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  1. The weed must be awesome in Clayton.........thirteen grand for that mess?
  2. There are people that panhandle for a living.......they are the original go fund me tribe.
  3. Yes of course the phrase millennial has become kind of a catch phrase or generic term.......I prefer snowflake as my blanket statement......I had to look up who was who when.....lol. 1928 to 1945 is supposed to be the silent generation, even funnier because those people were never afraid to speak up when the feces hit the spinning device.
  4. The brand of car is truly insignificant compared to the toiling you went through to achieve your goals ........... Give me a 69 New Yorker 4 door hardtop and I would be truly amazed yet somewhat puzzled, let me strive to earn it through my own accomplishments......blood, sweat and frustrations and I am euphoric! A working man sweats, a working man dies.......A working man is forgotten before his sweat drys.
  5. Very nice! If your car did not come with turn signals you will have to pull the housings front and rear for the turn signals as it only came with a single contact socket you need dual contact sockets and bulbs to have turn signals.
  6. Nice cars......the funny quote was its a florida car so it hasn't seen the rigors of winter like snow or road salt.....lol....florida is surrounded by salt water....
  7. No flip flops, shorts, or sneakers for Gods sake!
  8. Go buy a Hemmings motor news magazine and cruise the gauge restoration venders.....you will be blown away by your options, the big box book stores usually carry them in the mag section.
  9. That was a neat magic trick.......I'll take two...lol.
  10. No more lame than a factory color, it can be dyed, seat covers or replaced....I've always lusted for a LWB 48 Windsor and it doesn't matter what the paint color outside the interior is always that ugly blue..........
  11. 3 Point hitch and the biggest bush hawg they make...........
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