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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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  1. I believe John-T-53 has brushed aluminum intakes for his dual carb set-up......maybe buzz him to share a picture? 48D
  2. CHEERS, TO A GOOD FRIEND!!! I will truly miss him. 48Dodger
  3. Its a rental unit, right? Maybe a routine maintenance deal led to a new exhaust being mounted incorrectly? Seems if it can be attached in multiple positions, that's the design flaw. After reviewing some manuals on online, seem all of them have the exhaust angled 45 or 90 degrees of the operator. 48D
  4. I'll need to see more pictures to form an honest opinion........ 48D
  5. Sight hole under the dash? Might be worth investigating it now, then later. Your 1% argument is valid, but as the build progresses, you may find it more difficult to jack the cab up (ie to many things tied up on the firewall, etc) Otherwise, things are looking good! 48D
  6. lol......after I just drove my 2012 truck over 40 hours to meet you guys....wow...just, wow. ๐Ÿ˜ 48D
  7. Estrada Motorsports 1948-50 Dodge Trucks: Rear Shackle Removal part 2/2 Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Rear Shackle Removal part 1/2 These might help. 48D
  8. Three months have passed since I posted the next BBQ......... What could I have gotten done in 3 months?????๐Ÿคจ GET ON IT!!!!! GET IT RUNNIN'!!!!! Miss you'all......๐Ÿ˜ 48D
  9. Sounds good to me...don't want someone faking my deep understanding of these old dodge trucks. 48D
  10. That appears to be a 51-53 with the rare VW camper shell package.... So most of the responses were for a 48-50 truck. Sounds like you found a fix. Thumbs up! 48D
  11. I like how the truck is coming together! Is that a round metal table??๐Ÿ˜Ž 48D
  12. That ain't nick picking, that's just your true love showing for these old trucks....awesome that you notice something as simple as that. 48D
  13. Surprisingly no. We were all talking about that.....no critical pts. no vents, no surgeries, no codes.....crazy quiet for that time of night...dumb luck. 48D
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