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  1. Hopefully where the brake line runs from front to back there is a rubber section installed
  2. I bought a manifold bolt/stud kit from DCM Classics for about $65.
  3. Interesting, plastic escutcheons. Back in the 90s in all of my parts hunting trips I don't think I saw a plastic escutcheon either. I looked at plenty of trucks and always grabbed the ones that looked decent and they were all metal.
  4. Horn ground wire from the button on the steering column.
  5. Personally I like supporting vendors that take the time to support my truck when possible. I buy from Vic's and DCM as much as I can. So with that in mind I'd probably go with the Gilbertsons Machine Shop kit. Besides, having a product drop in or close to drop should make life a lot easier and give you more time to deal with other build issues on the truck. Looking forward to seeing which choice you make and how it works out
  6. I don't see why you would need to delete it. Glad to here the parts found a new home and thanks for taking the time to find them a home instead of taking the easy route and scrapping them.
  7. https://p15-d24.com/topic/51357-51-b3b-build-thread-after-all-these-years/?do=findComment&comment=595503
  8. Interesting. To be honest I was rather surprised at the type of damage I've seen on the steering worm gears. Instead of wear it's more like gouges in the metal. Based on your description it sounds like JB Weld would be worth trying. Probably the worst that would happen would be for the epoxy to break off and fall to the bottom of the gearbox and you'd just be back to what you had before.
  9. l don't know that JB Weld would hold up to the stress from the mating roller. There's got to be a reason why the worms wear like they do. Mine was worn the same way only worse.
  10. That groove in the worm is likely to be what's causing the catch in the steering. There's nothing wrong with putting everything back together and hoping it works but don't be surprised if the steering sucks.
  11. Bouncing this post to the top hoping someone will rescue the parts! If you didn't you might also post this on the car side of the forum. If I was closer I would take them but it's along drive from central Kentucky Good luck finding them a home.
  12. I have not seen that style of knob and switch on any B series truck.
  13. Carefully start turning the knob counter clockwise and wiggle it while you do so.
  14. Since my truck was originally black I've always wondered if the original buyer of my 51 B3B had to pay extra to have the bed painted the same color as the cab 😁
  15. If I remember correctly CHS Ricardo Cavallero had various kits available. I had to provide them make/model of the truck and also casting numbers from the steering gearbox so they were sure their parts were correct. Considering my steering wheel originally had about 1/4 turn play in it and now it doesn't have any I consider it a worth while fix Brad
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