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  1. Sometimes our American sense of humor isn't fully appreciated by our neighbors in foreign countries such as Belgium etc. As Americans we like to poke a little fun at each other. If you don't believe me just post that your thinking about installing a small block Chevy in your P-15, buckle-up, buck-a-rooh.
  2. I had a similar problem with an Oregon titled vehicle. The title had the engine number for a VIN. I live in Washingon state, so I called the Wa DMV and they said the engine had to be in the car after I had just removed the rear crossmember. So I put a chain across the frame and chained the engine down took the car to the state police inspection station, showed them the stamped engine number on the block and title. I told them I wanted to change the VIN to the tag number on the driver's "A" pillar which they did. Now I have a good Wa title and will not have any issues in the future. I did this
  3. [ IMG]http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1314/4696021/23788569/411901507.jpg[/img] Here's 2 photo's to show the small led's I used for the turnsignal indicator on the dash.
  4. I used a "Swizzel" stick. You old party guy's remember those. I also drilled 2 holes one on each side of the hole of the indicator and installed a small green led bulb for my turn signals sorta like the impossible to find originals. Just a thought.....
  5. You can also buy a special epoxy that is used in freezer's and fridge's. An appliance supply has this epoxy that is used to attach copper lines to aluminum evaporators and condenser's. The first time I used it was when a tech was installing a winch on the front of a Jeep and slipped with the power drill that poked a hole in the A/C condenser. We tried the epoxy and it did the trick. Just another approach.
  6. I've used the Wesley product since 1961 on the old "Mickey Mouse" whitewalls. still use it today, not the same can of course. Good stuff. Use of tire shine will turn whitewalls yellow over time. Also use 0000 steel wool and glass cleaner on your chrome, an old detailer trick.
  7. Your waiting for me to chime in aren't you Tim! Nice try.
  8. Sounds like more fun to be had looking at wallpaper than at ships.
  9. The right ball is connected to the left ball, left ball is connected to seat track, seat track connected to the what? Sometimes I can't help myself, those are great photo's Donald Smith
  10. Here's a photo of my friend's homemade speedster with a 885 cu in Hall Scott 6 cylinder hemi head motor. I keep waiting for a guy to walk up and say my brother had one of those.
  11. Don't feel alone guy's some people think my 57 Corvette is a "Stingray".
  12. I was using my arm to signal while driving my model a before I installed the turnsignals, a young girl in the approaching lane saw my signal for a left turn and flipped me off. Guess the under 70 crowd has no idea how hand signals are suppose to work. But I'll get over it as soon as I stop laughing.
  13. I use the style in this photo. For safety I like to disconnect my battery, over the years I have seen cars catch on fire in dealerships do to wiring shorting out on manifolds etc. while left overnight. Easy to use and why not be safe than sorry.
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