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  1. Must have been. I've done it, my father's done it and my grandfather that sold these trucks new has done it.
  2. I have a bunch of these fittings. The lines have been cut.
  3. I've done it. Your dad was pulling your leg.
  4. That's called the "speed cup shaft". Once broken there is no fix. You need/have to replace the speed cup.
  5. Continental fork lifts used them. $200 for a rebuildable core.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tandy-Leather-Eyelets-1-4in-Nickle-cat-1287-12-New-US-Seller/254642365154?epid=1200148294&hash=item3b49de22e2:g:~2cAAOSw1tVe~lYu Paper gasket: https://dcmclassics.com/gauges-and-gauge-parts/1230-g-809-speedometer-gasket-kit-48-53-51-68-pw.html?search_query=speedometer&results=10
  7. Frame swap. Modern running gear.
  8. Yes, yes I did. Glad to help. Now take a known accurate speedo and spin it up (wide open and fresh battery) with your cordless. Make a note of the speed. Adjust the next speedo's to that speed tested the same way. Bob's your uncle.
  9. https://hagensautoparts.com/dodge - truck/9-brake/2910
  10. Set it so the needle just barely rests at zero. You may have it wound too tight.
  11. Oopps, ya Wally, sorry. No, I've never tried. Couldn't think of a way to reassemble it. I have a bunch of that style drive units if you need one.
  12. Magnets don't touch the cup. Might be bad magnets? Did you have the drill in reverse? Put the drill in the speedo you can make move by hand and see how fast it reads. My 12 volt Dewalt with a fresh battery makes a speedo spin at 45 mph.
  13. You're not spinning it fast enough. Use a broken piece of speedo cable in a drill (in reverse) to spin up the speedo. No, the bar magnet should not move separate of the drive. The bar magnet creates a magnetic field that moves the speed cup.
  14. https://dcmclassics.com/interior-parts/152-i-133-glove-box-door-return-spring-pair.html?search_query=glove+box&results=5
  15. https://dcmclassics.com/electrical/179-le-254-spark-plug-wires-original-style.html?search_query=spark+plug&results=3
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