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  1. I don't know. George Asche would know and probably has the jets, if he's still in action.
  2. If you go with the Ball & Ball that was originally used on a single carb setup, you'll need to install smaller main jets.
  3. I don't have one, I think I just asked for duct hose at the counter. The Jegs link by B1B Keven above looks like a winner too. Here's something on Rock auto: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=5047071&jsn=535
  4. I would like to plug this event, scheduled for this summer. Hosted by the burgeoning group of upper Midwest / Illinois C-Body guys. For all lovers of full size Mopars, the BIG guys!
  5. I sourced a new 4" duct hose at Napa. I like it better than the original as it's more flexible and lighter. Use spring clips for a dryer duct - you can get at the hardware store.
  6. A friend of mine, Mike ("skinny mustache guy" from my weeding, sitting w/ Tim and John) said he used to fly to Australia all the time, back in the 80s, chain smoking and drinking the whole way. I'd take a handful of W U H A N virons in the fuselage over a plume of second hand smoke for 20+ hours (or however long it is). oops I meant wedding....
  7. Count me in! Due to the long haul this time I might be inclined to travel in comfort in my C body. Also because Tim is one of "those" B body guys....
  8. What exactly are "social media images"? File formats with embedded location data for government tracking? 😃 I would request the 8 x 10 negatives....lol
  9. 😳 What's all this now? She coming to the next bbq?
  10. You can put the sticker tags anywhere you like as long as they are near the plate. CA supplies the metal tabs for convenience, but not required to use those. They were too bulky for me, so I mounted mine on a separate flat aluminum plate, placed next to the license plate on the bumper. As was reportedly stated by a CHP officer once, "As long as we don't have to go hunting for them, can't imagine anyone losing sleep over it..."
  11. Good idea. That's how valve seats are usually removed from head castings as well.
  12. Not sure how this would work, but this is the machine mentioned in the supplier's instructions. Perhaps you heat it up and follow with a blow from a rivet gun.... I'd be concerned about it welding the roller or bearings to the shaft. I'm sure at the Dodge factory they cranked out several per minute.
  13. Judging by the photos of the gears in the top post, they look pretty darn good to me. Just install new bushings and seals.
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