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  1. Free to a good home: Transmission and related parts from a 330 56 Desoto Hemi also Steering column and gear box from my 48 Dodge.
  2. Just Googled Metro Molded Parts and they show gravel shields for 41 Desoto .
  3. I had thought about spray on product such as bed liner also. I replace the rear fenders on my 41 Chrysler with N.O.S. "running board" fenders with no gravel shield mounting holes. I did this in about 1975. I've lived this long with out gravel shield so I probably won't worry about them. If Metro Molded Parts still around, they may have them.
  4. The inner fenders and radiator core support are one unit. The fender bolts at the front to the radiator support and at the rear to the cowl and under the chrome trim and down the inside of the firewall. The inner fender also bolts to the fender along the top lip.
  5. Today Aug 31 is the first time I have been on this site in quite a while. Sorry for not responding sooner. The inner fender does not bolt to the firewall, I don't think. I don't have the car at home, I'll look at it tomorrow and jog my mind.
  6. My first love (old car speaking) .Wish I still had it. Good luck.
  7. Just had to remove dimmer switch on my 41 Chrysler which has been in storage the last 4 plus years and clean the wire terminals to get the head lights to work. While your on headlight maintenance remove the blubs and clean the sockets and grounds.
  8. My 41 Chrysler(original) runs fine with the choke about half closed.
  9. Would this condition be a cause to run with the choke about half closed?
  10. Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove this 76 year old rubber that has baked on the deck lid of my 41 Chrysler???
  11. If you're not into car shows that's ok. Just look at this event as better than V.I.P. parking and the registration fee as a donation to a good cause and not to our pockets. July 22 is the date for The Ohio Challenge Open Charity Car Show at Smith Park in Middletown, Ohio. Hope to see many old Mopars.
  12. Check the NAPA web site for a fuel pump. Got one for my 41 Chrysler from them just last fall.
  13. Thanks for the information, just what I needed.
  14. I'm wanting to replace the ignition coil on my 41 Chrysler Windsor. I have a new coil BUT of course its not like the old original one and I'm not quite sure the correct way to hook it up. Has anyone changed their old original coil with a modern type coil?
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