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  1. I was prepared for the gopher crowd again this year too....
  2. This sounded like a fuel problem to me.... Also check the check ball at the bottom of the accelerator pump well. It usually gets gummed up and/or rusty/caked with mineral fallout. Carbs need goin' through every few years no matter what.
  3. So where / how exactly am I supposed to get my grass mowing fix for this year then? 🤠 🚜 🤠 🚜
  4. Chaos is ensuing here in the bay, a "shelter in place order" just dropped today for my county. Fuggem, I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm not participating in the "rules for radicals" manufactured crisis. Who of y'all can I call to bail me out?
  5. I don't recall this massive of a shutdown and hysteria in 2009 when the swine flu broke out....and killed 12,000 people in the US. WTF. I don't mind the light traffic, though. The freeways around here have been empty all week!
  6. Nothing that a little JB weld can't fix! Maybe you could make a new chamber from a stainless dog bowl, bundt cake tin, or som'n.....
  7. Soak that sucker in a bucket of Evap-o-rust! Karp's Power Brake in Upland, CA might be able to help you out. They rebuild boosters and sleeve cylinders.
  8. I need my truck to help move! Thanks tho...come down anyway! Looking at the calendar at the end of March, moving and the BBQ might have some overlap....this is gonna get tricky.
  9. San Luis Obispo. Getting kicked out of the house in Belmont, owner is moving in. There's nowhere to go - all to expensive and substandard up here. I'm done with the bay area. Over it!
  10. I'm moving this spring but will still make it, although the drive will now be close to 250 miles! For my a$$'s sake, I might drive the big New Yorker, we'll see.... JT
  11. Wow just wow. Is there any oil in the sump? It would be interesting to pull the tappet covers and see what it looks like on the inside.
  12. Looks promising... Otherwise, for beverage containers, I would look at canned sake. The cans are small and sometimes made from steel too. There's a restaurant out here that serves what might be the perfect can... #4 below.
  13. I think photobucket went off the rails long ago, didn't it?
  14. Where did you get the reamer from? Do they still make 'em new? Years ago, the guy that sized my bushings used just a Sunnen hone. Came out great, .001"
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