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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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  1. I've only seen one mopar kit... I bought it and installed it in one of my trucks several years ago. There are several rebuilders for vintage automotive water pumps....Terrill In Texas, The Flying Dutchman, Gould, Egge, etc.
  2. It's a big seven main bearing Chrysler/DT corp engine. One of these displacements...281,306,331, 377 or a 413 ci. 1946-1955. Water pumps are really tough to find. Get the one you have rebuilt.
  3. I'd like to order that glass jug of "Fluid Drive " fluid please!
  4. Dennis Bickford in New Mexico repairs/repaired the Town and Country flipper handles..1941 -50. I don't have his info anymore. He sells parts and some services for the T&C cars. He might have the handle parts too possibly.
  5. It will be fine. I've had that happen too even using the correct installation tools and sealant. As long as the seal is driven in carefully with no distortion of the face all should be good.
  6. As above ...all four windows. That info out of the 46-48 Chrysler factory parts book. Those are hard to find NOS. The higher line Windsor/ NewYorker Lavalier Lucite clear handles are 99.9% near impossible to find NOS.... Especially the shorter rear cpe and convert handles.
  7. And from the mopar nopro guy. Great pricing for return to shelf parts.
  8. 1156238 is for 1946-48 lower line Royal and Saratoga cars.
  9. Nice looking hoist. I need to figure out what one is in my 2-1/2 ton.
  10. Get a straight eight 46-48 Chrysler...no need for OD. cruises fine at 70.
  11. Any oil thicker than 10W will cause slower down shifting. Idle speed must be close to 450-500. Governor points must be wiped clean of oil too. Over the past I have always bought by the case what local 10W oil was available. Never an issue.
  12. This series of engine...Moly Blocks...
  13. A friend once used 10/30. Up-shifted way fast ...was slow to downshift. He liked it for his beater 48 Chrysler club cpe.
  14. How much does that 413 six cylinder engine weigh? In ounces....18,720 oz's In lbs..............1,170 Lbs
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