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    woodworking, playing hockey, skydiving, landscaping, college hockey (GOPHERS), Vikings, Dodge trucks!
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    restored great grand dad's 1951 1 ton (FEF) now onto TODD!
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  1. not near totality.....but I got so see this!
  2. Likely not a "factory" accesory, more likely a mass produced catalog or dealer option, these aren't listed in the Accesories section of the manuals.
  3. Brad, also remember the gaps won't look as pretty as a modern....unless you prefit everything and filled and ground, you kinda end up with "best as one can do".
  4. Lived here almost 9 years and have never had an issue untill last night. Our resident Yogi decided to destroy our feathered friend feeder...kitty TV on hold till hibernation season. pic below from our local FB page, pretty sure that drive way in the pic is across the road from us a tich.
  5. My photo dump. Sadly we missed "Friend of the Show" pic. I'll update pics with the awards tomorrow. Twinsies the grand master Tim! Best Non Mopar: Katy 71 Range Rover Best Hard Working Truck: Joe Light Blue B1/B2 Best Built Truck: Dan Red C series Best Fastest Looking Truck: Brett R/T Challenger (it identifies as a truck) Best of Show: Bud Red modified B3/B4 Not shown: Friend of the Show: Nick 4x4 B1/B2 Wish you were Here: Keven B1B (sorry have the year wrong in the note, I was looking at Brent)
  6. We can chat over on sat. The pond is a movie reference.
  7. 12 valve right? i dont think he has a CAC/intercooler, in not there might be something about balance in the x over tube. Could be water pump, rad, or blockage someplace? I'll ping my direct contact at the plant to see if they have any other ideas. Bummer Ceasar isn't coming he's good people. I heard Tim has a pond, a pool is good, but a pond would be good for you....
  8. Is it time yet? Burning questions for the year: what/who is on the dash plaque will JT have any more cool camping stuff to show off will it be warm enough for the Kalifornians to wear shorts like me will Tim serenade us at the fire will it rain will I get sunburned will Zack live up to his reputation on the grill who will be the suprise guest (will there be one) who will win best of show
  9. Ah....aligning all the parts....the PITA step. Lots of ways to adjust not just the cab but the fenders and hood. I fought the cab for a while on FEF and ended up ovaling a mounting hole to get things lined up. Bear in mind most of these boys never lined up that great in the first place and you knda end up with some compromises IMO. Remember you can shift the doghouse around a bit, not just the cab. The rad support should allow some movement front/back/up/down/twist.
  10. Personally (from all the posts here) I like dogs, but just don't have the time for one. You have to be around (or someone) every so many hours. When we moved to our place we inherited Puma, the shop mouser. She's had her adventures (lost for 6 weeks after a broken carrier outside the vet's office....but we got her back..which involves the USPS phone call...long story). She's my little buddy in the shop and when she's gone, I will miss here dearly. Growing up on a farm I never got too attached to the cats as they were outside animals and could literally disappear overnight. But she has clawed her way into my heart. She's over 20 years old (we actually figure 22 from discussions with the neighbors) now and spends the majority of her day sleeping, but still needs to take a nap at the end of the day on dad while he makes sure nothing will go amiss overnight in the shop after welding, maintenance or woodworking. Hemp oil has given her a new lease on life this last year or so, the arthritis pain is kept at bay and she still plays, runs and jumps. I highly recommend this for older pets! When she's gone, I'll be alone out there, but won't find a replacement as I worry too much about yotes and eagles. I give you the engerizer bunny kitty and shop supervisor: Puma!
  11. Shift/TC boot mountings and radio hole and mounting brackets.
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