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  1. You’re getting in early Tim 😷 I had hoped to be there in 2020, but life (or my soon to be ex-wife) threw me a curve ball 😩 I’ll be in Canada early next year, but will certainly look at bringing my new life-partner to the 2021 BBQ. She’s just itching to drive my 53 truck when I get back on track again. well wishes to all my BBQ buddies.
  2. I haven't talked to him for a while James as have been dealing with serious marital issues. I will attempt to catch up with him as soon as matters permit.
  3. Check the underside of the steering wheel as there should be a parts number stamped there.
  4. I have done 2 diff centre swaps from the truck 4.1 ratio to the car 3.54 ratio and am very pleased with the results. I have gained about 10 miles per hour, which has dropped the engine revs on the highway nicely!
  5. Thanks for that info FB ... I’ll check the drone realms.
  6. It does indeed Paul. We call a boomerang that doesn’t come back a ‘stick’ 😎
  7. I am considering purchasing a couple of vehicle trackers for my trucks and wondered if any of my forum brother’s had gone down that route, and whether there was any preference to one brand / style over another. i have done some network research and have found that the devices differ greatly in price, special functions, and wether they are hard-wired or plug and use. I would prefer to purchase and install a covert device which I could monitor from my mobile phone - a simple unit that would just inform me the location of my vehicle (in a timely manner) should it go missing from the garage without my knowledge. Does anyone have experience with such devices?.. and are there any suggestions as to which model or type would best suit my needs?
  8. Keep asking questions Steve as many of us here enjoy the challenge 😀. A few of the trucks I have owned here in Oz have had a piece of rubber screwed to the floor (inside of the cab) where the gas tank filler neck comes through, but this was not a factory fitting. There was a small foam piece which sat on top of the gas tank between the tank and the outside floor section. It can be seen on top of the tank in the manual diagram attached. Brian (JBNEAL) pointed you in the right direction... he even made a template for that piece called 'seal 14-86-60' (see attached photo).
  9. Thanks for the info Brian. I have now emailed both Tim and Hank seeking further information. I intend on trying Bernbaum's and VPW as well as soon as I have a chance.
  10. I have struck a small hurdle with the 2 transmissions (which I am rebuilding here in Oz) which I am seeking advice from my forum brothers across the pond. I am unable to find a supplier here in Oz for the 'main shaft rear bearing oil seal 21-22-2' that fits in the rear part of the transmission which houses the emergency brake assembly on my 3-speed manual column shift - the part number is listed as A600420 (see attached photos). Is it possible that someone might be able to suggest a supplier for this transmission seal?... or provide a NAPA part number? as we now have a NAPA store in Australia 😀
  11. Nice old truck. i see dual exhaust pipes at the back... is your truck running dual carbs?
  12. I arranged a Ford 2.92 diff for a friend of mine to install in his 46 Dodge truck a while back and got a message back from him after it was installed saying that he was now expecting to get speeding tickets from his highway driving 😀 I have completed 2 diff conversions from 4.1 to 3.54 in recent times for my 52 and 53 half ton trucks. I found the process cheap, and also beneficial for highway driving. I am in the process now of installing a bolt-on adaptor between the speedo cable and gearbox which will correct my speedo reading for the 10mph gain (the correction ratio was 1.15). A few thigs to keep in mind if you are considering installing a car diff centre: I found that the car axles were about 1 and 1/2 inches shorter than the truck axles on either side.... the yoke for the car diffs was different but there is no issue with changing your truck one over to the car diff... the axle count on my trucks have been either 10 or 15 spline, and the car diffs which I have used have both been 15 spline. I think that the diff centre change is a well worthwhile exercise as it comfortably allows me to cruise the highways at 60mph now. I understand where you are coming from Al in wanting to keep your truck original, so you will be pleased to know that the change is not visible (apart maybe from the diff ratio number and possibly the casting number stamped on the diff centre). I have not seen a 3.73 diff here in Oz, but the car diff centres that I have worked with have been stamped 4.1, 3.9, and 3.54 (or as a fraction of 3.9 over 11). I wish you well with your venture. Great article too VEEMONEY 👍
  13. My old 53 Dodge coupe truck is still resting under a car cover in the shed for now and is surrounded by charity items (hospital beds and wheel chairs etc.) which I am yet to load into shipping containers and forward on. I'm packing another 2 x 20 foot shipping containers at present, so I might even be able to get to the coupe truck again soon. I have been working in my other shed in my spare time of late and decided to sort out some differential and transmissions. I refurbished a 3.54 diff for my 52 truck recently, and have just sent the guys another 4.1 diff centre as they will be refurbishing that diff for my 55 truck. We tested the speedo for accuracy after the conversion from 4.1 to 3.54 and it appears that I have gained 10mph. I have already done this diff centre swap in the 53 coupe truck, but it seems that it may still be some time before I get to enjoy driving that truck on the road. I found that most of the diff housings in my shed were rusted through on the underside where the shock absorber mount bolts on with the u-bolts, so I removed the diff centres and took the housings off for scrap metal as this will create a little more room in my small shed. I found some old leaf springs to add to the load for scrap as well, so I ended up with $80 back in my wallet. I cleaned up a few of the transmissions in my small shed and dropped them down to my transmission fella down the Gold Coast yesterday. I've asked him to pick two of the best column shift boxes and work on bringing them back to life. I think he was a little surprised when I dropped down to his shed with 7 transmissions. I will use one of the refurbished transmissions for the 53 coupe truck, and the other one will be done for the 55 truck. I'm not sure how good the transmission is in the 55 truck, so I might get to pulling that out and dropping it to down to my mate as well. I'm a little hesitant to discuss the 55 (C series) DeSoto truck as wifey told me that I'm not to build any more trucks 🙄
  14. I had a stalling at traffic lights problem with my 52 truck a while back and it turned out that the points in the distributor were worn out and causing the stalling issues.
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