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  1. Don't know the code but it's called Dodge truck blue.
  2. https://dcmclassics.com/dust-and-air-seals/784-rw-124-fender-welting-25-.html?search_query=fender+welting&results=2
  3. Some of the Jeep turn signal/parking trim rings will interchange with the Dodge trucks. Maybe some of the headlight rings will too? https://www.kaiserwillys.com/nsearch/?q=headlight
  4. I've got a ton of original bulb sockets.
  5. John, Enjoy the Airstream! You need to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway at some point. Keven
  6. https://hagensautoparts.com/dodge - truck/9-brake/2903
  7. Welcome! In a nutshell, yes they'll fit. '48-'52 uses the same rear fenders.
  8. '52 for the 4 speeds and the parking brake will swap over also.
  9. https://dcmclassics.com/universal-joints/268-uj-538-universal-joint-1-2-3-4-ton-cleveland-cross-type.html?search_query=u+joint&results=5 https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Mopar-Universal-Joint-1941-1968-Dodge-Truck-100-600-U-Joint-1881657-3780272/143636767407?hash=item21716b22af:g:2L8AAOSwYvJe7odO
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