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  1. I think this will work out great!!! thanks for the info and link!
  2. Thanks hillbilly4008! I do have two lowering blocks of 2 inch tall for the desoto. I was gona stack them(4) two on each side... (in fact i did) but after stacking them...i notice 4 inches looks good, but it made something rubbed. I forgot what it was... Do you want to trade two inches for the desoto blocks made from aluminum for three inches for the plymouth???
  3. BTW..this came out of a 55 coronado.
  4. I just got this parts! im not sure what im gona do with them...but it sould keep me busy all SAT!! i might put them on my 51 plymouth or my 53 desoto.
  5. welcome back! I havebt done much while you were gone!
  6. I havent done much to it. i got a shipment of stuff this week, but we also had two deaths in the family and a short trip to the ER room. but im getting back at it this weekend! what blocks did you use and where did you get them from?
  7. mackster


    ouch. i hope you are doing ok. the car looks beat up pretty bad!
  8. thank you guys for the offers and the comments. i should have known better....but ooh well it wasnt that bad.
  9. I settled for $70 bucks. i will get a used drum..i figure someone that goes with disc brakes in the front....might be able to let a pair go for cheap!
  10. it is stripped. it wouldnt come out. they kinda over tighten it. im sure i will need a new drum.
  11. i went to the tire shop to have them rotate my tires and check the air pressure. one was low. so i told them the threads were left handed on the left. the young guy told me i know that!!!! so he tried with his impact gun and sure enough...he trashed one of my lug bolts..now im only rolling with four. the shop owner told me to find out what i need and he will pay for it. but i still ended up paying for their work. im not really mad. it just happens!
  12. I got a 53 desoto with the M6 but it has been modify alot. i will take a picture of the carb tomorrow. but it doesnt hVE THOSE CONNECTIONS. IT SEEMED THE CONTACT is mechanical. no wires going thru it.
  13. glad you are ok. sorry to see such beautiful car end up like that...thats sad.
  14. it will, if you remove the leaking plug completely. hose the inside as much as possible to remove all the debris that you may not be able to get at it again...then you put a new plug and hammer it in. but put some sealant on the new plug to make sure it seals properly. there are several thread about this welch plugs....or freeze plugs.
  15. glad to hear you are ok. hope all gets back to normal soon...
  16. Im interested in the 53 ford crestliners. ask him how much and some pictures...i can pick it up. thanks! Mack G.
  17. Great car Kevin! thanks for sharing the story wih us. keep at it!
  19. yours looks good Andy! 2 inches looks right!
  20. i want to run three inch lowering blocks on my plymouth then i will cut the front springs...im wondering if anyone is running them like that? If you have one pair to sell let me know. i much rather deal with friends than evil-bay! I got four inch blocks on the desoto but i think it will be too much for the plymouth. i feel three should be fine!
  21. this looks like you both had a blast! congrats to you both!
  22. thanks for the info Don. i did not see the C.I. info when it was posted. 265 is a big engine! wonder if it was phisically bigger? wait! its this the chrysler inline 8????
  23. Reg, mine is attached to the block. so i think it should be 16 1/4" I wasnt quiet sure because i remember draining the oil and about 7 quarts came in all at once!!!
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