t shirt is pulled up, the pants pulled out and the underwear [towel around shifter] is pulled up into a wedgie....lol. As if someone under the floor board had been victimized.
  3. I don't know if I missed it while browsing your amazing [drool] collection or if you didn't say....are any of these trucks for sale? Is your last name Elder? It's not a common name out west as it is in PA where most of us started.
  4. Give him some credit Pops.......most kids can't even change a u joint at his age and look what he has accomplished so far.
  5. You are doing a fine job Nick,.....I would let you work unsupervised on my car anytime.......and I am picky
  6. Looks like a Factory Radio @Reg Evans EDIT..... Rare 2 color paint option...lol. All beds came black unless the owner asked for a 1 color truck.
  7. Nice......ditch the chevy drivetrain and replace those hideous rims and you would have the start to a awesome truck.
  8. @Todd B I was hoping that it would be a 50 year old rematch with the Vikings beating the chiefs this time.
  9. Awesome! You could haul logs, dogs or hogs in that truck!
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