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  1. I'll bet that guy had some stories to tell....
  2. Nice car. I tried to watch the video but made me dizzy with all the shaking. Looks like it has "port-a-walls" though..... ugh.
  3. '61 Power Wagon on BaT... I know the owner, have seen this in person and it's perfect. Located in San Mateo, CA. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1961-dodge-power-wagon-3/
  4. The 283 in my Chevy had a Montgomery Ward rebuild tag on it. It's still going on that rebuild, I just changed gaskets and painted it, about 30 years ago....
  5. My former '73 big yellow New Yorker was called "Nanner" because it was a banana boat....
  6. We have an exact duplicate of this style of gas station right down the street from my office. Although, (sadly) it's now being used as a hipster coffee house. I guess that's better than it being razed... https://maps.app.goo.gl/k7gy9c6v21frU6CW7
  7. I've seen what @kencombs has witnessed. Such as, ".010" printed on the shells. I've never seen permanent markings on engine parts, besides the journal number, but if the crank has been ground it should have paint pen markings on one of the counter weights. Usually in the format of: R 30 M 10 meaning, rods .030" undersize, mains .010" undersize. I'm not sure if this is standard industry markings, but each machinist has their own style.
  8. Oil pan sludge can be one of the most difficult things to clean especially when mixed with tetraethyl lead deposits. Sometimes even a parts washer won't cut it. I used to use simple green quite often but switched to super clean because it's a lot more effective (yup, and caustic). Gloves definitely needed. I only use brake clean for the final rinse, it doesn't have much grease cutting abilities since it's too volatile. But works great at removing light oily residue in prep for painting.
  9. use solvent with a combo of scraping and rags to get the bulk of it. Don't need too much solvent, it will cut the sludge and grime. you don't need a tank of solvent, necessarily. Just pour some in, wipe it up, repeat.... Then you could do a final clean with water based cleaner. I recommend "Super clean" or "purple power" - way more effective than simple green.
  10. Why is this in OT? Looks like a flathead engine.... If so, the flywheel bolt heads face the engine, and nuts face the clutch. No room for nuts on the engine side. Use a solvent such as mineral spirits or gasoline to clean the sludge in the pan. Or a jet wash / hot tank if you have access to one...
  11. ROAD TRIP: You've been on quite the tour of northern TX in search of Dodge trucks... !
  12. Nice bid'ness coupe! I saw an exact one like that years ago here in California - '52 or '53. It had a V-8 too, not sure if it was a hemi or poly.
  13. Yup, between 65 and 70. When I had earplugs in, I tended to go faster, haha....
  14. "OD" as he's known, about to head out in his '93 Cummins, back to Escalon. There was also a similar or equal year truck that showed up, a dualie (no photo, unfortunately). The two owners connected, and an exchange of parts is planned in the near future. Heading back down the 101 for the return trip.... F the 5.
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