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  1. No you don't just move the radiator support forward.....no hacking the firewall. Read the following article. https://www.cascadepacificplymouth.org/510westphalswap.html
  2. In the Navy we called our Aviation Ordnance men BB Stackers...lol, I was Aviation hydraulics....bubble chaser. Went to Yemen to work on A4 Sky hawks for the Egyptians as a civilian contractor during and after that time.....gotta love the tax free money when you stay out of the USA for over a year.
  3. Too many bad experiences at Oh Reallys for me to darken their door again, of course you are a couple miles away from my stores.
  4. No, no draft.... its an Airflow.
  5. You need one of these to go with that plane.
  6. Last time I had a quick meal at Del Taco [ San Diego] it quickly exited .....lol....I guess every Sailor has had a few drunk meals there.
  7. Stupid nylon gear teeth.......grrrrrrrr they jump timing so easy, and they like to shear off.
  8. Everything I said was so wrong.......1.6 liter 4 cylinder so sorry.....still loved the car.
  9. Forgot about my 81 1.5 liter 3 cylinder Rabbit.......I loved that car!
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