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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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  1. You can make anything fit with a big enough sledge hammer...😁
  2. With the Industrial chrysler 8's a lot of parts including the cranks are different than passenger car...same with the "Royal" marine 8 cylinder parts.. I bought some thinking they would be good extra parts.. Maybe for someone else I found out.☹
  3. Not much you can do with it... But new brake reline and play country farmer with it. Not much interchanges as for ring and pinions....no nos parts easily available Enjoy what you have or tear it all out and start from scratch to build what you want.
  4. No....not at all. Referring to putting a 1950 Plymouth grille in a P23 nose.
  5. That's a typical Dodge manufactured standard single speed rear axle housing and differential. Ratio could be eithet a 5.6, 6.2 or 6.8 That number is stamped on the driver's side (left) on the differential case. Look for it on the bolt mounting flange ...1/2 way up.
  6. You should have a heart to heart talk with the seller of the axles minus the missing studs and C clips... If they were shown in the ad picture they owe you those parts. Bait and switch BS.
  7. If you do use grease because of a leaking seal issue you don't want to fix...you can use a NLGI 00 Extreme Pressure grease. It is a semi flowable grease. Flows out like apple sauce. Corn head will work too but for warmer climates... It is a NLGI 1. Both commonly used in heavy duty industrial drive gear boxes and other power drive high load equipment.
  8. The Airflows had quite a complicated and unique vent and side window up front. You could open just the vent window... Open the vent and roll down the window as normal.. Or with both the vent closed you could also roll down the vent window and side glass as one whole assembly. A Timken worm drive rear end with a phosphor bronze ring gear was used only in the LeBaron bodied CW Imperial Custom Airflow Limousine. It also had the first one piece curved windshield and tilt telescopic steering column. Airflows were and still are very unique cars.
  9. The high quality big older growth Douglas Fir from around the Northwest is shipped to Japan and China. So houses now built here are mostly built of what's called Hem Fir and Spruce... Nothing as good as Doug Fir we had so much of...old growth beautiful wood. Trees here today are 2nd or 3rd/4th growth now. Not the six to twenty foot diameter monsters that all got cut years ago. That was the good fir. "Plwood" was made of lowly 2nd or 3rd growth fir...and is looking it. Poor Plywood☹
  10. Truck carbs are different than your P25 1953 Plymouth. The Carter Ball and Ball DT series truck carbs use a manual choke and fast idle. The truck carb you have could be converted to be like the stock D6H2 factory correct Carter carb for your car but would require the correct carb top, link and fast idle cam. Also the jetting might be slightly different.
  11. If you are doing a complete rebuild yes it's probably ok....but might need all new valve seats..$$$...valves look rust pitted Hopefully all the rods are original..they might have swapped a rod and piston...requiring balancing...sme shops make it worse ..seen that before Crankshaft wear could be a big issue too. Too bad it's not close.
  12. Cylinder looks rusty.. Generally pistons will be stamped with the oversize on the tops. Looks like the cylinders were some what rusty and honed and or wire wheeled clean 🤯
  13. Don't destroy the temperature gauge bulb in the head if it won't pull out... Pop the soft plug out of the head right above the bulb and wedge the bulb out. Easy.
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