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  1. Knowing the C body crowd, it would be a 'Trumptilla'...LOL
  2. Parts should be easy to come by for these Chevys.
  3. @Worden18 that Rambler is super cool, reminds me of a Willys Aero that a neighbor had years ago. Also sort of looks like a Trabant, the East German car. I like the patina (can I say that word?....haha) and it would also sure look good with a new coat of baby blue !!
  4. Bump. I secured plane fare yesterday, I'm going! See you there Ed!
  5. Once and done! At least in these cars you can see all four corners from the driver's seat.....
  6. Full size fun....nothing beats a C body!
  7. 1/2"-20 = 55-60 ft-lbs, w/ greased threads. Fine threads require less torque than coarse thread to achieve the same clamping pressure.
  8. Here's another from Tahoe that I just came across. How 'bout a boat with the name "Yeah, it's got a Hemi"?
  9. Whatever scraps are thrown into the pot. Melt it down and recycle it! Mostly Zinc, with lead, tin, aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, copper, and iron.... I read that impurities in the earlier days of zinc alloys sometimes led to "zinc pest" which is degradation of the metal by pitting, cracking, and falling apart.
  10. So it's similar to pot metal then? That doesn't sound like an acceptable material for hanging a leaf spring. Needs to be ductile iron.
  11. Sierra Boat Co. in Tahoe has got what you need.... many of these are powered by Chrysler Marine 6 and 8s! However, I only go here to check out their Flathead powered airport tug / trailer mover. Would have to sell off a part of the ranch though....
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