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  1. "Water glass" oldtimers quick fix for blown head gaskets and cracked blocks. As I remember mixed results were most common
  2. Changing the connecting rod or piston could have an effect on your compression ratio but will have no effect on the stroke. The only way to change the stroke is to change the crank. Typically an increase in stroke is to increases torque. A decrease in stroke is to increase RPM.
  3. Stroke is determined by the crank shaft.
  4. Front clip / dog house is the front fenders, inner fenders, hood, all the body parts in front of the firewall/windshield
  5. keith has a video on how he replaced an in the firewall coil with a standard coil at about 6:30 in to the video
  6. using this calculator https://spicerparts.com/calculators/engine-rpm-calculator 4.55 gear,30" tall tire, 1.1 gear ratio(3rd gear no overdrive), and a 55mph speed limit, your engine RPM would be 2548
  7. I'd pull the oil pan and side covers check/clean any sludge
  8. Cheyenne WY, in the mail
  9. simple answer is yes. should be as in second photo
  10. could be the eccentric on the cam is worn
  11. left and right, cant see both sides of the car at the same time. LOL
  12. quick check is a visual inspection. are battery terminal clean? are connections tight? are the cables the right gauge? most auto supply stores can do a load test on the battery and starter.
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