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  1. Im gonna attempt to adjust my clutch on the 53 desoto. it seems that when i get it in gear it gets stuck in gear. i have to fight it to go into any gear and i feel the pedal is just going down to the floor. any help or tips before i get stuck are greatly appreciated it!
  2. well here in california we have very cold col cold wind!
  3. I got it to go into reverse once and then it stop going into reverse..i figure it was the shifting rods since i had cobble up one crazy idea with an old tractor choke cable. and now i cant get it to go into reverse even though the cable pulls it with ease ..i will have to look into it some more... :/
  4. awesome! thanks for the info merle... Do you think this fluid coupling being low can cause hard shifting??
  5. on the first picture Its the top small access cover. on the second picture you can kind of read it says fill here....and on the 3 picture you can see when open what it appears to be the fluid coupling...why would it have a filler hole if it shares the same fluid as the engine???/
  6. I was going to check the fluid level on my transmission and to top it off in case that was causing my hard shifting....I can shift with ease when the car is off...when the car is on I can hardly go in gear... so I check the filler area and I notice a second filler spot. i believe its for the fluid coupling. Isn't the fluid coupling sharing the fluids from the engine?? I am not sure now... can you please help me figure it out...
  7. congrats Don Jordan! purdy car and sounds like you are almost done! this weather out here isnt helping much! it is cold!!!
  8. there is a wealth of imformation here! I am awaiting the anti-stall unit myself..i will report if i learn something this weekend..but with superbowl in the way and my dash freshly painted...its gonna be a long shot!
  9. this might help you out like Greg G mentioned.... http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Master/012B/cover.htm
  10. I have always liked his parts inventory and speedy delivery. his phone skills and personal attitude are not important to me as long as i get a fair part for a fair price!
  11. glad you got it done in this bad weather! makes me feel guilty not working on mine here in Cali!
  12. i was wondering if the have sea-foam product out there!
  13. thank you! I wish I would have made the panels. i just installed them. I like putting it all together much more than the tear down!
  14. thank you bob! I should finish them by wed at the latest!
  15. I also installed this trunk seal from MikeCo. and it was perfect! man it made the job so easy. glad i bought it! no picutres of it because it is just a seal.
  16. I sent them out to be done. I cant imagine doing them myself! looks like alot of work! got a good deal on them. i just put them back on the car. They will come out one more time once the headliner goes back in later on this year. The window garnsih will be red along with the dash and mostly everything inside is red. the outside will be black shiny black. I will run it in primer until i finsh the modifications to the body. (im almost done...)
  17. I have not. i cut them on mine and did it wrong! so im gonna re-do as soon as I find another set of originals...since I am gonna chop them i was thinking of going with an easier to find parts model that might just fit easier than the originals...but I'm not sure yet. I'm still thinking about my options...
  18. Got my interior panels installed, working on my window sills, they are in primer and will be painted this week. That's as far as i am gonna do, to run the car until summer time, when I will get the custom headliner done, along with the carpet... so here it is! dont mind the window sills not done yet. they will be done soon!
  19. post some pictures Joe if you can please!
  20. I agree with you...thats 100% true. if he is gonna run the 6v motor with his 12v system He just needs a voltage reducer..
  21. depends! I want my gauge faces redone on my 53 desoto. I want them painted red or black. i havent made up my mind yet... is this something you would do???
  22. Joe, I used 3m black on the side rubber and contact cement on the channels. The clips are great original way to hold tem in place but mine were missing or destroyed upon removal...
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