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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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    1946 NewYorker Straight "8" 3 Passenger Cpe. (Sold)..... /1952 Imperial 3 Passenger 331 Hemi Cpe/ 1948 and 1950 Chrysler Town and Country woodies/ 1950 Chrysler woodie wagon(sold)...../ Several Dodge trucks..dually 1 ton PU to 3 and 4 tonners....306/377 and 413 sixes.

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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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    To keep all of the above running!


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    Old Mopar-Cars,Trucks and old AC and Massey equipment.

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  1. All I know is your "C" style retainer clip is used on all the 1953 and later "T" series and some other heavy tonnage models...K,R,T,V,Y and later years 700,800 and 900 Dodge trucks according to the parts books. That 112055 is not a number in any DT parts books....not sure what that is...
  2. That peg on your stromberg carb is the iron core that the dashpot/anti-stall solenoid is mounted on. Pics of the solenoid coil....
  3. Here are pictures on the BXVES-3 Stromberg on a 52 Coronet engine. I posted these on this site back in 2013! Middle pic shows the round dash pot/anti-stall solenoid with the two bullet terminal wires connected to it.
  4. That 1953 DPH brake spring/ clip part # 1501399 is shown in these C and K series part book pages. I cannot find anywhere a picture of your style spring clip. I google searched timken dph brake and found the guy and Ward Lafrance fire truck I sold the early style springs and retainer clip to back in 2012 on this site! Time flies....
  5. Take the pump apart..look at or rotor wear/scoring, cover wear. Lube it up install cover same orientation as was. Really should replace quad O-ring...but try it out. Easy enough to see what it can do.
  6. I will have to take the other drum off the hydraulic axle...but it is difficult to access and currently cold snowy weather here...I will look and do it. It's in very tight quarters.
  7. The original 1951/52 Dodge D42 cars all used studs... Dodge cars for several years used only studs on their drum/hub assemblies. MoPar OE Part# Rt...687901 L... 687902
  8. .014" is for when checking valve timing on the S11. .008"/.010" is the correct hot spec for the intake and exhaust valves. .002" is generally the accepted amount to add when adjusting the MoPar flat head valves when the engine is cold. Say like right after a valve job. I would re-check them though @ .008"/.010" after the engine is hot ..running or not.
  9. I have only replaced one flathead oil pump with a new one once...just because years ago. (70's) I have always taken them apart and measured the clearances/ checked for any scoring etc. on my flathead rebuilds...oil pressure always has been cold 45-50...hot high rpm 45...hot idle 30-40. Engine rebuilds are complete with all measurements taken after machine shop work to double check and extreme cleanliness a must. Modern engines always have done new pumps. No new flathead pumps for me unless engine had a catastrofic bearing or piston failure. Jmo.
  10. I use this now days to be sure of good pre-lubing a new or sitting engine...
  11. Not carefully taking apart the floating oil pickup assembly and cleaning that assembly 100% spotless can wipe out the oil pump.
  12. Thank you China manufacturing.
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