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  1. They did get the same big engine on 53, so i think we all agree its between 16 1/8" to 16 3/4" did you measure it from the bell?
  2. thank you rockwood! i am beginning to worry about the two lenghts! mine is a 1953 Desoto so i believe it should be a 251.
  3. thank you very much Thrashing Cows! I dont have one so im gona use one from the junkyard as long as it is long enough! thanks you! that was quick!!
  4. Please help! i am looking for the size of the dip stick for a 25 inch long block...if anyone can help me out. i will really appreciate it!
  5. welcome home smokeybear. btw..thats my cats name! great start on that car! i say you are way ahead of schedule!
  6. im going to try this one thing then! im on a roll!
  7. I hear ya bud! dont try it on any females!
  8. i had problems on and off with my starter...removed it several times and then i dropped it. i was worried it would not work at all anymore. so i re-installed it and it runs great! so maybe this theory will not work with most stuff like girlfriends, wives and kids...I just wanted to share!
  9. I suggest you post under the car side. it takes alot more traffic.
  10. im using internet exploere 8 or 9 (idont remember anymore) but it looks totally different than other versions! and now it seems to be very much like google chrome!
  11. Arthur, i was wondering if you had luck getting your starter to work. i removed mine and cleaned it all up, lubricated it with high temp grease (kinda over kill, i know!) and it work well for two days..now its back to spinning. i will remove it and send it to get rebuild! but just wondered if you found something different with yours!
  12. I like what you did Rodney! i think its the best way to go! i will do that on my other car...for the plymouth i want to stay all stock...
  13. woah! well...i dont think comparing tax returns will settle this...it might just show who should be paying people to do his work!
  14. exactly how i feel! couldnt have said it better myself! i know because i tried.
  15. well...i made up my mind. and i have put them for sale on the HAMB. but any P15-D24 forum member gets a discount! let me know if any of you are interested in this set! on a side note..i just notice that one of them, has only two lines. the others have three painted on lines..still, they look great!
  16. mackster


    :)congrats on your first ride!
  17. Good for you! i would use anything given to me as gifts! hint hint! now where are those pictures that you got!!!!!
  18. i got oversized nuts. back to the cars... i do like Regs offer. they do look different then the Lyons caps. seems like the lyons cover a wider area than the other set. good none the less....
  19. Those do look good Don! are those original steel rims chromed or newer aftermarket? do they have a deeper dish? It looks like they have the nubs for mooncaps.
  20. those are neat! i want too in my wish list!
  21. Fedoragent has first dibs on them...but what would you do if you had them? just your thoughts on them...
  22. These things are beautiful! I want to keep them! but they dont fit my 15 inch rim. I may go to 16 in rims just like fedoragent....(maybe) anyways...here are the pictures! would you go 16s if you were me? just opinions here..no problems. I will do whatever i feel like it later.
  23. I go $2.10 if you want to outbid me im ok with that!
  24. glad you like your bias, I think they look good! but i still believe the radials will look just as good and they will driver better too. but the bias vs radials is always a who cares drive what you want kinda deal. but all will have their opinions on this matter.
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