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  1. I'm beginning to get a little worried about JB. It's been 19 days since his last Route Van picture posting Did you forget your FB password? 😁
  2. On the Pilothouse Club Knowledge web page you will find links to parts manuals, service manuals and owners manuals. Brad
  3. When pushing the latch mechanism into place I had to use a little force to depress the bolt into the housing slightly before it would slide into place. The first door took a bunch of finagling before I figured that out. The other door was in and done in no time
  4. David, you nailed it It is the screw hole for the wing window.
  5. Finally started assembling the doors last night. The latch assembly is completely installed on the passenger door. I've also got the driver side installed but it's not acting quite right so I plan on pulling it back out to see what the problem might be. Two steps forward and one back
  6. Good point. I think that is right in the area of where one of the screws for the vent window would be. I'll check this evening and report back. Thanks!
  7. Only thing I can think of is maybe someone had to remove the roll up window and wanted to make sure the window run was replaced in the same location.
  8. Last night I was verifying the fit of some parts and noticed that the front window run bracket had what looked like an alignment hole. I checked the other door and no alignment hole was present. Anyone else run into this before?
  9. All the springs are fine. The window regulator and door latch mechanisms on the drivers side were pretty much shot but I managed to source a nice set from a 1950 truck that I picked from in a salvage yard.
  10. This picture covers the remainder of the components that go inside the door.
  11. New gaskets might have moved around a little bit, but there was no way the hardened rubber gaskets needed any sleeves! 😄 I wonder just how pliable the original rubber was? The new (bought in 98) gaskets from Roberts were still fairly pliable when I installed them in the frames. Not that it was an easy task but easier than I originally anticipated.
  12. What you're describing is pretty much what I figured would happen without the brass sleeves. When I was removing the old rubber gaskets the sleeves appeared to have been imbedded in the gasket. I had to break the old gasket into pieces to get the sleeves out. Of the 8 sleeves one of them was broken but fortunately I had a spare set of windows to salvage a sleeve from. Thanks!
  13. In this thread I'm going to document the assembly of my B3 doors and hopefully get some answers to a few questions that I have. I plan to build the two wing windows first, next assemble the two roll up windows and then install everything into the two doors. This first picture shows all of the components for one wing window. I meant to take this picture before I installed the rubber gaskets but forgot to The next picture shows all of the components for one roll up window assembly. In a follow on post I'll list where I got each of the pieces along with part numbers. I do have a question on the four screws holding a wing window to the door frame. While removing the rotten hard brittle rubber from the frame I found four top had style brass sleeves. They were imbedded about half way into the rubber. The rubber gaskets I bought from Roberts years ago does not have any sort of sleeves installed. My guess is when new the sleeves were on the top and when the screws were drawn into the door frame the sleeve would slowly over time sink into the rubber. Am I right or if not how the heck do you use these sleeves? More to come.....
  14. JB, thanks for the photo. It's interesting how many subtle changes there are between the B2, B3 and B4 models. I wonder why the frame member was redesigned. It looks like Plymouthy's comment about replacing the cotter pin with the spring might be what Dodge did.
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