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  1. Nah 180 looks the same. I’ll give them a shout tomorrow. If they say it’s the right diaphragm I’ll just poke some new holes I suppose.
  2. Well i mean if I went with black on the job rated and red on the others and the truck is blue it would just have a lot of different color changes. Where as yours the red already matches the truck so the black on the job rated emblem looks good
  3. Here is what it looks like with the diaphragm installed. The holes need to be rotated 30 degrees. Could I just poke new holes? Or would that hurt it.
  4. The red on yours blends nicely with your truck though. I have a blue truck.
  5. I called and he asked a whole herd of questions to nail done that it was the right one.
  6. I purchased a rebuild kit from then and now, seems like a very nice kit. I replaced the spring in the rocker arm and the spring that came with the new kit seems to be a bit looser then the stock one that’s on it. Did anyone else experience this? Also the bolt holes in the diaphragm seem to be in the incorrect places. Anyone experience this?
  7. I do like the idea of black better then red. But I don’t want the other two pieces to be red and the grill badge to be black. So I will probably go with red on all of them. I like the idea of touch of paint. Thanks for input
  8. I suppose different wording could have been chosen, but everyone does talk differently. I am planning on doing this myself. Thanks for the comments.
  9. That was gonna be my next question. What type of paint is the best to use
  10. The hood ornament, the front dodge emblem and the job rated emblem in the grill. They all have some paint detail to them. Most the pictures and parts I’ve seen have all been red in color for these details. Was red the color from the factory? Is it just coincidence that I always see red ones? Or should they actually be color matched to the body? Looking to get mine painted.
  11. Yes and mine does. Which made me question it even more
  12. Ok I just wanted to ask about it. I tried to install my heat shield and the spacer stud to the shield but it didn’t fit up right. I’m assuming it’s just bent the wrong way a bit. But that got me looking at the fuel pump.
  13. The part circled is different. I’m probably just being very nitpicky but I’m just curious if there is a difference.
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