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  1. congrats Bob! great looking house! adopt meeeee!!
  2. Hey Randy! Thanks! Its getting there! A lil smoky when I first turn it on! but its getting there! been sitting around for too long!!! i have to get it on the road ASAP! the headliner was cloth and the insulation was kind of like a home insulation...it was glued to the roof but since I chopped it/weld it... it kept catching fire....so I removed it all! I needed something so I can keep the interior as cool as possible since it is vinyl...kinda lazy fix until I get the headliner and insulation done.
  3. I had it running. it still running rich but its not smoking as bad as before...Im hoping to get it dialed in this weekend!! here is a little link. i hope it works!
  4. awesome videos, thanks for sharing!
  5. great for her! you should be very proud!
  6. do you mean the firing order? the firing order is 1,5,3,6,2,4 Hope this helps.
  7. congrats to all of you! including the car too!
  8. No, this ones were made by a friend around here who has an upholstery shop. it wasnt too expensive to get the seats done but now he wants an arm and a leg to do the headliner and door panels.
  9. Pay no attention to the vent wings and some of the outside mods Im still working on those! but over all im happy i have glass! I still need the rubber strips that go inside and outside of the glass to make the car water tight! and you ca nsee my seats finally inside the car!
  10. welcome to the best board for this cars! I say since Jlo is taken, sir mix alot is a dudes name...i dont know if you are cool with that, and bodonka donk might be too new for some () I say you should name her Kardashian. Huge rear end and she is fine! again welcome to the board!
  11. Larry. there is no ring or seal there. but i dont see why you couldnt remove it and expand it like you said....i would try anything that will fit to make it wider before i send it out.(like a cone or a pole slightly wider than the tube) or at least try another one first. for Example i would remove the one from your 48 and swap it to see if the other fits good. worst case scenario it will fit right!...I would also try to do a small stress relief and open it more! I hope this help you!
  12. thank you guys! its coming along...little by little! the rope trick sounds like a winner! i will remember that when its my time to paint it! The glass was a pain on the butt to cut! I broke the first one trying. then i hired a professional and he did it first try! he said its practice. he hasnt broken one winshield in a long time. my front windshield opening wasnt even. So he had to massage it to fit! but it all worked out in the end. The winshield is only about 11+ inches long...I was told its illegal to have a windshield shorter than 12 inches but i dont think many cops will bring out the measuring tape anyways! more pics tomorrow!!! its Home!
  13. one more....tomorrow i will get her home!
  14. here is one picture while i bring her home.
  15. I wanted to get the front windshield cut and fitted and the rear glass installed but I got a good deal and decided to get all the glass installed except the vent windows. My car has been chopped three inches all around. and now it has glass. I will pick it up tomorrow and then im gonna install the interior this weekend! just exited and wanted to share with you all!
  16. I bought one for my desoto. and ended up not using it. The holes were only prep for the brake and gas. there was no hole for the clutch. also It was way thinner than the orignal and it did not fit right. I ended up making a piece out of thicker metal and re-using the pieces i had. it turned out better than the pan...just my opinion. I bought it because it was cheap.
  17. looks cool1 but my little brain cant imagine how the motor, tranny and front end will connect all together1
  18. It must be the picture. it does line up properly with the outside pulley. The hose is junk! and so is the radiator. but it works until i get them replaced. It has been like that for a long time it works but it looks nasty and i agree i need to replace it but will probably do both together. i got it to start and it runs but the starter keeps engaging every four seconds. i cant get it to just crank it and uit it. i hasnt been started for over 3 years so it might be sticking i guess. I will look into that next weekend!
  19. I tried to get it started today. it cranked like a champ but never did anything but that. i dont think im getting spark. i pour some gas down the throat of the carb and if i have voltage cranking and gas then i must not have any spark.....
  20. here are some pictures....I need a radiator! but on the mean time this should work!
  21. Ok so today's task was a rather easy task that turned out to be not so fun! I replaced my belt due to the power steering set up was not level due to the belt being too short. it sat sideways....so i got a longer belt and a new V8 bracket that i cut to fit. I noticed that the radiator was much more closer than what i remembered it. i have about 1/8" clearance. well the belt could not be removed without first removing the radiator. so i did. i reset the radiator and i bolted it down with new hardware and it looks ok. I try to set the I go n try to close the hood and it hits on the radiator top. I might just removed it but im sure it help the engine to stay cool. the radiator is not the orignal. so im going to replace it with another once i get on the road! on the mean time this might just need to do.
  22. neither have I! all Desoto steering wheels were just a bare rod. I saw one on Ebay totally redone and they wanted $600 dollars! i cant swing that for a steering wheel! any who! I hope you find one in the yard for a cheap price!
  23. sounds like it! or it might even flood sometimes!!!
  24. The place Is called Dodge Truck Parts in Canada. They will order it and ship to me. About two weeks. But I can't find it anywhere else. I got front and rear rubber. So I won't have to wait another two weeks when I'm ready for the front windshield.
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