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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    The Brick (1950 PH Racetruck) 1948 B-1-BQ(yep, its a BBQ), 1949 COE, 1945 COE, many, many, B series 1/2 tons with parts


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  1. Good thing your mug was partly in the picture, otherwise I would thought it was lifted off the interwebs. 😀 48D
  2. Its an old Thread I did on the gas tank innards...sorry about the photobucket images...I don't pay them. But you get idea of what's going on. 48D ps The thread is back in the day when we didn't try to stay on topic.
  3. Maybe these will help. Possibly answer a few questions anyway. 48D
  4. Pretty sure Brendt is part of the Justice League and fighting crime with his Dodge-Mobile. I mean, look how fast this dude is. 48D (sidekick)
  5. Looks like the Hub caps on my 2001 dually. The rims are center pushed out and the rears have a simple cap like the one pictured. 48D
  6. I have a 1955 Imperial that weighs in @4500 plus pounds. I have several 1.5 ton trucks that are around the same if not lighter. That's what I was basing my thoughts with. 48D
  7. I'll take a look at one of my W series trucks tomorrow see if I can help you out. 48D
  8. The cars are more likely heavier than a stock truck. The truck was designed to carry heavier loads. The difference was mostly handled in the transmission and suspension, not the engine. Most rebuilds are for nostalgia, not busting a hump. I say build a solid engine of your choice. Shore up the suspension, tranny, tires a little taller than stock, and drive it. 48D
  9. "Bigger Hammer" is the name of My wife's 45' COE. lol 48D
  10. Sometimes the tailgate gets beat up so bad that the piece that is used in the front of the bed, can double as the sheet metal for the tailgate. Doesn't take a lot to put it together. Farmers are master shade-tree mechanic body-men. 48D
  11. Have you looked for a 23 inch motor yet? I believe the 25 inch motors were made to fit in the same engine bay as the 23 inch. You'll have to check with the Fargo guys to see where the x member differs (trans), or the fan neck, or anywhere else. Note: I just looked at your profile picture......you have a 51-53 panel body with a 48-50 nose grille. Did you already know that? 48D
  12. You called it a 1950, which is a B2 .......so it makes sense you might find B2 on your truck. Sometimes the dealer would sell a 1950 model in 1951 and the registration would show 1951. So sometimes guys go years thinking its a 51 and don't find out til later its actually a 1950. 48D
  13. Seats different in a pair of pictures....intake different direction in a few pictures....its a 2020 Bastardized Steelmobile with store bought go fast parts. 48D
  14. Lol......yeah I noticed that too. Good luck with the rear brakes.....always good to have hep! 48D
  15. Great....its bad enough that I have to "compete" against Rob for having the most awesome toolages......now Brent's in the mix.....I gotta get a bigger garage. 😒 48D
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