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    I race the #45 Stock Car at 99speedway, and Altamont. It's a 72 Charger. I'm a Mopar Freak.
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    Radiology, Automotive dealer, Car painter and Creator

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    The Brick (1950 PH Racetruck) 1948 B-1-BQ(yep, its a BBQ), 1949 COE, 1945 COE, many, many, B series 1/2 tons with parts


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    racing, restoration, music, and mopars

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  1. Ok.....I measured my 1.5 to 2 ton trucks....all of them are duallys and came in a few inches shorter then 8 feet. 1947 to 1955 Dodge Trucks. 48D
  2. Is your truck a single or dually axle? The 8 foot wide bed might be for a dually? 48D
  3. 1950 had painted bars as standard and could be upgraded to stainless. The bars were defenseless against bumping into vehicles, cattle and equipment. So the lowest (longest) was often the most damaged. In my opinion, most ranchers removed the grille bars after being damaged, to bypass the problem of removal and repair of the high maintenance bars. The large number of trucks bought for ranching and general labor makes me believe this. This video may or may not help. The grille bars come up at the end. Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks : Identification notes part 2 48D
  4. This is the tentative date for the annual BBQ unless a real problem comes up in the next few weeks....keep checking in just in case! A truck forum thread will start well before the actual event. CYA All there!!
  5. Any other PH Trucks floating around, or were you da man? 48D
  6. Any race motor or muscle car motor I've ever built, has had a double throttle spring for safety. Can't say I've ever seen that kind of set up on the rusty L6's I've tore apart. Will have to wander through the yard and poke around...lol. 48D
  7. This is a video of a 1950 PH Truck......is it similar to the one I showed? I've removed quite a few, the spring rate is similar to any return spring on a 2 or 4bbl Carb from the 70's. Not on every truck, but a side spring to the inner splash shield is used as well. 1948-53 Return Spring 48D
  8. I guess you could do that with a washer bag...I usually do it with my front bumper....lol. 48D
  9. Read it cover to cover....then read it again. That way you know when to feel guilty about the little things only you know are "wrong"..... 48D
  10. I'll get you the right one.....send me a PM with your addy and I'll send it free of charge.....most likely it'll be the one in the video. Oh....hope you liked and subscribed to my channel...lol 48D
  11. 48-49 are the same needing some paperwork to truly know the difference. They all came with stainless steel grille bars. 1950 is different in a few ways, but hard to tell apart from a street corner. If it has a pull brake from the dash vs the floor, it's most likely a 50. 1948-50 are often considered the best years of the 48-53 era....well, by me. So, good job...Viva la 48-50!!!!! 48D
  12. I'm betting his dad regrets buying him that Charger. 48D
  13. Is that an after market add on, to pressurize the cooling system? Never seen that before. 48D
  14. E37Bruco, trailer it a lil south, turn right, head west til you smell the pacific ocean, turn right into my driveway, park it next to my herd of 1.5 and 2 ton trucks and wait for the next BBQ in April. Don't tell Dodgeb2ya or BrentB2B........ 48D
  15. lol ....pretty sure working on "The Brick' in 2016 for the wedding gave me that Thor like feeling....I think I removed the rubber door stops too...I like the "Clang!" Of steel in the morning. 48D
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