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  1. I guess it just goes to show that it's easy to gloss over something IF you think it's right. What's even funnier is for whatever reason I was thinking mine was the only one having the two outer rings painted silver. Yet in my stash of pictures I've saved over the years I just found several model 62 heaters with the same pattern as mine. I plan on repainting if for no other reason than I won't have to look at it knowing I screwed up Here's a picture of a model 62 I've saved for reference.
  2. Maybe someone a little more knowledgeable than myself can tell me if this is a good or bad way to plumb the fuel pump. The pump is mounted with rubber isolators with both inlet and outlet hard piped to the pump.
  3. Ah d*mn, I screwed it up ☹️ If you hadn't mentioned it I probably never would have noticed! Fortunately with the glovebox not installed it will be easy to remove the cover for repainting. I wasn't happy with the silver anyway so this gives me a chance to redo Thanks for pointing out my flub! Brad
  4. The heater is centered over the fresh air opening in the firewall. The placement probably looks a little skewed due to the angle I took the picture. There is plenty of room for the defroster attachment to be installed. Here's a slightly better picture of the heater before I started refurbishing it.
  5. Here's a picture of the heater in the truck after I brought it home from Idaho. It's interesting how Dodge changed the logo painting from time to time. This is a model 62. I have a model 75 cover that has the entire round section painted silver. I forget what the cover I sent you looked like but I'm thinking the cover was all one color. Brad
  6. Thanks. The color was based off of the original as found in the truck and confirmed by the Model 75 that I bought for the heater core. The current color might be a little shinier but closely resembles the original. I would have liked to get a true color match but decided it wasn't worth the effort.
  7. That's the one I bought and used. Fit was fine although it took a little effort to bring the clamp together as I mentioned in my post. Brad
  8. I finished refurbishing and assembling the heater last night. I think I'm happy with how it came out. The heater was originally a model 62 with a 6-volt motor. Now I think it's a model 61-62-75 because it took that many different heater parts to make it whole again! The model 75 had a 12 volt motor which was handy since I am switching over to 12 volts. I left the motor wires extra long. Originally the ground connection was just connected to a screw on the heater cover and the positive wire was only about 18" long. Right now both wires are about 36" long. Actually installi
  9. I could be wrong but I thought the crank is what made the difference between a 218 and a 230. I've always assumed the 230 crank had a slightly longer throw. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong Brad
  10. Nope really your fault. You did mention vent windows and my mind converted that to corner windows! As I get older my attention to detail doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be. I'm seem to be constantly checking myself anymore just to make sure I don't screw up to often. Gettin old sucks! 22 years ago Roberts was selling the vent window rubber for $30 per side for the B3B. I thought that was expensive then but paid the price. I haven't checked lately so I don't know what inflation has done to the price. I'm afraid to look!
  11. For my B3 they were $188 for the pair. I wonder why they are more expensive for a 37? I feel your pain on deciding which company to buy from. Other than Steele I've had mixed results with rubber products. The molded windshield gasket from Roberts that I bought 20 years ago and was just installed a couple of weeks ago seemed to be just fine. The installer had no issues with it.
  12. Steele's prices are definitely steep, however quality does have a price. I just had the corner windows replaced on my 51 and the installer said they were worth every penny. It took less than 5 minutes per window for him to install them. He commented that he had replaced the corner windows on pilothouse a few years ago and he spent several hours per window trying to get them to fit. He had to shave the rubber considerably to get them to finally go in the openings.
  13. Good deal. You must have a heck of a spare parts bin!
  14. I remember back when there was a pilothouse.com. Not sure why there was a split. I have 1st and 2nd edition copies of the owners manual. The 1st edition has one wire different and the 2nd edition has two. Unfortunately they don't have dates. I would think the 1st edition would be for 1951. The 2nd edition would be for 1952 or 1953. That's my story and I'm sticking to it Brad
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