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  1. That is awesome Don! I think everything I need you already Have them now I am jealous:D
  2. There are still here in california, I just don't see why? I think a rattle can job done with passion and a little Beer goes further than Earl's, But that is just my two cents.... MKSTR!
  3. not yet, I am really trying to cath up here. thanks for the welcome (and the kid part too!) i will be brousing for the next couple of weeks trying to catch up with this forum, I have been in the "other" Forum.
  4. How about for a 1953 Desoto flat six does anybody know?
  5. I am just too eager to post here! I did like the sound of norm flat six. I am really thinking of a flow master set up, now! Hey by the way this is my first post at the new forum. I like it!
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