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  1. Under powered and a weak tranny........I see a lot of breakdowns in the future.
  2. Some parade cars I have seen up close have an aux heater mounted under the rear floor boards and the controls are fitted to the highest heat setting to leech heat out of the dog house. Seems to work fine.
  3. You must want me to have stroke....lol....imagine that is the last thing you ever see in your life.
  4. That’s a lotta I gotta for fishing pole holders......
  5. What a wonderful example this truck is, with many many detailed pictures to prove it, I hope it makes someone very happy.
  6. If I could afford an Art Morrison chassis......discs, ifs, irs, that is my dream anyway. What I do have is a dak front end and a road runner rear end converted 11 inch drums....steers and stops nicely. The old ifs with the floaty ride is nostalgic but I live in a 500,000 population and there are no easy ways out of town for a cruise......sweaty brow, white knuckled, hunched over the wheel praying my 1947 brakes won’t fade on me.....do I miss those days? NO!
  7. @Sniperdid your onshore barracks have beer machines in them? 40 cents a can, it could be michelob or miller beer or pbr depending on what was left over at the E club.
  8. Yes indeed, I have used this many times....lol.
  9. Oh you dirty dog, LOL........what a beautiful lake what a beautiful fish. Thank you for sharing with us.
  10. Here is an even worse decision @1950 Special Deluxe........6 pack of good beer or a 24 of ice cold crappy beer.....lol.
  11. I want to see pictures of fish musky, Pike, smallies or whatever you hook!😁
  12. Route van cab and chassis, armored car body.....new to me.
  13. Still as beautiful as ever Greg. Could you post a picture of your dash from several angles? I never get tired of seeing the the base dash layout with no fancy schmancy frills.
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