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  1. old car timing chain stretch??? under load no play, as soon as you let off the gas the chain relaxes and your timing is off. can be checked with a timing light, if the timing jumps around you have a timing chain issue. Just a thought
  2. check out Rhode Island wiring they have parts http://www.riwire.com/
  3. back up light switch should be screwed in to the transmission
  4. difference between a good paint job and a bad paint job? The good painter knows how to fix/hide his mistakes. got a run, run it to the bottom of the panel and let the run lay on the floor.
  5. on my 51 the window and the wing window share the same chanel/support. so to remove the wing window, you have to remove the widow from the regulator
  6. I used o rings for both. No leaks at this time
  7. I plan to use the same source as the Radio. It will be powered only when the key is on. factory wiring shows the radio powered from the hot side of the gas gauge
  8. I know they are part of the front end sheet metal. They are mirror images of each other, left and right side. From the under coating they should be up inside the wheel well. But for the life of me I don't remember where they go. Can't seem to get the bolt hole to match to anything
  9. I agree 100%. Mine looked like yours and the chromer made them look like new. How ever be warned, not many places still doing it and it is not cheep. I have more dollars in the chrome than any other single part of the restoration. I would like to do more but i had to draw the line somewhere.
  10. bottoms ones look like they might be window stops. to keep the glass from falling out the bottom of the tracks when the window is down
  11. another option for glass. https://www.facebook.com/autoglassics/
  12. rear end appears to be a later model mopar 8-3/4. Look at the casting number on the side, should end in 741,742, or 489.
  13. most nailpolish remover are made from an acetone base
  14. such a great feeling when you hit the stater and it comes to life for the first time. 1st rebuilt or 100 it never gets old
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