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  1. I've had the amazon nut on order for quite some time with no ship date given as yet. I didn't even think of checking with McMaster. I'll go ahead and order from McMaster so I can get the oil line ran. Thanks! Brad
  2. Is this the special nut being discussed?
  3. I really like that brass filter housing to carburetor adapter! I currently have PVC that I machine to fit. I just might have to find a some large brass tubing Thanks, Brad
  4. 51 1/2 ton is the same as your 1 ton.
  5. Fabrication looks good. Been there done that with the chip in the eye (twice). Quite painful.
  6. I ordered a set of those wiper refills on 5/22/2020 and they arrived yesterday 6/15/2020. They are indeed a direct rubber replacement item and look and fit great It will be a long time before my truck ever sees rain so I can't say how well they actually wipe the water away but these certainly look promising. Brad
  7. I too would be skeptical of nylon but I wonder if Delrin would be a possible alternative. It's used for bearing loads in a lot of different areas including heavy equipment. My Triumph TR6 originally used nylon bearings in various parts of the suspension. The original nylon parts had to be replaced every so often but the newer stuff seems to be pretty good. I also know racers that run Triumph sports cars use nylon and Delrin in the suspensions with great success. I'm not advocating a switch to something like Delrin but it would be interesting to know if it is a viable alternative. Brad
  8. Roland, You connect the positive terminal to the frame.
  9. I've not heard of using expandable rubber plugs in place of soft plugs. Do you have any details you could share?
  10. A while back Tinlizzy (Lee) asked me to fabricate an MC bracket for his truck. Attached are a couple of pictures of the bracket installation on his truck. One question that came up was what to do about the brake switch. For myself I am replacing the union that mounds on the frame behind the MC with a T and will mount the brake switch there. What have others done? Brad
  11. I would definitely have preferred that option.
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