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  1. Here are a couple of posts I've made on my thread with pictures of the overload bumper: Overload bumper Overload bumper I can take a close up this evening as well if you want a better shot. Brad
  2. The factory helpers on my 1/2 B3B have rubber bump stops. I was lucky in that the rubber pieces were still in serviceable condition.
  3. My point was I ordered parts from his catalog over the phone for a 51 B3B and the shackle brackets were nowhere near correct. Over the years I've made many purchases from Roberts, some of the parts were correct and some were not. I ordered a pair of sun visors that were supposedly for a 51 B3B. What I received were sun visors for a 50s Chevy. They are similar but the Chevy visors are a lot longer. Maybe things have improved over the years but I've had issues with Roberts and Bernbaum's when it comes to "correct" parts for my truck. I realize there aren't a lot of Dodge parts
  4. This was back before the internet really got started, the order was over the phone.
  5. Years ago I ordered rear shackle brackets for my B3B from Roberts and they did not fit. I'm not sure what year they were for but they definitely weren't for a 51 1/2 ton. Hopefully you'll have better luck.
  6. When I got my 51 it also had the grain door fabbed into the tailgate. I looked high and low for a tailgate and finally found a good used one in Phoenix. That was 24 years ago, now I kinda wish I had hung onto the original tailgate and used it instead. Now I think they look kinda cool and help tell the story of the truck. Brad
  7. That will be one stout bed with the 2-1/4" oak!
  8. I'm surprised by the 2-1/4" thickness you're using. On the 1/2 tons I think the bed boards were in the one inch range. Did the 1-1/2 tons require boards that were so much thicker? Brad
  9. John, Any suggestions as to what size main jets should be used in a dual B&B setup? Enquiring minds need to know.....
  10. JB, now you have me wondering just what filter I have on my truck. To my eye th is looks just like the filter you've pictured in this thread. The Chrysler decal is just something I bought from one of the suppliers as that's what they were offering. So, is my filter housing the same as yours? Brad
  11. I also swapped to the Grand Cherokee rear diff and briefly considered using the GC parking brakes until I took a closer look and felt they looked like a total piece of junk. So I opted to stick with the original transmission mounted parking brake. Just my opinion of course Brad
  12. That's very similar to how I built my cart years ago. I might have had larger castors but that's about it. Progress is good
  13. Everything you wrote makes sense except for this last sentence. I didn't realize there were inclines in Texas?! 😁 Hopefully I won't have to go down this path, yet. My passenger side was still intact and back in the 90s I managed to find a truck with a good check strap retainer and I liberated it. Thanks! Brad
  14. This year would be nice but I'd really like to be able bring my truck and I'm pretty sure it won't be on the road by April. There is a lot better chance of that happening next year!
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