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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    Radiology, Automotive dealer, Car painter and Creator

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    The Brick (1950 PH Racetruck) 1948 B-1-BQ(yep, its a BBQ), 1949 COE, 1945 COE, many, many, B series 1/2 tons with parts


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  1. Not as good as Brent's video, but might be somethin' there to help out. 48D
  2. "Put a load of bricks in it and park the left side in a pothole.....then measure....I bet its more dramatic. Like I say, its probably not as important now as back then....but its still a frame willing to flex under the right situation. 48D August 7, 2018 by 48Dodger" I still stand by my statement from a few years back......
  3. $375 truck just north of you


  4. PM sent.* 48D *Code for: I got one he can buy from me, in case his project doesn't work out.
  5. Valve float or Floating valves.....happens when you "outrun" your valve's spring rate. Usually comes with a few pops or sputters. Any of that? example: running the 1/4 mile race, you'll hear guys comment when they see fuel burning out the tailpipe "He's shifting to late, his valves are floating" meaning he's hitting his rpm ceiling. This can also happen when bubba grabs springs "that'll work" off the back shelf up top where they keep the peanut butter. 48D
  6. Exactly what I did......... Using Google Photo and USB back-up for the super important pics. 48D
  7. So......Los mentioned a different type of line for fuel usage. Then a warning was issued about it not being for all fuels........ Then...someone mentioned he would like further explanation..... The original poster started the whole deal with his statement about steel fuel lines...... That's how I read it anyway. 48D
  8. Most, if not all parties have checked in and this WILL be the date. I plan on advertising early and often to local truck clubs and to individual PH owners in the area. I would appreciate any + all help in bringing up the event in forum posts as well as being on the look out for interested PH owners not on the forum! On a side note. I think the 20th BBQ will be my last.....maybe. 2022 will be #15, 2027 will be #20. I'll be 63 years old. Kinda a good run I think. 48D
  9. I wanna paint it. Bring it to the BBQ 2022..... Take it home from the next BBQ 2023.... Visit it a couple times between those two BBQ's. 48D
  10. E7T2 is(was) used from 1940-60 Trucks and Marine. E6P5 was used for Chrysler cars 1934-39. Trucks were expected to carry heavier loads then cars and would require carb dynamics to perform at lower rpm's (ie lower vacuum). If you drive a truck like a car, might never notice the difference. 48D
  11. Sounds like you're keeping the truck....?? Sorry to hear of your health changes, I believe you'll turn things around. Cutting back your automotive workload might help. Glad you're enjoying the greenery......it hasn't been that so much out here back home in the Valley. 48D
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