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  1. Thank you Veemoney, your experience makes me feel better. That’s kinda what I was thinking I would do. And it makes sense to get an appraisal before you put a lot of money in the vehicle cause the most value the higher the bond.
  2. I’m not really thinking about selling the truck, I have had it for years. But I took it apart many years ago and I kind of feel that I need to get it back to together. If I do get it going, I would probably just give to a nephew in the end. But I like to pursue a title at the same time. I don’t have any bill of sale or anything like that. My older brother told me that Dad got it from the landlord of the farm in Princeton and it’s been here every since. According to the state’s web site, I need an appraisal then pay 1 1/2 time bond to get a title. I guess that’s the real problem. Where do yo
  3. Mr JBNeal, I’m think I will have to do a bonded title for the ‘49 Dodge B1B of my father. The state of Illinois will want 1 1/2 times the value of the truck to issue a title and I’m wondering how to set a price on a old truck that is completely torn apart and hasn’t been titled in 58 years. Any suggestions?
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