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  1. is that a kind of totem pole on Your dash?? Beautiful pictures in this thread! Thanks to all!
  2. Very good ideas! Thabnk You all1 I cleaned bearings and collector and replaced bushings , but was not satiafied with the improvement. I forgot the cables! Seems to be the weather to do this in sunshine one of these days! PS.: I gave one overdrive solenoid to rewind - legendary german craftmaship reqired - with complete failure! But maybe I may have to reconsider rewinding at another craftsman ! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  3. inspiring pics! Should take mine out- beautiful weather today! This is for You, beautiful Denmark! Climbings without mountains available! Kolding Harbour and E20 en route to Copenhagen, 2017 Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  4. Looking for a good powerful electrical motor. Mine is a bit tired now. My setup is not hydraulical and thus has no reservoir. It is purely mechanical with worm gear and spindle and flexible cable connecting it to the topfolding motor. Motor needs square receptor hole for square end of the flexible shaft´s braided wire core (identical to speedo cable connections) Motor is oriented horizontally, see foto attached. Foto shows diameter of approx. 3,2 Inch (~8,2 cm) and length of approx 4 1/3 Inch (~11 cm). It has the 3 wire configuration as shown. Bernbaum´s
  5. look "Horn", not steering. You find the picture i posted above.
  6. very interesting indeed! Your diagram says that it includes P23- but my P23 definitely has no coil springs inside the steering wheel. It has that disc- spring I found in my "Service Manual". May "Canada" have to do with this difference? Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  7. hallo, I couldnt´ find a picture in my "passenger Parts List 51", but the "Service manual 46-53" has this sketch. It is in the "Horn" chapter, not "Steering". Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  8. As my car has long rest periods not only in winter, I too have provided charging and curing units. All my CTEK 6V 0,8 A units failed withe the time - not beeing specified for 115 Ah batteries. Now I have stronger 6V units, but not waterproof because of cooling necessities. Therefore I let the whole assembly easily removable, held with one quick fastener (crate lock), stabilized with rubber pads under the horns and one single connector to the car. The assembly holds two 6V chargers and one 12V; plus a relay box cutting out all this from the batteries, if someone
  9. Well, the transmission is a bit heavy to be handled You laying under the car. Work is easier while standing and beeing able to hold the trans with an appropriate stand. In 2001, I had the propeller shaft installed inversely. Although beeing symmetrical, the shaft has a direction and the mechanic did not find my "front" sign. Having driven at city speeds since then, I realised vibrations only at Autobahn speed en route to the autotrain station. I had plenty of time before train departure into our holidays, so I turned the shaft on the parking ground (overall,
  10. remember that CDN engines may be longer than US!
  11. We had one dutch guy here who did these transformations with enclosed electrical Mitsubishi units. He cut the steering column and fixed the units with substantial brackets. Column gear shift could be adapted. (~4000 € then) Because of the reliability Statal technical approvements were given o.k. I bought a spare column and gear shift linkage (for rebuilding if so) and had the electrics prepared (12 V needed), but then our authorities rated this changement as not- safety- related (as e.g. disc brake conversions) and the historical car status would be cancelled. Pro
  12. well, I didn´t find again this thread while having access problems for a while... So, with much delay: thanks for the hints! I had installed a Pertronix unit (6 V, minus grounded, P 102468 /1362N6 BAG - if my records from 2008 are true-) without any problem. Problem came while starting the engine: Voltage fell under 5 V not letting the Pertronix ignite the spark plugs. In the moment letting the ignition key plus having the crank shaft still turning the engine started at last. For regular 6V electrical implant I have no solution, maybe other Pertronixes work
  13. Keith, I too think so! High pressure could let grease pass the seals! Greetings! Go
  14. hallo, here is what I have for my Plymouth P23: Your fireing order is the same. Maybe You should look at the cap/ rotor combination. For Dodge, there may be others. Good luck and good health! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
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