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  1. I had a /6 super with a 390 carb, headers, shaved head etc and it ran great in an old Dodge D100 pu. . But would like to go to a modern V6 in my P15. Plymouthy: what doner vehicle did you use for your car and did you use the rear end also. I am thinking about just buying a doner so I can use everything from it. Just want a modern reliable drivetrain for pulling one of my small vintage campers safely down the road.
  2. Make sure you get one that's vented.
  3. I was narrow by almost two inches. Thanks guys.
  4. B pillar just above hump inside steel to steel or outside. Either would be great.
  5. Mine is a 49 first series two door sedan. Same as 42 to 48.
  6. bttt Can someone please measure the side to side width for me, either id or od ?
  7. When I redid my floor panels I inadvertently welded the rear door posts too narrow. They were totally rusted out at the bottom as were the rockers and I made it too straight not realizing that the rockers had so much of a curve and the doors don't fit for beans at the bottom. I need someone to measure and tell me what the width should be. It's 46-48 two door sedan. An above the hump outside to outside measurement would be easiest for someone to do. Don't have another near me to take a look at. PS just completed redoing the front bushings and hangers on the rear axle. They were so worn the tires were rubbing in turns. Should handle better too.
  8. Three years ago I went through this in Fayetteville NC. Had a VA title with sn tag on door frame that matched. Inspector came out 3 or 4 times determined that the sn on engine and frame were the ones that should be used. Fortunately no engine change so they matched. Problem being that the NC data base does not acknowledge the few 1949 first series P-15's. Ended up using the engine/frame number. What happens if I change engines ? Due to having a title I paid nothing extra. Just normal title/registration fees.
  9. Also on the MOOG site are place we should be able to identify our sway bar bushings and tie rod ends.
  10. http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/Universal_Coil_Springs.asp This gives all the coil spring info we need if I copied this correctly.
  11. Thanks for the input. Now I'm looking for the best deal I can find. Cruise season is almost here and need to get back on the road.
  12. Don; your engine has a bit more pep than my stock 218 and I would like to keep the 3 speed for right now. PS: Love that engine work you did.
  13. Is a 355 gear too tall for a stock engine; keeping in mind I want to pull about 1800 pounds ?
  14. Thanks Robert that eases my mind a bit. My thought is to use the entire rear end as an assembly; driveshaft (modified to fit P15 trans)-diff-springs by just adding new mounts to frame. Spring location on axel would more than likely have to be moved. The Ranger does not appear to have the arch of the P15 springs therefore providing a little lowering. During install rear mounts can be reversed to use for more lowering if desired by changing length of hangers. It would seem to me that the truck springs are wider with fewer leafs than back in the day so weight carrying ability should not suffer. Any obvious flaws with my conjecture. Will try the Aerostar coils in front.
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