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  1. Roland, You connect the positive terminal to the frame.
  2. I've not heard of using expandable rubber plugs in place of soft plugs. Do you have any details you could share?
  3. A while back Tinlizzy (Lee) asked me to fabricate an MC bracket for his truck. Attached are a couple of pictures of the bracket installation on his truck. One question that came up was what to do about the brake switch. For myself I am replacing the union that mounds on the frame behind the MC with a T and will mount the brake switch there. What have others done? Brad
  4. I would definitely have preferred that option.
  5. I bought a couple of kits from Then and Now and it included two pins in each kit. One is just long enough to reach from side to side and the other is shorter and I believe is intended to be used with two small freeze plugs or cups as shown in the attached picture. Has anyone else had a kit with the short pin and two cups? I'm assuming the intention is to use the two cups to hold the pin in place. On the longer pin my guess is you're supposed to stake the housing so the pin can't slide out. Anyone have a preference as to which would be better? Brad
  6. I thought so at first too but it looks like the mounting plate is much longer than the one in the picture. I think Dan nailed it about being an aftermarket "upgrade".
  7. People certainly haven't changed over the years have they! Thanks!
  8. I've been googling ornaments for the last hour and haven't found one that matches. I agree the car sure appears to be a 37 Chevy. Thanks for the info. Brad
  9. I think you're right, it appears to be a 37 Chevy Sedan. The only oddity is the ornament. Was it a popular trend back in the day to swap out ornaments for something more flashy? Mecum auction Thanks!! Brad
  10. I figured I'd post this on the car side figuring I would have better luck getting an id. This is a picture of a car my mom drove in Colorado springs back around 1950-51 or so. She called it her "Chev in the Springs". My Siblings and I would really like to identify the make and model of the car. The hood ornament is fairly distinctive but I have yet to find a match for it. Thanks! Brad
  11. Todd, Your welcome. I believe the key holder is now in the right hands and I'm glad you're going to try and find a little history about it. I'm looking forward to what you might find out Brad
  12. I believe it is a 6v but I could make either work.

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